Field of Corpses 2011

Scare FactorActingSets/FXLengthOverall
Alex G1010101010
Alex K91010109.75

Kris Kropelnicki

Do you want to see what haunt perfection looks like? Look no further than Field of Corpses if you said yes! This is a haunt that has continued to improve and evolve as time goes by and this year is no exception. Just when I think there is no possible way for them to outdo themselves, the entire crew ramps it up again. This is a crew that does not allow their production to become stagnant. Details are everywhere and include distinct lighting, sounds and smells that bring the scenes to life and allow disbelief to be fully suspended. Acting is top notch consistently which creates a real sense of anxiety as the actors are not only individually good, their well developed characters meshed together seamlessly which worked very well.

The details in this haunt are extraordinary and nothing has been spared. Outside the haunt there are some incredible props and the ambiance really got me in the mood to be scared. Look for giant pumpkin head scarecrows and skeletons hanging from the windmill to see some great creativity at work.

The additions of props and new layouts have really created an atmosphere that completely transports you to the darkest, most psychotic places you can imagine times ten! I really felt disoriented and as though I had slipped into a psychosis of sorts by the time I emerged from the haunt.

Once it was our groups turn to go in we were given instructions and asked to wait for our guide. The guides are superb and maintain their character so well that I always wonder if that is their normal behavior. When the guide came in the room he immediately walked up, gave me a sniff and proceeded to check out the other members of the group; when his sniffer was satisfied, we were off to see one of the most incredible haunts there is to be seen! This is not a destination; it truly is a journey into madness.

Do hearses give you the willies? Then be ready for a great big case of them here! Entering the cemetery I can see that the caretaker has long neglected the grounds. Headstones are detailed and weathered as are statues and fencing. New coffin doors add a twist to move on that I really liked.

Moving on I encountered so many sights, sounds and smells that I was on adrenaline overload! All of my senses were fully engaged throughout the haunt which is fantastic!! While there was a slight ‘break’ in the action here and there, that was only to keep guests from fainting by allowing them to catch their breath. This is one crazy ride!

Walking through a ghost town I was literally ambushed and surrounded by a mob of actors, each of whom had their own set of dastardly intentions for me. The way they all interacted with me and one another was flawless! Every year the actors here truly shine and this year is no different. Very talented crew and I have to give honorable mention to the girl that got me good in the mine shaft. I am very difficult to scare and she not only scared me, she stopped me dead in my tracks! Way to go!!! You officially earned the title of, ‘Scare Master’ from me!

Before you reach the pond and body bag room, you will smell them! They smelled so realistically disgusting that I was gagging, with eyes watering as were the members of my group. For me that was incredible. If it looks and feels dead, then it better smell dead or the entire effort is in vain. That concept is very well understood here and taken to the extreme which is fantastic! Nothing completes a scene better than authentic smells!

There are so many rooms and scenes in this haunt that, if I wrote about every one of them and described their details, I would surely come up with a novel at least the thickness of War and Peace. There is so much versatility in this haunt that it boggles the mind, yet it all flows together effortlessly.

Thanks to Field of Corpses, I am now afraid to do my laundry. There is a wash area that was so creepy it reminded me somehow of “The Mangler”, by Stephen King. Something about that set really disturbed me and I still can’t decide what it was exactly, but it bothered me just the same.

The spider room was well done and the web was delightfully interactive and tricky to maneuver which added to the scene overall. Clowns are hiding within these walls as well, and the strobes in here really add to the eerie feel. The camera room was fantastically disorienting and left me with quite a bit of vertigo that lasted a couple of minutes and kept me off kilter.

Psychiatric units, nurseries with demonic mothers and a fur room with a jolt are just a few scenes here. The butcher shop offers dismembered delicacies to satisfy the most discriminating cannibals and don’t miss the bakery with its fly infested delicacies and lollipops. Make sure to take time to play with the kids at the playground, just watch your step in here, it could get interesting! Stepping onto the school bus was familiar but very creepy, especially with the music being played. The bus driver made me very glad that my ride was over and it was time to get off.

New scenes added length and depth to an already incredible haunt and the scares that hid amongst the props were well executed and weren’t the typical “Boo” and “Grrr” noises heard in so many haunts. This is a true interactive, experiential haunt that must be seen to be believed! This is an absolute MUST SEE haunt!!

Pros: New props/scenes, acting, new layout
Cons: It ends…sadly, the madness does eventually come to an end.

Ryan Acker

To me, Field of Corpses is a very unique haunted house. You either love it or you hate it. I feel as if this haunt tries very hard to achieve good and efficient startle scares throughout the entire haunt and personally, it gets a bit annoying. One of the things that really stood out was toward the end of the haunt. I read a sign that warned you that sudden loud noises could cause ear damage and right then a sudden loud noise damaged my hearing for a good 5 minutes and I felt frustration. Other than this, I loved it!

Throughout the haunt you encounter countless details unlike any other haunted attraction. Even the smells were placed in strategic locations and provided realism also not found in any other haunt. Complete with shock walls, real animal carcasses, upside down rooms, nurseries, asylums, etc, etc. You keep going room through room and every time you think it’s over, it just keeps going! Every year it seems to get longer and this year I felt as if it was one room too big for my tastes. I could write an entire 500 word review on just one room but why would I do that if I could just tell you to go and experience it yourself?

The actors in this haunt were amazing and never fail to provide a scare. They are persistent and quick on their feet about replying to our comments. The cliché “Get outs!” are a thing of the past here. Our guide was also great, providing comic relief and creating small talk throughout the haunt which I enjoyed. However, the makeup on the actors could use improvement but an average haunt go-er would never realize this. This is going to be one of the shorter reviews of mine because I can’t put in words the greatness that is Field of Corpses. So go and check it out yourself!

Pros: Actors, Every room from start to finish!
Cons: Constant loud noises, makeup, long

Steven Acker

What an EXCELLENT haunt for a night of spooktacular entertainment!!! This is the only house to get a perfect score from me so far and it’s so very well deserved! The actors were acting like real ghouls should and they were acting like their lives depended on scaring the pants off of you, the paying customer, who’s paying good money to have this done to them. You have a personal guide who takes you through the haunt and adds a nice touch of humor to the tour without breaking character.

The sets were great with excellent detail and originality, they take you on a great trip through western ghost towns and mine shafts, an upside down white room, and a laundry room where I’m pretty sure that they’re laundering body parts instead of cash or clothes. There was a great gag where one ghoulish girl was suspended over another, bleeding on her, and a very cool camera room filled with lots of strobes and camera flashes! They even throw in some great ground gags, one that looks like quicksand and it makes you feel like you’re sinking into quicksand, but you’re still able to walk through it, you just have a great sinking sensation while you’re going through it…another one that does about the same thing only with sponges. VERY good stuff! I really loved the asylum room too, filled with a bunch of great actors just loving their jobs on a Friday night.

I’ve heard that your sense of smell is the strongest sense we have…when I walked on a bridge over a pond the smells start getting really strong and actually took me to wherever that pond is in the world, and I was actually there! The odors were great the rest of the way too, through the body bag room, the oozing radioactive waste room and all the way to the end. Speaking of the end, every time you expected to be spit out into the parking lot they would surprise you with another room. They even threw you off with a chain saw in the middle of the tour, a gag usually reserved for the end of a haunt.

What a special night this was and Field of Corpses was a huge reason for this!! If you want to be impressed with great sets, great actors and a great time…Field of Corpses is the place to go and well worth your well earned cash!! Bravo guys, GREAT JOB!!!!!

Kathie Holt

It has been about 2 years since I last visited this haunt but it is still one of the most amazing ones I have ever seen. They have added a lot to this haunt and just when you think it is over…..think again. This haunt will definitely deliver the scare factor and you will be a bit mortified when you come out. It was made up of everything I could ever want from a haunt.

You will have a guide through this haunt and they do a wonderful job of making sure that you experience everything in their creepy little field of the dead and deranged. You will go through doors made of coffin lids but only after you knock. And if you are ever put in a hearse, it usually means you are a goner and this ladies and gents, is how your tour begins.

The old west ghost town is full of the walking dead and they all want to see you. Whatever you do don’t cheat at a card game here, and apparently the graveyard is full or grandpa just wanted to be put to rest in front of the saloon which I’m guessing was his favorite place. The natural light of the moon as well as the lanterns down main street is very authentic and the sounds of piano music coming from the saloon that is no longer occupied by the living and horse reins tied to the hitching posts with no horses. One can only assume what happened to them.

When you get to the ponds, you may want to cover your sniffer unless you like the smell of rotting flesh. I nearly threw up the smell was so pungent. Death is most certainly looming here and the ground will feel a little unstable beneath your feet. The meat locker is another area that will make you literally gag. No need to refrigerate these chunks of meat and you get to walk right through them.

When you get to the white bedroom, look up. Is it all coming down on you? Very awesome props in this room and the fact you have to crawl your way out is pretty awesome. The laundry room is fully functional with running machines and a mess of clothes you will have to work your way through. The lovely laundry gals will offer to wash your internal organs for you for a very reasonable fee. Who doesn’t want their eyeballs bleached right?

The drainage tunnels contain many things worth taking a look at as you make your descent into the depths of insanity. I simply cannot ruin this for you, but I had more than a few surprises in here. Most of the animal bones in the butcher shop are real. The poor fellow on the slab no longer has the ability to think for himself, and they will offer to relieve you of yours as well. Nasty little caldrons of who knows what are bubbling in the kitchen.

The Creaper brothers are coming. Are you good at riddles? These boys are not right in the head so be nice or else. The girls in the candy shop will offer to share their sweet treats, but I’m pretty sure they just want you to hang out with them. The props in here are incredible. I would have never expected to see such realistic props. Heck for all I know, they were real.

The school bus has a nice little tune playing for you when you climb aboard. And then you’re off to the insane asylum. The props in here are pretty awesome too and the actors will make you believe they have lost touch with reality. At the playground you have to play with the girls to pass. The photo room will not make you says cheese but rather, “Geez I’m getting dizzy!”.

There are just too many amazing things here, and in order for me to mention them all would just be a dead giveaway. No pun intended. There is a little bit of something for everyone here and you don’t walk out of this haunt feeling a bit disturbed, then perhaps you should see if they have a room for you in the asylum. Be sure to check out the giant skeleton on the windmill when you come out and the beyond creepy pumpkin head scarecrow when you enter. There is a giant movie screen playing some classic horror flicks while you make your way to the front, and this is good as I anticipate the lines for this one to be fairly long but WELL worth the wait.

Pros: Can I just say everything? Great actors who genuinely love their job, some of the most amazing and realistic props I have ever seen, and the length. As I said, just when you think it’s over, think again.
Cons: Hmmmmmm… well, I just cannot think of one single thing that I did not absolutely love about this haunt. Maybe the fact I only got to go through once. But fear not, I will be going back!

Alex Gallegos

If it weren’t so cold, I really would not have believed this was a field haunt. The sets here are beyond amazing; mineshafts, western towns, drainage systems, and quicksand fields are all done up at nearly Hollywood quality. Actors follow you through the haunt instead of just staying at their scene, popping out screaming, then retreating back into the darkness. And the overall experience is just plain creepy.

The set work here is pretty incredible, because at times I really would not have believed I was in a field at all. That’s not to say I never *ever* felt that way, especially when I could see corn, but the interior building scenes were done well enough that I could easily feel like I was in a properly built and finished building. Other field haunts may want to take note; the bar has most definitely been set.

The actors in the haunt were the closest to movie actors I have seen in any Denver area haunted house. Not only did they interact with us, but with one another as well. When we entered a room, a scene was actually playing out before us, and I had the feeling that it would have been happening whether we were there or not, instead of just being triggered by our arrival.

I also have to make mention of the guide. I’ve said in other reviews that the idea of a semi-mischievous ally walking us through a haunted house would be an interesting mechanic, and sure enough it worked as well as I thought it would. The guide never turned on us, but I wasn’t ever sure if he was there for our benefit or not. At one point he told us to run so we wouldn’t get eaten by the chainsaw wielding maniacal killer of doom, and yet he also told us to be sure to touch the wall that gave us a nice electric buzz.

The haunt never really seemed to end and with the quality of the sets and acting I didn’t really want it to. Every time I thought there was no possible way that the next area could be scarier or more off-putting, it was. I think my favorite was trying to cross a ghoul infested playground on a giant metal swing that the nut job riding refused to stop for us. If you haven’t got your sea legs then you had better try to jump it, or you’re liable to fall flat on your face.

This is definitely my favorite haunt of the season, and it gets the highest recommendations possible from me. If you don’t go to this haunt, you are definitely missing out. If you DO go to this haunt but you only go through once, you’re missing out on only slightly less.

Pros: Crazy hillbilly family, Hollywood quality sets, several rooms that I just did not want to go into.
Cons: The haunt owners will not let you go through 500 times on a single ticket purchase in order to see every detail of this haunt they have constructed. If you want to see it all, you better show up with about $8000

Justeen Walters

Alex Kratz

You know have just gone through an amazing damn haunt when you exit and your knees are shaking!

Field of Corpses was one hell of a trip through some wonderful horror, incredible terror and shocking scares around every corner. I am typically a hard to person to scare, but this haunt just got me over and over again! Everything I expect to see in a haunt was there to great effect as well as some things I never would have expected.

The setting on the outside is innocuous but very inviting. A movie projector on the exterior of the haunt playing old school black and white horror movies was a great little touch, but the real fun is what lies beyond the entrance doors. It’s always a good sign to haunted house goers when the first thing to do is crawl through an old hearse, escorted by an undertaker. Normally, I am a big stickler for elements like cohesion and theme. Field of Corpses, despite not really having those elements, pulls off an amazing series of scenes and rooms. There are just too many to talk about in a single review, but some of the rooms have been burned into my mind. The body bag room was a very cool twist on a classic haunted house must-have. Human sized burlap sacks swinging from rafters in an old wood shed. I could just stop there but it was so much more because of the horrendous smell. We were ten feet away from that room and it reeked of decomposing flesh and made us all gag! Bodies are standard to haunted houses, but have you ever seen a haunted laundry room? It was such a strange room to walk into. That’s what throws you off and then they get you! There is so much to experience at Field of Corpses; I can’t do it justice in words. It demands to be seen.

Going through, you realize that no expense was spared. To go along with the massive haunt, there are actors at every turn, ready and willing to freak you out of your skin. All of the actors were on top of it all the way through the whole thing. Everyone seemed to know exactly when and how to get you. The costumes worked so well because each one was picked very carefully to suit each and every room. The one thing I really was blown away by was the guide you pick up at the beginning of the haunt. He was funny, enthusiastic and really knew how to set up the group for the really big scares. One of the actors was even able to scare our stalwart team leader, which is an impressive feat!

I could prattle on all day about Field of Corpses and how amazing it was, but it just needs to be experienced. So stop reading this review, gird your loins and get over there. Now!

Pros: amazing sets, great acting, really scary, very long
Cons: none

Marlena Baker

Field of Corpses is one busy haunt. It’s full of so many props, different rooms, and actors I didn’t know where to look. Wherever my eyes did land, there was something horrible, creepy and wrong waiting for me. It’s a guided haunt, which was a unique experience, but it made it harder to stop and take in the sights.

The settings were insane. They were varied, and each one packed with props and at least three actors. Pick your fear and you’ll find it at this haunt. Some themes even showed up more than once with different sub themes. I found it surprisingly cohesive despite the variety. There was a good tone to the whole place, a feeling that tied it all together. The props were nicely realistic. A lot of it was common objects that had been altered or used to be creepy. I always appreciate the twisting of the everyday object. It’s subtle and so very effective. Not everything was that effective or all that necessary, but they didn’t detract from the creep factor. Smells also played a part in the scenes, and added so much to them. I loved the smells. There are a few effects thrown in, and they are used well.

Acting was a big plus for this haunt. The actors were super enthusiastic, screaming, growling and doing a good job of making us believe. There were characters as varied as the props, and those were uniformly good. There were some random actors between rooms that tried to startle us for generic scares, and those didn’t impress me as much. Then there was our guide. There are good guides and then there are great guides. Mine was just good. He didn’t slack, but he talked way too much, actually distracting us from the detailed settings.
Field of Corpses is a jam-packed haunt that will scare you. It’ll either set you on edge by finding a room of things you hate, or it’ll gross you out. Someone will sneak up behind you to make you scream, or pop out of a prop you weren’t expecting. You won’t make it out without screaming at least once.

Pros: good layout, lots to see, enthusiastic acting
Cons: guide only so/so, scares not great