Haunted Mines 2012

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Ryan Acker

Bill Bevis

Overall: Loved it! Cool setting. Cool sets. Cool actors. Cool props. Cool night. But: Story? And–did everybody in Colorado circa the mid-19th century speak with an accent fresh from the general geographic area of:  Across-The-Pond? I dunno, but I wonder. . . . ‘cause it seems like that was what was being sold. DUG the initial character (but, I’m a sucker for an Irish accent anyway). His costume was very cool and could’ve stood more intensive study had I been closer to the front of our group.

I liked the elevational “changes” throughout, the sense of closing-in-then-expanding-out-again, and the fun way to get from one part of the haunt to the next (you’ll have to go yourself to figure out what I’m talking about). I did have a sense I was deep underground for parts of the ride, but for others it was clear I was outside under the night sky. There were some longish intervals of seemingly-empty meandering with no action, and I caught a whiff or two of not-quite-dry spray paint. There were visible patches of spray foam insulation here and there, but I’ll chalk all that up to being close to the beginning of the season, last-minute finishing touches, and maybe some still-necessary tweaks in the flow of action.
There was one character (and bit) that I felt was simply gratuitous, and completely out of context—BUT, a cliché becomes a cliché because folks like us come to expect what we expect, and what we’ve become used to. For MY money??—lose the character. Doesn’t work. You’ll know who I’m talking about, when you go. Overall though, the characters were good—well developed and backed up with solid acting. The cast appeared to be having fun, and were selling it. Always, a plus. The props were well done too, and “machinery” was pretty darn believable. Good length.

Pros: The setting. Great energy. Fun characters.
Cons: Huffing spray paint. “Crawl” a tad long. Kept wondering why the speaking characters were all “Brits.”

Jason Peterson

Just off the highway, large mining equipment and a hearse come into view. Then pulling further in, I see many small buildings and facades; one with concessions and a line that is starting to build, but is moving along like a fine oiled machine. The owners here are up to date with the latest of haunt traffic tech toys and that says to me, they care! After meeting with the owners and some staff, we step up into one of several facades, and these facades represented a mining town in Hollywood fashion!

Our first encounter was with a small, dirty fellow with an excellent steam punk look and feel. He gives us the low down on the mines and the dos and don’ts in lighting fast perfection! We then step into an elevator that takes us on one violent descent into some of the coolest tunnel and mine cavern scenes I have ever seen. Let ye be warned, this elevator was bad! There will be another or maybe even a few more that are even worse! It seemed like they kept getting more violent and claustrophobic each time.

In the pub, we are met by a lovely lady and her giant puppet, so to speak. These two hit all arghs from creepy to sexy and was completely shocking. Another fun area that really stood out to me was a hall full of coffins. There a young lady sits and waits until we enter, to choose the weakest link to enter the coffin, while she directs the rest of the group to keep moving ahead. Freaky and funny for us, but I wonder what’s happened to our critic. We then run into our fallen friend in the next area! They didn’t enjoy their coffin ride.

I can also say that if you are claustrophobic in any way, this haunt has your number big time! Yes we crawled for a pretty good length of time, but was padded and tight, with a special friend that awaits your arrival! If crawling isn’t enough, these crazy miners incorporated a spiral slide for some more perilous fun. The props in this haunt are well placed and some home spun props that are over the top cool. Like a 12ft meat grinder, with huge moving gears, or even blades that drop from above to tenderized you up a little. Don’t forget to watch your step in the mines! Some of the floors happen to move or buckle beneath you.

I love the theme and feel of this haunt. Acting and the amount of actors is the only thing this haunt may lack. Opening weekend with homecoming hurt this attraction in this area. I understand how this affects a haunt all too well, and look forward to making another trip to Colorado Springs and its Haunted Mines and seeing how its ghosts entertain while fully staffed and seasoned spooks.

Pros- incredible set, great theme, very long length
Cons- more actors, better dialogue

Alex Gallegos

Haunted Mines in Colorado Springs remains one of my favorite haunts, getting a perfect rating from me 2 years running. It’s exceptionally long, but not just by nature of mindless, needless extensions. There aren’t as many actors as the haunt could probably support, but the ones who are there are fantastic at their jobs, and the sets are beyond amazing.

You start the haunt dropping in an elevator down to, basically, the center of the Earth, where you stumble out into an old abandoned mine filled with the souls of undead miners. The undead miners want you dead, but the reasoning isn’t exactly clear. Maybe they just don’t want you in there, maybe they think you failed to support labor unions. I don’t know, but the point is that not a single person is happy to see you after the first room.

After a while you exit the mine and end up in the old mining town surrounding it, and it really hasn’t fared any better. The inhabitants of the town are also crazy, probably because every square inch of everything seems to be covered in cobwebs and coal dust. In your travels through the town you’ll encounter a creepy saloon with some sort of automaton cabaret, a gunpowder shop, a swamp leaking lethal toxic horribleness into the groundwater, and a shop selling “slightly used” coffins. Coal smelting furnaces and malfunctioning escape elevators finish up the experience nicely.
This is a good haunt to get your exercise in as well; the floors are uneven, and with the extended crawling section and the roundabout path through the maze, you might work up a bit of a sweat that should be quite refreshing in the cool October night. Be sure to cinch your pants up nice and tight, or you might lose them in the seemingly miles and miles of crawling tunnels, and that’s a kind of scary nobody is interested in at all.

Complaints are minor about the haunt. In some areas I was able to see crew members above me on gangplanks, although to be fair I probably wouldn’t even have been looking up there if it wasn’t to admire detail work on the façade of the bank. Additionally, a few sections of rock right after we entered the mine were spongy and pliant when I brushed against them, as if whatever material they’re made of hadn’t set yet. It broke some of the illusion but fortunately it was right at the start of the experience and soon forgotten.

PROS: Great length/value for money, wonderful sets, actors did a good job with their parts
CONS: Could see crew in some areas, some bugs still being worked out on some of the areas; I’m certain these will be solved later in the season

Marlena Baker

Haunted Mines delivers the scares again this year. As always, it is interactive, quirky, and oh so scary. There’s a host of creepy characters, with just the right amount of crazy. There’s also some great additions to the set. Not everything works, but this is still a mind blowing experience.

The true strength of this haunt is its interactive elements. It’s not just a few scenes. From the beginning to the very end the creative scenes mix things up regularly. It’s a refreshing break from just shuffling from room to room. You get to take an elevator ride in to the mines, ride a rail car, and take a very peculiar secret passage. You have to be ready to crawl, slide, and scream your way through the mines. Don’t worry, it’s not unreasonable. Even with two bad knees I made it through the crawling section easily.

The rest of the set is fantastic. Even with a variety of rooms, the atmosphere is consistent. It felt like we were deep underground. Even sounds were well contained for the most part. We couldn’t hear actors or screams from the groups in front or behind us. This let us really focus on the scene, and the scares, around us. Unfortunately, the great interactive effects were usually the ones we could hear through. It really broke the illusion. The hydraulics didn’t help either. There wasn’t an excessive amount of hydraulic props, but a few of them were very loud.

It wasn’t the only the set drawing me in. There were key actors around the haunt that really sold the theme. These actors have created characters, not just scripts. They were believable, interesting, and were very good at improvising. I love them all, especially the dynamite shop owner. They worked not just as characters, but also as part of the setting. Sadly, a lot of the other actors fell short in comparison. They lines were cliché, and they felt like just lines. I didn’t get the feeling that there was a character. It was just someone yelling the same line over and over.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Haunted Mines. There were some great improvements from last year, but the acting just didn’t keep me engaged all the way through. That isn’t enough to ruin this haunt, though. It’s worth seeing for the great scares and some really unique experiences.

Pros: phenominal sets, memorable characters, lots of interactivity
Cons: more weak acting, loud hydraulics, some set pieces looked unfinished

Corey Dunham

The Haunted Mines, located in Colorado Springs is an amazing haunt in the prefect place. It lies on an old mining museum which gives the haunt great feel and authenticity. The museum is spooky all on its own which makes it a great site for a haunted house.

The mines have a British punk type theme that I found hilarious and creepy. The door man at this haunt had good intensity and I found him funny at times. He told us the rules and ordered us to enter. He set a good tone for the haunt.
As you enter the haunt you get into an elevator and begin your decent down to the mines. I love the way they set this up you really feel like you are descending into the earth on a rickety pulley driven lift. On the way down you can see the lights passing by you and can feel the pull of the elevator, great effect.

Once in the shafts of the mines you are greeted with some of the best sets and painting I have seen. You look at the walls and have to touch them to realize it’s just paint in areas because they look completely realistic. The set is done perfectly and you feel like you are really creeping around in an old mine shaft.

The acting in this haunt was great but could use more energy. My favorite scene was the saloon with the puppeteer controlling her puppet. The girl acting did a great job, she made me laugh, get creeped out and left me with plenty of loud screams to think about as I walked away.

Throughout the haunt you have to crawl through mining shafts and go down a slide which is fun, but may test you if you are claustrophobic. Floors move and buckle right beneath your feet so watch out! I love the Haunted Mines and recommend you stop by and check them out this year.

Pros: Amazing set, great painting very beautiful, good theme, great location
Cons: Acting needs more intensity, could be longer

Peyton Lucero

Pulling up to the Haunted Mines, the first thing that catches my eye are these huge metal mining structures. Right then and there, I felt like I was in for a rude awakening. As I wait in line, I listen to the horrifying sounds and noises that wait for me on the other side of the wall. I’m greeted with a few actors, getting me pumped up to go inside. This was my first time going through Colorado Springs haunts and let me tell you, my blood was pumping as I was patiently waiting in line to begin the mind terror.

Entering the first room was a joy. The greeter and rule explainer was a comedic fellow, wearing this old fashioned steam punk style outfit with a steam punk hand gun, which I thought was executed very well. Continuing my journey, I’m placed in an elevator, which I am told will malfunction and to hold on for dear life. I do just that because this elevator was going crazy! I exit the elevator and make my way through these beautiful, well designed sets that put me in awe! There was so much to look at and so little time to take everything in. Out of the entire haunt, there was definitely a handful of sets that really stood out to me and made me appreciate the hard work and dedication that was put into them. One of the rooms that I really enjoyed was the meat room with the giant meat grinder, which I loved by the way. It was one of my favorite props. It had fantastic wall paneling and gears and the lady who was getting grind to pieces was awesome. I thought it was a great effect. Another one I really enjoyed and found entertaining, was the bar scene. The two actors in there killed it! My favorite one was the dancing doll, did three phases of dancing and ended it with a bloody surprise. I’ve never seen anything done like that before and I’d have to say I was pretty impressed! I know it took time and hard work to nail that perfectly so two thumbs up for me. One other room I really enjoyed was the saw blade grinder room. I liked how when I first entered it’s completely dark, so it gets my mind wondering what’s in the room with me. Then the lights burst on and I see above, hovering over my head, four huge saw blades. Just as they’re about to drop down, the door swings open and the floors tilt and throw me out the room. I thought that set was great.

Having it been my first time at the Haunted Mines and it being the first weekend open, I was very impressed! I saw so many incredible well put together sets that just floored me. The actors had great costumes and characters. Even though it kind of seemed like there was more than one theme, it all worked out great in the end. There were very few flaws that I came across where most are easily fixable. First thing were some of the actors. Costumes and sets were great, make-up was pretty good, but their dialogue was a little troubled. When I was in a room with an actor, I would see that their room was amazing and their character all filthy, but all I would get from their dialogue was “ get out of here! “, “ let’s play “, or  “ where are you going? “, things like that. Not my favorite lines and definitely not scary. When you have an awesome room and character, become a part of the scene; bring my mind to your attention with words and phrases you think your character would say. Get in my comfort zone. Once you’re in make-up, you’re character should take over and not stop until that make-up’s off! One more tiny flaw I had was entering the room, I believe, before the saw blade room. It seemed almost like a small attic type space that was just all plywood and made me feel like I was in the actors’ corridor. Love the small, claustrophobic feeling, but spice it up a bit while people wait. Maybe add in some kind of textured rock and heart pounding   sounds of horror to give it even more of the feel that you’re stuck in a haunted mine. I also really enjoyed all the moving elevators and doorways that were hidden throughout the paths. I loved how I could interact with the scene and the fact that I had to travel through various shapes & sizes of doorways & hallways made it fun and adventurous for me. I almost felt like one of the Goonies. There may have been a few spots that seemed unfinished, but having it be a haunted mine, I’d say it all worked out just great. I would definitely like to come back for another visit to see these spooky, thrilling mines. It almost puts me in a haunted wonderland. Keep up the good work!

Pros: set design, costumes, length
Cons: actors dialogue, claustrophobic spaces

225 North Gate Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
I-25 south to exit 156A
  • $10.00 General, $20.00 VIP – Sept. 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29
  • $15.00 General, $25.00 VIP – Oct. 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 30, 31
  • $20.00 General, $30.00 VIP – Oct. 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27
September 20 – Oct. 31
Sept. 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29
8 – 10PM
October 4 – 27 & 30 – 31
Thursday – 7:30 – ??
Fri. – Sat. – 7:30 – ??
Nov 2 & 3: Make Up Days (for Ticket holders only if weather closures occured.)
Closes when line dies. Typically 10 on Weeknights and 12 on Weekends.
No preview available.