Welcome to Spooky Colorado! Here you will find listings for haunted house attractions from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs.  This site is by the people, for the people and we welcome any comments and suggestions for improvement. We are not affiliated with any haunted house. We are a completely independent site and do not sell advertising space.  Check back during October for reviews from our critics team. Every year our team visits haunts and their reviews are posted here.

We also encourage you to submit reviews of your own. Just enter a comment at the bottom of any haunt’s page! If you know of a commercial or home haunt that is not listed on our site, please submit the haunt information through the form on the Contact Us page and choose, “Add my haunt” from the drop down menu. Only commercial haunts are listed on our Haunted Houses page. Home haunts have their own page. Come by and say hello on our forums!

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