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Kris Kropelnicki

I have a question that burns in my mind year after year and I have yet to find the answer. How is perfection perfected even more, consistently, year after incredible year? My understanding of the word ‘perfect’ is that something deemed perfect simply cannot be improved upon. Field of Corpses, once again, has blown that theory right out of the water. How? I have no idea. What I do know is this: Field of Corpses is pure bliss for this critic.

From the moment I walked onto the property I was transported from the world I knew into the depths of insanity, derangement and utter chaos. The scare factor here is well deserved because this crew knows how to get scares; again and again and again. I was sure…SURE there was absolutely no way, no possible way for them to get me again. They did. Do you have a weak heart? If you do, you may want to rethink a visit here. I had more heart stopping moments than I can count and I’m still in a state of shock and trying to recover from the brutal assault on my ticker.

Scares came at me from every angle and from every source imaginable. Just when I thought I had figured out every scare point, BAM!! I was hit in a new way from a new direction and never saw it coming. I’m extremely hard to scare and when I’m getting jumpy and nervous, it is because I am genuinely rattled and unnerved. The crew at this haunt has mastered the art of the scare beautifully.

As I said, the scares here are plentiful and the majority of them come from the incredible group of actors, made up mostly of teens and young adults. These kids are incredible and their commitment shines through in every word, every scene and every time without fail. In all the years I have been coming to this haunt, I have never and I mean NEVER seen an actor even come close to breaking character. Ever. This is the only haunt I can say that about. The reason for that is character development. The actors are fully immersed in their roles and truly become the characters they are portraying. The result? Performances that are so natural and authentic I had to remind myself, often, that this was merely a show. This realism and consistency is what makes it very scary. I keep waiting for a mistake to prove it’s not real. It never happens.

I’m a stickler for quality dialogue and interaction and it doesn’t get any better than this. Dialogue from everyone is fantastic and no matter what I threw at any of the actors, they came right back at me without hesitation. There was no struggle to figure out what to say or do and the quick responses only served to solidify the realism which kept my heart pounding. . Dialogue was constant throughout between me and my guide “Blinken” (He’s incredible and a favorite of mine!) and many conversations were amusing and not sinister at all. The innocence of our chats honestly kept me very uneasy; like he was befriending me to get me to let my guard down; being led to slaughter was a feeling I had often.

Costuming and makeup were incredible and they are era specific to the particular scene which really sold it and turned the believability up tenfold. Outstanding.

Set design is top notch and every inch is highly detailed and quite challenging in areas. There are new layouts, props and repurposed items this season that somehow make the haunt even more perfect than before. I truly enjoyed having to crawl, crouch, weave, duck and dodge my way through. It’s a trip through the minds of sociopaths; every thought, every memory, every act or horrible deed, spilled out for the world to see. Details are rich and no stone is left unturned right down to smells. Overall there is the smell of the season in the air but, comingled with it is the putrid stench of death. The lake realistically smells of algae and dead fish and the butcher shop smells of blood and decay. It’s always an added bonus to be in a scene and have the appropriate smells in there as well. Smells can make or break a scene or a haunt and they are placed so well here that it’s impossible to believe that this is a set. Because the haunt is outdoors, the natural weathering of the sets is the perfect touch and really helps transport patrons to another world unlike anything ever imagined.

The haunt is a perfect length, neither too long nor too short. I had plenty of time to take in the amazing sets without feeling like it was about to end. As I wandered along on the trail I began feeling like I was walking deeper into madness with every step and may never find my way back out. The ending came on subtly and wasn’t an abrupt crash back into reality. Excellent job everyone!

If you want to see what true passion, love and dedication look like in a haunt, look no further. Field of Corpses takes their love of all things scary, gory and disgusting to a whole new level and does so with such perfection it has to be seen to be believed.

If you only go to one haunt this season, make sure it’s Field of Corpses. They will not disappoint.

Pros: Acting; Sets; Dialogue

Cons: None

Alex Gallegos

If you enter a place called “Field of Corpses” and you don’t expect that it’s going to turn out poorly in some way, shape, or form, then you’d usually be considered an idiot. Places get names like “Deadman’s Curve” for a reason, after all. In this case, however, going inside is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

This haunt features a guide to take you through the settlement his entire family are from. It’s not hard to imagine they all found a spot up in the mountains, plopped down and started building up this rudimentary civilization. Oh, and most of them claim to be related to one another, and we saw at least 50 of them, so the chances are good that what we’ve encountered is a whole community of cannibalistic, crazy, inbred people. The really entertaining thing is that the relations between family members don’t seem to be any better than the way they all relate to me, because it wasn’t uncommon for actors to argue and fight with each other over who would get to eat me. At least it’s nice to feel wanted for a change.

The guide functions as a sort of quasi-adversary, never quite committing to being our protector, or the agent of our destruction, but operating somewhere in between instead. There are a series of guide characters to allow guests to go in staggered groups. My guide was a man with a Richard III complex of sorts, including a very regal-looking robe atop the tattered, bloody costume he wore, and he disappeared into the mists only to appear later on down the line several times. And while I appreciated his creepy leering and abandonment of our group to leave us to the mercies of his psychopathic pals, I felt like I didn’t get to know him and his unique brand of crazy as well as I did the rest of the nut jobs in the place.

The rest of the actors are absolutely fantastic, never missing a chance to engage with the patrons, and most disturbingly, coming at us from all directions, including popping out from above. The ceiling dwellers are notorious for getting a good scare out of me and this time was no exception. Nowhere is safe!

The set work is totally fantastic as well, with authentic smells and sights interwoven with creepy and horrific pieces, like coffin-shaped doorways to squeeze through and junked out hearses. The sets are smoky and foggy and I absolutely love that about it, it’s totally disorienting. There are several graveyards all over the place, like they’ve run out of places to put all the carcasses, and to be fair, the name of the haunt is Field of Corpses. If there aren’t a lot of corpses and a field, that’s false advertising. Fortunately, that’s no issue here. The best thing is that the layout of the settlement makes sense – homes, a town square, stables, sewage, drainage, and farming areas are all represented, and I really appreciated that. Add in a little help from Mother Nature in the form of slippery sloped walkways damp with rain and you’ve got an A-1 experience from beginning to end.

Every year there are new things to look at and the layout always gets a nice shakeup, so there’s also repeat value. If you already went in 2012 or 2013 and you think there’s no point in going back, you’re sorely mistaken, and you should probably head that direction now to see just how much new material has been added.

Pros: The guide, much more physically challenging than it was before, awesome sets

Cons: Didn’t get as much interaction from my guide as I would have liked

Jason Peterson

This had to be the warmest night at the Field of Corpses haunted house that I’ve ever experienced! Despite the beautiful weather, I was expecting the warm fuzziness to wear off as soon as our guide popped into the scene! She didn’t let me down in the least! She was full of sarcasm and dark humor. I really enjoy the guides, they are always very entertaining and I feel that it helps pull you into the scenes or make sure you don’t miss the scene. Very clever thought and planning go into this attraction and it shows!

Every season this set changes so much! They moved a few things around and added some amazing set work throughout this attraction. The detail is amongst the finest I have ever set eyes on. The smells, and the complete and utterly distressed sets accompanied with constantly changing ambient sounds and lights keep you guessing.

Acting was very good throughout! I witnessed some very good scenes with spot on acting to help tie it all together. I can’t get enough of the playground scene and the singing girls! So creepy and walking across the swing is too much fun. The Freak locked in the school bus was just awesome! His timing and intimidation factors were spot on! And scary cool.

Tons of actors in this attraction with great costuming and makeup. This is one of the longer haunts I’ve seen this season. Dress warm and prepare to be entertained.

Pros- Long, Detailed!

Cons- They don’t stay open all year!

Marlena Baker

I had a lot of trouble figuring out where to start. Field of Corpses was great last year and this year they managed to step up their game even more. I want to ramble on to you about every amazing set that I saw and all the high energy acting that this haunt has to offer. We could be here for days. Here’s the short version.

The sets at this haunt are unlike anything else. They are all really well put together and really dense. It’s like a hillbilly cannibal episode of Hoarders. The level of clutter is very unsettling. It helps to make each room feel that much more claustrophobic. I loved how diverse they were too, while still being in the theme. Everything was grimy and old. Whether it was the laundry room, the kitchen, or the nursery, there was that same sense of decay to the place. Even the life sized doll house we had to walk through was well kept but dingy. They used smoke really well to this effect. The smoke effects were everywhere, giving the whole shanty town a great atmosphere. It helped dial up the creep factor and build up anticipation.

I loved the little details too, what I could catch. There’s too much to see in just one trip through. This is one haunt where there is always something to see. The only exception is when they locked us in a pitch black room with some body bags. I really liked the feel of the bodies, they were heavy which added to the realism. In the laundry room they had a whole section of laundry that was wet. I was so grossed out as I pushed through them. There’s just something about some stranger’s clothes covered in who knows what that gives me the creeps. Then there were the smells. There is nothing like those smells. In one of the bathroom scenes I was gagging the whole way through. It was the closest I’ve ever come to hurling in public. The floors sold it too, with the texture changing between the buildings, the graveyard, and the sewers. It’s such an important detail for immersion.

The sets set the stage for a huge family commune of cannibals, but the actors brought it to life. Before I get into the acting throughout the haunt, I have to mention our guide. He was morbid and fun, but he had a habit of abandoning us to the crazies. It was disconcerting to see him walk off into the smoke as we were beset by cannibals. Speaking of, the actors in Field of Corpses are intense. There was one room where one actor was shaking another on the bed. I just had to stop and stare it seemed so brutal I wasn’t sure if it was acting. There was also this one actor in chains that was frantic. He really sold the fear of a victim in this horrific place. The cannibals were all over us and they would get up in our faces, which was very uncomfortable. They’d have several actors in rooms and while we were watching one get his or her crazy on, another would sneak up behind us. They played really well off of each other and us. We’d banter with them and I never found one that was stumped. The interaction was fantastic. One really committed to the illusion of stabbing me with a syringe. I involuntarily flinched as she hit the plunger.

Every minute I was in Field of Corpses I felt the sensation of being trapped with the crazies. Sometimes it was the tight spaces and others it was a circle of actors harassing us through a scene. Then there were the obstacles. As we crawled through a hearse, climbed over fallen trees, and navigated a spiders web we were vulnerable. At that moment there was nowhere for me to go. I can’t rave enough about the feeling that I get from this haunt. The immersion and the interaction are top notch. It’s something you really need to experience for yourself.

Pros: so many great details, intense acting, creepy atmosphere

Cons: Nothin’

Kennedy Horstmeyer

What to even say. This haunt has so much intensity, actor strength and speed. I was thoroughly impressed the whole way through with many highlights that truly stuck in my mind.

From the moment I stepped into this haunt I was on my toes and wondering what was coming next. I truly was scared several times and sometimes the intensity was a scare in and of its own. There are many points in the haunt where you are against a wall or moving through obstacles making the perfect opportunity to scare. What I loved most about the scares are that they aren’t the typical chainsaw chasing after you or a jump and hide. Scares came from actors, sets and combinations.

Oh my, the acting in this haunt; kudos to you actors. I was thoroughly impressed with their roles, improvisation and persistence. Each actor brings a new piece; some bring an eerie silence, others such as the tour guide were in your face, making sounds and actions. My favorite part about these actors is the way they are on you and in your face but didn’t feel uncomfortable. Also the way the actors work together to create a scene and build the act together. I have never seen actors work so well in one room but so differently to make your eyes wander. The guide in this tour was very good at acting, the various voices, faces, sounds and demeanors made you want to follow her wherever she went through the haunt.

The sets in the haunt are so detailed and authentic from smells to looks. Each room has more detail and ideas to bring. When I walk through a haunt and have a cannibal room that smells fruity or minty takes away from the scene. Field of Corpses made it clear that you were in a room by using true smells. Some of the rooms smelled so real I squirmed in disgust, amazed at the authenticity. The sets were so true to the scene and included animatronics. My favorite part of the scenes are that the floors change and all the obstacles throughout. The floors squish, slide and change height. The animatronics throw sparks at you, objects come out and there are sounds galore. Walking through you truly can’t observe all the sets which I love and hate. I want to know all the detail but it made intensity stronger by overwhelming me.

I loved the length and almost wished it was a little longer because I loved this haunt so much. The pacing definitely changed the feel of the length of the haunt. In some parts we were very fast paced, constantly going and other parts we were slower and observing. I think pacing made you a part of the haunt not just someone walking through the haunt.

My favorite part of this haunt is being led by a guide, the acting and authenticity. I truly loved what I saw in this haunt and how I felt with the interactions. Great job to the actors!!

Pros- actors, smells, intensity

Cons- ended, missed details because of intensity

Regina Kropelnicki

If you are looking for a creepy, scary, funny, entertaining good time, then you are in luck! Field of Corpses is sure to deliver. When first getting to the haunt to purchase tickets, you will find this is a cash only haunt, but there is an ATM now located next to the ticket booth for your convenience. I always found it neat that they always have an old horror movie playing from a projector that can be viewed while waiting in line.

When I first entered the haunt, I was greeted and the rules of the haunt were explained. I was told to wait there for my tour guide to greet me to begin my experience. I remember the first time I heard about Field of Corpses having tour guides and I really did not like the idea of it until I went and experienced the haunt myself. I think it works great! I think it makes it more fun and comical and helps to keep groups separated through the haunt which is something that can be frustrating to me, so I love that they do this.

Our group was greeted by our lovely tour guide named Kayla. I absolutely loved her energy throughout the whole haunt. She was very funny and quick on her toes. I was the leader in our group and she definitely took a liking to me and was very protective over me when other actors commented on killing me in some sort of way. I was hers to kill and oh did I feel special! It’s funny because I almost felt a sense of security following behind Kayla, like she would protect us from the crazies until I remembered, she’s one of them. She had hilarious comebacks and things to say to all of the fellow actors who wanted to play with her new friends and she really loved telling us the all different ways she could kill us when entering new scenes, all without missing a beat. She was excellent!

All of the other actors did great as well. I really felt like I had been hit by a truck full of crazy! They invaded my personal space and made me feel veryyy uncomfortable, it’s awesome! They really push the boundaries without actually touching patrons, I love it. I felt very tense and uncomfortable when I had two clowns breathing in my face and ear telling me all sorts of horrifying things.

The set and smells are perfect. The smell sometimes is enough to make you gag, really adding to the authenticity. The only downfall to having a tour guide is you can’t slow down enough to really get a good look at how truly amazing the set is. There’s so much detail though, you’d have to go through more than once to catch it all. I really enjoy that some parts are inside and then other scenes are outdoors. The cold crisp air adds to the scare factor for me for some reason. I especially loved the walk in the woods outside with the baby dolls hanging from many of the branches and I loved the little doll house that I got to enter afterward as well.

I ran into a playground filled with very energetic girls who wanted to play with me and my group and ready or not, we were forced to play! Get ready for a swinging good time. Walking into this playground scene, I saw a girl just sitting on a swing, not moving and not saying anything and this was enough to creep me out. When something as normal and innocent as a child playing outside gets turned into a bunch of psycho girls who just want to play and possibly murder you, it becomes very scary to me.

Overall, I LOVED this haunt! The length is great and totally worth your money. I would highly recommend this haunt! Great job Field of Corpses! Can’t wait to come back!

Pros-Our tour guide Kayla, boundary pushing actors, amazing set

Cons-Not enough time to really slow down and look at the work put into the set

13251 W 64th Ave
Arvada, CO.
  • $17 – Cash Only
  • $27 VIP Fast Pass – Cash Only
Fridays & Saturdays  October 3rd – November 1stDusk – MidnightOctober 5, 12, 19, 26th-30thDusk – 10pm
Field of Corpses HistoryFor two hundred years the citizens of Arvada have wondered what happened during the Fall Harvest of 1801. What did the White family find out in their field? Why did members of the family begin disappearing? Why has everyone who has since lived on the property suddenly died? Why do neighbors still report seeing shadows of children walking around at night? Discover the mystery behind the disappearance of the White Family and what lies in the Field of Corpses.Come see it yourself.

  • T3

    Why all the TENS? You seriously OVER hype this haunt. I went here last year because of your stellar reviews and found it to be a tad of let down. Your scores and reviews make this out to be the BEST HAUNT EVER and that’s what I was expecting on EVERY level… It’s not. Actors are good, a few are great. I had a lack luster guide but I see where this role could KILL it. The field setting in the middle of suburbia is EXCELLENT. It’s my opinion that the best haunts deliver scares around a niche. I left FOC with the feeling that they were over-the-top. They tried too hard to include every horror scene and scare ever. While I enjoyed the mix of scenes, I felt that the settings were over-cluttered, which didn’t leave much room to be scared. Less is more? Much of the scenery was plastic, cheap and over-done and by the end of the tour, got tired. I went here on the “10” hype and it did not deliver. Kind of sad, because I want to love this haunt too. The people, location and passion behind it is awesome.

    • Kris

      We’re sorry that you didn’t find Field of Corpses to be to your liking and felt that our reviews missed the mark. Every haunt can’t be perfect to every person going through because we are all individuals and have different preferences.
      Each critic has a bio that explains what makes a haunt great to that critic to try and give readers an idea of why each critic scored a particular haunt the way they did. What critics enjoy may not be what you enjoy and vice versa. Everyone has their own opinion about haunts and what we present here on the site are merely our opinions; they won’t always match what every haunt goer enjoys and we offer our opinions merely as guidelines and for entertainment purposes.
      We have a diverse team comprised of critics from all walks of life to bring well rounded reviews to the public. We have critics that are hard core enthusiasts, actors, set designers, makeup/special effects techs, average haunt goers and people that have only seen a couple of haunts to try and cover as many bases as possible.
      We score based on the performance we see when we are there, but we do not go through a haunt the way a typical haunt goer does. When we go through we are looking, listening, smelling and taking in the entire haunt, scene and actor completely; every detail is scrutinized. We are assessing every element individually and then as a whole to determine our individual scores for a haunt.
      As you can see from our reviews, everyone had a great experience the night we were there and the elements each critic looks for were present when we came through.
      Because haunts are live shows, the performance we see will most likely be quite different from what you see when you go. As an experiment, I went through one haunt six times in the same evening and wrote down my scores and overall impressions each time. Every single score was different. Why? It’s a live show. Actors get tired, props break and things don’t always go perfectly.
      Another factor that affects haunt goers experiences is the haunt goer themselves. I have interviewed countless haunt goers before and after going through a haunt and I have gone through countless haunts with strangers just to see if what they’re looking at differs from what I’m looking at. It does. I have watched people run, close their eyes, scream, huddle on the floor unable to move, swing at actors, destroy sets, etc. The most interesting thing to me has always been that most of people I have observed running, jumping, screaming, covering their eyes and behaving truly terrified inside the haunt, will come out running, but when they catch their breath and are asked to recount the scariest parts of that haunt will reply, “It wasn’t scary at all and the actors sucked.” I ask about very specific scenes or props and most do not recall seeing them at all. Why are they terrified in the moment and afterward think it’s terrible? Because they blazed through so fast because of fear that they got the jump scares but missed all the incredible sets. In my experience, the average haunt goer blazes through a haunt in an average of 7 minutes, regardless of haunt length. That is definitely not enough time to take everything in. Haunts are like fine wine; meant to be savored, not chugged.
      I can only speak for myself personally when I say that FOC scored perfectly with me because of their authenticity and realism. I have seen first hand, people who live and behave EXACTLY the way the sets and actors are presented by FOC,(minus the killing), therefore they have nailed the realism and authenticity factors for me. Another huge element that scores FOC high is their use of smells to add realism. When going through the lake scene, it smells like a nasty, stagnant, algae filled lake complete with dead, rotting fish. I expect it to and when it does, that nails it for me. The body bag room smells like rotting flesh and again, that locks in authenticity for me. If I saw those same scenes and there were not the smells to go with it, I would score sets lower.
      I hope this helps shed some light on our score and reviews a bit and if you would like feedback from other critics they will be happy to provide it.
      We greatly appreciate your input and feedback and would be interested in seeing reviews from you of haunts you have seen this season. Feel free to post them in the comments section of the haunts listing that you are reviewing.
      Out of curiosity, are you an enthusiast or an actor?

      Thanks for reading and for your input!!

      • T3

        Kris – I think you’re the best. I absolutely LOVE your enthusiasm and dedication to our local haunts. Colorado needs this site. Hands down, it is the best site with so MUCH vital information. It really challenges me to get out and explore more. Plus, what you pulled together for Kayla last year was AMAZING. Spooky Colorado has a huge heart. Keep it up.

        I’m a huge enthusiast and an actor. Honestly, I really love all the behind the scenes people I encounter at any haunt. Even the person selling me tickets can be a part of vibe and I got that at FOC, which is rare. Haunts are the best. So much artistry, passion and dedication. It’s one giant thrill ride that doesn’t last long enough.

        I like really intense haunts. In your face, Walking on “pins and needles” waiting for the next POP while you’re still all mixed up from the last scene. Makeup and costumes are a MUST. I greatly appreciate set design and I’m a big fan of detail and a consistent theme. I do love those pitch black moments and a minor bit of dead space because it can really build SUSPENSE. Kind of like waiting in line at FOC and then finally meeting your guide. That part was so suspenseful and thrilling. I love characters that surprise and then can go into an impromptu spiel if needed. FOC goes after this part big-time. That’s a lot to ask of your low wage haunters.

        I really loved FOC. It was PERFECT in many ways. I cannot say enough about their location and every worker I encountered. I had a great time there. It was perfect for my 12 year old. He was super scared and freaked out. My comments were in earnest. I was just surprised by all the 10s from the review team, I realize the “scare” part can be a perfect 10 for many… I was just surprised to see all but one of the critics give it a full-on perfect 10 in scare category.

        Happy Halloween and haunt season to all of you. I lurk here but i do LOVE your reviews and site information.

        • T3

          one last thing since I can’t edit… a minor bit of dead space can also set-up the group. They relax, laugh and most importantly, drop their guard. I love it when I hear a group in party mode for a few second because I’m going to “hit” them hard and get them instantly to jump back into that DEFCON level 1 of “scare” factor.

        • Hey T3. Scare Factor is actually the hardest thing to rate for me, as a critic. Acting and Sets/FX are easy… either they were good, or they weren’t, either I liked them or I didn’t. Length is easy too – do I feel like I got a good value for the ticket price, or do I feel like it was over in two minutes and not very scary? Scare Factor requires a little more thought, though.

          This is season 4 for me, and I’ve sort of seen everything since 2011 as scare-proofing for my soul. That thing is lined with Teflon now, I swear, because very few things seem to stick to it anymore. When we review, we try to review for the masses, and try to judge how scary something would be for the average person (meaning a person who still reacts to disturbing imagery with words other than, “that looks horrifying, can I touch it?”). That’s not a macho thing, honestly, because really, we LIKE to get scared. We think it’s fun when it happens, and it’s a shame that we can’t get it as easily as others. We’ve all got a little bit of a resistance built up over the years, and if we all rated the haunts lower because we’re not easy to spook, it would result in artificially bad scores for haunts that really are scary for the population at large. Haunt owners would be mad at their bad scores, and the public – normal people who still have a healthy sense of fear – would go to haunts expecting to have an easy time and get super scared and pee their pants and have heart attacks and stuff.

          How do I put this… Think of it like being a person who’s color blind, whose job it is to sort paint swatches. That’s a stupidly dull analogy considering haunt reviewing is so much fun, but you get the idea. The point is, we’ve got to come up with a way to accurately do the job, working around our “disability”. For me, that means rules and rubrics in my head that I translate into a Scare Factor score. One of my rules has been that if they can startle me and make me jump, they get a 10 – because for the average person, that’s probably a run away screaming moment. It means I didn’t see them coming and they got a visceral reaction out of me, which means the average person is going to lose it. Haunted Field managed that with an actor in the ceiling. And not only that, I knew she was probably going to be there because I remembered from the year before, and she STILL startled me. That makes me think your average person is going to totally freak out.

          Hope that clears things up a bit.

        • Kris

          THANK YOU SO MUCH for your incredibly kind and encouraging words!! It is a labor of love for me and I sometimes wonder if this site has any value to anyone other than myself, so reading those words really do mean the world to me. Thank you!
          I really appreciate your honesty and insight and would love to discuss further on the forums. You’ve raised some very good points and have created some interesting conversation! : )
          Lets continue this over in the forums, I think we have just scratched the surface here. : )

          I look forward to discussing this topic further.
          Thank you for your support of the site and the team! We appreciate it more than you know!
          Happy Haunting!

    • Joe

      T3, Think of a 10 score as a comparative score to all the other hunts in the Denver area. A 10 rating may mean it’s the best that the critic has seen in Colorado comparatively. There is no such thing as a “perfect “score, because it is all subject to one’s opinion. Go based off of an overall score compared to all of the other haunted houses on the review site, and you can probably get a good idea of what the best haunts in Denver are.

      • Joe

        Keep in mind also, that the actors at these haunted houses are not just low-wage, they are almost 100% volunteers with no pay at all. This also means that certain actors only work some of the time. What group of actors one customer experienced one night, can be a completely different set of actors and even in a completely different order of appearance from another on a different night.

  • Drakmor

    Great haunt. Loved the sets, acting and smells