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Kris Kropelnicki

WOW!!! What a comeback for the Creepy Walk crew!!! This haunt, located in Loveland and built and run by kids and their parents, this haunt could no open last year because of the floods. They were hit  extremely hard and literally lost everything, including the woods they build the haunt in. Everything was under water. I truly am shocked that they were able to come right back and they did it in a huge way!!!

Before I get started with my review, my first order of business is to shout it from the rooftops that I have been dethroned as the ‘Scream Queen’ by a man named Les Harris. I won’t say how or where it happened, other than in the haunt; I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll keep it quiet, except for the rooftop proclamation:

Les Harris IS THE SCARE MASTER FOR 2014!!!!!!

Why the shouting you ask? Because I haven’t stopped shouting and screaming since I went through this haunt, that’s why! Mr. Les Harris managed to not only scare me, but he made me SCREAM, I mean really SCREAM and take off running, (well, fast hobbling in my walking boot) and I was freaked out!!

These guys are amazing!!! Let’s talk scare factor for just a minute….because this haunt is outside, in the woods, it is automatically creepy all on its own. The thick trees provide ample cover for actors to hide in and simply hearing a twig snap out here is enough to make anyone a bit jumpy, but they maximize how they use these woods and the scares are incredible!! There are so many great places for actors to hide, and they do, then throw in the set work and acting and it makes for a spectacular night of screaming! My other scares came from the thicket that I encountered and I will not tell you what was done here, or how, but the thicket all by itself is scary, throw in the incredible actors and their ingenious use of space here and it is literally heart stopping.

Actors here are very good and their timing is spot on! They have the patience to wait for precisely the right moment to jump out, make noise, slither by in the dark, etc. to maximize the scares. There are some great characters here but my personal favorites were the witches. Yes, I said witches!! This is the only haunt on the Front Range that has witches and these gals play their roles to the hilt!! I love the way they cackled with glee as they surrounded us, trying to decide which of us was going in the pot first.

I also really enjoyed the actress playing Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She was very good and very creepy.

The butcher shop actors were off the chain! The “Butcher” pulled a move I have never seen done before as did the victim. The results were shocking and made me want to get out of there and fast!!

The ringmaster was also really incredible and was very creepy the way he moved, spoke and carried himself.

All actors were really incredible and makeup and costuming fit the scenes they were in very well. I did see a couple of actors that needed a tiny boost in makeup, but that wasn’t enough to worry about because they did so well acting that minor makeup issues didn’t detract from the experience.

Outstanding job everyone!!!! Your hard work has really paid off and you’re all incredible!!!

Sets are excellent! As I said, the haunt is set up in the woods and that alone provides tons of natural ambiances to set the mood.

The trails and paths were run through the space really well and every inch had details galore! Make sure to look everywhere when you come through because there literally is something to see everywhere you look and in tons of the places you don’t! Look high and low, you won’t be disappointed!

The witches coven set is positively perfect and looks very authentic…it was like reliving a childhood story, getting the warm and fuzzies, then snapping back to the reality that a group of witches had surrounded me and I was in their world now.

The spider, circus and zombie scenes were great and again, details, details, details galore!!!

The details are great with lots of fun signs to read along the way; I was worried that because the haunt is kid friendly during the day that sets would be too kid geared and would detract from the overall scares. They weren’t and they didn’t. In fact, the scenes that are used for the kid friendly haunt and the night haunt work very well at night because they add this creepy vibe to the whole experience.

Length is perfect! Long enough to feel like it is well worth the cost of admission but not so long that it becomes boring or repetitive. Awesome job!

This haunt is a perfect family destination this season and has all the elements of a much bigger commercial production without the hype. The focus here is on scares and sets and they have it right…they have mastered the art of scaring but have a great set for the little ones as well. It’s a true match made in heaven for this critic!!

Pros: Sets, Acting, Set details

Cons: some actors need a touch more makeup, it ends…sadly, it doesn’t last forever!


Alex Gallegos

Alright, I’ll be honest. When I was told that I’d be reviewing a haunt put on by the boy scouts, I didn’t have a lot of high expectations. It’s not that I think boy scouts are technically inept, by any means – I know they have badges for all those knots they have to tie. But I did sort of expect to be assaulted by a 10-year-old’s idea of what scary is, something on the whimsical side, not terribly violent, and in general just less of a hard hitting experience.

Well, you can tell from the scores just how well those expectations matched up with reality, can’t you? I have never seen this kind of reaction from the review team in four years of reviewing. Kris, the team lead, grabbed on to my hand for emotional support at one point, and you know what? I didn’t pull it away!

The sets in here are beautifully done, using some incredible materials and a combination of found relics and natural scenery that creates real and foreboding atmospheres. The name of the haunt isn’t a misnomer, you are in the woods, and you better be prepared to walk a ways, because the path weaves all around the place. If you’ve been reading the rest of my reviews this year (and if not, what’s the matter with you?) then you’ll know that one of the things that’s stood out to all of us is that reality is always better than trying to simulate reality, and the woods already evoke a creepy feeling before anything is even done to them in terms of sets or decoration.

The actors are fantastic, and they did a good job of interacting with us, but more importantly, they worked with the sets and the atmosphere as well. Once we got into the trees, there were scuttling noises all around us as living bushes and scary creepy moss monsters came at us, seeming to materialize right out of thin air. Later on, we’d catch glimpses of evil-looking things hiding out in the distance, illuminated for a brief second, long enough to see them only, and then they’d vanish again, only to be replaced by something else approaching from a different angle.

Monsters and creatures of all kinds threatened to remove our limbs, clowns and demonic llamas (yes, you read that right, unless you didn’t read it as ‘demonic llamas’ because… that’s what it was) invited us into a maze of doors like one might lead a lamb to a slaughterhouse, and I really loved the vortex tunnel done entirely with light instead of with moving walls. I watched another critic go through and she ended up standing at something like a 35 degree angle due to the disorienting effect, despite actually being on level ground.

There are a whole lot of other creepy crawlies out to get you, like giant evil spiders, and then there are the zombies, which make up the thrilling conclusion. I’ve never seen a zombie attack done so well; at the end, they just filed in from all directions coming at us like rabid undead psychopaths, which is exactly what they’re supposed to be. We were outnumbered and being herded in a single direction, and I was loving it! It was absolutely brilliant.

This is one of those absolutely pitch perfect experiences that has to be experienced to be believed, and distance should be no object. I drove 80 miles to see it and I would happily go again, so distance is no object. If you’ve ever listened to me on anything, listen to me on this – DO NOT MISS THIS HAUNT!

Pros: A well-done Zombie Horde, Spooky atmosphere, Actors who understand subtlety, distance, and intensity

Cons: None come to mind

Marlena Baker

Wow. I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going to see at this haunt. I’d always heard good things but I knew it was a volunteer haunt and that they’d been wiped out by the flooding last year. I had honestly tempered my expectations as I went in. By the time I came out, I was blown away.

It amazes me that they had started from scratch for the most part this year. The sets were really well built. They hands down had the best witches’ camp I’ve ever seen. It was full of all sorts of funky bottles and dead things. It was very cluttered and the coven of witches really sold it. The haunt was mostly fairy tale themed. Be sure to take in all the details you can. The headstones and the signs they had throughout were very clever and often funny. The humor added to the entertainment I got out of the haunt, but it didn’t detract from the creepiness. I love fairy tales gone wrong. Alice in Wonderland was another fantastic scene. They used blacklights really well without overdoing it. I also have to give props for a really good vortex tunnel, that’s a bit different from the usual, and the spider room. There’s always a spider room, but this one is the best. They even addressed my pet peeve, body bags. I had to really shove them out of the way! <3

The actors absolutely rocked it! There was a lot of intensity from all the actors. It’s hard to pick which characters to talk about. They were all very good. I did particularly like the couple in the graveyard. They were just downright creepy. The witches, as I mentioned above, were one of my favorite parts. They didn’t go for a jump scare, but they did swarm us and make us uncomfortable. My other favorite part, and it’s hard to choose, had to be when we were forced to leave the path and walk through a section of trees full of watching eyes. Actors all in black harassed us the whole way through. Surrounded by trees, I felt very vulnerable as I would have a very hard time running without tripping. The actors never let up. Then there were the zombies. They actually have a horde of zombies. They came from everywhere to swarm us. It was very well done.

In addition to the creepy walk, the fairy tale parts are part of a walk for kids. During the day they transform part of the haunt into a much less scary walk, where the kids are given little treats and presents and get to wander through the fairy tales. It’s amazing to see what they managed with the issues they’ve faced. I was super impressed with Creepy Walk and I think you will be too.

Pros: great atmosphere, amazing acting, great scenes

Cons: None


1750 Savage Road
Loveland, CO.
  • $12
  • $5 for Kids Walk October 25th, 12-4pm (Parents FREE!!)
October 17-18, 24-25 & Halloween 7-11pm
This isn’t your typical haunted house; the Creepy Walk in the Woods is a terrifying stroll through the Savage Woods, just west of the Devils Backbone in Loveland, Colorado. Join us, if you dare, on a meandering path that puts you face to face with ghosts, phantoms, and the undead. Are you brave enough? Can you make it out of the savage woods… alive?For those younger trick-or-treaters that want to experience the fun (without all the scares), be sure to join us for the Kids Walk in the Woods on October 25th.