2014 Review Team


Kris Kropelnicki

Team Lead / Critic

When I go to a haunt, I am looking for a complete suspension of disbelief and authenticity. If I am supposed to be in an old abandoned mansion, I want the experience to be just that. I’m looking at the set design, lighting, props, smells, costumes and make up. If the set looks authentic, yet smells like latex, that ruins the overall effect for me. Consistency of theme is important as well. The things that scare me most are the unknown, especially in the dark. Allowing the suspense to build makes for a much better scare for me.


Alex Gallegos

Webmaster / Critic

As far as I’m concerned a great haunt provides me with an experience that’s somehow new and different. Jars of blood with shrunken heads in them, prisoners reaching at me from their cells screaming, creepy clowns that jump out at me from behind doors and a wailing demon straight from the fiery depths of hell can all be entertaining, sure, but these set pieces have a tendency to wear a bit thin. Something unconventional – zombie uprising, aliens, robot apocalypse… even a deranged undead Betsy Ross who stitches a five point star onto each victim’s corpse will make me sit up and take notice just for the sheer novelty of a unique experience.


Jason Peterson


What I look for in a haunt is a consistent theme, if there is one present, and set design, which is a big deal to me. A good set can make me forget that I’m actually walking around inside a warehouse, a mall, a tent, or even a trailer. I like to feel immersed within the set and with the actor. Acting and costuming help polish and bring a good set together. It’s also important that actors never break character and stay relentless in disturbing or frightening me. I’m a huge fan of props, if used correctly. I enjoy all different styles of haunting. I’m also a big fan of line entertainment, it’s always fun getting pumped up before the big show. This isn’t a necessity but it’s a fun way to pass the time while you wait. Length is great as long as it doesn’t consist of to many dead spots or dark undecorated halls. I look for originality, lighting, sound, smells, humor, make-up, and costuming.


Peyton Lucero


I have been acting and haunting for some of Colorado’s finest haunts. I worked my way into set design, became an established make-up assistant, and jumped into character to begin the scaring to all who entered my world. I have helped build, tear down, and everything in between. I have a special appreciation for haunted houses and love just about any style of haunting, from old school vampires to zombie or alien infestations. I am a gore hound! I love gory props & make-up, and I think it’s important to light up the gore so I can see it! Lights, sound, smell, along with good acting, that’s what I’m looking for. Never say “boo!” and not a huge fan of the line “get out of my room!” either. I have not been able to see many of the haunts here in Colorado, so I definitely look forward to the new season as I’ve never seen it before.


Marlena Baker


A haunted house needs atmosphere first and foremost. I look for a haunted house that really draws me in and keeps me nervous between scares. A cohesive theme always helps me stay in the mood and really believe I’m surrounded by horrible things. Good haunted houses don’t overplay one particular scare and keep the pacing steady so the crowds don’t detract from the mood.

Kennedy Horstmeyer


I am new to the haunt team this year. I love going to haunts each year and seeing improvements and changes in themes. In a haunt I want to be scared but I also enjoy moments that build up the suspense for the next scene. Haunts need the balance of dark and eerie fog, but the visibility to see the actors and scenes. I am very excited to truly learn what I enjoy in a haunt and what is not my favorite.

Regina Kropelnicki



When going into a haunt, I want it to feel real. I want the fear to be that I am really in the situation. The set and smells have to be as authentic as possible to get me into this feeling. Good lighting is also a must….it can’t be too bright, but I don’t want it so dark that I can’t see either.  I personally don’t like when I am consistently in the dark, to me that seems too easy. I enjoy when haunts are able to scare me without the need of putting me in pitch black darkness to do so.  I do enjoy the minor lulls in action where I am in suspense the entire time trying to figure out what is going to happen next, but it can’t be too long. Themed haunts are a huge plus in my book! I like the rooms to flow and make sense rather than a bunch of random rooms. I love amazing costumes and makeup! It’s so much better than someone just throwing on a mask and feels much more real to me. The actors can either make or break a haunt. The actors have to stay in character and have amazing timing to get good scares. I dislike the usual sayings such as “Get out!”, “Boo!” or when they growl at me. I enjoy when an actor gets so into their character that literally just their presence can scare me. Sometimes the scariest ones are the ones who say nothing at all. I enjoy the unpredictable scares the most! I start to think I know what the next scare is or where the actor is going to jump out from and they get me by doing something totally different! I am so excited to be a part of the Spooky Colorado team and I look forward to seeing all of the amazing haunts for the 2014 season and seeing all of the hard work put in by all involved!

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