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Kris Kropelnicki

Are you a fan of corn mazes? Do you love haunts? How about a stroll on a crisp autumn night with only moonlight to encroach on the darkness around you? Was that a yes? Yes to all? Excellent! I have something that fits the bill. Haunted Field of Screams.

The entrance to the haunt is a bit of a jog into the corn; it’s cool to wind your way along in the field with the corn stalks towering above you at night. You’re cruising along and then suddenly there is a wooden shack and the trail dead ends there. I waited outside nervously about what was on the other side of the door and when it opened I could tell it was filled with heavy fog. I stepped inside and the door closed shut behind me. What happens next I’ll leave out, but if you’re able to find your way out, your terror has just begun.

Walking through the super high cornstalks here is creepy all by itself; with only the moon to light the trail, it becomes quite dark within the rows. I always have the feeling in here that I’m being watching by a thousand eyes; I feel surrounded and that scares me…surrounded by the unknown. There’s an ominous oppression that is heavy in the night air and it makes the entire experience suspenseful and eerie; it never quite lets go of you.

Outside of being naturally spooky, there are startle scares everywhere here. Watch out for stalkers in the stalks, there are some very sneaky ghouls out there in the corn.

Acting was pretty good overall but I did encounter several actors that gave a quick “Grrr” and that was it. I also didn’t see very many actors out in the corn so there were some dead spots. On the flip side I also ran across some very good actors that gave convincing performances and they brought new elements of fear, and one in particular brought some comic relief and he was fantastic!

I came around the corner to discover a young man in a cage. He banged and snarled at us, “You’re lucky I’m locked in here!” As my group began to go around the cage, he jumped out and was in the face of Alex, another critic. Alex decided to challenge him, (bad idea) and ordered him back into his cage. Without missing a beat, this young man promptly turned the tables and in a blink, Alex found himself locked up and abandoned. The actor had another group pass on the message that Alex was dead. We moved on…without Alex. EPIC PERFORMANCE!!! That kind of commitment to character is every critics dream!!

Sets aren’t typical like a haunt and one doesn’t move from room to room here. There are sets built up in the cornfield so it’s a unique experience to be walking on the path in the corn and suddenly there is a room or scene that rises up from in between the stalks. There is no theme here so the rooms and scenes are random and vary but it works. Although there are some sets that lack enough details to make them believable, there are some good ideas here. I am a huge fan of the clown room here and the actors in here fit their scene well.

I also like the dilapidated house with dirt floors; there are some creepy inhabitants there that will leave your skin crawling as well.

This haunt is probably the longest haunt in town and takes a fair amount of time to get through. The transitions between corn fields and sets works well to keep the haunt from feeling too long or too short, which it definitely isn’t.

This haunt is a good fit for families with older kids, pre and younger teens and those who prefer something less gory and noisy.

Pros: Cage actor, sets

Cons: Some actors lacked dialogue and energy

Alex Gallegos

Haunted Field of Screams bills itself as the largest haunt in the area, and I believe it. It’s a long walk through there and if you’re not prepared for it, it can be quite a surprise. As in previous years, the haunt mainly features a path through the corn infested by monsters and creepers, but interrupted occasionally by indoor scenes built right into the corn. The constant shifting from inside to outside and back again, coupled with all the walking, makes the whole thing feel like you’ve covered a lot of area and seen a lot of things, and it helps avoid the whole Mish Mash other haunts suffer from. A haunt built into one big building has to answer in some regard for why they have a morgue, restaurant, circus, stable, hotel, and science lab on site, but the fact that there’s a good bit of distance between scenes excuses that same behavior here.

Not all the actors manage to be scary, some coming off as violent and sociopathic instead – in fact I’d say the split was about 50/50, with some of the actors making me feel that unshakeable sense of unease at the pit of my stomach, and others making me simply feel like they were liable to start punching at any time. I’m OK with this split, actually, because it means I never know what to expect when I see someone coming at me, which kept my flight or fight sense constantly ticking over and unsure of what to do.

A special callout for an amazing actor, we had a great deal of fun together. He told our group when we entered that he was dangerous and we were lucky that he was in a cage. Then a second later, he was out of the cage – not unexpected at all for a haunt. But when he got up in my face and threatened the lives of me and my friends, I stood up to him and demanded he get back in his cage. He sent me to the cage instead, and let my friends and another group go ahead of me, telling the other group to pass on the news that I was dead. We even shared a nice behind the scenes moment together, which was cool.

The haunt is really well done, and getting itself a lot of attention, and I was very excited to see the length of the line of people waiting to get in even at midnight. It certainly wasn’t my favorite showing of the whole year, and the scares didn’t really come on as hard and heavy as I would have liked, but there’s still something unique and exciting here that it would be a shame to miss out on.

Pros: Good use of space to create a singular experience out of disparate scenes, good mix-up of character personalities ranging from the silent creepers to the crazy screamers.

Cons: Needs a little more oomph to make it really scary, a few more rooms to break up the corn sections would be appreciated.

Jason Peterson

Review coming soon!

Peyton Lucero

The Haunted Field of Screams is not only a haunted house, it’s a ginormous corn field as well! There are 3 different attractions to visit at this location and there’s tons of entertainment to spark up the night. As I make my way through the que line, I can’t help but notice the line that is never ending! Definitely have to get down here early to miss the build up! I finally reach the start of the haunt.

Through this haunt,there were many lively actors running a muck through the corn. Some of the costumes and masks that I saw seemed to be a little questionable on whether or not they belonged in the scene or corn, but I did also see many different characters, like Chucky, Jason Vorhees, a couple doctors and many more that looked great! They also did a good job on their role.

The scares in this haunt were not bad. There was definitely enough time for actors to scare us.

The sets were built decently. I felt that they lacked a little bit on the detail side and really bringing the rooms to life, but they did have quite a few props in each room as well as an actor to accommodate each set.

This haunted house/ com maze is a joy to experience. The moment I walk up, I hear nothing but screams, chainsaws, loud energy and more! There’s tons of entertainment and the attractions around me make me wish I could try all 3. The haunt itself was greatly long for me! For as many actors that were in these sets, I do feel though that there should be double that amount out in the corn. It’s fun to roam around in the corn, but it tends to be more fun and games, at times, instead of fearful and haunting. Maybe if there’s up to five actors in the corn on every other corner, then the intensity and energy within the field and actors, will become more amplified and terrorizing. While going through the haunted field of screams haunt, I already felt like I was in three haunts! This corn field was LONG for sure, so time is definitely not wasted!  Great for the whole family! So if there’s time to spare and have nowhere to go, Haunted Field of Screams would always be happy to take more souls.

Pros: Acting, props, vehicles

Cons: few detail, not a lot of actors, not many sets

Marlena Baker

Haunted Field of Screams is a little different. It is a series of scenes broken up by stretches of walking through a corn field. It’s an interesting format, leaving lots of good room to build anticipation between scenes.

The scenes were a little hit or miss for me. I really enjoyed scenes like the school, the asylum, and the house where they’d put in some more details, but there were a lot of blank hallways. Sometimes they did something interesting with them, like a section where the walls were tilted. It was very disorienting and they had a panel cut out of it that would be a great jump scare spot, but they didn’t use it. They just need to decorate the hallways between rooms some more and utilize that space.

The actors gave us a range of intensity. While we were in the corn there were a number of actors that would just walk up to us silently and then silently wait for us to pass. They should add in a threatening gesture, or some dialogue. The costumes alone are not doing it. A lot of the actors seemed unsure what to do if we weren’t scared. They would benefit from some extra lines, or in the corn they could come out for the scare and then disappear back into the darkness. I really liked the clowns, they were good at keeping up on me, making me feel uncomfortable. The actress in the first room of the house was great. She seemed like she had a character instead of just lines. The other thing that the actors could benefit from was some variety in scare spots. As we went, they often were hiding in similar spots, making the scares predictable. There was a good unique one in the kitchen, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Overall, the acting and those hallways need some work. This haunt has some great bones. I love the format and with just a few tweaks it can be a great haunt. The silent walk through the corn field is a great tool to creep us out. I would just love it if they used it better.

Pros: unique format, some disorienting obstacles, some well-built scenes

Cons: Dead spots, predictable scares, low energy acting

Kennedy Horstmeyer

Haunted Field of Screams is a corn maze and haunt mixed. There is a lot of walking through the corn which is different to the other haunts we have reviewed.

This haunt definitely had scarier parts, and could have been scarier if a few actors would use their chances to provide that scare. I did jump several times. For me the actors who provided the biggest scare were the ones that stood silent and staring.  More actors could definitely be added. Walking in corn definitely did pump my adrenaline because you expect to be scared.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the acting in this haunt, but there was definitely some good actors as well. I would love to see some of the actors use their hiding spots and really provide a scare. The good acting I did see was impressive. There was some interaction and creepy looks that truly were well played. A few actors that truly stuck out to me are the ones who were silent and around the corners in awkward stances just waiting.

For most of the haunt there aren’t many sets. There is a lot of walking through corn and sets here or there. The sets I did see though had great detail. I loved the neon lighting, the sounds, the props. I saw a lot of older looking props that had eerie sounds which built the room for me. Adding some more sets would be nice. I also loved that in several areas you had to crouch your way around, which made the experience more interactive.

I thought the length was a little long especially when most the haunt was just walking through corn. I did like that there was corn and sets but a small cut back could improve the length to perfection. The set length was perfect, you were in and out and slow motion all at the same time. I think in one scene with the cage it truly slows a group which I love.

Pros- scene with cage, silent actors in neon room, had to crouch in some areas

Cons- actors didn’t do much, walking through all the corn

E. 104th Ave. & Riverdale Rd
Thornton, CO. 80233
  • $20 Haunted Field of Screams ($30 VIP)
  • $20 Zombie Paintball Massacre ($30 VIP)
  • $20 Dead Man’s Night Maze ($30 VIP)
  • $35 Any two haunts ($55 VIP)
  • $40 Triple Scare Full Event ($70 VIP)
Open Sept. 26, 27Oct. 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31Nov. 1Thursdays and Sundays Sundown to 10 PMFriday and Saturdays Sundown to Midnight
The largest haunted attraction in Colorado – One Haunted Field, Three Frightful Haunts
The Haunted Field of Screams, now in its 13th year, is our main attraction. The moonlight is your only guide as the daunting 16 foot tall cornstalks surround you on the trail that has pure terror around every corner. So what is your worst nightmare…? Zombies…? Clowns…? Chainsaw Wielding Madmen…? The Walking Dead…? Escaped Insane Asylum Patients? All of your worst fears will be realized as you journey through this cornfield, encountering differently themed scenes and rooms that will test you in every way, and is sure to make you scream!

  • Drakmor

    One cold October night my friend and I went to this haunt. this was his second haunted house ever, so I decided that we had to make the trip. The line does take a while but the moving corn does get you in the mood. After a hour wait we were sent in with a group of 6. The opening was great. The actors were plentiful and played their roles very well. Having a friend that is easily scared helped a lot too. Kudos to the Michael Myers for getting me good. The length was great at about 40 minutes. The sets amongst the corn were very detailed as well. If you want a fun haunt that gives you a great bang for your buck, I would recommend this haunt.
    Pros: great length, great use of lighting
    Cons: too many long walks in the corn, groups fought up with each other
    Rating: 8.25 out of 10

    • Kris

      Hi Drakmor!

      Thanks so much for your review!! We love reading the public opinion on local haunts and all things Halloween!!
      I look forward to more of your reviews!
      Have a great Halloween!!!

      • Drakmor

        Thanks I’ll post more soon