Haunted Field of Screams 2012

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Ryan Acker

Haunted Field of Screams has made some major improvements since last year’s run that I was very happy to see. It still isn’t the best in terms of sets and acting, but they’re learning how to improve. The haunt still consists of walking what seems to be miles through the corn, but this year seemed to be a shorter trek through corn and more through buildings. I must point out that the ground was the best part about this haunt. It wasn’t muddy, but it wasn’t solid. I felt like I was on a small trampoline the entire way through!

The first room is no longer based upon the Saw movies, but instead wandering through an alleyway and climbing up into a dumpster which was truly unique. Also, having a live body within a body bag which actually had me jump when he flew forward. The first scene has always been my favorite but I believe my mind may have changed this year! Building facades and layouts were a great improvement, my favorite of which was the mausoleum and a man actually digging us a grave. Physical haunts are my favorite as they make me feel insecure, and they did that more than usual this year.

The downfall of this was the actors. One good one that stood out was actually the wielder of a chainsaw. He let out a scream and sent off a lovely psycho-maniac vibe. Others weren’t so great at giving this vibe. One actor had me quite confused in the clown room. He told us he was tired, but it was in the characters voice so we thought it was a part of the script! But no, he had asthma.

I’ve never been a fan of masks unless they are personally made, but Field of Screams actually had some cool ones! The people wearing them did nothing more than pop out and growl, but I was intrigued by their attire. I’m quite anxious to see how they progress in the coming seasons!

Pros: More focus on sets and facades

Cons: Acting, length of corn walking

Bill Bevis

This is a long walk. It’s a good 30-minute experience, and if the weather hasn’t been good expect a muddy path. The corn is COOL though: 10-plus feet tall, and growing closely together. It makes for a GAZILLION hiding places, and opportunities for startle scares. There are those, of course, but I think the corn and the field, and the distance between destinations could’ve been used a bit more effectively. There’s not so much of a consistent theme here, but some of the sets are impressive and the actors are good. I LOVED the scarecrows. That could’ve been a theme in-and-of itself. The school and school bus were fun, and a couple of characters in the asylum were well developed. Who was that creepy gas-mask guy, and WHAT was WRONG with him to have him make that NOISE? The scale of the haunt is huge, and an aerial overview would be very interesting to see. The trail seemed to be directionless and never ending, and that was unsettling. The quiet in the corn was unnerving too, and the relative lack of characters jumping out of the field added to that effect. The actors kept their distance for the most part, and weren’t personally intimidating, though there were a couple of times when it seemed that contact was imminent. The grave digger was actually digging a grace—throwing dirt. THAT’s a far more creepy sound than a chain saw, if you’re asking me. The set detail was sparse in certain areas, and seemed to have been almost forgotten. Black walls with fluorescent paint. Why? Regardless, though, and overall–it’s FUN to be in a field of tall corn in the night, and this is a field of TALL corn.

Pros: Big, scary corn. Gas-mask guy. Trip into dumpster.

Cons: Long intervals/walks through the corn. No clear theme. TWO chain saw guys!

Victoria Maez

Haunted Field of Screams had a great intro. It’s very intense and gets your blood flowing right away. I don’t want to give anything away, but this is a great way to get things started. After the first scene, the intensity of everything drops dramatically, and that works for awhile. They really know how to utilize silence well. There is something innately unnerving about walking through giant sized stalks of corn, or through a shack in complete silence. However, the areas where there is noise could use a little work. Music needed to be louder in some areas. Keeping up with the crescendos and decrescendos with noise would be more effective with the ups and downs of what is happening visually as well. There are a lot of creative scenes throughout the haunt, the bus, lockers, white room, and the clown room. However, I felt a small lack of effort/intensity in these areas as well. The ending to the haunt lacked also. If they could send you off with the same effort as the beginning, it would go a long way.

I must say the actors had some great masks and makeup. Nice job guys! The haunt was a little on the long side. Not horrible, but at times one may feel border line bored.

Pros: Set design and costumes.

Cons: Ebbing and flowing needs to happen more effectively.

Jason Peterson

First thing I notice pulling up to this haunt are customers and lots of them! First night explosion of haunt goers! It was a really spacious area, kind of plain, and lots of room to roam. We take a good walk to the entrance and the moment you step into the 12’ corn wall, you get assaulted by various blood soaked, shouting young men. We are escorted up a set of stairs and asked to step into a commercial trash dumpster! Great start! Intense actors really got things off to a fast pace, then we are off hiking in the vast corn with occasional jump scares and props. Several sets are built as you make your way through the massive corn stalk maze. Some of these sets have very cool facades and a few have decent sets within. A few were just black walls with cool lights, but a fun break as you journey through this massive attraction.

Acting in this haunt was full of energy but could definitely use some coaching in a few areas. I enjoyed this haunt and would love to see the sets in the corn get lots of paint and detail shine. Try and cut back on the use of masks and get a few more actors in makeup. More actors hidden in the corn, ripping through alongside you, that’s a great effect. This haunt is a great family haunt with a good amount of gore and animations. The actors are in your face and mean to scare you. I believe after a small bit of polish, this show would be amazing!

Pros: great family atmosphere, intense acting

Cons: sets could use polish, acting needs direction

Alex Gallegos

Haunted Field of Screams remains one of my favorite haunts year after year, because I like the idea behind the haunt so tremendously. Corn mazes are fun, haunted houses are fun. Whoever thought they would do well to put the two together is a pretty smart person, because the interspersed scenes and quiet times in the corn did a great job of ramping up the tension.

A constant stream of startles and scares don’t really do a good job of keeping your heart pumping. Think of a roller coaster. You zoom along at a regular speed and then build slowly to the apex of a hill, plummeting down the other side and screaming your head off because the anticipation makes the payoff work. The same is true here, and what would be a fairly mediocre haunt in a strip mall or abandoned storefront somewhere turns into an extended experience with real ups and downs along the way due to the geography of the haunt itself.

Actors did a good job both in their scenes and in the corn. In prior years we’ve complained that you could hear the startle scares coming a mile off because the corn rustles to alert you that something is happening before the actor pops out to scare you. This didn’t seem to be as big of an issue this year, so whether the actors were closer to the surface or had cut themselves a corn-free alcove, something worked here better than it did in years past, and this is always a good sign; a haunt that makes measurable progress every year is one worth keeping an eye on, because improvement is a sign that the owners and actors are constantly looking for a better way to do things.

Whenever you turn a bend and see another façade of a farmhouse or school building lurking up ahead in the corn you know that something is coming, and usually that expectation is rewarded with a fairly well done scene. These are short snippets, more like vignettes than anything else, but that’s what makes the whole thing work the way it’s meant to. The formula is repetitious but works; you get a well-acted mini scene, a short cool down period of quiet, a few startles, and then the ramp up to another scene. Rinse, repeat, etc. This is a great way to expand and therefore enhance the experience without relying on making every single second an adrenalin-pumping, over the top extravaganza, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Pros: Good length, actors weren’t scared to engage us, The Grave Digger!

Cons: Scene to Corn ratio is strongly skewed to the corn side, poor lighting inside most scenes, some sections have lost some of its impact since previous years.

Marlena Baker

The unique element of Haunted Field of Screams is the walks between scenes. In between each spooky hut is a dark, creepy, and maybe chilly walk through a corn field. It makes for a unique atmosphere, but it wasn’t used to its full potential.

As we walked through the corn, actors would try various startle scares, but they weren’t always successful. It was hard for them to sneak up on us out of the corn, because the corn would give them away. The costumes seemed to be either really good or really bad. One actor, the edge of the mask was very obvious. Another one, the mask blended into the skin seamlessly. The other problem with the corn field parts was the length. I felt like we spent a lot more time walking through the corn than actually in the scenes. Some areas, it felt like we would walk on and on and there wouldn’t even be actors to keep up the scares. It felt sparse.

The scenes were better than last year. They improved a lot of them. The introduction was my favorite. I won’t ruin the surprise, but it was a nice little zombie scene, and you’ll never believe where the path goes! The other most memorable moments were scattered about. The gravedigger was awesome and realistic. The asylum held a number of great characters, including one of my favorite insane laughs ever. There was a zombie girl that was downright unnerving, just staring at us and shuffling after us as we hurried out of the room. After one scene, I noticed one of the actors had managed to join our group, limping along on a broken foot next to me. I have no idea when he got there! Then there were the scenes that weren’t near as good. The school scene wasn’t as good as I remember, and the acting wasn’t helping. The clown hut hasn’t changed a bit. Most of all, I thought the house scene was underdone. The characters were good, but the set was just blah. The bathroom was even just a bathroom, no blood, no actors, nothing scary at all.

Haunted Field of Screams has made some improvements, but the walks through the corn feel too much like filler to me. There’s plenty of cool stuff they could do with that time, but it’s just not there. All you get is startle scares, and not enough at that. It’s a neat idea to get a bunch of disconnected scenes to work with the corn as transition, but those walks need to have more content.

Pros: Good sets, corn field adds atmosphere, good acting

Cons: Not enough actors in corn, long walks could have been used better

Corey Dunham

Most corn mazes only have corn but not the Haunted Field of Screams, they have so much more. This attraction is a corn maze Incorporated with a haunt. As you walk through the maze you come to different buildings with various sets. I think this is a very cool idea that is pretty original and done well at this location.

As you get through the line, (which is always huge so get there early!) , you come to the entrance, which contains a man digging a grave and tossing actual dirt. I loved this, the realism was insane. I have never seen that in a haunt before and loved the scene. Once in, you begin your way through the maze, you get attacked from the corn by actors hiding inside it. You can hear some which is scary, but watch out for the silent ones, they creep up unnoticed and get some great scares. One actor actually used a pumpkin as a distraction method which was awesome! He threw the pumpkin the opposite direction of me where a fake monster stood and when I turned around he was there! Best scare I’ve had all season good job!

After being chased by monsters you come to various buildings and walk through them back to the corn. This is very neat and adds a new element to the basic corn maze. My favorite scene here is the bus, which contains Freddy Kruger and some of his victims. The actors in this scene did a great job and will only get better, they just need more intensity but, are still very frightening. After being mauled by Freddy you come to Camp Crystal Lake. This scene is done extremely well, you feel as if you left the maze and walked into a camp site. Watch out for Jason!

All in all, The Haunted Field of Screams is a good haunt and great for families or groups. This haunt lacks very little in all areas, they just need to ramp up intensity and get a better paint job in some rooms. I believe that will come with time and am looking forward to seeing them again soon. I totally recommend this haunt to be on your list.

Pros: Good acting, amazing idea very original

Cons: Some actors could grr less and be more silent, set needs work some rooms are to plain and need to be ramped up

Peyton Lucero

Arriving at this haunt, first thing I notice was a crowd of people waiting in the queue line. These guys were definitely packed with fresh meat, we make our way up front waiting to be the next one in. there wasn’t much going on while we waited, just the sights of concession stands, and people hanging out or waiting in line. It was finally our turn to enter the Haunted Field of Screams. Walking through the first room, I heard this really loud scraping sound that hurt my ears so bad, it made them bleed. I don’t know what it was, but it was blood curdling to the bone and made you want it to stop. Continuing my journey, I made my way through dumpsters, graveyards and tombs, schools, buses, and even campsites. This field was definitely haunted and filled with screams.

There were a couple scenes and actors that I thought were awesome. Walking through the corn, I hear rustling in the corn. Turning a corner, I spot Chucky from child’s play. Passing him and paying attention to what’s in front of me, I turn to look back and there’s Chucky right in my face! He was so quiet and sneaky, popping up like that actually scared the crap outta me! Good job! I really enjoyed walking through the school bus that had crashed through the school building. It was pretty dark and I couldn’t really tell what actors were real or not in the seats, which makes it even better for a surprise attack. I heard lots of different sounds that were very weird and creepy sounding, and it made me wonder how they’re making those fantastic sounds. Entering Camp Crystal Lake was fun. I walked over a wobbly bridge that led me to a campsite. This set was sweet and really made me feel like I was going camping. They had it all, from the tents and sleeping bags, to the picnic table and camp fire in the woods. The actors were pretty good, along with the chainsaw guy who wouldn’t let me through. That was a pretty cool scene.

Throughout this haunt, I greatly enjoyed all the hard work and effort that was put into it. Actors’ did great in sets and in the corn. There wasn’t one room that didn’t have an actor and they were all loud and vocal. One thing I think could be better is the ending with the chainsaw. Leaving the last scene, I could see the chainsaw guy revving up his saw to make his attack. There was no shock there and the actor didn’t really seen intimidating waving the saw in my face. He’s in Camp Crystal Lake, so having a chainsaw should really amp that scene up. The killer should be lurking in the corn, unnoticed, picking out his next victim and them boom! Sprinting as fast as he can with he saw ready, he shoots out of the corn like a mad man with his saw up in the air on attack mode! The best thing to do with a chainsaw is bring and show the intensity. I want to see the killer and his weapon, for whom they’re supposed to be, murderous, killing, monsters. This haunt was all out entertaining and frightful as can be. Going through a haunted corn maze is one thing, but when you add in half a dozen building facades and double up on actors, it gives it a whole new feeling of horror, knowing you have to deal with not only killers in their homes, but killers wandering freely amongst you in the corn!

Pros: buildings within the maze, length, energized actors

Cons: ending lacked energy, actors could use some help with dialogue

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THE LARGEST HAUNTED ATTRACTION IN COLORADO, WITH MORE THAN 35 ACRES OF HAUNTED CORNFIELD, AND 3 FRIGHTFUL HAUNTS! You will scream as you walk through 16 foot tall cornstalks, guided only by moonlight, with a new nightmare waiting for you around every corner. Haunted Field of Screams is the Denver Haunted House that will make you fear the corn! Are you ready to scream?