Haunted Mansion 2012

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Ryan Acker

Bill Bevis

Disneyesque. It feels more like a carnival fun house than a super-scary haunt–more entertaining, and less creepy/gory/gross/outright-frightening. The vortex is completely disorienting, and the dancing skeletons are always fun. The face projected onto the bust WORKS, and the actors are good. You NEVER know when they’re going to appear, or from where. All of a sudden they’re just THERE—in front, now behind, now whispering from the side. . . . The animatronics could’ve been more inspired, and used bigger effects—and I kept looking for that. I liked the room/cave of hanging bats. . . . a THOUSAND red eyes all focused on ME. There are nods to the owners’ favorite old monster movies, and the spaces between and transitions help build suspense and an overall feeling of “UH-OHHHH.” The ending was somewhat abrupt, and I wasn’t sure if that was “it” or not. Unfortunately, it was.

Pros: Actors. No extreme gore. Location in very fun, cool shopping Mecca.

Cons: Need more and creative animatronics. No extreme gore. Ending.

Jason Peterson

This haunt is located inside the legendary Reinke Brothers store. I could have spent a few hours in this shop alone and still never seen it all. They have costumes, collectable props, and animations. Their staff is knowledgeable and love what they do. Now it’s time to enter the Haunted Mansion! Through a black door within the store walls, we step into a very cool set where we hear the rules, then bam; we’re hit with an animation! We then begin our journey into a vast string of corridors that open up into small sets, mostly driven by animation. I count four actors within the Haunted Mansion. The few actors that this haunt had to offer were really great. Each one seemed to reappear multiple times through the walk through. My favorite animation was a skeleton carousel. That thing was just fun to watch!

This haunt is not the scariest attraction Colorado has to offer, however it’s just plain fun! It took us a decent amount of time to get through this attraction and we enjoyed our visit very much. I can and will recommend this haunt to adults, teens, and children and while you’re there, grab a new costume or maybe a zombie prop or whatever strikes your fancy.

Pros: Good length, great for whole family, awesome store

Cons: Scare factor

Alex Gallegos

The Haunted Mansion at the Reinke Brothers magic shop in downtown Littleton is one of my favorite haunts. The mansion motif isn’t necessarily prevalent, unless this mansion is supposed to have a Mayan room, an Aztec room, and a space room, as well as a crypt, a forest, and a whole plethora of other scenes.

The rooms fly at you fast and furious in this haunt, to the point that it’s almost not worth describing them because the only thing you can do is fail to do them justice. Each room (and even the corridors between rooms) is filled with something to behold and marvel at. You won’t find a single dull moment in this haunt, not one vast expanse of black plywood nor any uninspiring generic room.

In fact perhaps the best thing to say about the haunt is to mention what isn’t in it, rather than what is. None of the clichés are here. No bloody disgusting bathroom, no meat locker, no church filled with deranged psychopathic killer priests, no chainsaws, no axe murderers, no serial killers who cut their victims’ flesh off and then pin it to the walls in a sort of grotesque, life-life Picasso arrangement. If you only see one haunted house a year then these things are fine but if you start to visit more than one then you quickly notice how same-y they all tend to feel. It’s not that these are bad things in and of themselves, but… well, imagine if you went to the movies but every movie had the same four character types: a young black man whose streetwise wisdom helps get the team out of trouble, a grizzled old grandpa whose Vietnam-hardened exterior is just a shell for a heart of gold, a young female college student studying to get a film degree and a tough and burly biker fellow who speaks mainly in wisecracks and insults. Sure, they might have an interesting team dynamic; you might even find them all entertaining. But once you see those four characters take a sea cruise together, fight monsters in the depths of space, battle injustice in a 3rd world country, and fall in love in a romantic comedy, you get tired of it. You don’t want to see the same things over and over again, even in a different setting. The pieces have worn a bit thin. You don’t get that feeling at the Haunted Mansion.

The best way to describe the experience is nostalgic. It harkens back to a more innocent time when getting scared was something you did because it was fun. Remember that? Fun? When getting the living daylights scared out of you meant curling up with mom and dad on the couch snuggled up in a nice warm blanket so you could hide your face when Frankenstein’s monster threw the little girl down the well? Remember when it wasn’t all torture scenes and bloodlettings and a competition amongst producers and screenwriters to see how many audience members they can get to vomit up their popcorn? If you liked those times then the haunted mansion is the haunt for you.

Pros: A nonstop run of excitement, Actors who were present did a great job being actually unsettling instead of just startling.

Cons: Not overly scary, could use a few more actors

Marlena Baker

Haunted Mansion is a totally different kind of haunted house. There’s something nostalgic about this haunt. At a lot of points, it felt more like we were on the set of an old horror movie. It doesn’t have a lot of scares, but it’s full of great atmospheres and creepy details.

It’s missing a lot of the staples of the other haunts. It’s brighter lit, letting you see all of the crazy props and effects. It would be a shame if it wasn’t. There’s so much there. Some props were repeated more than I’d like, but they were just a drop in the bucket! They have a room themed after everything. There’s no overarching theme, which is a big pet peeve of mine. It’s not a big deal for me in Haunted Mansion, though. It never tries to have a theme. To me it felt more like a side show, more focused on amazing us, than scaring us. There’s a dragon, dancing skeletons, talking statues, and a whole host of other great effects.

The acting was really sparse. The same actors would pop up over and over. It wasn’t obvious how they were doing it, so it did help with the creepiness of the haunt. The acting wasn’t bad; it was just missing from a lot of the rooms. They didn’t rely on a lot of screaming, and I don’t think I heard anyone tell me to ‘Get out!’. Instead they had these creepy characters showing up randomly through our journey, over and over, and that added something to the haunt. It was like they were following us, not a comforting idea.

Going through Haunted Mansion is like going to all your favorite movies for a moment a piece. You’ll scream and laugh and dread the dark room with a lot of red eyes. It’s a thrilling experience, one everyone should have.

Pros: Lots of props, cool effects, retro feel

Cons: very few actors, repeated props

Corey Dunham

The Haunted Mansion located at the Reinke Brothers Halloween store, is a great haunt in a very interesting place. I love this haunt because even before you are in it there are endless things to look at, costumes, props, and makeup, its endless. As I entered the store I found it hard to believe that a full haunt was contained within, but I was wrong.

Once inside the Haunted Mansion a voice gives you the rules and you begin your journey into the attraction. As I began to walk through I was totally overwhelmed by all the props contained inside this hidden mansion! There is everything, moving boxes, shaking chandeliers, dancing skeletons, and so much more!

The sets throughout this haunt are very detailed and looked amazing in every room. The Tiki-God room I especially liked, it contained giant talking tiki torch poles. The painting and animatronics were amazing and very believable. Throughout the haunt all of the set design was amazing and done to perfection, a total must see!

The acting throughout this haunt was very intense and well done by the few actors this haunt contained. I believe there were only four actors throughout the attraction but they did an outstanding job! All of the actors used hidden pathways to get in front of our group time and time again to keep up with the scaring. These actors keep very busy but lack nothing and keep the show going.

Pros: Great acting, amazing props, great set design

Cons: Needs to be darker, more actors

Peyton Lucero

Walking into the building immediately put me in awe and amazement as I looked around the store that was filled with props, animatronics, costumes, and much more! Such an incredible sight to see right before entering a Haunted Mansion. Waiting to enter this terror, I made my way around the store, gazing upon all the items that were stocked. I was definitely entertained while waiting for this thrill ride to happen. Finally it was time to enter and I was very excited to see what amazement I was going to come across.

Beginning my journey was awesome and full of entertaining excitement all around, which started in a nice fire place study room that had that homey feeling to it once I entered. As I ventured off, I ran into amazing props and animatronics. There were so many that my mind couldn’t absorb it all. The ones I did happen to though were pretty awesome. One of the rooms I really enjoyed was the doll bedroom. There were all around and dolls of all sorts of styles and sizes. It almost seemed like the walls were going to come to life! Another room that I thought was awesome was the metal mechanical type room, kind of steam punkish looking. That room had a great, dark feel to it, with awesome sets and props. One last room I found really entertaining were the dancing skeletons. It definitely added some fun and humor, which I always enjoy seeing in a haunt. It made me want to start dancing with them. I know it probably took a long, hard, difficult process to put that together, so job well done guys!

For it being the opening weekend of Haunted Mansion, I will say they did a fantastic job on their sets, props, animatronics, and actors. They definitely had it all! Actors had some decent makeup and for being short on actors, they definitely gave it their all to scare and be a part of almost every set. They were awesome, good job on keeping the scene alive! Not one room felt empty or like it could have used a little more of this or that, every corner and hallway I entered was beaming with props and animatronics and each were used properly to their advantage. Sounds were great, as well as the lighting. If anything I’d say there weren’t enough actors to fill these awesome sets. Once that happens, you guys will be set for destruction! This was a fantastic experience for me! My mind was definitely blown away by the glorious amounts of product that was used and made to make this haunt happen. Can’t wait for my next visit. You guys did an outstanding job and should be proud! If you’re looking for a haunted house with a plethora amount of wicked props & animatronics and is entertaining for everyone, then the Haunted Mansion is the place to go!

Pros: props, animatronics, actor’s energy

Cons: needs more actors, wish it was longer, saw a couple of the same prop

5663 S. Prince Street
Littleton, CO 80120
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September 28 – October 31
Monday – Thursday 6pm – 10pm
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$7.00 Per Person

This haunt has been on the must see list for a very long time! If you would like to experience the magic of old school haunting mixed with the technology of today, this is a haunt for you! There is so much creativity here that if you make the mistake of rushing through you will miss some of the best props and effects in the industry. Take your time and savor the brilliance that makes this haunt an enthusiast’s dream come true. May be too intense for younger children.