Scream Acres 2014

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20861 County Rd 33
LaSalle, CO
  • $20 Combo ticket includes: Both sides of the maze; Phase 1 (non scary), Haunted Phase 2 and Scream Acres.
See website for dates and times:  Scream Acres
Don’t forget to visit the Fritzler Maze during the day!! Fritzler Maze
Are you ready to get scared? Scream Acres at the Fritzler Maze is northern Colorado’s premier outdoor haunted attraction! Located just seven miles south of Greeley, Colorado on Highway 85, we are just a short drive from anywhere across Colorado’s front range.Find yourself lost amongst the corn – rustling is heard behind you. You hear something breathing, but you can’t see what – or where.All of a sudden a gut-wrenching scream breaks out followed by a sinister laugh. You start to walk faster, but the twists and turns of the corn only disorient you more.You think that your friends, who are braving this unknown world with you, will help you find your way – you were wrong.Suddenly, you see movement in the corn. There’s a dark flash and wisp of air flowing between the stalks, rustling the leaves and making a high-pitched wail.What is waiting for you around the next bend? Will it be a horror scene ripped from the transcripts of a police report? Will it be your worst fear, patiently standing by to confront you face-to-face? Will you find Freddie, Jason, IT, vampires, zombies, or even aliens?Stepping into Scream Acres takes courage, as you never know what you will come into contact with…For over 10 years now, the Fritzler Maze has created a dark, eerie, creepy, horror-filled world known as Scream Acres, and once again we are inviting you to step inside.We’ve recruited some of the best makeup, props, masks, animatronics, power tools, and very talented actors to ensure that we leave you screaming – quite literally – for more.Some of the most creative minds behind the Hollywood horror movies have inspired a lot of the sets and tactics that we use to create (arguably) one of the best haunted attractions on the Front Range.There are over two miles of trails inside the Fritzler Maze – nearly 1 mile comes alive at night, and 1/4 mile of that transforms into the terror that is Scream Acres.We’ve had people come from as far as California just to get scared in Scream Acreas, and they have said that Scream Acres rivals some of the major haunted houses in Los Angeles (Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios, to be specific).Scream Acres opens September 26th through November 1st, 2014.We invite you to come on down to the Fritzler Maze, and see what all the commotion is about. You are in for the scare of your life, and will want to come back again with your friends – IF you can make it out alive…