13th Floor 2014

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4120 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO.
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In most buildings, there is no 13th Floor, unfortunately hidden in this one, there is…

As legend has it, the 13th Floor, a haunted house built from your darkest nightmares. Well, the thing about legends and nightmares is…sometimes they’re real. The 13th Floor, Denver’s legendary haunted house, a gut wrenching ride to untold nightmares 13 floors straight down!

What is the terrible secret on the 13th Floor? Superstition? Conspiracy? or something much, much worse?

Horror in the Heart of Denver, I-70 and Brighton Blvd. one block south of the Denver Coliseum.

This Halloween Season, don’t just go to a haunted house, experience the one you’ll be telling your friends about, experience the legend, experience the World Famous 13th Floor!

  • Drakmor

    This was the third and final haunt of the night for me and by friend on Thursday October 30the. When we arrived and bought our tickets I asked about the wait which was almost 2 hours. This is one haunt I had normally avoided beceause several people told me it wasn’t as good as advertised. The wait went by quickly thanks to the actors in line and music. The first haunt was a posession theme , the sets were very dwetailed. The actors pretty much just screamed and grunted at us. The effects were also impressive, and I did like the haunt, it was just a little too short for my liking. After winding through the indoor Que we boarded a elevator to go to the main haunt, the dwellings of the dead. This haunt relied mostly on animatronic and prop scares. The few actors that were inside did a great job, I just wished there were more of them. If there was one complaint I would have is for the haunt to have better line control. Immediately upon entering the main haunt the couple in front of us stopped, and started to make out, blocking me from moving past them and causing a congaline behind them. That sometime happens, but neither the actor or the hooded security officer told them to move on. This would not have bothered me if this just happened once, but the couple kept making out in every couple of rooms throughout the whole haunt. Once again with security and actors doing nothing. All the other haunts I went through this year would have given them one warning, and if the couple did it again they would have been escorted out. I even waited at the exit just so I could see how long the groups that have caught up to the line were and I counted 35 people. Sorry about that, the rant is over. While a very technology advancexd haunt with great effects, Idon’t see myself going again. I would give 13th floor a overall 6 out of ten.