Terror in the Corn 2012

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Ryan Acker

Bill Bevis

This is fun. We got there late, and they still opened up to us. Nice folks. Thank you for that.

There’s a tractor-pulled wagon ride initially to get a load of people out to the “Terror in the Corn,” and it’s entertaining on the way. I think the best thing, and most potentially “terrifying” thing about being out there is the late-season corn–and that sinister rustle that drying stalks make when just a slight breeze blows through them, OR flesh-eating, zombie-demons are staggering amongst—comci, comsa.

I totally dug “Tree.” He’s 7’-2” tall. For real. No foolin.’ He doesn’t need stilts. He makes an impression. There is a character who keeps showing up throughout, which is good—and bad. He’s unsettling (which is a testament to him), but I wish he would go away sometimes, and leave room for other actor’s development, and support of set.

It’s a good, long haunt, and a good value. You get a lot for your outing, and the haunt isn’t the only reason to hang out for an evening.

Pros: Actors. Sets. Fun Wagon ride through the corn, and then great walk.

Cons: Ummmmm, none.

Victoria Maez

This haunt has a sense of humor and is truly fun to go through! Not only do you get to go on a haunted wagon ride out in the middle of huge corn stalks, but you get to walk through an old ghost town. Very authentic scenery with acting that’s more than just a “boo”. Actors use all sorts of crazy sounds to get your blood flowing, and even use humor to make you laugh. They create an all around good experience, and don’t take themselves too seriously. I appreciate that. They also had some pretty gnarly looking masks…a nice touch.

Scare factor was a little lower than everything else just because they could build a little more anticipation and thought out intentional scares. The ghost town set design looks pretty sweet. It would be cool to be able to walk through some of the buildings rather than just down the streets of the ghost town. This would get the customer more involved. I really like this haunts use of lasers. Lasers can be hit or miss, but the effect they created was fun and fit with the theme well. I absolutely love the huge pumpkin headed scarecrow looking figures! Fits super well with the corn theme, and just cool to look at! Overall, a fun haunt!

Pros: A lot of fun.

Cons: Could build a little more anticipation

Jason Peterson

We arrived pretty late for this adventure but the longtime owner got the terror ready and fired up for us. Huge property with tons of family entertainment. We await our tractor chariot to pull into port. We load up onto this huge trailer with seating on both sides and middle. As we pull our way in through a long dark road filled with corn, we pull into a barn where we pick up a passenger. He’s wearing a latex face mask and his dialogue is very entertaining. We also get taunted from both sides of the trailer while we’re parked in the barn. The doors swing open and we press on with our new passenger as well. There are small sets built on each side of the trail. They each offer a small entertaining show. Cletus the chicken farmer was my favorite.

After a good long ride, we exit our trailer be begin on foot through a cabin castle like façade and right into a snake animation, bam! Acting in this haunt is very good, dialogue is very strong throughout, and these actors make some of the coolest sounds and grunts. A few too many masks but effective without speaking dialogue. Many memorable sets in this attraction with good choreography and never a dull moment. Tons of actors and most transitions between sets were very well done and full of eye candy. I liked the fact that they had 40 foot tall jack o lanterns throughout the property and they are visible through many areas of our walk as well.

This haunt would be so much fun to visit in the late afternoon. Lots of activities for the whole family. I felt that the hay ride portion of this haunt gives it an extra dose of fun and climactic build up. The walk through has a very well blended amount of old school and new style design for every level of haunt enthusiast, with wicked facades, a decent amount of gore, and in your face acting. This was my first time here and I had a blast!

Pros: length, cool sets, good acting

Cons: ending could have been stronger, lots of masks

Alex Gallegos

What’s better than a Haunted Hayride through a dark and menacing cornfield that drops you off in an old western town that’s infested with zombies, leaving you to die? Well, okay, to be fair, a lot of things are, like winning a million dollars or marrying the girl of your dreams or, if you really want to be picky, not being thrown in to an old western town that’s infested with zombies and left to die, but you know what? Work with me here.

Anderson Farms is a fantastic venue for an October-themed festival of excitement, filled with pumpkins and spiced cider and all manner of Autumn-centric activities, and the haunt is just one of these aspects. You could probably make a day of it up there; at least if you don’t mind staring at pumpkins for five hours, otherwise you might do better with an afternoon/evening excursion culminating in the haunted house spectacular.

You start the experience on a tractor-drawn wagon going through the cornfield as the inhabitants warn you about the terrors up ahead (mainly zombies and snakes, or perhaps snake-wielding zombies or, worst of all… zombie snakes). All too soon the hayride is finished and you’re back to being on foot as you trudge along though a town which didn’t receive a name as far as I can remember, so which I shall inappropriately refer to as Shady Pines. The inhabitants of Shady Pines have all gone crazy, as you can tell by the way they hang off walls, butcher each other, cage each other, and generally cause each other and any visitors mayhem and grief.

Actors from all the way back in the corn during the hayride kept showing up and we were genuinely perplexed as to how they managed to keep popping up in front of us. And even though we were trying to get through in somewhat of a hurry because it was late and cold outside, the actors were on top of their game, because even when we thought we were catching up to the next group, they were all blocked and in first position, ready to go when we got there. Our inclination was to stand and wait a moment for the group ahead of us to finish but the actors moved us along and, to their credit, they weren’t wrong to do so.

It’s a very enjoyable haunt, and it has a level of polish that some others never manage to get anywhere near, so it’s definitely worth a look-in this season.

Pros: Actors did great at getting people through quickly, a superbly designed western town that seems larger than its actual area because it winds around, believable acting and costumes.

Cons: It tends to be a little cold, especially after you’ve been sprayed with water on the hayride, sometimes you feel the actors are pushing you through a little too fast.

Marlena Baker

Terror in the Corn has two parts. First you take a trailer ride and get some warnings about what lies ahead. Then you’re dropped off and have to walk through the town. It’s a good setup, the combination of the two. It lets them do some cool things.

The trailer ride is a more controlled environment. We couldn’t really move, so they brought the actors to us. They circled around the trailer while we were stopped, and then hopped right in to mess with us face to face. The main part of the ride was a series of scenes, set up above the corn, which we stopped at. Each time an actor would tell us about where we were going, building apprehension. It was a great introduction to the haunt. I just wasn’t sure they were used as effectively as possible. They mentioned zombies a lot, but when we got to the next part there were only a few zombies.

After getting dropped off, there’s a bit of a walk through the corn field to get to the town. There were some zombies, but more of the walk seemed to focus on wolves. Howling noises in the corn and glowing red eyes hinted that we were being stalked. Those elements were spread out, making that seem like the main threat. On the way, there’s plenty to see. There was even someone making moonshine. That was a cool scene and it helped set the tone for the town we were heading towards. The town itself is amazing. One of the neat things as you wind your way through the town is seeing the other side of a building you passed earlier. They aren’t just facades. The buildings are actual spaces. They’ve built a town. Each building has something interesting to look at inside. The residents of the town were creepy. They teased and taunted us as we walked. They didn’t scream or yell at us much, which was good. They had good lines. The acting really upheld the theme and the atmosphere.

Terror in the Corn manages to have a variety of experiences, but still keep the same atmosphere throughout. All the different parts match up pretty well and help build apprehension for the next part. The ride out does this the best. There’s something really unsettling about being dropped off in the middle of a corn field at night and watching your ride drive away.

Pros: Great cohesion, amazing sets, trailer ride

Cons: timing between groups

Corey Dunham

Terror in The Corn located at Anderson Farms is an amazing haunt for all to enjoy. This haunt is different in its approach as a corn field based attraction; you would think it’s just a corn maze but it is so much more! The area of this haunt is amazing and gives it a very creepy feeling even before you enter.

Once you get to the entrance of this attraction you are welcomed by a driver of a tractor pulled wagon which you are loaded on to begin your experience. As you ride in the wagon it drives through the corn and actors jump out to scare you, one actor even jumped on our wagon and came along for the ride! He was very interactive with the people in the wagon which made it personal, you usually don’t get such personal contact in a haunt, and I totally liked it. As we continued to travel we came to different sets that we parked in and got mini-shows. I really like this about Terror in The Corn because it’s unique and not offered by any other haunt I know of. Also on the ride you better watch out for the skeletons! A skeleton pops out of hiding and has a nasty surprise to all who don’t duck! I really liked this they incorporated fun into their haunt which many don’t do.

Eventually the wagon comes to a stop and you are deep into the corn, you think the haunt is over until you continue on and come to the walk through portion of Terror in The Corn. I love how this haunt has two parts, you get a half scare thinking you got ripped off then realize you are getting more than you paid for. As you walk on you start to hear thriller which gets you in the mood to have fun! You come to different scenes within the corn which is awesome! This isn’t your average cornfield haunt this place takes it to the extreme and turns a corn maze into an amazingly intense experience.

The acting in this haunt was great; had tons of enthusiasm and intensity. All of the actors had great costumes and masks; the only thing I did not like about the actors was the lack of makeup used. I feel that masks are not as effective and realistic as makeup when done well and think more should be used here. Other than that the acting was great and very spot on. None of the actors “booed” or “grr’d” me which was awesome and I heard some amazing gnarls, as well as many other identifiable noises. Good job actors!

The set design was amazing throughout this haunt and deserves much appreciation. Most of the scenes were original and had a great vibe to them. The attention to detail was awesome and you can tell lots of hard work was put into creating these. From the straw built houses to the gigantic pumpkin people, everything is beautiful and is a must see.

Terror in The Corn is a great haunt with lots of enthusiasm, charisma, and has little room for improvement. The acting is believable and pursued intently with tons of intensity. The sets are immaculate and have much attention put into the detail and creation of them. I highly recommend this haunt, it is a must see and is lots of fun. I hope to see you there! I’ll be back for sure this season!

Pros: Great acting, amazing props

Cons: To many masks used, lack of makeup and original costumes

Peyton Lucero

Here at Terror in the Corn, you are located at a farm in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but terror and fear surrounding you. As we’re waiting in line, a huge tractor pulls up, toting a big wagon in the back. This was our ride into the dark, terrifying corn. All loaded up and ready to take off, we make our way through the thick corn to reach our destination. We stopped in this farm shed, where we were attacked by more than one mangling monster or zombie. They either circled the wagon making weird, creepy, grunting sounds or hopped aboard and terrorized us with his dirty dialogue. That was pretty awesome. I had one dude with a cut up face mask sit next to me and start talking about all kinds of weird things. He was very entertaining and full of energy. Continuing on this tractor ride from hell, we pass a bunch of awesome sets and facades that are built up into the corn, each had its own theme and character, and were very enjoyable to watch. Almost seemed like short story movie sets. Some of the sets within the corn were a cemetery, a large truck, bedroom with a mother and child, Long Ranch Saloon, and Cletus the chicken farmer, whom I thought was hilarious. I even got blasted in the face with an animation that sprayed out water. Wasn’t expecting that on a cold night, but it was awesome! Just when you think the tractor ride isn’t enough, we come to a complete stop and are let off the ride. This is where we then continue our awesome journey on foot!

Making my way through this treacherous town, I come across some amazing facades and sets! These sets were built within the buildings, so they were only allowed to be viewed from the outside. I was sad I wasn’t able to stand within the room and enjoy my surroundings but this set up gave me the same feeling just as much. I thought this set up was a very unique way to have them built and viewed. Traveling through the corn was fun as well. You never knew what to expect to come rushing out of the corn. What did chase after me though were two frightening werewolves that looked awesome and terrifying sprinting out of the corn. There was a moonshine still that spat out fire and had a crazy actor working it. I came across a lot of hay built huts that I thought were outstanding! I saw a lot of cool and gory props, one of them being a dead torn up dog lying outside his dog house, and also being one of my favorites. It looked super real and had emotion to it making me feel sad and sorry for it. Another prop I really loved was the organ piano that was made out of body parts and bones. I thought that was very unique and original and looked amazing! The town had a lot of cool and fun buildings, such as Brenda’s Dance Hall, Mom’s Café, Last Picture Show movie theater, and many other places you think would be in a small ghost looking town. Each building went along with the set built within it and all fit into one well executed area.

Terror in the corn is not just a corn maze, but a small town ruled by crazy people yielding machetes and spiked medieval weapons made of bones, ranting like maniacs, and making all kinds of scary grunts, snarls, and growls and looks like it has been abandoned, broken down, and taken over by the dead and maniacs. It is full of detail, entertainment, and energized actors. The view from the tractor ride is just outstanding. You can see the buildings and some sets within the corn that make it look like an actual old run down town, and peeking over it all were these 30-40 feet tall pumpkin scarecrows that almost had that appearance of Jack the Pumpkin King. Those were simply amazing and the fact that there were more than two put me in awe! One thing that kind of confused me a little was, about a quarter ways through on foot, we come across this roped que line area that looks like it could be the ending of the haunt. It was very quiet and empty feeling until you came across more sets. Maybe put a few actors and some music or fog, some kind of effect or attraction that will make you know you’re still in the haunt. I had an awesome time traveling through this haunt, on tractor and foot! Everything was well placed properly, actors were on their feet and in scare mode, and the length seemed to feel never ending. Great job on everything! Keep up the good work and I look forward on seeing next year’s layout.

Pros: fantastic sets/ facades, entertainment all the way through tractor ride, actors were full of energy

Cons: one spot seemed to lack energy, you may get wet, it ended

6728 County Road 3 1/4
Erie, CO 80516
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September 22 – Oct. 31
Fri. – Sat.
7 – 11PM
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