All Aboard the EyeHeartBrains Express, Destination…Horror!

Every year, Colorado’s creepiest, ghouliest, bloodiest dis-members come out to play. On October 19, the 8th Annual Denver Zombie Crawl and Organ Trail will once again take over the city. Whether walking, crawling or running to Skyline Park at the heart of town, the zombies are coming.

Join people of all ages in Downtown Denver to kick off the day with the Organ Trail. With “one part Amazing Race, one part Fear Factor, one part Haunted House”, this race breeds the ultimate trifecta of elements in horror. Make your way to the park of the undead, where together zombies from all walks of life, er, death, will gather to race through town solving the clues that make up the Organ Trail and what lies at the end: Cash Money, money money money.

Teams will work together, solving the riddles that will take them all over downtown in search of first prize (and second and third). Bring your wallets, bring your team, bring your camera and I.D. but whatever you do, do not forget your BRAINS! Seriously, though, all that stuff is mandatory.

Document your trek through video and photo, taking care to capture the moments that will bring you to success…if you’re quick enough! Or, lead to your failure if you can’t complete the challenges on time. Bring your brainiest phone and a GPS along to help guide you through the city of the walking dead. For, to reach the end, one must first follow the trail.

Once you’ve made your way through the bloody mess that will be Denver, stick around for even more fun at the Zombie Crawl! From costume contests, to the rising of Michael Jackson through some truly Thriller dance moves, all the way to the after parties. Before the night takes the day, wander! Lining the streets lay vendors waiting to serve the moving corpses. With games, crafts, gifts, merchandise and food for the whole lifeless family, what’s not to like?

As the moon rises, follow the flesh-eating hordes to a full on monster mash! Make the night unforgettable with a ticket to the Zombie Prom at Meadowlark and then try to ah, ah, ah, ah, Stay Alive at Casselman’s Bar and Venue. Bring a date or go with friends to these R-rated afterlife festivities and dance your heart out…if you’ve still got one!

Zombies, crawl out!


Spooky Colorado’s Jason Peterson (critic) ready for the 2013 Zombie Crawl

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