Fear of all Fears 2011

Scare FactorActingSets/FXLengthOverall
Alex G78998.25

Kris Kropelnicki

Have you ever wondered what it is really like at the homes of some of this Country’s most notorious serial killers? Deep down, didn’t you have an itch to hang out with Charles Manson, just to get a glimpse of what makes him tick? All of us, at some point, have wanted to take a closer look at the evil that dwells within us all. Everyone has wondered about that side of the human psyche. Everyone.

At Fear of All Fears in the Greeley Mall, you finally get your chance to spend some time with some of the most evil characters of our time. Charles Manson is there and it seems Charlie has a new family; the one he created in prison along with recruits from the other side. From the looks of things, none of them has been reformed.

Ed Gein seems content in his cluttered room watching snow on the television. His finger collection is showcased quite nicely. It seems most of the killers here have a strong liking for fingers. This knowledge made me keep my hands in my pockets.

Jeffrey Dahmer was more than willing to whip up a gruesome snack in the kitchen, and Lizzie Borden was eager to get 42 whacks in on someone. Ronnie Defeo’s sister was dying to show me what Ronnie had done, and make sure you have some cake when you stop by John Wayne Gacy’s house for the party he’s having. He’s in his best clown costume and can’t wait for you to get there.

The butcher scene is good and if you take a minute to look at the daily specials you may find something that suites your taste. It is possible however, if you look at the source of their meat, you may change your mind. Severed leg of young woman may not appeal to everyone.

This haunt has come a dramatically long way and this is only the second season! Everything has been redone and it is all for the better.

Costumes noticeably improved as did makeup. Matching makeup to the character being played is key to making these scenes work, and with the exception of a couple of actors, this was done very well. It was obvious that research into the characters was pretty in depth. I would like to see continuing immersion into the characters by the actors so they can be more interactive and frightening. There were several scenes that had multiple actors yelling at me at the same time. More character depth would turn that group of chaos into individual journeys into true madness that would shake the toughest customer, myself included. This haunt is completely on track to fully develop this concept and bring it to new horrifying levels.

Set design was greatly improved and that added greatly to the atmosphere of the haunt. Continued improvement in sets, especially walls, will go a long way in bringing this haunt in line with much bigger productions. Great job everyone, your efforts are noticed and paying off!

Great startles and scares come from around every corner and the alternate ending is a great touch! Get ready to open up and say, “Ahhhhhhh”, there will be a test! If you are up North, stop by and take a closer look at evil, you’ll be glad you did!

Pros: Improved sets, lighting, theme

Cons: Slight deviations from theme, some actors need to develop their character more

Ryan Acker

I must admit, I wasn’t holding high hopes for this haunt after what was seen last year, but after I went through I was actually impressed! As you walk up to the haunt you don’t see much. A sign that doesn’t even have the name is hanging above a door on the outside of the Greeley Mall. When you walk

Inside the door you still don’t see much until you actually enter the haunted house. The waiting area was small, confined, and very loud (as was the rest of the haunt). When you waited in line, you were informed of the story line so you would understand what were you seeing as you went through. Most teenagers probably would not know about anything the theme as it about past murders, but you wouldn’t need to!

While waiting in line, the façade of the entrance is a house, but when you walk through the door it is a dentist that transitioned into the house. I loved the dentist room, just not its location. All the rooms this year have improved tremendously from what was seen last year. From Lizzie Borden to Amityville Horror, I enjoyed the transitions between areas. Each house room contained a different murderer and I liked it. However, most of the rooms toward the end of the haunt consisted of black plastic walls that I hated. The end of the haunt had an amazing theme of having you be infected or clear of a zombie infection, but the plastic, especially on the infected side, ruined a good experience.

The actors of the haunt were a mixed bunch. Some of them were very young and only provided constant screaming. This screaming blew out my eardrums and I felt annoyed that they would not shut up. I understand that this allows for a upgraded level of insanity, but I left feeling more insane then the actors. The older actors did a good job. However, some of them did not represent their characters very well. For example, Lizzie Borden was a calm and mellow woman who was found guilty for murdering her parents with 41 hits of an axe. In the haunt, Lizzie Borden was jumping up and down on a bed yelling “Do you want to be 42?!” If she was calm and used different dialogue, I feel as if it would improve the scene. Although the average haunt go-er would probably not notice this and all the other murderer representations, I feel as if this would make the overall experience much better.

Last year, my review toward Fear of all Fears was basically stating that it sucked. This year, I can’t say that. Yes, some things can still be improved, but this year was a colossal improvement compared to last. This goes to show that a haunt can be improved year by year and that the industry will be alive for a very long time!

Pros: Sets, transitions, unique theme

Cons: Plastic, some rooms don’t fit in the theme, constant screaming.

Kathie Holt

This was a great little haunted house full of psychopathic serial killers that have some serious issues. They have done an amazing job with sticking to the theme throughout the entire haunt and I love the passion and enthusiasm this haunt owner has for scaring the heck of people. He did throw in a dentist’s office at the very beginning partly because I believe he said he always wanted to be a dentist and because to most people the dentist is a terrifying experience so although it has nothing to do with serial killers it is appropriate for the name of the haunt. Also you will have a tour guide for this one and they will pop in and out of the picture throughout the haunt.

The dentist is drilling away on some poor girl and blood everywhere in here and you truly want to grab her out of that chair and take her with you. Once you pass the dentist’s office you will enter the living room of the serial killer for which the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based on. Do you know his name? Well he has a real fascination with women so he will stand up from his little dinner tray complete with a bowl full of eyeballs and follow after you. The rest of the room is filled with boxes containing heads and little curio shelves that are lit well enough to see the mason jars full of fingers and other little body parts.

Off to a little birthday party with John Wayne Gacy in his clown suit and his bursting little assistant. This is just a short taste of this child killing maniac but pay close attention to the walls in this little area as you exit through a wall, yes I said a wall which was really cool and you wind up in the swastika sporting maniac who was responsible for the L.A. murders of some very famous Hollywood actors and two young girls who sit quietly as your having a chat with Mr. Manson but then he becomes very aggravated and the girls get angry and it is a pretty tight little space to be stuck with that many crazies. I really enjoyed this set and the actors were all top notch. Good job Charlie well portrayed. Pay close attention the details on the walls in this room as well.

You will meet the little girl who gave her mother 40 whacks. This room was good but the actress was kind of yelling and freaking out and that is not the way I understood her to be at all but rather quiet and reserved. She was the strong silent type you might say and her line is a bit confusing as well when she asks if you would like to be number 42 which would mean she killed about 40 more people than she was accused of. But if you have heard the song About Lizzy Borden you get the jest. Mom dying on the floor was a nice touch in this room as well as the fact that none of her things were destroyed as that is true of Lizzy who needed things nice and tidy.

Once you exit Lizzy’s closet you will find Ronnie Defeo’s sister screaming at you to see what Ronnie had done to her. She should not be alone as Ronnie killed his entire family so she should have someone with her and they should reference Amityville house as I am sure that unless you are an avid horror film fan would not know what Ronnie the girl is referring to. However she does have a really big hole in her head which is totally worth taking a good close look at. Then your guide will help you through John Wayne Gacy’s cellar. Don’t step on the bodies or the guide will yell at you.

Then you have some dark hallways to maneuver through and there is a creepy little guy in there who will run at you full speed in the dark and scare the crap out of you. I know he scared me and made me scream and I loved every minute of it. Thank you very much melted doctor man. After you check to see if you have peed your pants or not you will wind up in Jeffrey Dahmer’s restaurant with a special tour of the meat cutting room in the back. Take a moment to read the menu and you may get a small bit of comic relief before you witness something that has made other visitors to this haunt either puke, pee, faint or run screaming. The scoreboard is on the wall behind the butcher so check it out. This room was really cool but it would have been a little better and more believable for me if the girl would either decide to be dead and stay dead or start begging for help or something when you walk in. she just sprang up and started screaming at all of us which seemed a bit odd.

You will have to be examined near the end of your visit to see if you have the zombie virus. If you are at this haunt with one or more people you will most likely be going your separate ways here for a brief time until you are reunited. I went through twice just to see where the other people I was with experience and vice versa. I can tell you that both of them are really good and there is another good scare near the end. You will never see this one coming. Good job on this scare with the sense of all clear I see the way out and then AAAAHHHHHHH! I loved it. Two screams in the same haunt in one visit is a darn good haunt.

Pros: Loved Charles Manson and the girls top rate and the rooms where are very true to each character they were helping to portray. And of course the fact that I got so startled I screamed twice.

Cons: This haunt could have perhaps draped over the top with black sheets or something to avoid some additional light from coming in. This haunt is most definitely on the right track and I believe has the ability to make this one a top contender for next year.

Alex Gallegos

I have to say, I was really impressed with this haunt! It wasn’t perfect by any means but I was really pleased to see someone do a theme that hasn’t been done often before. Instead of being in a single serial killer’s house or locked in a manor with crazy people, this haunt chose more of a “what if” scenario… what if some of the worst serial killers in history were all gathered together in one place, and you could encounter them all in a single night? The Amityville Horror is here, as well as Charles Manson, Lizzie Borden, and Jeffrey Dahmer, plus a host of others. The geography and timelines don’t match up with history by any means but this is more of a fantasy-style haunt than something meant to be a perfect recreation and once you allow for that it makes the whole thing very enjoyable.

The whole haunt is loud. Very loud. I really can’t come up with a better description; all of the actors are very intense, screaming and shrieking and banging on walls and doors with a dedication I haven’t seen almost anywhere else. They were right up in my face the entire time and I really felt intimidated by some of them. However after a while it did indeed become somewhat taxing on the ears.

Each of the rooms is done up according to the twisted mind of its famous serial killer occupant, and some of the set design is really great! My favorite was Ed Gein’s house, with preserved (maybe even pickled) fingers and other assorted body parts in black-lit display cases, as well as huge piles of rubbish. Somebody’s a hoarder! I’m told Lizzie Borden’s room wasn’t right, because the corpse of the mother should have been on the floor on the left side of the bed instead of in the corner, but I didn’t know that at the time so I wasn’t bothered by the inaccuracy. However, her repeated chant of “Do you wanna be 42?” Implied that she’d murdered 41 people before me, instead of the number of whacks she was offering. Not that I would have accepted, it’s just nice when an offer is clear.

The ending scene splits the party into two and that was a very effective way to creep us out. One person went ahead of me, got screened by the army officer, told she was infected, and sent through to a medical treatment area. I assumed this meant we were all infected, but when I tried to follow I was also submitted to screening and sent a different way all by myself. Forcing me to abandon my friends and go through the dark alone was a very effective means of putting me off guard.

Overall I have to say this is a very good haunt. While there’s no Hollywood quality special effects and set design like some of the haunts with a budget somewhere around a zillion dollars, everyone is there to have fun, and is giving their all to the performance. That’s what makes this so enjoyable.

Pros: Multiple serial killers, great pacing, military quarantine was a great scene

Cons: Screaming got old after a while, not utterly terrifying

Justeen Walters

Marlena Baker

Fear of all Fears has set itself apart through its concept alone. It’s a tour through the lives of some of the most famous murderers in America. The layout is creative, but the acting is pretty hit or miss. While it seems like including the houses of such a variety of people would throw off the cohesion, there’s a tone to the whole haunt that holds it all together.

The settings were each pretty cohesive, either recreating a scene or keeping to a motif that relates to the killer I was stuck with. As disjointed as it should have been, the lighting and overall atmosphere stayed pretty constant, so the experience kept my attention. There were a few rooms that left the theme completely, and while I really like the one at the end, it didn’t seem to fit at all.

The acting was a variable experience. Some actors were spot on, not only getting their character right but giving a good level of insanity. Others weren’t so good. The fall back at this haunt seemed to be screaming as loud as they could. It definitely added to the overall insanity of the haunt, but it was too much for me. By the end I was irritated by it, and it distracted me from some of the other cool stuff they had going on.

Fear of all Fears is very interesting. It makes you think a lot more than most haunts, using real life killers to fill its rooms. It’s a great concept, and one that I want to see perfected. The knowledge that real people did these horrible things, that it’s not just some story or fantasy, is very scary. You don’t need to know all about these murderers to enjoy this, though. There are plenty of good scares in addition to the creepy details.