Mind Seizure 2012

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Ryan Acker

Bill Bevis

Lots of screaming by the actors. Sore vocal chords for them, next day–I’ll bet. Not so much screaming by me. I didn’t really get the set-up, other than it was the residence(?) of Dr. Shock(?). Or was it a hospital? Maybe a much-needed-to-be-shut-down nut house? The dude clanging the shovel in the graveyard got my attention though, and helped distract me from noticing the too-visible strip-mall-drop-tile ceiling of the space. I liked the air bags and strobes, and the actors really seemed into their roles. It was definitely a disturbed group, but I still feel I needed a bit more back-story to have me really “get,” or buy into what I was walking through.  The sets are good and seem clinically sinister. Cold. The hand-painted detail and artistry is worth seeing and appreciating. I absolutely loved the approach to the haunt.–the huge puppets are so cooly creative and life-like. They’re mesmerizing in and of themselves. Oh–and Satan is there too, or–if not the Big Cheese himself—at least a pretty highly-placed sledge-hammer-wielding minion. Was that a MASK??? I dunno. . . .

Pros: The puppets. Signage/detail. Air bags.
Cons: Obvious converted retail space. Loud screams, just for loud screams sake. Not enough initial set up/back story.

Jason Peterson

Pulling up to the parking lot, there are two 12ft baddies roaming about. Screams and shouts bleed through the front entrance of this strip mall style event. We were also greeted by a red demon wearing an impressive silicone mask. He ushered us inside, where two haunts stood side by side. Our descent begins on our left. As we wait, the intensity bleeds over the walls with very loud screams and shouts. Upon entering the first room, there is a library and we are greeted and given warning of Dr. Shock. I can’t remember actually encountering this monster of sorts but none the less, it helped the excitement. The bookcase opens, and the madness begins. First is a broken down playground scattered with debris and a few blood soaked children anxious to play. A few other memorable spots in this haunt is that freak on the fence! He did a great job. A kitchen scene with a crazy lady, where trust me you didn’t want to meet her boyfriend. I loved how she had a real cool contortionist style walk and made some real sick noises. Grandma and her granddaughter were very convincing and fun!

Although this haunt didn’t really stick to the theme and didn’t overload on tons of props, they had the energy to get the job done, and that’s one of the main keys! I would like to see this fine group of loud actors gets some coaching and work on better dialogue. “Get out”, “come play with me” and “stay with me” are just not scary enough. Understanding we hit this haunt very early in the season and I know it usually takes a few nights to find rhythm. The clowns in the techno room were on top of their game and made it very disorienting. All in all, the set design was adequate and well thought out and delivered. The strobes and lighting were effective and the actors definitely have potential. They are loud and intense! Give them a little dialogue to work with and this haunt has potential to rock even harder than it does now. I would like to see the layout more challenging to get through. I felt as though I had a clear path to safety a few times. If I had been stuck with the actors I encountered, that would have got my blood pumping and sucked me into the scene. This haunt is definitely an assault on your mind. Try and focus on actors assaulting it with some sick dialogue.

Pros- actors, intensity, lighting
Cons- length, dialogue

Alex Gallegos

Mindseizure is an old haunt that is reopening its doors this year, as the helpful attendant at the front door told us as we waited to be ushered inside. She seemed very keen for us to know that they were under new management and ownership, not that it made a lick of difference to me because it had been the first time I’d seen it anyway. It’s possible this is of some importance to you, however, so I just thought I’d mention it.

She tells us we’re about to enter the domain of Dr. Shocks. Am I supposed to know who that is? As far as my memory is concerned, he doesn’t have a spot in the top 10, so he’s not one of the most terrible people ever to live, like a Charles Manson or a Jeffrey Dahmer or a Carrot Top. But anyway, we tumbled through the door into Dr. Shocks’ wonderland of confusion and pain.

And confusion might be the way to describe this, because from then on it’s hard to tell exactly where I am. Is it a house, a lab, indoors, outdoors, all of the above, or a general sort of mish mash? Because I found all of these within the haunt. It’s as if cohesion wasn’t something they thought of when they built the haunt. Rather it seemed that a bunch of people got together and each thought of the coolest idea they could come up with, then went off and built it. It’s not that any of the scenes they put together are bad, because they aren’t – they’re usually very effective and with only a few complaints on the scene by scene level I can’t really justify complaining.

Those complaints are usually about set quality; some of the hydraulics are too noisy and some, like a giant spider in my path that just sort of twitched a bit, are just not particularly scary. Also, one room had a Christmas tree in it. Not a forest, not an outdoor area, not for any adequately explained reason. Just… a Christmas tree. One of the prelit models, probably with over 700 lights (though of course none were lit). It’s quite nice, actually, just completely out of place in the scene. Still, you can see that a lot of work has gone into the detail of the set pieces, if not always into making sure a room actually works like a room in an actual house would.

One complaint about the actors; they don’t have a “B track” which is a highly scientific term I made up myself just now. In order to act in a play, you only need an “A track – the lines the playwright wrote for you. You say them, the audience applauds, everyone goes home happy. But if you invite people to play along with you, you have to be prepared to roll with the punches of whatever John Q Public brings to the role. One actress told me to stop because if I came into the room any further, she’d be electrocuted on the electric chair. So I stopped. For a good 30 seconds. All she did was beg me not to come in. After a while I had to move on and she did indeed get fried, but at that point I was oddly satisfied. Hmmmm, maybe I need to make an appointment with my therapist.

It’s not the best haunt out there but it’s certainly not the worst we’ve ever seen, and it should definitely keep you entertained on a Saturday evening.

PROS: A couple actors who really stand out, Some good set design work, attention to detail.
CONS: Christmas tree in one of the rooms. Overly noisy hydraulics. Not all actors do good improve.

Marlena Baker

Mind Seizure is a journey through the house of a deranged doctor. At least, that’s what I got from the hasty introduction. There was a house and a deranged doctor, but this haunt fell short of its potential. Overall, it felt disjointed and the theme was lost among a lot of actors doing the same thing as we moved from scene to scene.

The setting was pretty well put together. The rooms of the house had enough elements of normality to make the scary elements creepier. It’s all the more jarring to see a normal space filled with the creeps and crazies. There were a few special props, but the sound of the hydraulics undermined their scare factor.

The actors really detracted from the experience. If there was any good acting, it got lost in all the screaming. Every room there was someone screaming at us. It got to the point where it wasn’t scary, it was predictable. I was more annoyed than anything. Their costumes and make up were well done but it didn’t make them scary without the acting to back it up.

The doctor himself was just a variation of the same theme. He would have been a lot more scary if he’d stopped screaming at us and did something deranged. He had a victim in the room with him, and she just screamed too. It was boring, especially after the rest of the haunt. I would have loved to see him do something to her, to get a glimpse at what his crazy makes him do.

The haunt felt very repetitive, with was a shame. Visually it had a lot of potential with both setting and costumes. The lack of acting and reliance on the same trick over and over killed it. You’ll get some good screams from Mind Seizure, but not as many as you could have.

Pros: Good set, good costumes, on theme
Cons: too much screaming, poor acting, actors didn’t do much

Corey Dunham

Mindsiezure is a mall style haunt that shares location with another. As soon as I pulled up to this haunt there are two gigantic monsters roaming around scaring passing cars and any pedestrians who cross their path. Once inside the building you are filled with screams of terror and loud bangs coming from inside Mindsiezure. As you continue you come to a red demon with a fantastic mask that directs you to the entrance of the haunt and you begin your journey.

Once inside you come to a small library with an opening bookcase and walk through. I really like the opening bookcase it made me feel like I was entering the hidden world behind the shelves kind of like the monsters in the basement. After, you come to a playground that looks as if it’s been taken over by child zombies. Their makeup was great and the use of kids as zombies was really creepy and played into the scene well. Overall I really liked the set design and feel they did a good job but, it needs more details and props.

The acting in Mindseizure was very great and had awesome intensity. All of the actors played their scene well and were right in your face. My favorite actors were the clowns in the circus room. They had good dialogue which others in the haunt should follow, there was not enough originality in a lot of the phrases said by other actors. It was a lot of the same old things you hear and just needs to be refreshed. Other than that the acting was great and done well, good job.

All in all, Mindseizure is a great haunt that just needs a more original idea and a little coaching in different areas. If that’s done this haunt will rise up and be a contender for number one. The acting is intense and has great energy, with good makeup used. I recommend this haunt to all haunters looking to have fun and be entertained this season.

Pros: great actor intensity, good set design
Cons: Needs to be longer, lacks in originality

Peyton Lucero

While waiting in line for Mindseizure, my mind was definitely seized by all the chaotic noises and sounds I heard. I really wanted to know what was going on in there. In the queue line, there wasn’t much excitement going on other than the haunt noises, but that’s definitely understandable knowing that it was the first weekend open and everyone was getting into their Halloween zone. Everyone still seemed really pumped up and were definitely bringing their A game.

When I entered the first room, it seemed to be some kind of library. There, I was greeted by a young gentleman who allowed me to enter the crazed world of Mindseizure. I stumbled upon many insane mind twisting sets and an institute of psychotic, maniacs. There were a few rooms that stuck with me. One was the living room with granny. The actress who played granny was great. All I hear is her calling out for her grandchild. Out of nowhere, she pops up from the couch. The couch popping was a great idea. Definitely unexpected. Another scene I thought was great and got my mind thinking was the chain fence maze. I liked how it looked easy to get out of but seemed harder than it looked. Actors were all great in there and it was definitely loud throughout scene. One actor that really got in my comfort zone and made my spine tingle was the guy who was monkey climbing the fences and smelling everyone in their faces and bodies. It really made me feel uncomfortable. Good job guy. Keep it up! One last room for me was the girl in the kitchen with her dead boyfriend. That animatronic was sweet and she nailed it including her speech afterwards. She really became a part of the scene and took her character seriously. Not one actor broke character, which puts a big smile on my face.

Through my chaotic travels through Mindseizure, I definitely came across some messed up, psycho people and some pretty cool sets and props. A couple things that could use a little work are the actors. They’re intense, in your face, and loud all around, but their dialogue could be a little bit better. Have their characters take over and become a part of the scene. Have them say things that will bring even them out of their comfort zone. They’re mental patients in an institute. They should say things that make me feel dirty inside. Make me one of your patients and put the thought in my head that I’m never getting out. Last was the haunt in general. The blueprint and layout was cool, but I felt like the haunt went way to quick. It’s missing more obstruction and chaos within the scenes. I like to have things in my path so I have to walk around them. Don’t be afraid to add more props. More is better than less. From everything I’ve seen and experienced, this haunt was twisted in the head crazy! I would gladly enjoy coming back for another round of psycho maniacs.

Pros- actors, lighting, wait period
Cons- actors dialogue, seemed to open, make-up

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