Spider Mansion 2011

Scare FactorActingSets/FXLengthOverall
Alex G10108109.5
Alex K99898.75

Kris Kropelnicki

Are you afraid of dark, confined spaces? You should be if you enter the confines of Spider Mansion. This is one place where the darkness and small spaces are really capitalized on and used to create some fantastic scares!

Filled with mystery this is a haunt that has some great scenes with good attention to detail, but most importantly, the actors here are very good and really become immersed in their respective roles. My favorite actor was one I dubbed, ‘The Clicker’. He is dressed in shorts, untied boots with no socks, a white blood stained t-shirt and a ratty suit jacket. His Joker like makeup is partially covered with a creepy clear mask and he behaves erratically and makes this clicking noise constantly. There is something about him as a whole that was very unnerving I would no sooner see him in one scene and there he was again in another. Normally I would tire of seeing an actor over and over again in a haunt but this one was so disturbing that I couldn’t get enough of him!

The clown did an amazing, now you see me, now you don’t disappearing act in a hall with fabulously timed strobes and the effect was amazing! It really stopped me in my tracks and made me rethink my current path.

The fact that walking surfaces are sometimes uneven including rope bridges and places that I had to crouch down low to get through raised the fear factor for me considerably. There is something scary about being unsure about your footing in the dark that can be very frightening.

There are numerous scenes that were very well done; among those are the TV room that had someone trapped inside the screen that then made an appearance in the most disturbing way. This actor was very good as well and gave me goose bumps. There is a bride in the corner of a room that does something very unexpected, the clown room has a surprise I enjoyed the church scene and the way that played out very much.

This haunt has developed quite a bit in the past two years and based on what they have going for them right now, this can only get more amazing in years to come. This is a great haunt and well worth the drive to Heritage Square and the price of admission. You should make it a point to get up there this season!

Pros: Darkness, confined spaces, actors
Cons: Some actors need to define characters, some scenes need slight adjustments

Ryan Acker

Spider Mansion is a haunt that has been around for years and has never changed. This year, it finally did. Under new management, this haunt has undergone changes that blew me away! When you walk up the streets through Heritage Square, you wouldn’t expect anything special from this haunt. Don’t let this happy town fool you, when you walk through the doors you are immediately greeted by horror. Freddy Krueger greets you with his famous fingers grinding against a steel pipe creating great sparks with just those claws and not some long black pipe other haunts use. This effect really began to put me in a hyped up mood, as this haunt gave me the biggest scare ever last year.

As you take your journey through the “Spider Mansion” you are greeted by great laser effects, a variety of odd characters, and a few unstable bridges. This is a classic Spider Mansion theme and it works. The rooms in this haunt did not change much, but the actor scare techniques improved greatly. A woman dangling in a clothes hanger, a deranged clicker fellow who randomly appeared, and a strange TV killer are only some of the new things you can expect to find in this haunt. Even the smallest details here made a big impact. From actual running water in the sink, to a quote on a sign saying something like, “Send more people! The first few were great!” The only thing I wasn’t impressed by was the walls. The fake brick lined the walls were cheesy and I think they could do better by just getting rid of the rock painting all together.

The actors were doing their best to scare you in every aspect ranging from following you, startling you, and taunting you with mind blowing strobe light timing. In past years, they used twins dressed as the famous “Ring Girl”. This time, they used a clown paired with great effects and I loved it! Also, in the finale of the haunt you walk through an old church overrun by demonic entities and a chainsaw wielding character. Overall, I loved this haunt! If you have the chance I would definitely put this on a must see list.

Pros: Acting, use of strobe lights, scare tactics
Cons: Some lack of lighting, painted walls

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Steven Acker

Wow, 2 haunts on one night with a perfect score and this scare house was a great way to start the night off! First of all the house was full of, well, you guessed it…YUCKY Spiders!! Some small, some large and even one human/spider hybrid that was totally freakin’ strange!

They start you off with a cool tunnel/red laser/fog effect and things get really fun from there. There’s a great clicker guy that shows up almost everywhere in this haunt…how does he do that? Not all the spiders in here are obvious, a lot of them are in places that you may see right away, others not so much. There were a few that I caught a glimpse of in my peripheral vision and that gives me a nice fright when I don’t see them right away, especially when there’s a chance they might move…TOWARD ME!

It’s a great house design with some tight corners, slanted floors and something that ranks very highly in my book, different floor textures. I came across a place or two that could have been a tripping hazard, but most people are going through these at a slow enough rate that I really wouldn’t consider it a huge hazard. There’s also a great place where the floor slants down and you have to bend down because the ceiling slants down too, and then takes you immediately into the claustrophobic room. I LOVE haunts that throw different things at you, and this was a good one at doing just that! There were a lot of strobes in here, almost too many, but they do keep you off balance and they give some good frights by really disguising their hiding places and wall scares. I also enjoyed the clown room. I looked directly at a clown and had determined 100% that it was a prop…and then it jumped up and made me crap my pants……….just kidding! The shower scene was great. With just enough light to show a spider on the back side of the shower curtain, some well timed and placed air hits, and the thing I really enjoyed was the ghoul that asked us to "send more (people), the first few were great!" I always love a little humor along with being scared to death!! Then, there was the disappearing clown…saw him one second in the strobes, and gone the next. To this second I still have no clue how or where he disappeared to!

It ends with a great scene, in the “Church” and after you had exited and thought you were clear of anymore ghouls, they throw in a nice little surprise!

Pros: the Preacher, floors, floor plan
Cons: possible trip hazard

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Kathie Holt

This was my first experience at Spider Mansion and woooohoooo, what a ride!!!!!! This was such an amazing experience that I am definitely going to make my way back to this before the season ends.

The props throughout this whole haunt almost tell the story of each room. When you see the props, the actors in that set will make perfect sense. This place will deliver a shriek or two without a doubt. There is a half man/half spider that will give you a whole new concept of “Spider-man”. The ground beneath your feet is constantly changing, keeping you a bit off balance.

If you are a Freddy fan, this is a good one. He will keep you hanging around. What until you get a glimpse of the Clicker Guy (for lack of a better description), but he clicks at you and he will appear and disappear throughout the haunt which is absolutely brilliant. There is a pretty creepy clown that will pop in and out for a short time. The clown however is using strobe lights to his advantage.

There are a few areas that you will be on your knees begging to get through, and when you do, you begin to experience some of the residents of Spider Mansion. Like the cook in the kitchen with his screaming kitchen appliances, or how about the little porcelain face girl who will ask you to stay and play with her? How about being face to face with a leather mask? Are you going to enter his meat locker?

These actors may not be able to touch you but I guarantee they will get as close as they possibly can. I found all of them to be genuine because with all of them that I had a close encounter with, not once did I smell gum, breath mints, or dinner. These guys and gals mean business when it comes to scaring the heck out of you.

There are some pretty awesome visual effects in here that will make your brain spin in the pitch dark. The lighting throughout this entire haunt was just right. Everything was set up to pop out and grab your attention, and they certainly will. The aromas in each room are rather fitting as well. The fun house has a very sweet carnival like smell to it and the funeral home was pretty dead on too. Ha Ha.

Get ready to make your way through things that go bite in the night. Some of the creepy hairy critters that are lurking about will make you wonder if at any moment they will start climbing the wall or weave a quick getaway. It is after all, a mansion filled with spiders. This one is a must see in my book. Well worth the short drive to the foothills of Golden.

Pros: Actors are very talented and dedicated, and the props are beyond amazing, and it made me scream 4 times and I don’t scream.
Cons: This one I am having difficulty finding any cons. I believe this had everything for the makings of a great haunt. I guess the con would be if you didn’t go experience it for yourself.

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Alex Gallegos

Spider Mansion. Yet another old manor house where all the women are crazy, all the men are murderous, and all the children are waiting in the corners to scare you. Plus, for some reason that’s never adequately explained, there are spiders. “But Alex, you brilliant young man,” you may be saying, “of course there must be spiders. It’s called Spider Mansion! If it had otters running around, that wouldn’t make any sense!” The spider theme is more than just a casual focus at this haunt. Not only are there spiders everywhere in varying sizes and levels of creepiness, but it becomes more and more apparent as you work your way through the haunt that the spiders have taken over. What starts as just a few of the little nasties quickly becomes a full blown infestation.

This is a haunt that alternates between standard haunted house fare and moments of sheer brilliance. All the regular players are here, like bloodstained bathrooms and crazy people in the nursery who want you to stay with them forever, but there are also some things I’ve never seen before, like a giant spider/human hybrid waiting to devour its prey in the rafters, a crazy guy in the butcher shop who actually closed the door when we thought we were on our way to go meet him in his bloody lair, and a priest who whipped out something I’ve never, EVER seen one use before. Yeah, think about it.

I do have to say, if I lived in this mansion, I’d probably go crazy too, because it is just the worst architecture in there! The floors are uneven. Badly uneven. “We’re going up. Watch your step,” the person in front would say. “Going down now. Back up. Up. Down.” It’s perfect at making you feel disoriented because you can’t get your footing, and the winding, claustrophobic hallways feel frightfully oppressive, but it certainly doesn’t ever feel like you’re in a mansion. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like you’re in a structure of any kind which people were expected to live in (nutjobs or otherwise). There’s nothing resembling a straight stretch of corridor, and no rooms of any kind, just hallways that turn into alcoves for a few extra props and back to hallway again. Even the kitchen and the bathroom have no doors, just twists along the main path. It’s great for the scariness, but it doesn’t create the feeling of really being in a mansion. Also, a problem I’ve had with Spider Mansion before is that sometimes it’s too dark to see where I’m supposed to go, and I occasionally arrive at a door and can’t tell if I’m meant to go through it to move on, or if it’s one of the actor’s doors to use to pop out and scare me.

The actors really put their heart into the roles, especially one terrifying clown who would appear in a strobe lit corridor, snarl creepily, and then turn out the lights for just a second, but disappear in that short time. It’s creepy, and he did it three or four times. Overall a great experience.

Pros: Progressively worse spider situation, good detail on several scenes, a lot of the scares/creepy factor are psychologically based instead of startle reactions
Cons: doesn’t have a mansion feel, almost ended up in the staff only area through an oddly placed door, can be so uneven underfoot that you miss some of the scary set pieces trying not to faceplant

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Justeen Walters

Spider Mansion was definitely filled with a lot of good scares! The actors all did very well, I think a few more actors would have helped though! The costumes and the make-up were done so well, they all looked authentic and the actors all stayed in character! The details and the props in this haunt were done very well, adding to the scare factor and to the feeling that you are really there. There is a nice little twist in there where you think you are supposed to go into a certain , only to get the door slammed in your face, left there trying to figure out which way you are supposed to go! The clown room was very good in details and the actor was great! I personally am not scared of clowns, but it even scared me! There is a room in the haunt in which a type of lip line is used that will definitely surprise and give you a good scare! This haunt has some nice twists and surprises to it, which I loved and definitely threw me off. There were a few dead spots throughout the haunt where you are expecting something to happen and nothing does.

Although I do enjoy the suspense of not knowing if something is going to happen, I would prefer less dead spots. The chainsaw guy gave me a good scare and his character was actually pretty funny! You will just have to wait and find out who he is! This was a very good haunt and I would recommend seeing it!

Pros- acting, costumes, make-up, length, props
Cons- making the church at the end a little longer

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Alex Kratz

This was one of the scariest haunts I have ever been too!

I am really freaked out by spiders, so this was a real scare fest for me. Living up to the name, Spider Mansion seems to have an eight-legged invasion, waiting around every corner. Yet, there was so much more to see in Spider Mansion. From the acting to the sets, Spider Mansion was fun and freaky from start to finish.

Spider Mansion really stuck to the theme of being inside of a mansion or house. All of the rooms were freaky nightmare versions of all the everyday things in a house. The one room that really got me was the bloody bathroom. Not the room so much, but when I opened the shower curtain thing to move onto the next room, a giant spider on the wall right behind it made me jump back a few feet. It’s really great when just careful placement of a prop can be a terrifying thing. This is especially true for the giant, spider human hybrid thing lurking in one of the hallways. I have never seen anything that freaky looking before! All of the turns and walls were compact and made you feel trapped and claustrophobic. This let the actors get some really good scares in on you.

A lot of the actors in Spider Mansion really played up their parts to great effect. There was an excellent mix of actors popping out of corners and audience interaction. This is something that isn’t looked at enough in haunted houses. Having people to deliver the scare is one thing, but getting the audience to really get absorbed into the whole thing is hard to do, but Spider Mansion pulls it off rather well. They even use some clever tricks that allow the actors to get the best scares. The strobe light hallway with a vanishing clown was timed perfectly and really gave me a good jolt. There was also a weird little clicking guy who just kept showing up. It was fun to see him in one room, then suddenly he somewhere else without you noticing. The only thing that still was strange to me was how the whole house and mansion theme ended with a church scene. It really threw me off. This all really added up and made the place alive with scares and terror.

Spider Mansion is scary, unique and a really good time. This is a haunt I would love to go to again and again!

Pros: great sets, good cohesion, freaky props, good scares
Cons: ending didn’t seem to fit

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Marlena Baker

Spider Mansion was totally worth it. I wondered if it would be limited by it’s name or wander off into a dozen different themes, but it didn’t. There was a great balance between the spider theme and the various rooms they had. There was one room that I felt didn’t really fit, but it was still a good room.

This was a dark haunt. Lighting was sparse, but well used. The freakiest part of the haunt for me involved a strobe light that would turn off randomly. Strobe lights are disorienting enough, and that threw me even more. The darkness allowed for all sorts of good scares. Each room tackled a different theme, though never delving too far from the theme. Spiders, of course, are everywhere. The props in this house are well made and well used, I just wish there was more of them.

The actors at this haunt were incredible. I have never been startled so many times in one haunted house. The darkness helped them sneak around and pop out at us when we least expected it. Play close attention to the props, too. The actors blend in with them well, and it got some screams out of me when they started moving. The costumes were killer and far from cliché. They were very disconcerting by keeping most of them subtly creepy.

The walk up to Spider Mansion through Heritage Square made me wonder how creepy this haunt could really be. All that meant was that I was completely unprepared for the experience. It was creepy, creative, and tons of scary fun.

Pros: acting, use of light, good props
Cons: sparse, spider theme got weak at moments

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