Haunted Mines 2011

Scare FactorActingSets/FXLengthOverall
Alex G1010101010
Alex K1010101010

Kris Kropelnicki

GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, WHAT A RIDE!! I am still blown away, (pun intended), by this spectacular haunt! This, boys and girls is what a true experiential haunt is all about!! I was not merely a spectator; I was a very active participant. This is the most physically interactive haunt anywhere, so if you have any limitations, consider yourself warned.

The unbelievable set design will keep you on your toes, (and every other part of you). Moving from mine shafts, crematory furnaces, ghost town saloons, (with an amazing girl that does a mesmerizing dance), cemeteries, and swamps, I was continually in a state of shock and awe over the creativity and attention to detail in every scene. Although it is called The Haunted Mines, and there are so many different scenes here, I really didn’t feel like the theme strayed because the flow between scenes and themes blended harmoniously. I was so absorbed and lost in my surroundings, it could have been called, “The Haunted Trash Truck”, and I would still feel the same way. This was full immersion at its finest, complete with all the trimmings and a huge serving of complete suspension of disbelief for dessert! I left completely satisfied. Absolute perfection!

There are so many themes and transitions, there is no way possible for me to describe them all. Seeing is believing and there are some fantastic surprises that I wouldn’t want to spoil anyway.

The acting is incredible and the actors were doing a great job working with the groups that came through. The dialogue is good and not full of grunts and screams which is a nice reprieve and done well. There is quite a bit of improvisation as well and that always works well.

The costumes and makeup were great and the zombie bride in the house is proof of that! Her makeup and costuming are flawless, just as the majority of other characters are. One or two may need slight adjustments made, but overall, costuming and makeup are top notch!

The length of the haunt is perfect and the space is utilized very well. There are so many twists and turns that it seems endless at times which is fabulous! I never wanted it to end!

Scares are frequent here due in part to some amazing hiding places for actors that can’t be seen until it’s too late. The actors timing was dead on and they knew just who to get and when. The other scares came from being so physically challenged and some members of my group were downright horrified when faced with some of the obstacles. This was delectable icing on an already incredible treat!

Arrive early, lines get long fast in both general and VIP admission lines, but this is well worth any wait. Movies playing on the barn wall and vendors with warm goodies will help the time pass quickly.

As I stated before, I left wanting nothing more, (except to live there!), this is a haunt enthusiast’s idea of paradise. Perfection and bliss start to finish. Worthy of a 200 mile drive, this haunt is a short drive from Denver and is the number one MUST SEE haunt in my opinion. If you only plan to see one, make it this one, you won’t regret it!

Pros: Incredible sets, lighting, acting
Cons: I can’t live there.

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Ryan Acker

Wow… Incredible, Astonishing, Superb, Incredible, Extraordinary, etc, etc. I could go on and on about the greatness that is Haunted Mines. As I arrived, I saw some very long lines. This made me extremely happy in the fact that people finally recognized the potential that Haunted Mines has. Yes, it is in Colorado Springs, but it it’s not very far at all. A 45 minute drive from central Denver and waiting in line is totally worth the amount of scare that comes from this haunt.

As we waited in line, I heard nothing in terms of hearing the screams of innocent victims. Once we entered, that quickly disappeared. It was so busy the woman up front said they were letting in an upwards of 300 people an hour and it showed. We were confronted by the fellow critics and were stopped by a group of young kids petrified in fear. Personally, I don’t like confronting other groups but there isn’t much you can do as it was so busy. When we finished walking through, we discovered some rooms were not even in operation because it would limit the amount of people they could put through.

When you enter the first room, you are greeted by a half man, half clown. He was a little twisted as he informed you of all the haunt rules and sent us to an elevator. He then informed us this would drop us 1,300 feet in 10 seconds and it sure felt like it. They improved this scene so much I wanted to stay on that thing for hours. The twisting, the turning, the lights, and everything else made this better than some rides at Elitches. After you exited, you were greeted by huge gears and an amazing actor. Everything within the mines was authentic. Even the ground you walk on was great. There were some areas that didn’t fit in but the overall theme such as Aztecs and a mansion, but in here it works.

The actors were fantastic! I enjoyed every one of them. From hushing us along while a member got in a coffin, to yelling at us to get in a slide. I loved every minute! A group of pre teens in front of me could not stop screaming and I enjoyed watching them freezing in fear. The actor that stood out the most, to me, was a man acting like he was having a seizure while we were crawling. Speaking of crawling, the way they transitioned it was great. They had you crawl into a incinerator and again, I loved it! So as stated above, this haunt is totally worth the 45 minute drive from Denver and waiting in line.

Pros: Everything!
Cons: Nothing!

Steven Acker

HAUNT OF THE YEAR, BY FAR!!!! EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, and EXCELLENT! WOW, everything here was first class, EXCELLENT. Usually when we walk up to a haunt, we introduce ourselves, get our V.I.P. tickets and go to the front of the line. We got our V.I.P. tickets but we had to go back to the end of the line and wait like everyone else because of the huge crowds and boy was it worth the wait! All I can say is the sets were fantastic, the actors were fantastic, and the scares were fantastic.

They start you off by "dropping" you 1300 feet in a rickety elevator into the mines and the excitement begins. It really feels like you’re in actual mines with the supports, the musty feeling throughout, and they actually make you crawl through quite a large area (don’t worry, it’s padded nicely), and you just get the feeling you’re "down" there! There are lots of great gags along the way with the usual cemetery and mausoleum, a great lady dressed in white that looks like she’s been burned to a crisp, and a bar scene with a dancer behind bars. The music starts and she begins dancing, someone bumps the needle to a different song and she changes her tempo, then another girl ghoul walks in, the lights go out and all hell breaks loose. The lights come back on and dancer girl is screaming at the top of her lungs trying to grab us through the flexible bars and the other ghoul is going through the crowd screaming! Great room!! There are mazes, a swamp with a mystery creature causing gurgling in the water (supposedly a monster croc), and a slide with a spook at the bottom. We were even told that the mines have their own resident spider that makes great webs, so they keep her around just for her creative abilities!

I could go on and on about this haunt, but there is just so much going on in here, all of it fantastic! All I can say about this is that it is worth every penny and I don’t care if you’re coming from Denver, Pueblo or even from out of state, it is worth the price of gas and admission to see what they have lurking in these tunnels. Trust me when I say that Haunted Mines is the best haunt on the front range of Colorado. Great job guys!!!!

Pros: Everything
Cons: None

Please do not quote or use in whole or part without the author’s permission

Kathie Holt

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner! This one got 10’s all the way across the board from me and I would have waited in line all night to see this one. Just to let you know there will be no cons at the end of this review because this haunt literally had a little bit of everything.
The clown that will let you on his elevator to get down to the mine shafts is great. He has this little accent that only adds to his already bizarre personality. He will warn you to keep your fingers and toes out of the way of the elevators doors because they will bite you. The elevator ride is a joy all in itself when you are spinning and dropping during your descent. Once you get out of the elevator you will encounter a doctor who is completely off his rocker and sends you on your way to go find his little mutant friend who has escaped. You will walk past some mentally unstable minors who have been below ground for far too long and they will follow you and harass you thoroughly.

The props throughout this entire haunt are amazing and some of the cob webs are made by a real spider that the haunt owners have named Matilda who will not come out during your visit but she has definitely helped out to make this haunt look authentic. The pictures on the walls are so amazing that they are worth stopping briefly to take a look at because some of them are truly disturbing.

There are so many cool things about this haunt that I get lost in thought attempting to tell what you will experience but there are parts where you will need to crawl through some tight spaces and past some actors that you will not expect to see in there with you. There is a crazy fun slide in this haunt that is so worth going on and you will get a great little startle when you get to the bottom which you can’t see until you reach it.

The clown room will have you completely lost and the clowns in here are absolutely no help in getting out as they will make you follow them around and around in circles and then they can manage to disappear but this room is loads of fun and does not go on forever. The best part of this area is the fact that everyone is lost and you will bump into complete strangers who are equally lost and laughing hysterically because it was truly disorienting.

The swamp area is a bit of a maze as well and there are plenty of little swamp monsters chasing you around until you find your way out and make your way in to the saloon. The actors in here are amazing and the girl dancing behind the cage is off the hook. I love the authenticity of this little set because it is exactly what you would expect to see in an old west saloon and the bartender wants you to stick around for the show. There are some actors in here that will really mess with your head and keep you on your toes and he likes to single people out and keep you hanging out just long enough to get separated from your friends which the thought of being alone in this place will definitely scare you. The mansion was stellar and the half dead bride inside is well worth a closer look. Don’t worry she won’t bite but she is pretty creepy and I just loved that dress. Some of the props in here are real and they fit so well. There is another elevator to get on and this one felt so incredibly unstable that I can honestly say I was terrified that we were going to fall. My heart was racing and I began to feel a bit uneasy about this. If you like the SAW movies you will love this elevator. It made me and a few other people inside scream when it dropped but what a ride.

This was by far the best haunt that I experienced this season and it is just inside the Colorado Springs city limits at the old mining museum so the drive (weather pending) is well worth it from the Denver metro area.

On a personal Note Happy Anniversary to the haunt owners who are enjoying a nice little getaway although I cannot imagine anyplace I would rather be than at the Haunted Mines but I hope they are having a wonderful time.

This one is a must see folks. The lines are long but totally worth the wait and they have a giant screen playing some good movies and some pretty darn good hot chocolate too.

Pros: Can I just say everything? Ok then everything. There is nothing I did not love about this haunt.

This one is a must see folks. The lines are long but totally worth the wait and they have a giant screen playing some good movies and some pretty darn good hot chocolate too.

Alex Gallegos

Depending on the day of the week, when you show up to the Haunted Mines you may see hundreds of people lined up waiting to get in, and think that it’s not worth waiting in line for an hour or more to get in. And you would be completely wrong. Go ahead, park the car, buy a ticket, and wait. I promise it will be worth your time; if you don’t think so, you can personally contact me, tell me you feel like it wasn’t worth the money or the wait, and I will offer my sincerest condolences on your lack of taste.

The owner of Haunted Mines is a crafter of experiences, whose dedication to and excitement about the haunt is second only to his dedication and excitement about his wife (happy anniversary!). Every nuanced detail has been meticulously crafted to make sure the audience has an experience they will never forget. This is the kind of event that I would almost classify as a once in a lifetime experience, except it’s one you get to go to year after year. The whole mine theme is really well done from beginning to end, starting with a terrifying elevator ride that purportedly takes you down “1300 feet in 15 seconds”. Anyone who did well in their high school physics class can get an extra little jolt of fear there as you realize that is much faster than terminal velocity, and that you’re liable to be a puddle of red goo at the top of the elevator before it hits the bottom.

The mineshaft down here is the best I’ve seen in ages, second only to a trip to South Dakota that featured a trip into an actual mine. If I didn’t know this was an attraction to which I had bought a ticket… if I just stumbled upon the set after hour or something… I really would have believed that I was in an actual mineshaft deep underground. The only light is artificial, it’s cool and damp and musty, and the miners all have authentic equipment including those hard hats with the little lights on them.

We visited scene after scene and where most haunts would be ramping up for a big finish, we were just getting to the 30% mark. We must have been inside the haunt for over half an hour. There are point where you start to run up against the group before you because some sections take a lot longer to navigate, like the maze and the crawling section, but that was actually OK with me because as more and more regular citizens started to stream into the maze it added to the suspense. You could hear someone around the corner, sure, but were they an actor waiting to scare you, or just another person doing their fifteenth circuit around the maze?

Speaking of the crawling section… yeah, there’s a crawling section. Quite a long one, too; it pretty much never ends*. Do be prepared to get physical in this haunt… there’s crawling, climbing, jumping, and tight passages to squeeze through. However, there is also always a walking path whereby you can get through in your own bipedal way should you be unable – or too scared – to go the regular way. I ran up against this myself, as there’s one section with a dark slide to the lower level. I’ve not liked slides since I was a kid but I was going to go… even had one foot up on the thing and was ready to swing myself in, when I heard a terrible echoing scream come up the metal tube from the person who had gone before me and decided that, yeah, OK, maybe the walking path was the way to go after all.

If you’re disappointed in this haunt then there’s something wrong with you, and I don’t even say that apologetically. I’m not saying that no rational person will ever find any complaint or suggestion for improvement (although I certainly didn’t), but if you come out thinking you didn’t just see something amazing then you’re crazy enough to be committed.

Pros: The entire experience from beginning to end.
Cons: Not one.

*results falsified to create hype and excitement. I’m not, like, still in there writing my reviews from a cave on my phone or something.

Justeen Walters


Alex Kratz

Hands down, Haunted Mines was the best haunt this year. Everything was just perfect. It was devilishly scary, atmospheric and totally worth the wait in line. Haunted Mines used so many innovative ideas to make it incredibly scary.

Living up to the name, Haunted Mines drops you straight into the thick of things with a manic elevator ride. Using this kind of contraption to really get the audience disoriented is a great idea. Being unsure of where you are leaves an uneasy feeling in most people and it just gets worse when you come out into a tight mineshaft with giant spinning cogs. It’s the big objects combined with the small details that really made Haunted Mines stand out. It’s really hard to describe just how amazing all of the scenes and sets were throughout the entire haunt without ruining too much of it. This is a place that has to be seen to really understand what an awesome experience it really is.

The acting was so intense at Haunted Mines that your heart is racing all the way through. The actors all had great roles and they were all able to execute them flawlessly. I will say that the bartender and his dancing doll girl were really the highlight of the acting for me. It felt like actually taking part in the show! Like the acting and sets, the costumes were all top-notch. I loved the corpse bride in the church. She looked like a burn victim on half of her face! It was wonderfully disgusting and it reminded me of Two-Face from Batman.

The only thing I can tell people about Haunted Mines is it is simply amazing. I have never seen a haunted house put together this well. It demands to be seen! So get going…now!

Pros: everything
Cons: none

Marlena Baker

What can I say about this haunt? I loved everything, absolutely everything. The sets were great, the acting amazing, the theme was solid and well used. From the first moment until the last moment I was completely caught up in these Haunted Mines and the buildings around them.

From the first room, the atmosphere was set, and right away I was thrust into one of the most disorienting moments of my life! The whole haunt was full of those moments. The obstacles in Haunted Mines were mind blowing. They were more powerful than any animatronic. I had to interact with the obstacles and effects in this haunt, which was much more engrossing. There were props aplenty too. They suited the rooms so well and they were well used by the actors.

The acting was both good and there were a good number of actors. It wasn’t crowded and it wasn’t sparse. There was a great variety of characters too. They did insane well. I loved the silent, staring characters. They’d pop out at us. They were insane and twitchy and some were almost welcoming. They didn’t have the best intentions, but they were welcoming.

This is the haunt. It is well made and well run. The setting is creepy and it drew me right in. There’s so much to love about this haunt, if I talked about it all I’d have to talk about every moment. I won’t ruin the haunt for you, so just go. It’s beyond worth it. It’s the best scare this year.

Pros: great sets, creative layout, acting
Cons: nothing