Twisted Haunted House


1655 Simms St. – American Legion Post 178
Lakewood, CO
  • $5.00 – All proceeds go to the American Legion
October 17th   8pm-11pmOctober 18th  7pm – 11pm 
American Legion Post 178
 Twisted Haunted House is produced by the kids of the American Legion Post 178 with all proceeds going to the American Legion. This haunt is in it’s 5th year and they have changed it up again this year for maximum scares!Head over to Twisted Haunted House for a great time and a great cause!

(Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult)

Marlena Baker

Twisted Haunted House is a neat little haunt put together by volunteers to raise money for veterans. I was really impressed with what they managed on such a small budget and with high school actors. The props were all handmade and they were really well done. There were some props unlike anything I’d seen before. I especially loved the dress in the first room. They did a good job of making scenes out of those props, and the actors were fantastic at using those scenes. They had dialog that fit with the scene and there were no cliche lines. I really enjoyed their intensity; big props to all of them. My only comment would be to have the actors help direct people through the haunt as the path was sometimes hard to find. Overall very worth the money and for a great cause. Keep up the good work!

Peyton Lucero

Here at the American Legion in Lakewood, a home haunt has been created by fantastic artists. If I recall correctly, they said this is their 5th year up in business! Congrats and job well done! This team of individuals ranging in age from high school to adults made this haunt become reality. Before I got to walk in, I was also told that all the props and sets being used were all hand crafted by the owner and wife of the haunt. Pretty impressive and great job at detail!

This haunt was a little on the short side but had so many twists and surprises that it made it seem longer than it really was. They also put out the appearance that it was over after a certain candy and dumpster spot I encountered. Tricky, tricky!

The actors that were scattered throughout were pretty awesome on their scares and dialogue. They rolled with the flow and really allowed the characters to come out. Some of the dialogue used was just downright dirty while others were quieter with their death stares and rusty tools ready for action. A few that really stood out to me were the 2 girls in the blood drenched nurse room. One of them was in a wheel chair playing with some organs I believe, and the other was screaming and torturing the victim. They were great and the set looked awesome! One sweet effect I saw was another girl in a dress while her bottom part was sheer with lighting coming through and hands piercing the fabric, looking for a way out. Never seen that effect before, so very well done!

This haunt is great for entertainment and a fun night for the kids. All proceeds go to the American Legion while children get to have an endless amount of fun! This is a decent sized haunt and is definitely worth the check out. Each year seems to have its own environment and it keeps getting added on to and bigger. I hope one day to see the success grow even more!

Pros: set work, creativity, actor intensity

Cons: very few actors, haunt lacked some intensity, it ended