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Kris Kropelnicki

MorbidNights Colorado has brought “Fear of All Fears” back for a new season, in a new location, with a fresh new look. Located on the north side of the UNC campus, Fear of All Fears has recreated itself and is radiating potential brighter than the sun these days.

The scares in this haunt come from a variety of fears and phobias that have plagued mankind since the beginning of time and while some of the scares are not as obvious as others, the crew does a nice job overall.

For me, the majority of the scares came in unexpected ways and from places I wouldn’t have imagined which was a good change of pace. There was one area in particular that not only freaked me out, it made me very uncomfortable in more ways than one. I felt very restricted and confined which made me uneasy, but when I realized there was no way I could run, no matter what happened, that pushed my fear level through the roof. Dim the lighting here and it will become very frightening from the moment one enters!

Acting was greatly improved throughout the haunt, from the mad doctor to the young woman mourning her loss, the performances were top notch and extremely believable. I found myself feeling sympathy for some of the characters. And ladies, all of you, your screams were some of the very best I’ve ever heard. These were not your typical ear piercing shrieks heard in so many haunts, oh no! These were gut wrenching, anguish filled moans and wails that were so believable I myself began feeling a sense of sorrow and loss. Very well done!

The dialogue has improved a hundred fold from previous seasons and every actor, regardless of role, was very engaged in not only their scene, but their characters as well. The full immersion of the actors made for better authenticity in the haunt overall. Energy was high with some actors so ramped up I could easily see them going over the edge and doing something terrible.

Makeup and costuming seemed a bit parochial on some actors, while others couldn’t have been more realistic. There may be some debate here among my fellow critics, but I personally found it a bold move to have actors wearing street clothes with little to no makeup on. Many may miss the reasoning behind this, but look closer at the scene and one will see that the makeup is perfect. I’ve never seen a mourner wearing masks, zombie makeup, or otherwise, I never did understand that. The realistic makeup worked for me in the scenes that it was appropriate.

Sets and effects have also improved greatly and the new location seems to be working well overall. I would like to see the floor plan extended and paths rerouted to close walkways in and maximize the use of space, but for a first year in the current location it worked nicely. Sets and scenes are wood construction, much sturdier, which gave realism a boost, and are a dramatic improvement from sheets and plastic. The haunt is maturing and coming into its own this season; now it merely needs location stability so that sets can be fully developed and reach their full potential. While I did see areas that could use a good dose of details, the areas that were decked out worked well.

This haunt with its new home and layout is not as lengthy as a typical haunt and ended a bit abruptly for me however, the length is appropriate for the floor plan.

While not outrageously frightening, which makes it appropriate for nearly all ages over about 12, this haunt does provide some interesting new twists on age old scares and is bold enough to take scenes to a dimension unseen before. Keep a close eye on this one as it continues to develop and find its niche in the industry. Fear of All Fears is well on its way to becoming a haunt that will leave fictitious characters at the door and rely solely on the realities of life’s horrors to induce scares from the masses.

Pros: Realistic ideas for scenes; ACTING; Energy

Cons: Some sets were sparse; abrupt ending; needs a couple lighting tweaks

Alex Gallegos

Fear of All Fears is the latest production from MorbidNights up in Greeley and I was very excited to see what they’d come up with this year! Inside a small little house, I met up with a doctor, sitting comfortably in his easy chair, totally covered in blood. The last time that happened to me, it ended poorly, but I went ahead, deeper into his lair. He promised me that he was doing an experiment to see what people are really afraid of, but I’m starting to think he was just saying that. Because the whole time I was there he seemed much more interested in hacking up other people than he did in taking any notes. How he ever intends to get published is beyond me.

Because of the doctor’s fear experiments, it makes sense that he’d have all these crazy things in his house – clowns covered in glowing polka dots, snakes and reptiles on the loose, grisly dead baby corpses, and hysterical mourners grieving over a dead body.

The acting was really intense, and all the actors did a very good job of selling us on their roles. I really believed that everyone who was screaming, weeping, crying, or whimpering really felt the emotions they were portraying in the characters. At one point, I entered a room with the rest of my group to find a woman strapped to a gurney, begging for us to free her before the nurse came back. However, when we turned around, the nurse was right there amongst us, and she hadn’t come through the door we were about to exit. It took me a moment to realize where she’d come from but… well, that would be telling, now wouldn’t it?

There were a couple of pieces that were off, but nothing that really spoiled the experience. A couple of the rooms are really dim on the lighting, which is a fine experience in terms of being scary, but unfortunately it meant that I couldn’t see the set dressing in detail and from what I can tell, someone did a really good job on it. The ending didn’t pack a lot of punch, but it was early in the season when we reviewed so I’m sure that’s gotten a little more TLC since we’ve been there. Other than that, I was disappointed in the length because I was enjoying everything I’d seen so far and I just wanted there to be more of it. As they say in show business, leave them wanting more. They did that, and I’ll be counting the days down until 2015 when I can go get another hot helping of whatever they’re offering.

All in all, a fantastic showing from MorbidNights, and a definitive move up from prior years. Absolutely worth checking out.

Pros: Fantastic work by the actors, good set design, really loved the room with all the body bags (including one I had to step over to move on – little thing but it stood out to me)

Cons: Lighting is not quite right in a couple rooms, I really wish there was more to it

Jason Peterson

Review coming soon!

Peyton Lucero

Walking up to what looked like a retail  type of building, it seemed a little quiet, knowing we were going to a haunted house. It is however, understandable it being opening night. Just to note though, loud, raunchy,and scary music is always a good feature to have because music tends to draw people in.

Our group walked into the building and down a small flight of stairs to the queue line. I saw wall panels that were painted white and had some window shutters painted alongside the door we enter. I could hear lots of screaming and shouting so it definitely sounded like it was a packed house. It became our turn to knock on the door. When we did, a crazy, lunatic doctor had welcomed us in.

The actors in this haunt Were pretty spontaneous and energetic. It felt like there was an actor in every room and a good majority of them were spontaneous, energetic, and had decent dialouge. The doctor was my favorite as he stayed in character the whole night and had a continuous burst of energy and dialouge.

The props, sets, and FX in this haunt were not bad. Not many props were used, but that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice to have very few props because then it allows us to give our full attention to the actor. I did feel though that there were too many plain walls. Some were painted, but a few lacked the detail needed to finish off a room. Using things like burlap, jute cloth, Spanish moss, or even architectural structures can help bring a room to life that much more!

I thought the actors were great but few seemed a little off time when it came to scaring us. I also saw a few masks that were decent for the characters, but I also saw little to no make up on some as well. I do understand again that it was opening night and know how difficult it can be to put make up on each actor. It is important though that every actor has some type of mask or make up on because seeing a plain human face that looks innocent will become too distracting for the public, that it will become more difficult to scare them. Having a small handful of people in charge of makeup is always helpful.

This haunt was entertaining and full of actors that are loaded with energy. It keeps you going with all the doors you have to open, hiding their unknown secrets. The theme of Fear of All Fears seemed to be a little scattered throughout the haunt, with the feeling like some of the rooms were something else other than a fear. It did however still flow and create fear, like having to open closed doors, not knowing what’s behind them. This haunt has a great cast & crew and has a lot of heart and dedication to putting on a great show. This would be a fun family night out event and a wonderful / terroizing night out for the kids!

Pros: loud & energetic actors, good dialogue, fun & cool twists, turns, and doorways

Cons: not a lot of Make up or prosthetics, set walls a little plain, length felt a little short

Kate Flannigan

This haunt is a great “beginner’s haunt”, and by that I mean it’s a good choice for those who don’t frequent haunted houses each year and are easily scared. This could also be a good haunt for adults whose children want to go but aren’t too sure if they can handle it. The length is much shorter than any haunt I’ve visited before. This could be improved by slowing the guests down; don’t let us leave so easily!

I don’t get scared quickly myself, but I can definitely appreciate the sets that were chosen. Clowns, small spaces and a hysterical screaming women are fears to just about everybody but there were just not enough actors. Some rooms only had one actor. Even if one more performer was added then the scare factor could have been amped up a lot more. Adding more actors would also improve the length of this haunt.

While there weren’t many actors, the ones that were there were great. They were giving 100% in their performances and that really made them stand out. There is one set specifically that really caught my attention; a woman who’s leg was at the mercy of a crazed butcher. The victim’s acting was amazing and it reminded me of the movie Hostel. There was also a great setup of a dining table to eat the human body parts. Add an actor and some dim, flickering lighs so we could see just how creeped out we were supposed to be in this very detailed set.

Due to the lack of actors I think the overall scariness of this haunt was lower than it could have been. Add a few more actors to scream and interact with the visitors and this haunt would be way more terrifying!

Pros: Good acting, good sets, good “newbie” haunt for non-haunt goers

Cons: Lack of actors, too short

Kennedy Horstmeyer

Fear of All Fears is a good haunt for those who dislike being terribly scared. I love the idea of the haunt’s themes and many of the rooms were played out well. First walking in, I met an actor dressed as a doctor who takes us into a room and begins a short speech. It’s a common part of haunts. In the room, I was expecting something to jump out at me or for the lights to go out, which to me, symbolizes the start of the scaring. Overall, the haunt kept its theme of various scary aspects and had a lot of effort in it.

My favorite room was probably the spider room. The room had spiders and snakes which are one of the most basic fears. This room drew my attention because it was dark, had spiders hanging from the ceiling and snakes in cages. The way the lighting was set up gave the impression that the snakes would come out of the tank any moment. Another favorite of mine was having to crouch through a dark enclosed space with strobe lights to add to the disorientation. This part of the haunt didn’t just drop for a step and then open back up. It held the enclosed space for several feet, building on the strobes and enclosure. The change in dynamics and lighting throughout a haunt gives it more to think about and to me, is a way to build into the next, stronger scene.

Throughout the whole haunt, the actors played their characters very well even when someone would respond back. Staying in character and being able to build upon it makes the whole haunt seem much more realistic and sets the mood. Props were abundant in some scenes and lacking in others which took away from it being scary, but it also gave the actors a lot more chances to take their characters further. All the actors did very well at adapting to their space and the amount of props to use.

My biggest struggle with the haunt is I felt it went by way too fast. I felt like I walked in and right back out with every scene being thrown at me almost two at a time. I think the haunt could use the actors to slow people down in several of the scenes. Slowing the movement through each room gives more time for actors to build a character and for each person to truly get the feel of fear. Also, the ending was not as big as I had hoped. The room was more simplistic with one actor who was very powerful and in character, but it was not something that would make me go running to make a strong ending. I hope the haunt continues to grow this year and improve. I would like to see a more even focus between all the rooms with a bigger start and end. I hope the enthusiasm and strength of the actors is not lost in changes but improved and adapted to fit each scene better and more comfortably.

Pros- Spider room, actors, enclosed space with strobes

Cons- speed, length, intensity of certain fears

Regina Kropelnicki

Let me start off by saying that this haunt has some huge potential!

I was insanely impressed with the energy and intensity of some of the actors. I have never been one that is scared of clowns, but I can honestly say I truly felt scared in the clown room. There was only one actor in the clown room who really did anything or interacted with us, but honestly the room would be fine with just him in it. His acting and engagement was amazing! He was very into his character and I really felt as if I were in a room with some crazy, overly excited clown who probably just wanted to kill me. Awesome! Some of the female actors were great too! The crying,screaming,sobbing felt so real and so intense I felt myself wanting to get out as quickly as I could.

There is definitely some need for some better costumes and makeup, however. Some actors had makeup and costumes that were good and fit the scenes, but a good majority were just in regular clothing with no makeup. There were actors and scenery that could have been bloodied up to make the it feel more realistic.

The sets had some good parts to it and I enjoyed a certain area where there were multiple doors and it was up to me to figure out which one to go through. It became a bit confusing which was pretty fun. They used a strobe light in an excellent part of their haunt and I was very impressed with how well it’s placed. The set unfortunately, lacked a lot of props and decor. I want to forget that I am in a strip mall and feel as if I am truly in a haunted house, so this could be improved.

I was personally a bit disappointed in the length of it, but they did a good job with the space they are in. I cannot wait to see what this haunt has to offer in years to come. The enthusiasm and the passion is there and I think it is headed in the right direction to become a great haunt!

Pros- Great actors, strobe light location, multiple door room

Cons- Length, lack of props, lack of costumes/makeup

807 17th Street Unit E.
Greeley, CO
(Right next to Texbook Brokers)
  • $15
  • $13 with Student ID
  • Re-Entry only $5 on the night
Fear Of All Fears will be open Wednesday’s, Thursdays, Friday’s and Saturday’s from 7:00pm – 11:00pm. September 26 – October 31
Buddy Coupon: You come to our event and want to bring a buddy with you?  You pay $5 with our re-entry coupon. Your friend pays full price or student price with I.D. This will be available all season long. Must Have Coupon With You!
For 2014 MorbidNights Colorado is going back to their roots and bringing back one of the scariest and best haunted attractions they have ever done. The Fear Of All Fears is the haunted attraction to see in the 2014 season. Each room themed to top fears of everyone. This year we were lucky to get a location next to University of Northern Colorado. Walking distance from anywhere.