Decimation Haunted House: Part II 2011

Scare FactorActingSets/FXLengthOverall
Alex G91010109.75
Alex K99999

Kris Kropelnicki

Are you afraid of the doctor or going to the hospital? If you’re not, you will be after a visit here. Back for its second year, Decimation Haunted House Part II has once again pulled off an extreme experience with frighteningly realistic acting, sets, costuming and makeup. This is a production that understands the value of high quality actors who not only embrace their character, they become them.

For the majority of the actors it appears as though it is not a stretch for them to get in character. This is one seriously twisted group that kept me on edge the entire time I was there.

Located in an old school, which by itself is creepy enough, this haunt has all the elements that one would expect in a much larger production.

As I approached the haunt I began seeing some of the characters that I would be encountering inside. They weren’t really doing anything to try and scare anyone in my group, but simply seeing their costumes and makeup was enough for me. They radiated malice and it was a vibe that everyone picked up on.

Once inside, I found myself in a waiting room that had clearly seen cleaner, more sanitary days and that alone made me wonder what was waiting beyond the doors. I knew from the looks of things that this was not a healing hospital, in fact quite the opposite.

Going through the door, I found myself in the very core of hospital hell. Immediately I could see the anguish and agony that is delivered here and seriously considered turning around and walking right back out. The reception area was dim and the actor here wasn’t receptive to anything other than stripping me of any body parts they deemed necessary.

Rooms were well designed and flow from scene to scene was very good and made sense. The emergency room was done well and the chaos there was palpable and constant. One patient was vomiting blood and receiving no assistance and was screamed at instead. This was truly a horrifying hospital to be in.

The cafeteria was home to some very deranged actors and some of the most despicable food I have ever seen! If you think you have been victimized by bad cafeteria food, think again. Take a good look at what’s on the menu here and I am sure you will realize that NOW you have been truly victimized! Of course, by the time you realize that, you may have mere seconds before you are added to the menu. The details in here are fantastic and mind blowing!

The bathroom with the lost, confused actor in the shower is great as well. The toilet, its contents and the rest of the scene are a great warm up for the next scene where I found myself face to face with a clearly disturbed man who wanted to remove my eyes with a large stainless steel two pronged fork. He didn’t go all crazy and scream at me; in fact he was quite calm. That is what was so scary about him. He quietly told me of his intentions and there was nothing but a blank stare that came from him which told me he may very well be serious.

This is a haunted attraction that really understands what it takes to scare people. It’s not animatronics or other typical props seen in most haunts, it is the set design and most importantly, the actors that bring a haunt to levels of greatness. I said this last year and I will say it again. These actors are so intense and so scary that they could gather in any location, in any set and scare the life out of everyone they encounter, they are THAT good!!

Costuming and makeup are excellent and only enhance the level of crazy that the actors bring.

If you are looking for an in your face experience that will leave you wondering about your own sanity, this is the house for you!! Decimation Haunted House Pat II is a must see haunt this year!!

Pros: Actors, sets, lighting
Cons: It ended. I wanted it to go on forever!

Ryan Acker

For the 2011 season and their second year, Decimation is claiming to be three times larger than it was last year. Personally, I did not see this. However, they did not need the size to ramp up their scare factor from last year. Most of the actors returned for the second season and I am astonished on how they can change settings from a demonic house to a hospital and still deliver the same level of scare as last year.

When you first arrive to the new location, you would never expect a Haunted House to be in the building that it’s in. It is located across the street from Englewood High School, in an old preschool! I was impressed on how well they incorporated the hospital theme in and out of these old classrooms and how much they changed it from the original settings. The people who take time and effort out of their day to build a haunted house deserve much more credit than they receive.

When you begin to enter the building, you are immediately transported into the hospital lobby complete with a destroyed medical cross and some twisted waiting room music. The authenticity in here is wonderful as you can hear overhead speakers paging doctors to certain areas even while walking through. As you begin the trip through you are encountered by Gran Dpa, a seriously deranged burn victim who greets you right as you walk in. You continue through different rooms ranging from the check in counter to surgical and even to electric shock therapy gone wrong. And remember, all of this is in an old preschool!

All of the actors were on their game through the entire haunt. Although not as intense as last year, they were still great! As I walked out I began thinking they needed to add a mental hospital to house everybody who was let loose in this God forsaken place. Even dialogue fit in with the theme and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Some of the masks the owners have made were so disturbing that no talking was required. A constant stare easily sufficed as you knew if you made a wrong move they would turn you into a mirror image of themselves.

This haunt was somewhat on the short side, but I enjoyed it more than half the haunts I have been to. This place is a cliché free haunted house with no chainsaws, no strobe lights, no black walls, etc. The only moving prop I saw was a rotisserie with literal fall of the bone meat (You’ll understand once you see it). These people has something amazing going and I’m behind them 100% of the way!

Pros: Actors, Sets, all around authenticity.
Cons: On the short side.

Steven Acker

This is probably the bloodiest haunt of the season but it’s probably the most action packed haunt of the season, a haunt that truly lives up to its name. You leave one set and instantly walk into another, never a dull moment through the entire thing!

The premise is that this takes place in a hospital, and it’s definitely not a hospital I’d want to have to check into. You start off in the reception area with Mr. Security Guard, not really looking so good, enter into the office area where you’re accosted by a couple of spooks and then the fun begins. You go into a patient ward and the first thing you notice is that something is really not right here. They had one of the better bathroom scenes here including a blob coming out of one of the toilets that the management lovingly refers to as the "shit demon"! The only thing missing in this room was the smell…….and THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!

You enter the crematorium with a spook at the furnace, and they don’t come running at you trying to scare you, they just stand there with a guilty look on their face, kind of like they were caught in the act of something they weren’t suppose to be doing. They have a room with a fantastic electrical type thingy that was electrocuting a poor soul and he really did look like he was toast. But then as we’re exiting the room he gets up and starts chasing us!! Nice gag, guys! Passing through the cafeteria I wondered how they stayed in business without the state shutting them down. They had a rotisserie scene with human remains over the spit and a face cooking up in the frying pan. Let me be clear right now that none of these gags looked fake…they did an absolutely fantastic job with the makeup of the actors and the body parts and severed heads/faces scattered throughout the haunt.

There are long hallways that you walk through, just like in a hospital. There are black curtains throughout the hallways, not because they wanted them there but because for emergency exits required by the fire department. If you took the time to look through these curtains there just wasn’t just a hallway on the other side but you may have been lucky enough to catch some action going on through there too. Never a dull moment in this haunt! Dr. Dispatch was great, the actors were totally psycho, which makes or breaks a lot of haunts, and the ending comes with a special winged creature informing us that our "death is at hand"! They even made the body bags look fantastically real. Great job with this haunt…highly recommended!

Pros: psycho actors, great makeup, masks and body parts, details, details, details
Cons: almost seemed too short, although I’m sure it wasn’t…we just wanted more!

Kathie Holt

This haunted hospital was consistent to its theme from beginning to end. The props in each room were amazing and each actor I think may be genuinely deranged. Doctor Dispatch is on call and has an outstanding staff on hand to scare the heck out of you on many levels.
Once you enter there is a very creepy old man in a wheelchair that will get up and announce your arrival to the receptionist who will get slightly irritated if you do not ring his little broken bell to be checked in. If any of you read my bio before checking these reviews you will understand when I say there is a clown in this haunt that makes me think that there is something truly disturbing about this guy. He is hands down THE BEST FREAKISH LITTLE CLOWN I HAVE EVER SEEN! Say hello to the receptionist. He will appear briefly throughout your little tour of the hospital. I did not get the pleasure of speaking with him however he stuck his head out the exit door periodically and gave me the creepiest little grin with teeth showing and all which combined with the clown makeup with the classic clown grin and it just truly freaked me out. I kept thinking if he comes out that door I am out of here. Huge thank you to that actor for a great fear factor experience and you rock.

The reception area is littered with papers all over the place. Once you get past the reception area you are allowed passage through to the emergency room and these patients are not looking so good. In fact there is one young lady who desperately wants you to help her and then she spews blood all over herself and starts screaming and it is so freaky I really wanted to see it again. There is someone crawling on the floor and the good doctor doesn’t want you to see any of that so he will ask you repeatedly what you are looking and what are you doing in his E.R.

Once you make your way through the E.R. you are in the cafeteria and they are cooking up all kinds of anatomical goodies rotisserie style as well as a wide variety of baked goods with miscellaneous body parts in them. The cook in the kitchen thinks your eyeballs would make a wonderful additional to her Jell-O Mold. This kitchen doubles as a slaughterhouse and there is blood and funky little chunky nasty stuff all over the place and the smell is not appetizing at all. When you reach the bathroom you will literally be grossed out by all of the props in here. There is a head in the toilet and it is not pretty and I am sure that it belongs to the decapitated hanging corpse that has been gutted and draining in the bathtub and from the looks of the sink whomever was witnessing this savage assault puked in the sink. Now if it only smelled like a nasty blood soaked, exploding toilet of poop and rotting corpse smell that would have been awesome.

The mad little scientist is waiting for you once you leave the bathroom and enter his little office/bedroom area full of all kinds of freaky little gadgets and he is just a bit freaky too. He starts humming and making songs in the form of musical instruments like the dueling banjos ditty for instance. And he has that look to him that for certain tells me that his cheese has done slid off his cracker for real. After we finished the haunt we had the pleasure of meeting him outside for a few moments and discovered that he is not much different that when you encounter him in the haunt. Or he is just one talented actor and as far as I am concerned, he most definitely is talented.

The crematorium was just wrong in so many ways and I was beginning to wonder if this actor here is really all there. It was when we walked in and I said something out loud that he realized that we were standing there observing him staring into the furnace and at once slammed the door closed and was angry that we were watching. If that was an act, then you get a huge Atta-boy for making me say out loud what in the…….? and for making my stomach drop to the floor.
Prepare to meet Doctor Dispatch in the dark and deserted hallways of this hospital. Just when you think you have pleased him for passage to the exit, you are greeted instead by the most un-holy being that will scare the hell out of you quit literally. Once you see this thing you will want to run but the exits are blocked by the mad little scientist and the freaky clown and his assistant and of course Doctor Dispatch, so you have no choice but to listen to him speak and it has an very big surprise for you and I want so desperately to tell you but this one is something you just have to experience yourself.

No one in this haunt will tell you to get out and that was a huge plus for me. There is nothing as annoying as being invited to visit and the entire time you are there they tell you to get out. Again this is not what you will see here. Try to maintain some composure and she this haunt for the masterpiece that it is. Great job guys I loved every minute of it and I will be back.

Pros: Everything.
Cons: I would have liked some gory smells to accompany some of the props but I think that is all I would change in this haunt.

Alex Gallegos

Oh my God! This was a nearly perfect haunted house (although haunted abandoned school is a more accurate moniker). They say that in real estate there are three rules: location, location, location, and this haunt’s owners and designers know all about that. Not content with creating a haunt out of black plywood, they have set up shop in an old school and turned it into a hospital. The long corridors of windows and white brickwork do their best to set the scene, but that alone isn’t enough; the detail work and set design that has gone into the rest of the haunt is brilliant to behold.

The actors in the haunt are allowed to come up with their own thing to scare the living daylights out of you and giving people freedom to make use of their scene in their own way has clearly proven its benefits to me. There were times where we could glimpse other actors interacting with each other, sometimes in good ways and other times attacking or dragging one another off. These little glimpses did a great deal to make us feel like this was a real place where things were happening whether or not we were there to observe them.

Because they had larger rooms to play with, larger and more realistic areas could be created. My two favorites were the ICU ward, where patients were sitting up in bed crying out (and being stifled by the nurses when they had the audacity to start vomiting up blood), and the surgery set where two doctors in plague masks were operating on a body. However, they seemed more interested in us when we stumbled into their sterile area, and didn’t allow us to backpedal despite my insistences that I wouldn’t say anything about how badly they were mutilating that body.

The rest of the encounters were equally creepy; a guy burning bodies in the furnace, people being electrocuted, a crazed janitor who wanted my eyes, and, after making our way through a maze of body bags, the Grim Reaper himself.

This was probably the best costume I’ve seen in a long, long time. Death was a lot taller than I am, had imposingly thick black robes, glowing red eyes, a wingspan of at least 6 feet, and a deep resonating voice that I could feel in the floor thanks to some voice modulation effects. I’d say that was my favorite part of all, and the designers were good enough to realize that we would want to take it all in before we left and not chase us out of that area with a chainsaw.

Different things make different haunts stand out, but the shining star here is authenticity; no other haunt this season does a better job of making the environment and situation seem as real as this one does. If you want to spend a few minutes basically walking about in a movie about deranged psychos who take over a hospital, then this is your haunt.

Pros: Authentic, realistic experience. Death himself guards the exit.
Cons: Might be too scary for some due to it realism.

Justeen Walters

Alex Kratz

I had absolutely no idea what Decimation was going to be about based off of the name, but when I saw it was a hospital theme, I was elated. Considering I used to work in one of the biggest hospitals in Denver, this was a ton of fun for me. Decimation was a killer haunted house!

When you most people think about hospitals, they come up with surgery rooms and the emergency room. It was great to see Decimation use all of those elements, as well as other stuff that exists in hospitals that most people wouldn’t think about. There was a laundry room in there with bloody sheets and other nasty stuff and it smelled like a laundry room. There was definitely the smell of detergent. Those little touches added up in every room, as well. The cafeteria they had set up was just the grossest looking bits and pieces from animals and people, spinning around on a spit. Playing on the old cliché of how horrible hospital food is was a great idea. The whole trip though Decimation goes from bad to worse, but in the best way possible. Before going inside, there is terrible waiting room music playing, setting you up as though it were innocuous. Going through feels like finding a portal to Hell in a hospital, which is really played up by the creature that looks towards the end.

Not only were all of the actors just amazing, all of the rooms and scenes were scripted so well. The room that was taken over by a schizophrenic patient had loud music blasting and he was yelling and going nuts. This is contrasted by rooms like the surgical suite, where little guys in plague doctor masks silently approach you, as though you are invading their procedure. All these great interactions are interspersed with the usual people jumping from behind corners. It all works very well together to make for a really scary haunt!

I absolutely loved Decimation. It was great to get away from the usual themes and get something new on the table. This may not be the highest scoring haunt I’ve reviewed, but it was my personal favorite.

Pros: sets, acting, atmosphere, scary!
Cons: a tad short

Marlena Baker

Decimation Part 2 was a great themed haunt. Medical themed rooms or areas have cropped up in other haunts, but this is a full blown haunted hospital. Between demented doctors and a trip to hell, this is a great haunt.

The setting is great. Where else could things go so wrong as a hospital? The scares start with the terror of paperwork and only gets worse. The sets are very well put together, each room leading into the other well. They even make some room for the long, clinical hallways of a hospital, not that these were all that clean. The props they used were gruesome and creepy. They were used sparingly, but each one added to the scene really well.

The actors fit as well. The characters mostly suited the scene. There was a hillbilly that didn’t really have a place, but the actor was so good I didn’t mind. He was great fun, and very creepy. The doctors were all wonderfully insane, just waiting to cut into us. I did wish there were more actors, but it didn’t seem too sparse, just a few empty rooms.

I wish this had been a much longer haunt. There’s some seriously good stuff happening at Decimation Part 2. Crazy doctors and tortured patients are just the tip of the iceberg. This is a look at a hospital that has made the descent. You won’t find any healing at this hospital; you’re more likely to find harm.

Pros: setting, props, acting
Cons: Length