Crypt’s Garden 2011

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Kris Kropelnicki

Crypts Garden has really changed the layout of their haunt and the results are really incredible! The new layout had me on edge as I worked my way through dark sets, both inside and outside. This haunt has some fantastic creativity mixed with some great old school scares.

Once I left the ticket booth, I was instructed to walk up the dirt road to a lit up area and then follow the lighting into the field. This is a great start because the road is quite long and very dark and the walk up is made alone. Yes, alone, in the dark with a lot of looming trees, creepy buildings and the distant sound of wolves coming from the trees. They say there is safety in numbers, bring friends, lots of them to make this journey with you. This is no walk in the park.

Once I left the road and ventured out in the field I quickly realized just how desolate this place is and I was really beginning to get creeped out. As I walked under and dimly lit arch I found myself standing in front of a coffin that I had to go inside of to continue my exploration. This is a great touch and where I wound up once I went in was something I have never seen before and it was working really well.

Weaving in and out of the trees I found myself face to face with various creatures including a skeletal reaper that was towering over me in the dark. This section of the haunt is really nerve racking because the path is very narrow and the trees are so thick that it is nearly impossible to see what lies ahead which really raises the fear level. The sound of wolves that I had heard in the distance was getting closer and closer and the growling is intense and deep and really made me think twice about taking another step.

Coming out of the trees I was then in a narrow ditch that held its own scares and secrets and having to walk the plank was a nice twist with a startling ending. As I moved through the rest of the haunt I found myself in a stormy forest, a cooler with the remains of previous visitors, crypts garden, (my favorite scene), with a ghostly inhabitant and then I was off to the tool room which was very eerie and really authentic.

The clown room is really well done and the props and actors in here blend in so well that it will leave you wondering what’s real and what isn’t. Leaving the room one has to think small to get out and then it’s off to another unique scene and scare. I was really impressed with the white room with strobes and the actor makeup in here was very good as well as the scare.

Finalizing my trip I saw dead end halls with unsavory characters lurking within, vats of acid water and a very well done cemetery. Remember that long walk up the dirt road to get into the haunt? That final walk is just as long, just as dark and just as ominous.

This is a great haunt with a lot going for it with unreal levels of potential everywhere. This is one to keep your eye one; it gets better and better consistently every year.

Pros: Scary outdoor sets, scares, sounds
Cons: Some areas need details fine tuned