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Kris Kropelnicki

I honestly don’t know what to say or where to begin…I really don’t. If you have already been to Hellscream Haunts in Colorado Springs, you understand why, but those who haven’t have no clue. Speechless. That’s a word that isn’t used often in relation to me. I’m never speechless, I always have something to say, but Hellscream Haunts stripped my ability to talk right out from under me. They also took my senses, sanity and ability to make sense of what I’m seeing. They brought me inside the haunt, rattled me to the core, shook me upside down and inside out then did things that made my brain fall out on the floor. I’m still shuffling around in a dazed stupor after being there. I’m not sure this current state that I’m in will ever go away at this point; they left an indelible mark on me. Yeah…it’s that good!

If I could score higher than a 10 for scare, I would give them about a 20! My word, they have got the ‘scaring’ thing down to an art! Never before have I been kept on my toes as much as I was in here. The scares were everywhere I looked, and didn’t look for that matter! I can honestly say that I have never, EVER been so freaked out in a haunt in my life! I’ve been indulging in haunts and horror since I was a very young child and I pride myself on my nerves of steel; I’m extremely difficult to scare and those trying usually end up feeling frustrated and impotent. Not this time. I’m sure the crew at Hellscream is still rejoicing over the number of times they had me jumping right out of my skin and while they’re celebrating their victory, I’m having nightmares. My absolute best scare came from the best Peppers Ghost I have ever seen and man, the crew did that scene amazingly well!! My second best moment was seeing Alex, who is also difficult to scare, scream like a little girl!! EPIC!!!!

There wasn’t an area or two that were scary and the rest lukewarm, oh no….the entire haunt was an exercise in true terror and it came in every form imaginable, and some I couldn’t have ever imagined even if I had been told in advance. Every nook and cranny of this 3 story mini hell was filled to capacity with scares. The actors, the props, the sets, the sounds, the lighting….all of it was scary in its own right but when they were all put together…mind blowing!!

Acting was over the top and every single actor had their game face on (or ripped off) and were totally committed to their roles and working the crowds until people just couldn’t take any more. Then they’d start all over again. I usually give some shout outs to the most memorable actors in my reviews but I am restricted on space so I can’t do that here. Every single actor was in the perfect set for them and the scares they dished out were incredible and every performance was monumental. I saw plenty of insane characters, nurses, doctors, wardens, creatures, deranged housewives cooking who knows what for dinner and so many more there is no way I could recap everyone. What I can say all inclusively is that every single actor, every last one did an incredible job and a more perfect cast couldn’t possibly be assembled. Epic performances everyone!! Fantastic job, don’t change a thing!!!!

Sets…WOW! The sets. Again, SO much going on there is no way to recount everything and even hope to cover it all. The sets were incredibly detailed and absolutely gorgeous right down to the paint! This is perfection in its finest hour and there is no way possible to top what has been created here. They are an enthusiasts dream and never would I have guessed that any haunt could achieve so many intricacies in so many rooms. Never. It’s not uncommon to see a haunt that is incredible ¾ of the way through, then see it fall apart and look like everything is an afterthought or very thrown together because the crew simply ran out of ideas. That doesn’t happen here and the last rooms are as highly detailed as the first and the attention to detail is dizzying. They missed nothing. The build crew here should be very proud of themselves for creating such a masterpiece!

The length of the haunt is magnificent and never gives way to becoming boring in the least. I didn’t ever feel like I wanted it to end because it was losing its punch and turning into the monster of monotony that is so dreaded in a haunt, not this time. The floor plan and layout were spectacular as well and had me running from room to room, up and down creepy stairwells and hallways and then do it again. And again, and again. It was the longest haunt I’ve ever seen and every inch was out of this world. They couldn’t have picked a better location.

If you only make it to one haunted house this year and really want to see something epic, get in the car and head down to the Springs and check out Hellscream Haunts. I promise it is so worth the drive and you will not be disappointed. Get there early because the lines get very long, very fast. If you do find yourself in long lines, stick it out, it’s worth every minute of wait time.

I strongly discourage readers from bringing children under 12 and that is even debatable, it depends on the child, but this really is very intense and in my opinion it’s not for kids. This is for the big kids that enjoy having 20 heart attacks in one evening. You have been warned.

Pros: Sets, Acting, scares

Cons: None

Alex Gallegos

I don’t think Colorado Springs wants me to be very happy this year. That’s the only conclusion I can come to. I’m not happiest when I’m seeing haunted houses like you might think I am. That’s a pretty good time of year for me, but not the best. I’m happiest when I’m complaining about something, and if there’s one thing I’ve discovered this year, it’s that Colorado Springs knows a thing or twenty about putting on a good haunt. This is the fourth review I’ve done for the springs and there’s hardly been a thing to complain about all year, and Hellscream is no exception.

Prepare yourself. You’ll see things you have never seen before, done better than you could imagine that they would be. I’m torn between wanting to gush about all the cool stuff I’ve seen and the fact that I can’t, because if I do, I’ll spoil the surprises for you when you go. I operate under the assumption that you will go, right? You’d better.

Part of the spectacle is the sets and special effects on display here. Hellscream managed to create effects I’ve only ever seen in movies right before my eyes, and that’s a pretty amazing talent. There’s knowledge and expertise at play the likes of which I’ve never seen anywhere else, and what I really appreciate is that the rooms keep getting scarier and scarier even as you’re on your way out. When an actor gets around to jumping out just as you’ve left the room, we complain that a scare is mistimed, but this isn’t the same. This starts ramping up when you enter and gets continually more intense the longer you’re in the room. Be sure to keep looking behind you as you move on, because sometimes that’s when the best stuff is happening, and there are things you definitely do not want to miss.

I’ve heard the old adage “Location, location, location” thrown around in relation to a lot of ventures but I have to make special mention of the haunt location. Hellscream bought a whole building to work in, and they’ve built it out so nicely! There’s a certain reality to a building that you just can’t accomplish building up sets in an abandoned warehouse. Hellscream feels real because in a lot of places, it is real and you can feel it in the walls, the floors, and the stairwells, which you’ll be seeing quite a lot of, because this haunt is spread out over three floors. If I had to nitpick – and I do, it’s in my job description – I would complain that there were a couple times I could see power strips that ran the equipment dangling undisguised, and that was absolutely the only incongruous thing the whole way through.

And is it scary? You bet your backside it is! Kris and I are the most hardened, scare-proof, people on Earth – our sense of fear has been running on fumes for years now. It takes a lot to give mine the kind of kick in its complacency necessary to simulate activity, but when a rotted out zombie dude came flying at my from behind a pillar out in the cool night air at something like 900 miles per hour, I jumped back and totally screamed. It was AWESOME! The same is pretty much true for Kris as well but she got taken in by an actor we’d walked past, who we totally thought was a prop until he came to life instead. Congrats, Hellscream, you got us both. Now, dear reader, what are you waiting for? Go on down to the Springs… so they can get you too.

Pros: Every single room is amazing, the actors are brilliant, the location is stunning

Cons: One room near the quarantine zone felt out of place, I could see exposed power strips a couple times

Jason Peterson

Pulling up to this Haunted house is every haunters dream! I even came up with a new word to describe my excitement. Hauntgasm! That’s exactly what I had! The atmosphere outside is electric! Dan the Digger is popping wheelies in his coffin dragster and the radio station is rocking, while the screams from inside this massive 3 story attraction bleed into the parking lot. Did I mention it’s next to a church?! Love it!

The tall Girl is one of my favorite stilt haunters; she can get around on those things! Her contorted movements with that pretty face add the creepy factor! The video piece at the beginning was hilarious! I always enjoy some humor while haunting. This haunt has a bit of everything that I am looking for. I lost count of the actors after the second floor! The sets they had to work with are beautifully detailed. So many different scenes of gore and mayhem! That’s just level one!

My favorite scene of the year, hails from Hellscream! I watched two or three I cant recall, zombies hold a young girl down while” Mr Munchins”, began pulling her intestines out with his mouth! Most graphic  scene I have ever witnessed! WTF factor just pushed to the limit! May I have another!

I love the epic size and layout of this haunt. I was shocked how much extra haunt we had outside too! The lighting and sound help polish this mega haunt into a gleaming Scream Machine that must be seen to be believed!! The ending was a little light last season; not the case this year! This team of haunters have done amazing things in a very short amount of time. Talent, passion, great team make this an amazing Haunted House now and for years to come.

Pros-Hauntgasams at the Door

Cons-Dan wont let me drive his Coffin Car!

Peyton Lucero

Walking up to the haunt, I see absolute chaos! The line is huge, there’s awesome rock music playing. and there’s a guy driving around a coffin kart doing wheelies. I could tell these guys are always ready to put on a good show, just by seeing the entertainment that surrounds me. I can hear the screams of fear coming through the door while I wait in the que line, which makes me even more excited to see what awaits me. As I enter, I am told that I will be traveling through 3 levels of hell and am given luck as I make my way through.

All three levels were magnificently detailed to the max! Each level took me into their environment and surrounded me with realistic creatures and nature. All the actors in this haunt were on their toes and quickly to react on scares. From what I saw, a good majority of them had their own make up and costume to fit their scene. I heard there are A LOT of actors in this haunt. The night I went, the hell house was packed, and they were even missing a handful of actors. That just shows how prepared these people are and they don’t joke around on putting on a good show!

The sets were incredible. Each room looked like they had some great hard work and effort built into them and not one prop or light, I thought looked out of place.

I did seem to think, in few areas, that actors had trouble with getting into character and some rooms seemed a little too short on actors for such big areas. They did however have great startling scares and used their props gruesomely to their advantage! My favorite use of a prop that was used for a disgusting effect was a doctor, who I think was a zombie, feasting off some delicious intestines. The way he pulled those intestines out was pretty intense and goreific! When it comes to acting and getting into character, the most important thing to do and remember, is to always have fun! If the actors are not having fun when they scare us, then I’m not having fun, and I certainly don’t want that happening. So, how the actors can spice things up a bit and become even more intense and interactive is just act crazy! Yeah,whatever the character is, just think what it would be like if the character was locked up in a looney bin. What their actions and personality would be like. If the personality comes out in the character, they will become more believable. Just a small tip for the hellions. 🙂

After being in this haunt, my mind definitely has to catch a breath and take in everything I just experienced. Most haunts have l floor , some 2, but this one has 3 floors, and adventuring through all 3 floors of awesomeness is a completely new experience altogether and is a mind blower! This haunt is a must see! And if you happen to be in the springs area and don’t know where else to spend your money this October or Halloween, stop by the Hellscream haunted house and lend out your soul to the hellions living amongst the creepy dwellings. It will be a frightful night!

Pros: detail galore, make up / costumes, length

Cons: needed a few more actors in the pin striped area, some dialouge or skit

Marlena Baker

What can I possibly say? There aren’t words that can encompass the experience I had at Hellscream. I have to mention the length first and foremost. This is one HUGE haunt. What’s even more amazing than the 3 stories of haunted house goodness (and an outdoor section because that’s just not enough for them) is that every bit of it was great.

Even the line entertainment was above par. They have a coffin on wheels. The gravedigger was popping wheelies for the crowd, zooming around in a half open coffin. It was great. Later on the gravedigger was using his shovel as a pogo stick. He was cracking me up.

Speaking of awesome characters, let’s talk about the acting. There was some truly top of the line acting in Hellscream. There wasn’t a single dead spot. I was floored by how well they managed the acting across such a huge haunt. There wasn’t a moment where I felt that they needed more actors. The actors were full of intensity, but it wasn’t just constant screaming. One was crawling on the ground and managed to corner me. The way she moved was just so eerie and wonderful. They had someone very enthusiastically chowing down on some guts. It was so realistic I was a little queasy. The variety of characters was astounding. Of course, I have to mention the lovely cracked doll on stilts. She was very good on her stilts and delightfully creepy.

I could go on for days about the sets. Days, I tell you. It’s not just how many of them there were, but also the level of detail. All the walls were meticulously painted. So much work and love went into the sets. The props were always on theme and well done. You can tell they built a lot themselves. Then, all over the haunt they reinforced the immersion with smells, sounds, and even touch. Each room felt really fleshed out and the addition of some extra details, like the cold meat freezer, made it real. When we got the a circus section there was the smell of cotton candy, which was a great touch. One of my favorites was their use of water effects. In several places they sprayed me with water, the most disgusting of which was the seizing body that was spitting up. Logically I knew it was just water but it made me flinch none the less. There were some rooms that were inside, but built to look like a swamp. They did a great job of making those spaces feel larger than they were. They had fog and props obscuring the walls, mirrors to create the illusion of space, and running water. It even felt humid.

One thing they did well was not just relying on one element of the haunt experience at a time. One of the illusions I loved the most was one where they managed to sneak an actor in where you wouldn’t think it possible. All over the place they had fantastic jump scares. They got me several times, despite the size of our group. The spacing of the scares was great, getting everyone in the group.

I’m obsessing. I want to babble out every little detail that I loved, but so far I’ve only scratched the surface and that’s for the best. You really do need to go see this haunt for yourself. I could write pages and pages and you might even go, “Yeah, that sounds awesome.”, but you don’t know the half of it unless you experience it for yourself.

Pros: sets, engaging multiple senses, awesome illusions

Cons: having trouble processing so much awesome

Kennedy Horstmeyer

Hellscream Haunts….mind boggling beyond belief. When you first enter this haunt you become excited with the doors, the screens, the videos being used. There is so much to this haunt going through with lights on wouldn’t even allow you to see everything.

This haunt definitely made me jump more than several times, even without actors I jumped. The first room and video on safety features sets the mood and standards for the entire haunt. Some of the biggest scares came from the combination of actors and props. Characters were excellent at blending with props until the perfect scare moment.

Acting in this haunt is straight up magnificent. They play their role to give the authenticity by using demeanor, dialogue and body language. Each time I saw an actor it brought something new and exciting to what was happening in the haunt. Several in particular stuck out to me the way they moved and interacted by looks and falling over top of you as you went through the haunt. Interactions were excellent and in role. The noises made by some of the actors and how well they laid in their props. In one room there is an actor who all you see is the head sticking from a table. She truly filled her scene and the role of not having a body.

In this haunt props and special effects are the strongest point. Each room tells its own story with interactive animatronics, changing floors, smells, temperatures and conditions. The walls themselves were painted and had fabrics and pictures. The pictures in the haunt are like none other. Several were classic paintings turned horror or faces that change as your view of the picture changes. Just these two simplistic props set the tone of the haunt. As you went through scenes would change bringing the coldness of a morgue or humidity of swamp. What I really liked about Hellscream was the floors weren’t just solid, several of the floors paired with the scenes pulling you deeper into the haunt and what is intended. Scenes themselves were made of so much it gave sense of size and mood. Props were interactive and spit water at you, sprayed air, came out at your feet which also is a positive to the experience.

The length of this haunt was perfect and the way some scenes were designed made it appear as never ending. The never ending feeling is fine by me because I could walk through dozens of times staring at everything and still missing details.

Hellscream is one of my top favorites from this year. There is details and props and scenes that make you want to just sit in there and look at everything. The best of this haunt are several actors who truly brought their role to me, the interactive details and the new concepts that aren’t seen at haunted houses on regular basis. A few more actors could be added to sell the scenes that are larger in size.

Pros- acting, pictures, length

Cons- one or two rooms lacked enough actors, several flights of stairs

Regina Kropelnicki

Where do I start? This haunt was absolutely amazing! This was my first visit to this haunt, but from my understanding, just a couple years ago they started in two trailers. No way would I ever, ever guess that! You would think this is a haunt that has been going for many, many years to be this good. Wow! So impressive. Outside of the haunt, you will hopefully get to see an actor riding around in his casket car, so cool!

This is a haunt that goes between 3 different floor levels which is different and fun. I was initially worried to find out that they sent in groups of 8, because usually when there are too many people, the actors timing is off and certain people in the group miss scares. This was not the case in here! The actors were on it!! The actors all fit their rooms perfectly and their timing was excellent even with large groups of 8. We all got our scares in there for sure, they didn’t miss a beat. I will not give away what room it was in, but there was a certain character in here who I could have positively sworn was fake, but no, she was in fact real. I was staring at her looking for movement and even walked right up to her, looked at her and once I determined she was fake and went to walk away, she got me sooo good! I’m usually pretty good at figuring out who the real person is in the room and even with her out in the open, not hiding, with me right in front of her, I had no idea. I couldn’t believe it!  She even had a knife in her hands holding her arm up and managed to stay that still. HUGE props to her!! You will meet a beautiful doll on stilts before even entering the haunt outside and you will see her inside of the haunt as well. She did such a great job inside, I absolutely loved her! Her makeup and costume were soo good, I want to dress up like that! Even outside while talking to her and telling her how great she was, she stayed in character which I thought was great. I have never seen anything this extreme when inside of a haunted house, but oh how I loved it! You enter a room that appears to have mad nurses and doctors and a poor girl on the table about to become an experiment. When you walk closer to her, one of the male nurses runs over to her and starts eating her intestines. OH MY GOD! The part shocked me and grossed me out so so good, I’ve never seen anyone take it this far. All I could do is stare in disbelief as this poor girl screamed for our help while some crazy lunatic chewed on her intestines like it was licorice.

Another favorite part of mine was the  “Pepper’s Ghost”. I had never seen one before so it was very neat to watch! I enjoyed the set and the props so much. They made it all so believable. You enter a swampy area and it’s humid and moist. You enter the bloody kitchen and you truly feel you are in some crazy deranged persons kitchen. It all was done so well, you truly do lose yourself and feel as if you are really there and not in a haunted house you paid for. I really enjoyed an area near the end where you are walking through rock outside with concrete walls around you with some “night time” sounds playing. It really made me feel like I was journeying around outside about to stumble across something I may not want to, I loved it!

I found myself at multiple points thinking that I had reached the end of the haunt only to find that it kept going. The length of this haunt is great, it is probably the longest haunt I have ever been to, making it totally worth your money! Amazing job Hellscream! Can’t wait to come back next year! (If I can wait that long)

Pros- Scares, acting/costumes, props/set

Cons-I can’t live there


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HellScream Haunted House, Colorado’s Ultimate Haunted House, is not only one of the scariest haunted houses in Colorado and the Midwest, but one of the Top Haunted Houses in the Nation.
HellScream Haunted House, Colorado’s Ultimate Haunted House, is not only one of the scariest haunted houses in Colorado and the Midwest, but one of the Top Haunted Houses in the Nation. For 6 years this intense, cutting edge, multi story, multi attraction haunted event has thrilled and terrified visitors…regularly garnering attention from the likes of NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and the Colorado Springs Gazette. Named scariest and best in Colorado Springs numerous years by the Colorado Springs Gazette, and named the scariest and most feared Haunted House in Colorado by several websites, and organizations! Created by film, television, and special effects professionals, HellScream is also notable for its custom movie quality special effects, amazing actors, unique themes, and extremely detailed sets. Don’t miss one of America’s best haunted houses…visit HellScream this Halloween season!