13th St Manor 2011

Scare FactorActingSets/FXLengthOverall
Alex G7910109
Alex K89988.5

Kris Kropelnicki

If you have ever wanted the chance to go through an old, abandoned mansion to see what lurks within its walls, then 13th Street Manor is the perfect haunt for you! This house is as real as it gets and no detail has been spared. Don’t be misled by the building that this haunt is located in. Step inside, and watch as reality shifts and you find yourself immersed in one of the most detailed, realistic haunts I have ever seen.

The house exterior has been constructed very well and the authenticity is astounding! Peeling, faded paint, warped wood trim, long neglected landscaping and creaky stairs are just a tiny sample of the rich detail at this haunt.

Before going inside there is a subtly creepy man in a top hat and suit that looks as if he hasn’t been among the living for quite some time. He is friendly, but there is a strong undercurrent of hostility and malice that left my skin crawling and full of goose bumps. There is something very disarming about his demeanor that is a wonderful start to the tour of the manor.

Once inside, I found myself in a parlor type room with a stairway that leads upstairs but is blocked by overturned furniture. I was greeted by a man who had slipped in behind me and told about the house’s occupants. Then I found my way out of that room and into the rest of the house through a doorway I didn’t know existed. The doorway was a great effect and worked very well in this scene and was a great transition into the next room that definitely had me off kilter quite literally.

Moving from room to room in the house I found myself caught up in a sinister realm in spite of actors that appeared to be friendly enough as they were inviting me to, “Join the family”. Somehow, this seemed like one family I didn’t want to be a part of.

In the bathroom I encountered the creepiest character! He was in my face and wanted to know if he looked pretty. One look into his clearly demonic eyes told me that there was no good answer for this. This actor did a fantastic job and just thinking about his character still gives me the feeling that I need to stay far away from him.

I really enjoy the fact that this house has a true upper level which contains the attic that is filled with items one would expect to find as well as a couple that they wouldn’t want to find. Once again I was asked if I would like to stay, and although it was quite tempting, I decided that it would be best to get myself right back downstairs. I wasn’t any safer there, in fact, that is where I met more occupants that were much less subtle about their intentions and were quick to get after me.

All the way through the house I couldn’t help but be amazed at the details. The layout really made me feel as if I were really in an old mansion and the flow from room to room was excellent with seamless transitions. Lighting, sounds and smells were all dead on for the theme and there was no break whatsoever which is an added bonus.

This is an excellent example of what every haunt should strive for and simply must be seen to be believed!

Pros: Details, acting, costumes/make up

Cons: Some actors could be more intense

Ryan Acker

In 2010, Spooky Colorado named 13th Street Manor the #1 haunt of the season and it received a perfect score from all of our critics. For 2011, everything remained exactly the same but I cannot find myself to give a higher score for what was seen.

When you first enter the building, you are greeted by white and red walls with posters of the haunt posted along these walls. As we wait for our tickets, we are greeted by 2 actors and the gift of watching a boy jump back in terror as an actor behind a door snapped out at him. This was my first haunt of the season and seeing this really got me excited for what was in store. As we began walking toward the queue line the facade of this haunt is beyond words. I could honestly stop and stare for hours absorbing the pure beauty of what you encounter before you enter the haunts of PF13.

As you proceed through the doors of this Manor everything we saw last year was here. No changes were made from last season to this except moving a bed and adding an actor. Acting was pretty good considering this was the haunts opening weekend. Some needed to do more than just appearing from a dark corner of the room. This haunt did contain one actor that provided a scare and added a freak show effect that blended well even within a bathroom scene. A man with long blonde hair, wearing a dress, boasting about his beauty, and sporting Joker lips resided within and I loved him!

Being exactly the same, I basically knew what to expect walking through. Where the actors were coming from, what walls were going to move, etc. Because of this, the scare factor was not that high. If you loved everything you saw last year or you haven’t been you’ll love this haunt!

Pros: Sets, Actor dialogue, Collapsing walls.

Cons: No Changes, Predictable

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Steven Acker

The other 1/2 of the 303Haunts scare factory in Commerce City, 13th Street Manor does another great job of giving you freaks, scares and frights! The sets are once again top notch with a totally different setting from its sister scare, Primitive Fear. The actors are again fantastic and the sets and design and makeup are first rate.

The scare started off a little rough when the pneumatic entrance almost closed on me…I should have taken that as a hint because towards the end of the haunt I had a collapsing ceiling collapse right in front of me, running into it and I ended up with a couple of good gashes on my beautiful bald head!! So once again the timing of the gags were off by a bit but I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt and blame it on a dark corner and an opening weekend hair trigger by the operator. They patched me up in the office afterwards and promised to look at and fix the assaulting ceiling; hopefully the fixes include some padding on the edge of the ceiling and a little patience on waiting for the entire group to get in the gag before triggering the ceiling! Oh well, no harm no foul.

The rest of the haunt went off without a hitch and was thoroughly enjoyable and set in a mansion setting with the room that’s impossible to stand up straight in, the kitchen (the “steaks” probably didn’t come from cows), the attic, the bathroom scene with the freak looking for some affirmation and the usual chainsaws with the deranged mass murderers behind them…a nice little surprising twist on where they come from to chase you. For a great night of entertainment you MUST go and get the double package at 303Haunts!

Pros: Acting, sets, storyline

Cons: The skin from my head that I left behind on their collapsing ceiling, a couple of empty spots that I was thinking would have been a great scare if someone had been there, but wasn’t, pretty much same as last year.

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Kathie Holt

This was my first experience at 13th street Manor but I was very impressed. This haunt is definitely worth a visit. I recommend spending a good deal of time here or go through a couple of times as it has a lot to take in. Make sure you interact with the characters as they love to interact with you.

The rooms were set so that you had to work your way into the next and would frequently get stopped and asked questions to allow you to proceed. The room with 6 doors was very interesting and the man who guards the doors will have you completely freaked out in no time. One minute he is standing next to you and the next he is popping out of the door you just opened. The lighting in each room was pretty authentic to each scene, however there seemed to be a few rooms that were too dark and didn’t allow you to enjoy the props placed in them. They will not tell you to get out or growl at you here. In fact they want to keep you forever. The sets are very well placed so that you cannot hurry through each room.

The props are amazing and plentiful to the point that you will not be able to take it all in on one visit. The lighting was perfect in most cases and some of the lighting comes from realistic props such as a fireplace burning in the den. However a few of the rooms were too dark to really see the props or the strobe lights were flashing to fast.

The costumes were AMAZING!!!! I had to stop and get in their faces to see all of the spectacular detail. The guy in the bathroom is well worth stopping to look at. And he will let you get up close but beware he may not let you leave if he really likes you. There was not a great deal of latex masks in this particular haunt because these people are deranged and dead not deformed which made this haunt so incredibly realistic.

If you are looking to be scared to the point of running and screaming, you will not get that here. But if you truly want to be creeped out and think to yourself “it is not okay to be here”, this is the perfect haunt for you. It truly smells like a musty old house that has been neglected for far too long and the kitchen really smells like something is cooking but you likely will not want to ask because you may be next.

Just a word to the wise, be sure to wear shoes with good traction as there are some rooms that are not level and you may lose your footing. Also there are collapsing ceilings and walls that will close in on you so watch your head and take your time.

Pros: Costumes are amazing and worth taking a closer look. The sets are filled with really cool props. You will get lost in many rooms which is really cool too.

Cons: Too much fog and strobes are set too fast. Some of the lighting is too dim to take in the props. It would be cool if you had to look closely at something and someone popped out at you. The parachute tunnel. Again this seems to be everywhere and has no significance except to fill space.

I think that this haunt is well worth a visit or two. They do offer a season pass to all of their locations and at a very reasonable price if you have the opportunity to use them.

Alex Gallegos

The 13th St Manor is an old abandoned house, long ago condemned, whose inhabitants have gone completely mad and who intend to take out their insane frustrations on anyone who dares enter. While the plot isn’t highly original – creepy houses with insane guests have been done to death (pardon my pun) – the superb acting and the incredibly well built house more than make up for it.

More so than any other haunt I have ever been to, this haunt feels interactive. On two separate occasions my party and I found ourselves in a room full of doors, some of which had just walls behind them, some leading to actors waiting to frighten us, some leading to earlier rooms and only one leading to the actual exit. Several times we were expecting hidden doors to open, and instead an entire wall would move in order to move us along. We also found a plethora of impossible rooms, including one with everything at a 45 degree angle that definitely required us to quickly acquire a pair of sea legs.

Overall, details rule this haunt; in the midst of running through one of the bedrooms I found a photo album with people in various stages of being murdered done up as a happy-go-lucky scrapbook, and the juxtaposition of the morbid and the cheerful was especially off-putting.

I also have to make special mention of several of the actors who made sure the experience was memorable. They were all very quick on their feet and were actually interacting with us instead of adhering strictly to the script. In the kitchens I found a couple old hags who seemed keen on cooking me up for dinner that night, and when I pointed out that even a 14 pound turkey takes several hours to cook they immediately replied that maybe they’d just have to cube me up instead. More crazy people should know how to do stir fry.

The actor letting us into the haunt did an especially good job, walking a fine line between keeping in character and still taunting us about how scared we were going to be. He even called up to the house’s inhabitants letting them know one of our party members was coming – by name – and that she claimed not be easily frightened.

The plot may be overused but this haunt is definitely worth seeing just for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the actors at work and seeing the amazing architecture that has been put together.

Pros: Amazing set design, Interactive actors, Feeling of having some choice in the path we took

Cons: Tended towards the weird/unnatural rather than the actually terrifying, somewhat overused plot setting, moving walls actually clipped one of our team members twice.

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Justeen Walters

This is a great haunted house with the best part being that it really looks like a haunted house! It is really like a house built inside a big building and when you walk up to the front porch you might forget where you are.

Standing outside waiting to go in I noticed how real everything looks. It really looks like the kind of haunted house you would see in a scary movie and gave me the creeps.

Once I went inside I was amazed at how much stuff is going on and how many props and decorations they have. It looks like a house that somebody lived in a hundred years ago and just left everything behind. Everything looks old and dusty and covered with cobwebs. I liked that it looked old and smelled old and dusty too.

The first room was cool but the best part was how we got into the next room, it was a cool surprise. The next room had a slanted floor that was kind of hard to walk on but I have never seen that in a haunt before so I really liked it. There are lots of trick walls and ceilings in here to keep you guessing about what will happen next.

The actors were really good and I really liked the person in the bathroom that was putting on makeup and wanted to know if they looked pretty. This actor was really scary.

My favorite rooms were the kitchen that had the women in there that wanted to cut me up and cook me for dinner, the attic is awesome and it was cool to be able to look out the window and see the people waiting in line below me.

The basement was really neat too! Watch out for Bubba though, he’s not a very nice guy.

Everything in this haunted house is great! The sets, actors, costumes and makeup all fit the theme really well. I liked that it was pretty long too. That gave me more time to explore.

Pros: Sets, actors, makeup

Cons: Some spots needed more actors

Alex Kratz

This was the first time I’d ever been to 13th Street Manor and it was really everything I love to see in a haunted house

It was truly an amazing haunt with just one little issue. It just felt too short! This is the kind of haunt I would want to go to and be able to spend a good amount of time getting scared in. While I do understand there can be issues with the amount of space available, it would be fantastic if in coming years, it could be an even bigger haunt!

Besides that one small gripe, this place was just polished from one end to the other. The one thing that I am still reveling over is just how cohesive and focused it was. The entire time I was in there, it really did feel like a creepy, old manor. A huge part of that illusion was the set and its design. Even before walking in the eerie parlor that was the first room, all the small details were accounted for. All the rooms you would expect in a decrepit mansion were there, including a nasty kitchen, a dark and dusty attic and run down hallways. Even with good set design, a haunted house is nothing without lighting, but 13th Street Manor delivers there as well. All of the halls and rooms had enough light too appreciate the detail, but still left plenty of dark places that leave the imagination to the run wild. This is complemented by certain rooms being darker than others when it felt appropriate. The scene in the cellar was much darker than a lot of the other rooms which seemed to fit. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the set is so much more than it seems. Be prepared for some amazing, unexpected scares.

Sets are one thing, but without actors, a haunt isn’t a haunt. 13th Street Manor once again amazed me with the quality of the acting. There were times when the actors would stop you and talk the group, trying to get them psyched for what was next. This was the most apparent right at the beginning. The actor asked one of group members for her name, and then started shouting at the building, telling the people inside to be sure to get her. We were all cracking up about it. The costumes, while appropriate for the setting, just didn’t seem too impressive. The majority of it was ratty old clothing covered in blood stains. Seeing something like a ghost or mutated creature could be worked into the set somewhere.

This haunt was just really, really good. It is somewhere I would want to go to again just to look at the amazing set design. If you have to pick one haunt to go to this year, 13th Street Manor should be right at the top of your list.

Pros: Cohesive, detailed, good acting

Cons: Slightly too short, ho-hum costumes

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Marlena Baker

I was completely blown away by 13th Street Manor. It’s a unique and well executed haunt that you need to take your time and really look at. It’s not good enough to just walk through it. You need to stop and take a good hard look at the sets in the manor. Pay attention to the actors while your at it. There’s good stuff going on all over this manor.

My favorite part of the haunt is the layout. It’s not at all a traditional haunted house. The path you’re sent down is not as linear as you’d expect. We even had to find our way to the right path at certain points, while stuck in a room with one of the house’s crazy occupants. The sets for each room were out of this world. Each one was furnished like a real room, but off somehow. The unusual within the familiar made it eerie, putting me on edge as I wondered what would come next. Effects that were used nicely transition between parts of the house, and really fit with the theme. They helped give the sense that this was one messed up house. The haunt was very cohesive, keeping with it’s theme from start to finish. I felt like there was a full story to the manor and that only helped me be immersed.

The acting was amazing, starting while you’re waiting in line. While waiting to go in, I was both freaked out and entertained. The actor at the door really engaged with us, and made us wonder at what the rest of the experience would be like. The characters inside the house didn’t disappoint. Often they’d actually stop us to talk, letting us be more involved in the haunt. It was a nice change from just observing. The characters were also very interesting. They reinforced everything that is going on with the house, and were scary in their own right.

Between the great transitions between rooms and the actors stopping to talk to us, the flow of the house was wonderful. The props, the set, the actors all added up to a great haunt. You get to see every room of the house. You get to meet all the members of the family that lives there. For a little, while you get to be in a ghost story.

Pros: cohesive, engaging, great actors

Cons: pacing

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