Field of Corpses 2012

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Ryan Acker

Field of Corpses is back for their 10th season and they have made it count! Even before we went in the haunt, I encountered an actor mumbling through the fence. I looked through the cracks and only saw a single eye wishing upon me a painful demise. This combined with a misty rain and fog filled air is what Haunt Season is all about.

Our guide was named Jeff. The name became ingrained in my mind as he repeated it a million and one times. He walked out wearing a noose leaving me with an unsteady feeling that he’ll crack even more and hang me by it later. All the best actors I’ve seen have come from Field of Corpses in my four years of experience and he was my favorite one. Among the other actors there was much less screaming and much more dialogue this year which is a large improvement.

There were many changes for the better this year. The only critique I have towards FOC is their constant obsession with hanging things. Clothes, needles, bottles, etc. It all gets quite overwhelming and annoying. However, there was one room in which the bodies were actually a sufficient weight to resemble a human or animal which is a rarity in the Haunt Industry. I also enjoyed the floods of hung baby dolls scattered in the trees.

The scenery throughout is incredible as always, but this year they’ve outdone themselves. There were many more small spaces that we maneuvered through which is a great effect as it makes me feel vulnerable as I focus on ducking and not on surrounding actors. Also, they blend in many different themes flawlessly. Overall, if you’re looking for a haunt, look no further!

Pros: Everything.

Cons: None.

Bill Bevis

Wow. This is a value-packed ride! It’s a guided tour, and our guide was AMAZING. He held character (an insane zombie-ghoul) throughout the entire, looonnngg haunt. He was very engaging and fun to banter with, and definitely had control of our group. He constantly switched up the order of people in line as we moved through, so none of us got to use our pals as human shields for very long. It seemed never-ending, and there was incredible detail EVERYWHERE I looked, including some anatomical correctness (if not political correctness) that made me look twice, and closely (yup—that’s what I THOUGHT it was). All the actors were very good, and very believable. The age-range of characters was diverse, and some of those kid-demons raised goose bumps on me pretty darn effectively. Some of the sets really stand out, though NONE are radically better than the rest. EVERYTHING is consistently well crafted. The school girls pushing a standing swing as you try to get across. Something about that just gave me the chills. The bloody bathroom. Wow. The school bus is FILLED with eye-candy props, as if a serial killer turned to hoarding, and was using it for storage. The Hillbilly town was really cool—well constructed and staffed with great acting. Those guys left me feeling like I was NOT safe (that certain scene from “Deliverance” kept popping to mind. . . . ). And I’m not sure why we walked through a gross, trashed, bloody laundry room—but it was VERY effective. That one of the machines was RUNNING and clunking, off-balance was just soooo cool. I don’t know why, but it was. Very imaginative. There is no down time, no quiet transitions. It just GOES!

Pros: Actors. Shear abundance of props and detail. Good, long haunt.

Cons: None. None. Cold night—but that’s not THEIR fault.

Victoria Maez

I had a blast going through Field of Corpses! It was so much fun and quite the thrill! I can honestly say that there isn’t a thing I would change about this haunt. This haunt is completely interactive from the get go. They use a guide to keep you interested throughout, as cues for upcoming actors, and to allow for proper spacing between groups, and it works really well. The guides are a great complementary addition. Along with the guides being on their A game, I didn’t encounter a single actor who was below par, nor did I think they were sparse at any point. Each actor fit into the scene in each room, and really took on their character!

There is so much to look at in this haunt. Tons of details to the point where one could walk through this 10 times and still find something you hadn’t noticed before. The paths aren’t always even, which adds to the uneasy effect they are trying to create. They used darkness and light at appropriate points, as well as smells. They really play on all of the human senses. To top it off, it’s a fairly long haunt, but it’s not too long either. Overall, Field of Corpses is a haunt anyone looking for a good time and all haunt connoisseurs should see.

Pros: Never a dull moment!

Cons: I got nothing.

Jason Peterson

Set deep in suburbia, this haunt is complete with a large movie screen out front entertaining all who wait to enter this haunt. We are greeted by our haunt guide, dressed in red and white stripes and a hat, white face paint that looked to be a train wreck between beetle juice and Otis from house of 1000 corpses. This guy wins actor of the year award for me, along with most of the cast in this haunted house. The guide was funny, witty, creepy, and very sharp.

The sets in this attraction are so disorienting and full of detail it makes your head spin. Toss in some great costuming and acting and you’re in for one hell of a ride! A few of my favorite sets start with the kitchen. It had pots and pans that blanketed every square inch of the ceiling. A couple tugs on a rope sent this room a banging, crashing, room of chaos. I also noticed another stretch of hallway that looked of halved coffee cans lining the room from top to bottom. This was a really unique stretch of hallway. Another great set was a pitch black room with burlap body bags. Our group had way too much fun in here! Took us a minute to find our way out of this one. The laundry room and the conduit tunnels are a blast! The laundry room was one of those scenes that left you feeling dirty. It was very claustrophobic and I loved the sound coming from the dryers. In your mind your saying, “could that be body parts in the dryer, or a pair of converse?”. I didn’t look to find out. The small scene you encounter in the conduit tunnels was very low lit and the actress delivered a great startle. One of my favorite scenes this season was the playground area. The girls in this scene did an outstanding job and used their prop well to their advantage!

No detail is spared as soon as you step into this haunt. It truly immerses you with its walls. I felt completely taken away from reality and I can see why no one would feel safe in this haunt. So many obstacle and twists and turns with actors in your face constantly. Not only are they in your face, but they’re armed with evil dialogue and well-timed startles. This haunt delivers everything I’m looking for, gore humor, intense acting, detailed set work, and not to mention long! Hope to see it again this year!

Pros: great guide, amazing sets, tons of actors

Cons: leaves you wanting more

Alex Gallegos

Field of Corpses continues to be one of the best haunted houses in the greater galactic area (that is to say, one of the best in the galaxy) again this year. The greatest thing about this haunt is that it’s a constant rush of things happening and stuff to look at. At any given point you can see hundreds of things all around you and there’s literally no way for you to be able to see it all. It’s a constant, unending stream of action and the way that keeps your heart and your adrenaline pumping is really quite remarkable.

“But Alex, you loveable goofball, that’s the complete antithesis of what you said in your review of that other cornfield haunt!” you may be saying, provided that you did well on your SATs and that you’re not reading the haunt reviews alphabetically. “How can it be that the exact opposite of the thing that makes one haunt work, the adrenaline rush followed by a cool down period like on a rollercoaster, is also the thing that makes this haunt work so well?” And it’s a valid point, and one that means you’re paying attention, so good job.

It’s true, a series of ups and downs, hills and valleys, excitement and anticipation, can do wonders for you if you’re trying to creep out your visitors with a quiet, creepy, cinematic experience. But that’s not what this haunt is going for. This haunt thinks the best way for you to get that creepy little niggling feeling in the back of your mind that something terrible is going to happen is to start out by pushing you in the deep end, then ramping the scares up, then doing it again. I’d use the horribly clichéd phrase “turned up to 11” if I thought it did the haunt justice but this haunt is a lot closer to “turning it up to 50”.

The haunt leads you through a deranged hillbilly nightmare and every room is actually worse than the last, so if you think that starting out with a deranged lunatic in a cage showering the room in sparks is a bad sign, then you’ll certainly be surprised by the things that are yet to come, including a creepy deranged schoolhouse, a forest with dolls krazy glued onto the trees, chainsaw wielding madmen, a radioactive toxic spill, and any other array of terrible, terrible things.

The haunt features a guide once again this year, and there are several that take groups through if the differing experiences of our two review subgroups are anything to go by. Ours was a delightful backwoods fellow with matted, knotty hair, a noose tied around his neck like a sort of demented necktie, and overalls. Oh, and he also looked as if he had taken a full immersion bath in a tub full of motor oil, then dried off by rolling around in the dirt to absorb the excess. He was dirty, he was filthy, he was grimy, he was slimy. I can’t find any way to overemphasize this enough. There were no circumstances where he could be said to be clean. I feel like a lot of haunts, if they want someone to appear dirty, sprinkle some dust in their hair and then cover them in brown or black face paint. This look was authentic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeff got the way he did by wearing his costume for fifteen days and never showering, because he was crazy and disgusting in a very real sort of way. I could have actually believed he was crazy and that was fantastic. Jeff, if you’re reading this, I know you wouldn’t ever break character but I have to tell you you’re about the best actor I’ve seen all season long. For you, I would gouge my own eyes out and send them to you in a Tiffany box.

Pros: Incredibly authentic actors, perfect sets, a seemingly endless experience that is a great value for the money.

Cons: Some of the passages are really reeeeeeeeeeealy tight to get through, so the girthier member of the community might think carefully before going in.

Marlena Baker

Field of Corpses is the haunt where you can see everything. They have a room for every fear I can think of, and some I wouldn’t have thought would be scary. It’s not a disjointed experience, though. There’s a theme running through all of it.

It’s in the atmosphere they create and the worn down look to everything we saw. The rooms seem endless. It’s a long haunt, but every inch of it is a well done scene, and often filled with stuff. It’s amazing how many props they have, and they use them well. The creepiest for me had to be the garden area filled with dolls, and I do mean filled. Everywhere I looked there were dirty, worn dolls hanging from trees and sitting on the ground. I swear they were watching me. I can’t forget the smells either. They’re in several scenes, but the pond got me the best.

Field of Corpses did a good job with all the interactive elements too. We had to push through some body bags, and they were heavy. Finally! It was great because it was really dark in the room. After the first couple bags we couldn’t see where we were going. I ended up trying to move one of my group members because I couldn’t tell if she was a body bag or not. They had squishy floors, a tilted hallway, and a very disorienting swing. You get to crawl through a hearse and fight your way through a room full of bungee cords. It’s really fun, and it leaves you feeling vulnerable because all these elements hinder your movement in some way.

For Field of Corpses, you get a guide. He’s with you the whole way through the haunt, and I love it. Our guide was funny and creepy. He did a great job of including everyone in the group, too. That was the biggest advantage of the guide. Front, back or middle of the group, he kept us all engaged. He also helped with startle scares, by distracting us. The rest of the actors were great as well. They were very energetic and had some great characters. They came at us with lines that fit the scene, and they were able to improvise really well. The clowns in the sweetshop were great characters, and I don’t generally like clowns in haunted houses. They were downright crazy! They had a chainsaw that I liked too. We walked into a scene to see a man chained to a wall and a woman holding a chainsaw. She didn’t chase us because she was about to cut him up. Way scarier and very creepy.

This is such a great haunt. It’s well worth the money, with such great sets and actors. It’s a long haunt, too. The experience just seems to go on and on. There’s a ton to see. They got me good with several scares, only compounded by the wonderfully creepy atmosphere.

Pros: Great atmosphere, engaging acting, fun interactive sets

Cons: None

Corey Dunham

The Field of Corpses located west of Ward Rd. on 64th. Ave. is the best haunt I have ever seen. As soon as you pull up to the property, you can see the chaos crazing in full effect. The set is done very well from the outside which most haunts don’t do but as soon as you walk up you get the total creep vibe!

Once inside The Field of Corpses you meet with your guide who directs you through things as you go. My group had this beetle juice looking character that was totally outstanding and should win actor of the year. He was the best character I’ve ever met in a haunt and was very good at scaring my group as well as keeping us laughing from the moment we met him until the moment we parted ways. As he starts to bring us through things go totally insane, actors are running everywhere, props fly out unexpectedly, and monsters get on the attack. As soon as I was inside I went into a room with a creature inside a cage wildly throwing sparks everywhere, his intensity was amazing and something you usually don’t see. We continued on to another room which was filled with hanging bodies that actually were the same weight as real dead bodies! In every haunt they make the mistake of putting them up but not weighting them correctly, very nice job! As we continued through the room there was a dead body on the floor which we had to cross. A girl in my group totally freaked and grabbed a hold of me, very good scare.

Throughout this haunt every actor was in character to the extreme, said every line flawless, and even had the smarts to play on comments me and my group made. The intensity level of these people is insane, every actor is pouring their heart into their character and you can tell from the amazing show that is put on by this crew. You will laugh, be scared, and even cry, if not from freight from the laughter that you can’t stop because of all the good jokes. Amazing job to all the actors at The Field of Corpses, I hope you guys keep it up and keep getting better which I know you will!

The set design throughout this haunt was done so great that it completely takes you into another world. Every scene was immaculate in its own right and looked totally professional. My favorite set they did is an outdoor scene with creepy dead trees placed beautifully, with hundreds of dolls placed everywhere on them, kind of like the Blair Witch Project but with dolls and baby’s. The attention to this was totally amazing and gave me an intense feeling of disgust and fear.

Altogether, The Field of Corpses is an amazing haunt that totally has their act together and lacks nothing. All of the acting is outstanding and intense to the point that you feel the actors are not actors at all but as if they are real creatures of the night. The set design is perfect and has all areas complete, nothing is unfinished or half assed; all has had heart and devotion put in and it shows. If you only see one haunted house this year I recommend The Field of Corpses, you won’t be sorry!

Pros: Amazing acting very intense, beautiful set

Cons: I have no cons for this haunt except that I want more, even though it was extremely long

Peyton Lucero

Entering this fright fest, my surroundings are full of entertainment. Waiting in the que line, I’m entertained with a huge movie projector. As I wait, I can hear the screams, shrieks, and shouts coming through the doors of the haunt. Seemed like a real horror rampage was going down. Finally ready to enter, our guide comes out to greet us. His name was Jeff, a hillbilly who had long dread locks, wearing overalls and a noose around his body. He was hilarious, had a great personality, stayed in character all the way through, and kept us entertained the entire time! He did a fantastic job! Leading us into the haunt, I’m startled by a loud sparking noise, handled by this lunatic who was locked behind a metal cage. He seemed very angry. Continuing on, I run into outstanding facades, sets, props, and more that put me in awe and amazement!

The laundry room I came across was absolutely filthy, covered with smelly clothes, blood and body parts. I definitely felt like washing my hands after coming upon this room. It was packed with rows of washers and dryers. One dryer even worked and it seemed to be filled with body parts. I thought that was just fantastic and thinking out of the box by making one of the machines actually run. The Lady Bathory scene was bloody awesome! I loved the prop above pouring out blood from her neck into the blood bath with Lady Bathory. What a beautiful scene! Going up the stairs to something is always fun, but going up tree trunk stump steps is totally wicked and makes the surprise even more exciting. Stepping up the stumps led me unto a school bus filled with nothing but props and actors. There was so much to look at; it was almost hard to believe that I was in a school bus. Making my way across, I spot two actresses who pose as mannequins and wait for the perfect time to pop out and scare. I happen to make eye contact with one of them, smiling the whole way, and before she could scare me, she broke out a smile herself. She was still good. Such a fantastic set. Entering another set, I hear lots of laughter and playfulness. I then come across a playground with a bunch of little girls wanting to play and was chanting a bunch of rubbish. Making my way through, I’m forced to walk across the swing. This thing was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen and I was having a blast being pushed back and forth on the swing. Such a fun, entertaining, creepy set!

This was the first year for me at Field of Corpses and I can say that I was very impressed on the whole turn out! The sets were well thought up, designed and detailed, props were placed properly and were not over stocked, our guide instructor stayed in character throughout the entire haunt and had me laughing so hard, by the end, I had the hiccups, and the actors were intense, full of energy, had awesome filthy dialogue and most definitely invaded your comfort zone! I saw lots of different prop weapons being used well to their advantage and I even got a few smells to go with a couple rooms. Each character fit with their scene and new how to work their dialogue into the mixture. They really made the scene come to life and made their world my reality. I was most definitely blown away by all the amazement I certainly was not expecting. Juts the outside alone was gorgeous! I could not have picked a better night to come to this haunt. The weather was perfect, adding in some fog of its own. Everything that was around me, such as gargoyles, a rusty old looking windmill, and a movie projector made the night very crisp and filled the air with fear and excitement. Jeff, our tour guide, was the comedian of all comedians! He said and did so many things that were either random, outright disgusting, or just because he felt like it. Most haunts I go to that have tour guides weren’t near as entertaining and comical as Jeff was. It was super fantastic and made the haunt even more fun and enjoyable! This haunt is one of the best I’ve ever seen and I thought the length of it felt never ending. It is filled with outstanding sets, props, and more that will make your jaw drop and also make you run for your life. I absolutely loved this haunted house and look forward on making a return visit hopefully very soon! Excellent job on everything guys, keep up the darn good work! If you’re looking for a haunted house that is full of entertainment, psychotic killers, small spaces, insane and freaky tour guides, and all the terrible nightmares you can think of, then look no further because Field of Corpses has it all!

Pros: outrageous sets, fully energized actors, loved the various shapes and sizes of doorways

Cons: very few acting dialogue could be more intense, the haunt ended


13251 West 64th
Avenue Arvada, CO 80004

  • $15.00 (CASH ONLY)
  • $25.00 VIP (CASH ONLY)
September 28 – October 31
Friday and Saturday Dusk – 12am
Sunday and Thursday Dusk – 10pm
Oct 22 – 25, 29 – 31 Dusk – 10pm
Cash Only at this haunt!
This outdoor haunt in Arvada has been on our must see list for years! Impeccable set design, costuming, makeup and the best actors anywhere, Field of Corpses will force you to embrace your deepest fears with in your face scares and entertainment that lasts long after you leave. Authenticity and realism abound here with every one of your senses fully engaged. Field of Corpses has to be seen to be believed! May be too intense for younger children.