Haunted Field of Screams 2011

Scare FactorActingSets/FXLengthOverall
Alex G955107.25
Alex K98998.75

Kris Kropelnicki

Haunted Field of Screams is located in a very large corn field with some of the tallest, most concealing corn around. The corn has a secret within its stalks and houses some interesting scenes and scares within the rooms. Because this is located in a cornfield makesure you dress for the weather and wear very comfortable walking shoes because this is a very long walk through. While there is no set theme here, this haunt offers versatility and variety and there is something here for everyone. This haunt is not overly scary and is a good fit for Jr. High kids and people who scare quite easily.

The first scene in the haunt is very dark and there is a moving prop that got my attention and was a great distraction for the real scare in here. Moving into the next room I found myself having to crawl to get to the other side of the room and get out. I liked the concept in this room and it would have been much better if the actor had been a bit more engaging. If he had gone really crazy on our group and began banging and jumping around while spewing forth psychobabble it would have turned a small jump into full blown terror!

Once out of that room I found myself walking quite a bit before coming across an actor or another scene which was a bit discouraging and my group just began chatting to pass the time. This for me was quite a letdown and I found myself wishing for less time between scenes and scares. I would see a small cluster of actors and then nobody for quite a while. It almost appeared as though I was running into small groups of actors that were just hanging out socializing instead of spacing themselves apart better to maximize scares and jolts.

Most of the actors here are simply wearing masks, although there are a few really good ones, it just doesn’t quite work for me. Costumes are not very elaborate and that detracts from the realism of the haunt for me. Dialogue from the actors was sparse and mostly I heard, “AAAARRRGGGHH”, or was screamed at. There were a few that had some very interesting growling noises that would have worked well had I not heard them coming through the corn before they actually got to me. There is one actor that really stood out to me and my group as we came through. He was on the path and jumped out at our group with a weird laugh which was eerie but funny and we started laughing a bit which made him break character. He had the best recovery of any actor I have seen because he began laughing harder in this demented way and began doing a funny kind of movement which made him seem truly insane! Not only did he save the moment, he actually cranked up the fear level considerably because we just couldn’t be sure if he was deranged or adlibbing really well.

The clown room offered some comedic relief and the actors there are pretty funny in an eerie sort of way. They had a fun challenge which I took and got a bit of a surprise at the end. There is an effect in here that has been around for a while and I was glad to see that it was back this year.

Walking through high corn in the dark can be unnerving; coming across a school bus can push some people over the edge. There was a great approach to the bus that definitely got my attention and I would love to see the idea expanded on.

As I moved through “Camp Crystal Lake”, there was not a “Jason” character which I would have expected and it interrupted the flow of the scene. The actors that were there did a fair job, but their roles just didn’t make sense in that specific set.
There is great potential for improvement here and with some attention to detail and the addition of sets and props this haunt could rank among the top attractions.

Pros: One actor was incredible, strobe light timing, first rooms
Cons: Too much dead space between scenes, lack of detail, actors need improvement

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Ryan Acker

Walking through acres of corn, encountering randomly dressed and poorly motivated actors, and entering buildings of which the inside appears to be something a 10 year old could design in their own garage. Yes, this is what you pay for when you go through Haunted Field of Screams. When we began to walk to the entrance, I saw a huge line filled with teenagers waiting for hours just to be scared. While I was walking through I began to feel pity for those teenagers and wondered why Field of Screams can’t use all that money to improve each year.

Don’t get me wrong, I did see some improvements within the haunt. Actors flying above you and maneuvering through a variety of bungee cords did allow for some newly gained scares but other than that, there was nothing much else to see. The sets hidden within the 10 foot corn looked as if they were completed in only a couple of days and the true hard work was designing a path that took you forever to walk through. Also, throughout the rooms there was no consistent theme. Random rooms where strobes filled the hallways and industrial lights served as lighting, not even attempted to be hidden, are what you encounter in the rooms.

Actors hidden within the corn did nothing else but run out of the corn and make some moaning or crackling noises for the majority of the haunt. Even with their attempt to scare you, you could hear them rustling the corn as they decided the best destination to pounce on you. However, there were a few that I was impressed with. Hidden within the iridescent clown room were actors they really seemed to enjoy playing their part. Screaming at me to “Get in the box!” and providing some comic relief were what these guys showcased. Sadly, these types of actors were few and far between.

The makeup was good on what was seen. Most of the actors wore masks that I have seen at Wal-Mart and Spirit Halloween. I found myself mesmerized about the makeup of a woman wearing a wedding dress throwing corn at you being stopped only by a thin layer of Plexiglas. I didn’t see much of her, but what I saw was great!

This haunt wasn’t the best in the business, but it still holds great potential. I believe that with better actors this could be something great. A girl behind us seemed terrified at what she was witnessing. Screaming, attaching herself to her friend, and peering over every turn waiting for the next scare. I suppose every haunt has a different scare factor to every person.

Pros: Makeup, Zip line, and Physical activity within the bungee cords.

Cons: Acting, Sets, and Use of masks.

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Steven Acker

This haunt was kind of a mixed bag for me. There were good spots, lots of boring & empty spots, some good actors and some boring actors that looked to me like they were just going through the motions. There was lots of walking, which I really need more of, but there were a lot of areas where nothing happened at all and other areas where you could hear the corn rustling just before someone popped out and said boo, or, get out of my field…oooohh, scary. We went past a huge line of kids waiting to go through so I guess they’re doing something right!?

There were a few bright spots, the bungee room started the night off nicely with having to work your way through bungees and airbags and then they spit you out into the corn field. The makeup was pretty good on some of the actors and others were wearing cheap masks, and I loved the school (ghoul?) bus, they were some of the better actors in the field and were working hard to give you a good fright! There was also a zip line and I always get a good kick out of those, especially when they’re in the places you least expect.

The haunt had a good clown room…the actors were great in there and even talked my son into getting into a box with one of them. He was a whole lot braver than I would have been in that instance! Even in there the room seemed empty and could have used a lot more props & clowns, real and stuffed. Overall I came away quite underwhelmed. When you have this much room, as you do in this field, the possibilities seem unlimited in what they can do with it. With a little cash and originality they could really do great things in here. It hasn’t come to that point yet.

Pros: School bus, zip line & some sets
Cons: Acting, most sets, lots of dead spots

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Kathie Holt

This haunt will literally have you down on your hands and knees, and wandering in circles. Ever wondered if you could go crazyin the corn? This intricate twist between corn fields with hidden rooms within will really get you moving.

If you read my profile you know that clowns are not one of my favorite things, and these clowns are truly insane. Who wants to get in the box?

The corn fields are an amazing effect that are completely real and are full of things that go bump in the night. They fade in and out and sometimes just completely disappear. I am amazed how they managed to get such big set designs and props in the middle of a corn field but they have succeeded by throwing in a bus that you will have to get on.

The creatures in the corn may not be scary all the time, but time is what they will give you to the point of being separated from your group. It’s all part of the plan. Who wants to be all alone in a corn field full of creepy people right? There is a set design from a popular horror flick that has fantastic props but the actors could be slightly more in character here, but still not a place you feel comfortable pulling up lawn chair and hanging out for a while.

The swinging bridge does a great job of knocking you slightly off balance and the strobe lights are set perfectly to make you feel disoriented but still able to see the set and props. I think we were all dingy for a moment or two after coming out of them. The actors were all very good and a special shout out for one in the corn field that I believe may have truly lost his mind amongst the tall stalks. You weren’t sure whether to laugh with him or quickly make your way out of his company.

There is no need to worry about being overwhelmed with nauseating odors here as this is an outdoor setting. Only the fresh, crisp night air can be found here. This is a fairly long haunt so wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and a jacket.

This haunt will give you a chill that no electric blanket can cure. Come prepared to be scared. Look forward to seeing this one nextyear as well with some new sets.

All in all this was a great experience.

Pros: length of haunt well worth the money. The sets in the middle of a corn field and of course the creepy clowns.
Cons: A few dead spots in the corn maze sections. Some actors out of character and some rooms too dark to see.

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Alex Gallegos

Why choose between a corn maze and a haunted house when you can have both? That seems to be the prevailing idea behind this haunt; not content with building an attraction at the same site as their corn maze, they built a haunt within the corn itself. Several scenes are interspersed between a 5 minute or so walk between them through the corn.

The haunt starts out strong with two rooms that properly scared me, rather than just give me a start, which is unique for me. Unfortunately it had a hard time keeping that pace all the way through, leading to some disappointing rooms later on. Probably the most unique is a rusted down school bus that seems to lumber out of the corn at you upon the turn of a corner; other scenes include a creepy circus, summer camp of the damned, and a half demolished school house. If you allow the corn field to be a part of the experience rather than just shut it out as part of the suspension of disbelief, then it’s all the more creepy. What on Earth is this school bus doing in this corn field? It’s the same kind of mysterious happening as waking up to find a capsized cruise ship has seemingly materialized in your back yard overnight, and it immediately brings to mind memories of The Twilight Zone episode with the kid sending people “ to the corn field” for me. With that said, these are obviously temporary structures in the corn, and sometimes the illusion is shattered by the fact that the room you are in is mainly particle board on all six sides.

The acting certainly leaves something to be desired. Between scenes you are mainly trudging through a dirt path carved into the corn, with actors jumping out at you from the stalks. But since it is corn, after all, you can hear the rustling of an approaching actor several seconds before they appear, ruining their chance of surprise. If they could take this opportunity to do something frightfully scary then it might turn out to be a plus, but mainly actors just jumped out, yelled at us to move on, and then retreated. Many refused to answer questions; once their scene was over they weren’t doing anything except move to first positions to jump out at the next person. Also, it’s a bit of a nitpick, but a disproportionate number seemed to want to know the same thing, “Where are you going?” But since we didn’t really know what scenes were waiting for us ahead, and since we were in a cornfield in the dark anyway, any sense of direction or purpose was long gone. This left all of us able to respond only with the reply “Uhhhhh, that way,” as we pointed to the path ahead.

While this isn’t one of my favorite haunts by any means, the length and pacing are very good; it takes longer than average to get through because of the corn sequences between experiences and it was just long enough that I felt I got a good value for the money, without the experience being so long that my feet felt like they were going to fall off.

Pros: Opening room is a thorough creation in its own right, good pacing interspersing scenes with people jumping out at you, creative scenes possible due to the outdoor nature of the haunt
Cons: First room is most impressive of all with subsequent offerings feeling much less impressive, can hear actors approach before they can startle you, poor interaction with actors

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Justeen Walters

Alex Kratz

Haunted Field of Screams is a big bold haunt that offers some amazing scenes, fantastic acting and some truly great scares.

One thing I love to see in a haunted house is a sense of cohesion. I like all of the scenes to fit together and for it to make sense. While Haunted Field of Screams doesn’t exactly have a 100% collective theme, everything still works incredibly well together.

The most striking part about Haunted Field of Screams is how mind-boggling big it is. I can say, be prepared for a long walk. This isn’t a bad point; on the contrary, this is what makes this haunt so unique. The rooms are diverse, scary and everything is paced to keep you guessing about what is coming next. The tall stalks of corn allow in just enough ambient light so you can see where you’re going, but every shadow looks like someone coming to get you, even if no one else is around. Most of the scenes seem to go with a less-is-more idea while still looking realistic.

It’s hard to talk about the acting from Haunted Field of Screams because everyone there was doing a phenomenal job. It made the whole experience a lot more fun because the actors would actually engage with the audience. Haunted Field went beyond just the typical, “Rawrs” and “Get Outs” and brought a whole new level to the table.

Haunted Field of Screams for me was a haunted house the really gave me some good scares. This is a great haunt that simply cannot
be skipped this year.

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Marlena Baker

Haunted Field of Screams is a haunted house built right into a corn field. That lends itself very nicely to a great haunt. The layout allowed them to give us a variety of experiences. The scenes, both inside and out were not cohesive, but the walks through the corn between them helps with the transition. It doesn’t hurt at all that those scenes are wonderfully scary.

The props and sets ranged from good to great, and some of the best ones made my skin crawl. They went as far as putting a whole bus out there. It was awesome! They touch on all the haunted house classics, and do them well. I loved where they got creative and did scenes that I don’t’ typically see in haunts. The layout worked well, as I walked through the corn field sections of the haunt, the anticipation was wonderful. There was a good balance between the calm moments and the scares. It had great flow that let the curiosity and anticipation grow, even more so because there was no telling what the next scene would be.

The acting was the best part of the experience. The characters all worked very well with their scenes. The actors in the corn field were just as good. They might not have been associated with a particular theme or set, but they still had character. They were enthusiastic and great at improvising. I saw insanity, hunger, anger, and fear.

Haunted Field of Screams is a long haunt, but it’s far from boring. There’s a lot of good scares waiting in the corn for you to come by.

Pros: props, acting, length
Cons: disjointed theme, some sets better than others

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