2012 Reviews

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13th Door07.98Aurora$15.95
Bloodbath07.48Denver$8.00 + Park Admission
Circus of Fear 3D07.36Denver$15.00
City of the Dead09.48Henderson$16
Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch07.73Aurora$15.95
Demonic Retreat05.45Loveland$15.00
Field of Corpses10.00Arvada$15.00 CASH ONLY
Ghoul's Gulch08.29Colorado Springs$15.00
Haunted Field of Screams07.75Thornton$18.00
Haunted Mansion08.13Littleton$15.00
Haunted Mines09.08Colorado Springs$10.00
Hellscream Haunts08.86Colorado Springs$20.00
House of Darkness09.23WestminsterIncluded with Frightmare
Longmont Purgatory08.84Longmont$10.00
Mind Seizure06.90Colorado Springs$15.00
Terror in the Corn09.02Erie$19.00
The Mausoleum07.85Littleton$15.00
The Nut House05.96Greeley$15.00
The Suffering07.59Denver$8.00 + Park Admission
13th FloorXDenver$25.00
Creepy Walk in the WoodsXLoveland$12.00
Destination TerrorXFt. Collins$18.00
Reapers HollowXParker$15.00
Spider MansionXGolden$15.00
The AsylumXDenver$22.00
The Nightmare ExperimentXFt. Collins$18.00

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