Bloodbath 2011

Scare FactorActingSets/FXLengthOverall
Alex G9810109.25
Alex K66987.25

Kris Kropelnicki

While waiting in line to go inside, I was given a disposable rain poncho and was told to put it on because I WILL get splashed and wet while inside. Splashed? With what? Wet? How wet are we talking about here? A few drops or a complete drenching? Immediately my mind began to race with the possibilities of what waited for me inside. I picked up on the chatter of others in line and they too were filled with a delirious mix of anticipation and anxiety. The night I was there it was chilly so I was pretty bundled up. I’m quite sure there were some hilarious video opportunities of myself and my group battling the ponchos while we tried to get them on over our jackets.

When our group was called to the door we were greeted by a young lady who initially appeared to be fun and sweet. She had pastel colored, glittery makeup on and that gave her an innocent appearance. She started speaking to us and we quickly realized this was no angel we were dealing with. As fast as the realization hit she became passive/aggressive and slipped into something more comfortable; her true sinister self. This actress alone was a great start to the haunt!

As we stepped inside, the poncho necessity was clear. Walking over a metal bridge with water underneath, we began our journey into another realm.

As the name implies, there is a considerable amount of blood, although it’s not overly done. Yes, there is such a thing as too much gore. A point can be reached where it just becomes ridiculous; you won’t find that here.

Moving through the haunt I witnessed many things including a bathtub filled with body parts and the skinned remains of a victim that is still being drained of life giving blood. I really liked this effect because I felt an urgent need to leave this room.

The public bathroom scene is quite a delight. There is a headless body in one of the numerous desecrated stalls. Step in for a closer look at the details on this; you will be surprised at how realistic it is! The stalls are filthy and there may even be some animal remains in there. Hopefully, you don’t get close enough to get any of the waste on you!

As I walked through one room, I realized that it was a storage room of sorts for barrels of blood. I also wondered if they held bodies and other miscellaneous parts. It immediately made me think of Dahmer and gave me a dose of the creeps.

Acting was good as were costumes and makeup. I would like to see the actors become more immersed in their characters and bring more dialogue into their roles to really intensify the experience. The addition of smells and a few details would help bring up the fear levels as well.

Pros: Girl at entrance, dark places, gore not over used

Cons: Lack of actor dialogue, needs smells to match scenes

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Ryan Acker

For 2011, Elitches is sporting 3 new haunted houses. Blood Bath is located in the Island Kingdom Water Park inside the locker rooms and I can see why they chose the name this year. The haunts they build in this location basically have the same layout and different props, but this year it seemed longer and I enjoyed it much better than the past years. When you walk up to the waiting line, you are handed a poncho which has never happened before at any haunt. For once I was actually excited to go to an Elitch Gardens haunted house. With your ponchos on, you walk up to the entrance and are greeted by an actor who I couldn’t decide if she was being herself or if she was an actor with a slight mental disability. Either way, I loved her personality.

When you begin to enter the haunt, you are greeted by a sewer/jungle. Honestly, I couldn’t tell what this room was because I was running to get out of there. Water poured from above and I loved this, but sadly, the ponchos did nothing. My jeans got soaked and my hair got wet. I guess that’s the price you pay for some good effects! As you continued, the old Elitches haunt emerged. Not many props, not much light, and cliché actors. The props are always good, but they are very shiny and unrealistic. I’m sure a lot of people would not notice, but it’s worth mentioning. Also, light is very sparse. Some rooms you couldn’t even see an actor move until you heard him and squinted. In some areas, the lack of lighting was great. An actor had to direct us with a flashlight because we kept running into walls and laughing.

The actors didn’t do much. I didn’t even hear a “Get out!”. Basically, all of the actors are just there for some startle effects. Jumping out from random corners providing some screams is what you will find here. The main highlights were what was found at the beginning and at the end. As stated above, I enjoyed the woman at the entrance. Also, I enjoyed a man at the end. His dialogue and outfit didn’t fit in with the theme of the haunt, but he seemed energized and it’s always a good thing to see. This haunt is nothing more than a couple of actors paired by spraying water. I loved the water effects as this is found in no other haunt. So if you want to experience something very unique, come here!

Pros: Water, length, beginning and end actors

Cons: Lack of lighting, acting, shiny props.

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Kathie Holt

It’s a Frightfest at Elitch Gardens with some interesting little side shows that you really should see. The Grueling is bloody good fun. White Noise is loud and in your face. Hurl has some gruesome and juicy stunts, and of course The Wheel of Misfortune, live cockroach anyone? Kid friendly by day and terrifying by night. This haunt is one of three haunted house attractions at the park this year.

I never thought I would ever have to wear a plastic poncho into a haunted house , until now. Read the name of the haunt again folks and prepare to get wet.

The greeter is a sassy little thing that will tell you in the sweetest little voice all of the rules of the haunt, and then she just gets entirely sick of your company and starts screaming at you. CRRRRAAAAAZZZZYYYY!!!! You will instantly be grateful for the ponchos when you walk through a little rainforest room, which was pretty darned awesome I thought. Then you come upon two men who apparently had a disagreement at some point and only one of them lived.

You will enter several rooms that are very dark to the point where you literally cannot see anything. Then, an actor will shine a flashlight across their face for a brief second to give you a clue if you’re going the right way. I was in front for this experience and my heart was pounding. I felt like Jody Foster in “Silence of the Lambs”. I loved it! There is a room full of toxic waste barrels and they hold a surprise for you. You will also see the foulest public bathroom you have ever seen with props and actors and it will be very hard to tell which ones are which, and of course the poncho will come in handy in here as well. I think that it should have smelled a bit nastier to match the fabulous set job for this room.

You will come upon some dense fog and strobe lights with actors all around. There is one in particular that has some pretty cool eyes. You can’t miss him and he gets real close, so you can get a good look. After that, you will take a walk through the room full of hanging skinned bodies, it smelled like latex, not like dead rotting corpses. Like I said, if you’re going to do gore, do it all the way. Perhaps if they looked freshly skinned, covered in blood that has just begun to dry, I would definitely think twice before touching them to navigate my way through. They are on the right track with this.

Pros: Loved wearing the poncho, and putting it to good use. I also loved the pitch black room with the actors to light your way. Props were fantastic, especially the bathroom.

Cons: Gore? Yes but in prop form only. I want to gag if I see skinned people hanging from meat hooks. Some of the rooms were lacking actors and some of the actors were lacking enthusiasm, but there were several who did.

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Alex Gallegos

Bloodbath is one of the two paid haunted houses at Elitch’s and while I may be in the minority, I really thought it was well done. As I’ve said, one of the things I really like is a haunt that does something different rather than the standard clichés and when I was handed a poncho on the way into the haunt I already had a sense that something abnormal was about to happen.

The very first room was so well done that it immediately got me in the mood, walking along a metal gantry while blood dripped down from the ceiling. From there on it was a constant creepy ride through the bowels of a facility filled with blood. They did a really good job of making me feel like I was in a pumping station of some sort, with the sounds of rushing liquids and heavy machinery interspersed with rooms filled with pipes running in every direction imaginable and huge tanks and vats.

I have to say, part of the creepy factor comes from wondering just how much blood they have in here, how much more they really need, and what they could possibly be doing with it all. My favorite theory of all those that ran through my mind – everything from angry witches needing to perform a huge ceremony to vampires stockpiling for the end of humanity – was a race of alien being who needed to harvest all of our blood in order to power the vessels of their murder armada.

There was one room we entered that was completely pitch black as well; usually they try to blind you with strobes or something but this room opted for real darkness with no light whatsoever. Our team got slightly separated and I started to form a human chain with them, and a minute later I realized that I could very well have an actor by the shoulders instead of another team member and that at any moment they could turn around and growl at me. It was great.

The acting wasn’t particularly amazing, but the few actors that really stood out made it well worthwhile. One guy jumped out of a tower of plastic barrels and scarpered past us the way we had just come, and the decapitated guy in the bloody bathroom that unexpectedly stood up and screamed (despite being neckless and lifeless) put the fear of God into me.

Overall, I really liked this haunted house because it really felt like some kind of facility where things were going on instead of an asylum or prison or circus made of black plywood. I’m definitely interested in coming back next year to see if it’s even better than this year.

Pros: Really feels like a pumping station filled with blood and crazy people who are harvesting it, two actors really managed to startle me, makes me wonder what the story behind the haunt is

Cons: Could have done with a few more scares instead of just startles, and I would have enjoyed knowing what was going on there with a little more story.

Justeen Walters

Alex Kratz

Blood Bath was definitely a place worth seeing if you want to be grossed out.

Blood Bath brought something that I wasn’t expecting at all. When you get to the front of the line, they hand out plastic ponchos to help keep you from getting soaked throughout the haunt. It was actually a lot of fun and was combined with some really cool scenes, which made it worth it.

I am really not too sure what the theme of Blood Bath was intended to be, but I thought of it as a large, creepy locker room. The sets and effects were pretty impressive, except for a couple small glitches. Just to get those out of the way, the room with all of the heads was too dark to really see the setup. The water effects timing seemed a bit off to really get the whole group but other than that, it was great. My absolute favorite room was what I could only describe as a shower stall turned butcher room. The human corpse hanging upside down looked fresh and shiny and like it’s blood was being drained out. That is just lovably gross! Blood Bath had some really great details and some nasty stuff to marvel at the whole way throughout the haunt.

The acting was decent, but not too memorable. Like too many haunted houses, Blood Bath could really only offer up people jumping from corners to get the scare. It was the insanely clever use of hiding spots which really impressed me. Good use of costume and placement is what really threw me off several times throughout. Nothing is what it seems! I would like to give my congratulations to the actress at the beginning of Blood Bath. She really got you set up with some amusing dialogue and a manic personality.

While Blood Bath wasn’t the best haunt I have ever been too, it was a whole lot of fun! They didn’t hold back with the gross factor and they were really able to nail the setting along with good costumes and fantastic hiding spots. If you wind up at Elitches for a night of fun, go see Blood Bath.

Pros: gross sets, good hiding spots, good length, great props

Cons: A bit too dark at times, not as scary as it could be

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Marlena Baker

Bloodbath was pretty innovative, it’s the mid-length haunt at Elitches. They used water to carry the theme of a bloodbath. It’s got some great rooms and they use the props really well. The lighting hides so much of it, though.

It’s got a pretty weak theme, but that’s okay since they never really established one. The rooms they have are well done. Props are used well, but they are a little sparse. My biggest complaint about the rooms is the lighting. Some were too bright and some were so dark that I couldn’t see the props. They looked like they were cool, but I couldn’t tell. The smoke effects were limited to two rooms. I think the rest of the haunt could have benefited from some of the smoke, especially at the entrance.

The acting lacking enthusiasm. There were one or two good moments, but the haunt overall lacked character. One actor at the beginning of the haunt was very good, teasing at what we were going to go see one moment and yelling at us the next.

All in all, Bloodbath was a decent haunt. Word of warning, you’ll be asked to put on a poncho to protect you from the water, but it won’t help as much as you want it to. It also made it harder for me to really immerse myself in the haunt.

Pros: water, props, settings

Cons: lighting, smoke, acting

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