13th Door 2012

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Ryan Acker

13th Door is one of two haunts at one location. Both of these haunts have their ups and downs, but I believe this one is the choice to make if you only had enough money for one.

When you enter, you’re in a large hotel lobby which was probably the best scene in the entire haunt and you weren’t even technically inside it yet. The woman who let us enter probably had the best makeup as well. It was when you entered the so called elevator that the haunt began to slip. Technical Difficulties occurred whilst we were on this little ride and the door in front of us opened, ruining any effect that made us believe we were actually moving.

From then, rooms that caught my attention were the introductory room, where they clearly went over the mystery surrounding this hotel. A fog filled hallway in which the lighting was the best I’ve seen throughout the season. Also, a chain link fence maze where I actually believe they pulled off a chainsaw quite well as the environment was perfect for such a nasty tool. Other sets just hadn’t caught my attention due to an overused theme, lack of detail, or just so outrageously out there that I went through asking myself “What?” I mean what kind of hotel has a hallway that’s decked out in neon and black lights? Maybe something in Vegas, but I can’t be too sure.

Acting might have spruced up some of the sets, but it really seemed like they had used all of the sufficient ones in the neighboring haunt. All I heard were screams, help me’s, get out’s, and an obsession with the line “You’re not gonna get out!” in the chain link maze mentioned above. Also, there was an overload of dead brides trying to find their husbands. When I told them they were dead and their husbands were off with another woman, I received no witty comeback, just glares which I assumed meant move on.

13th Door definitely has some sticking points, but there’s just isn’t enough there to make me go “Wow!” The entire haunt I was anticipating this arrival to door #13 but I was disappointed as the scene was cool, but I didn’t walk all this way to find a short maze. This was my first year going through this haunt so I don’t know if they’ve made or lost improvements, but they really do have a good opportunity to make some.

Pros: Staging Area, Mentioned Sets, Some Makeups

Cons: Elevator, Overused Themes, General Acting

Bill Bevis

Fun, overall. There are some nice effects. The vortex left me dizzy, and the off-perspective, slanted kitchen made it difficult to navigate the room, especially with the cook wanting to “have” us all for dinner. There is not an abundance of actors, but the ones that are there have great energy. Lots of great screaming women, and a number of bloody, dead/dying brides. What’s THAT about? Smoky, hazy rooms with good lighting. A spider room with bodies wrapped up in webbing for tasty enjoyment later. They were too light, though, as I pushed past them to be believable—UNLESS the spider had already sucked ALL the moisture out of them, to DESSICATE and better preserve them. Yeah, that MUST be it. The lighting was too low, and I always wonder if that’s intentional—to cover up “bald spots” in the set. I don’t like it that that’s where my mind goes. It’s too bad too, ‘cause there is some GREAT attention to detail in parts. The closet of hanging white robes is good psychologically, and the creepy, dark, dripping bathroom is just that—creepy. The transitions between rooms are a little too similar, but do help add to the build-up of suspense as one navigates the haunt.

Pros: Actors’ energy. Smoky fog. Arachnophobia.

Cons: Could use more actors. Too dark. Chain saw!

Jason Peterson

Pulling up to this strip mall style haunt, located next door to another popular haunt, was a large banner draped across the front. Upon entering this haunt, you step into a large formal style waiting area and we are greeted by a charming woman in a really cool costume. She directs us in an elevator where we then begin our descent to find the 13th Door.

It’s a very dimly lit setting throughout most of the attraction and I liked this element very much. Hallways had mixed dressings throughout, some had great finishes others were a little random. I like the use of drop windows in this haunt. They had their timing down pretty good. Love the hallway with all the doors, be sure and make the right choice, who knows what lurks behind them. I really enjoyed the roach infested hallway and trust me that was just a warm up for what was coming later, a very well done arachnoid scene. I felt that this haunt flowed very well and enjoyed the transitions between each set. Vortex tunnels are always fun, if it goes along with the theme, and in this particular haunt, it plays along very well.

The acting within these walls was pretty good. The young woman chained to the bed did an outstanding job. We also had an encounter with an extremely creepy woman in a slanted kitchen. She wanted us to stay for dinner because we were on the menu. This actor was prepared for dialogue exchange and had witty smart responses with no hesitation. The laundry mat and the kitchen areas were great sets but could have used some stronger dialogue. I feel the ending lacked any element of surprise. We could see what was coming. Although the chain linked gauntlet was very cool, it left our chainsaw wielding mad man out in the open. This haunt continues to make improvements and I look forward to checking it out again this season.

Pros: dark setting, cool theme, great sets

Cons: ending lacked energy, dialogue needs improvement

Alex Gallegos

The 13th Door is a dark, creepy haunt set in an old hotel which is haunted by the unquiet souls of the damned. And damned they are, because the back story that’s quickly delivered during a one minute voiceover at the start of the haunt reveals that terrible tragic events befell the last people to live here.

Abandoned hotels are ranked the 5th scariest place on Earth according to the independent polling company in my brain (the first four being insane asylums, prisons, battlefields in the middle of a raging war, and dentists’ offices) and this one is even worse, because not only is it haunted and creepy like any good hotel ought to be, but it also was the site of a violent killing spree. The back story says that the owner threw a Halloween party, locked the doors, and then set the place on fire. That’s not the real terror though… that came when the firefighters opened the doors the next day. I was really surprised to learn all this about the hotel, let me tell you, because none of the Yelp reviews I read said anything about it.

There is hope for you to escape a grisly fate, and that is to find the mythical 13th door which promises safety, freedom, happiness, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, etc. But getting there isn’t going to be easy. Not since Jack Torrance first took up his fire axe has a hotel been filled with so many terrible things; creepers and jeepers, and psychos and loonies abound and it’s hard to keep track of the number of things that want you dead in here.

As you move through the haunt the air becomes increasingly smoky and hazy, and the actual smell of burning wood does nothing to help your sense of calm. The effect probably could have been carried even a little bit further with some flickering orange light and some concealed speakers used to make the sound of roaring flames, but there comes a point where you’re leaving the point of fear and venturing into actual phobias and trauma, so perhaps it’s best that the haunt stays on this side of the line.

The sets are incredible and interactive; one corridor had a door that consistently banged itself open and shut, and other areas feature realistic hotel sets and corridors that you could actually believe might exist… at least until you find the spinning space vortex in room 12.

Hurry up! Go check out the first 12 doors. Hopefully you’ll make it to the 13th unscathed.

Pros: Very dark, good use of actual smells and environment, the creepy ticket lady with her disturbing eyes.

Cons: Bodies in the spider cocoons were way too light to be real; some actors seemed hesitant to go off script

Marlena Baker

There were some surprising moments in 13th Door. Overall, it was a creepy haunt that stuck with its theme. After an interesting elevator ride, there’s a narration telling you the story of the hotel you’re entering. Up to the end, they stuck with not just the hotel theme, but also the story. I was impressed by that.

The set was alright, from what I could tell. My biggest problem with it was that it wasn’t lit well enough. I know that sounds like an odd complaint for a haunted house, but I think it’s important. Haunted houses need to build up atmosphere, and the set should clue you in to why this space is scary. I wanted to see more of the details in the hotel they’ve created. There were some points where I could see that there was a prop, but without the lighting, it was just a shape. I would have liked to see what creepy details it would have added to the theme. The rooms I could see were good. They did a good job making the rooms that fit in the hotel, like the bathroom and the kitchen. Unfortunately, some of the props had rubber sheen to them, hurting the illusion. What I did like was some of the cool room effects they had, like a tilted room, a spinning room, and a bookcase door.

The acting was a mixed bag. There were some good actors that sold their characters really well. There was a girl chained to a bed. She did a great job. The cook was another great one. The hotel owner had some unique lines and was a good actor. That was smart of them, to help the theme even more. The rest didn’t really make an impression. Overall, it felt sparse. The bad actors didn’t help, either. There were too many generic lines, and a lot of characters that looked like corpse brides. I don’t mind that type of character, but it seemed like it was repeated in this haunt too much.

I liked the haunt. It’s got a lot of great moments. It’s just that the quality seemed to fluctuate a lot. The spaces between rooms could use improvement. The lighting needs to be fiddled with to find the right balance. Some of the actors need some more coaching or a better script. The props need some finishing touches. There’s a lot there to enjoy, and a lot more potential.

Pros: great cohesion, good sets, interactive elements

Cons: too dark, some weak actors, details hard to see

Corey Dunham

The 13th Door is a haunted house in Aurora based on the thirteenth door legend. Once inside, you enter an elevator and descend thirteen floors into a dark dungeon type area. I really liked how the haunt lowered lighting and played on the dark, most haunts are too bright but not here. Haunts usually don’t play on the fear of the dark too much but the 13th Door sure did and they did a good job at it!

As we began to walk through we came to a vortex tunnel and had to travel through. I love vortex tunnels because they disorient you just enough to get some good scares in once you walk out. As I continued to travel I came to web covered bodies hanging like meat in a freezer. I really liked this scene but was waiting for a giant spider; it never came. My favorite scene in this haunt was a room you enter with thirteen doors and you have to find your way out. I was lost with my group in this room for a while it’s very dark and hard to find your way around with all of the monsters lurking around. Every door seems to be locked until you finally find one that opens. This scene was done great and was pretty original.

The acting in this haunt was good but could use a little more intensity. One girl in here had the right idea and was losing her mind screaming chained to a bed. She was very intense and did a good job making her scene believable. All of the actors in this haunt need to be at that level of intensity and things will improve dramatically. I believe it was opening night when we came and am pretty sure all of the kinks will be worked out as the season goes on. The 13th Door is a good haunt and you should stop by if you’re in the area.

Pros: Great lighting, Good set design

Cons: Not enough intensity, needs more length

Peyton Lucero

Waiting to enter the 13th Door, my ticket was being marked by this creepy old woman, who had this look in her eye like she was hoping I wouldn’t make it out. She was very believable. She gave me the feeling that I was going to run into more like her and that they won’t be as calm as she was. It was time to enter the horror that I found myself amongst. Entering the building, I am thrown into an elevator, where I am also given rules and instructions from the operator. I make my way down, not knowing it was going to be a bumpy ride. The door opens and I begin my journey through twists & turns, hidden doorways, and more, to find the 13th Door.

Making my travels through this haunt, I come across some awesome sets. Each room was different, from living rooms, slanted kitchens and bedrooms to spinning vortex tunnels, creepy crawlers, and deep, dark, hallways. There were a couple rooms that I thought were just fantastic! One of them was the roach room. Just knowing that I had to enter a room that had nothing but hissing bug sounds, made my body shiver. Nothing is worse than entering a room full of insects and especially ones you don’t like! I look over the counter and spot tanks filled with roaches, and even worse, they were being held and played with by the roach man. He was one crazed loon. Another room I really enjoyed that also brought a smile to my face was the laundry room. I’ve always wanted to see or do one and sure enough, it happened, which I though was awesome! I loved all the blood, clothes and extra parts that were in the machines. I truly felt like I was in a Laundromat that had just been brutally attacked and destroyed. One more room I found disturbingly awesome was the spider room. Spiders themselves are scary, but when you add tons of spider web, human web sacks, and more than one huge spider, it makes my heart drop like a weight and hope I don’t have something crawling on my head! That is definitely how I felt once I entered that room, and also thought the lighting and webbing were perfect.

Coming to the end of this haunted house, I will say, it was very enjoyable and definitely hit the point where the haunt was crawling under my skin. All actors were great. Their characters went with the scene and not one broke character. Most actors played their role great, but there were just a few who seemed a little lost with their dialogue. A few words of advice: Just remember who your character is and just roll with it. Once you’re in character, let it take control, become that character and let it say things that not even you have said. Gross people out and make them feel like you just violated their comfort zone. If you can do that with just your words, then you know you did your job. One other thing that I think could use some tweaking is the last room with the chain fencing. You have these great sets and actors; now end it with a bang! You’ve got the chain fence, so maybe add in a few more crazy actors, some grotesque props or animatronics, and have the crazy guy with the chainsaw get even more crazy, like he’s ready for a killing spree, and that should amp up the ending even more! I greatly enjoyed this haunt and will have to make another visit down for sure. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

Pros: animatronics, actors, live insects

Cons: actors dialogue, wish it was longer

3184 S Parker Rd
Aurora, CO 80014
  • $14.95 with canned food donation
  • $15.95 without donation
  • $19.95 VIP
  • $24.95 2 Haunt Ticket Good at Slaughterhouse Gulch
Preview Weekend Sept. 28 – Sept 30 2012 Open Daily October 1-31, 2012
October 1 – October 31
Sunday – Thursday: 7pm – 10pm
Friday and Saturday: 7pm – 12am

We are open until everyone that has purchased a ticket gets through the haunted house.

The original Barrington Hotel was condemned and closed in 1912. Local legend attributes the hotels demise to the owner’s sleazy nephew, Andrew. Gambling debt had made Andrew desperate for money and his Uncles refusal to help him had driven him mad. It was reported that during his Uncles annual Hallows Eve Ball, Andrew had returned to the hotel, boarded up all the exits, trapping all the party goers inside. It wasn’t the screams coming from those who couldn’t escape that would haunt the would-be rescuers that night. It was the horror they found once they had broken the doors down. Everyone was dead! Andrew Barrington was never found and legend has it that he and those he killed still haunt the hotel to this day. The only survivor of that evening lived because he found the 13th Door. Will you be as lucky?