Seance 2014

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Kris Kropelnicki

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Alex Gallegos

Séance is a tough review because it’s so unlike any other haunt. Rather than walking through a series of rooms filled with terrible things, Séance is closer to a theatrical production. A large audience is invited inside and sat on bleachers looking into a room with a couple doors, a bookcase, a dresser, a round table, and a few chairs. A few audience members are asked to sit in the chairs around the table and then a paranormal investigator enters the room. He discusses the story of an old sanitarium where the already-mad patients were abused and ignored by the staff. Finally one night they revolted, and burned the institution to the ground. He claims that the place has been haunted for years since, and that smoke can still be seen rising from the plot of land where the building once stood.

It’s his intention to contact one of the spirits from that terrible place, and what happens next is too spoilerific to go into in detail. This attraction is tough to categorize, having elements of a haunted house, a theatrical production, and a magic show. There were illusions and effects that were easy to figure out, and conversely there were a few I’m still scratching my head over, trying to figure out how they were done. Prepare for chills and thrills throughout the whole 20-minute experience as things move on their own, spirits swoop around the room, and evil from decades long past possesses innocent people. But beware – the most scary things to happen might not be at the front of the room, but on the audience’s side!

Because Séance can control your perspective and pacing, it’s very effective at making all of its effects hit home easily, so you’re in for a rapid-fire series of scares one right after another. It can be a very intense experience around the end, so don’t think you can just sit down and relax through this one. That said, if you’ve been out exploring a lot of haunts, it’s nice to kick your feet up and let the freaky scary stuff come to you for a change instead of having to stumble around in the dark for it.

The acting is limited as well because of the story being told, but what is there is stellar, and very believably creepy. I could easily see something like this happening in one of the Paranormal Activity movies, so the actors definitely brought their A-Game.

Séance gets my thumbs up seal of approval, and really the only things I can complain about have to do with the seating arrangements, and you know if I’m that picky that things are pretty good on stage.

Pros: Good place to kick back for a scare, theatrical production, exciting surprises

Cons: Uncomfortable seating, hard to crawl up to your seats because of no steps on either side like regular bleachers, depending on which seat you’re in your scares might be a little better or a little worse than the rest of the audience’s.

Jason Peterson

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Peyton Lucero

I haven’t been to many Seances before, but might I just tell you that this Seance made me jump out of my seat in both terror and excitement! When I had entered, I got top row seating, so the sound and effects were right in my ear! They were amplified so much that I felt like I was sitting right at the table with the other characters. These characters were actually little children who belonged to the audience! That made me wonder even more if what I saw was actually real or not because the girls were not really part of the gag but were set there as volunteers. I thought that was a great idea because it plays tricks on us that much more!

As the seance began, I couldn’t help but notice the scenery and set work/ detail that was put into this little room. It was so detailed that it really took me into their world and out of mine. I almost forgot at some points that I was sitting on bleachers.

The acting in this room was pretty legit and believable. The older gentleman who was calling upon the spirit played his role very well on being taken over by the ghost and eventually ending up in a bad position. The girls who surrounded the table did a great job at staying in character. Some of them I thought were gonna get up and leave, they looked so terrified when the room started to ramble in chaos. That’s where the best part came, the ghost who was the cause of everything. She was very angry and looked great doing so. She played her role fantastically to create a believable set.  The doors were slamming, dresser drawers were rattling, the lights were flickering to the point where I was surrounded in darkness, it was pure insanity! The awesome part of it was that WE got to get involved in the set. There was some craziness going on with the bleachers where at certain points startled me pretty good!  I thought it was great timing and I loved how there was more than 1 effect going on.

The amount of time I’m in here, I feel as if the room is sucking me in even more! There’s a story that’s being told and to think that it’s gonna end at any minute is saddening. It seems like there’s so much more to find out but when the time does comes, we are told to quickly exit the room as for the doctor seems to be dead! I was shocked but also happy at the way they ended it because it kept my mind thinking and questioning if it’s real or not. The effects were used amazingly to the point where it made me feel like I didn’t have to think twice about it being real or fake. I love it when props are used well like this because it makes it that much easier to take me into a different environment.

Seance is a great place to see some paranormal activity! Especially if you’re one who enjoys searching for them. Well here, they come to you and everything that the spirits endure, they end up bringing the wrath of their death upon all and never let’s you forget it! So definitely bring a friend with because this is one excitement that might just make you wanna cuddle and hide ’til it’s all over! 🙂

Pros: set work, sounds and effects, smaller room

Cons: should be placed in a haunt 😉 ,  it ended

Marlena Baker

Séance is an interactive stage show. Instead of walking through a haunt, you sit and watch, well, as séance. A few audience members are invited up to the front to actually participate in the séance. They are giving things to handle and even get to pick who we summon.

The set is fantastic. In what seems like a simple little room, there are lots going on. They use the space really well. It’s very hard to talk about all the cool things that happened without spoiling the show for you, so forgive my vague descriptions. There’s a combination of effects in this show. They use some great effects for the arrival of the spirit. There are some visual illusions, animatronics, and even some very controlled fire. It’s a fun surprise, but there’s even some stuff that got us in the audience. It all sold the story very nicely.

The actors also sold it really well. The actor leading the séance had the largest role. He kept to his role very well. Compared to your traditional haunt, he had a lot of lines and he was the focus of our attention for a long time. He set the stage by telling us the story behind the ghost we were summoning then he led the séance. Once it succeeded he had to keep at it. It’s an intense role. The ghost was very intense too. Both actors had perfect timing, even in the dark. It was impressive.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t explain more. This show relies on surprise and the unknown, so I can’t really describe anything, just give you an idea of what will be there. I strongly suggest you go see it. It’s a really good horror experience.

Pros:  stage show, great acting, cool effects

Cons: large sections without interaction

Kennedy Horstmeyer

Séance is a spooky show to pair with Halloween and the haunted houses Elitch gardens hold come October. This is a very unique show that uses audience members and various set designs.

This show is not super scary, but for children it may be pretty scary. In the show there is darkness, animatronics and various mechanics that do pump adrenaline. I loved that this wasn’t super scary and it could be for a wider range of people. If more scare was wanted maybe add more action to those in back rows.

There is really only 2 actors plus the few audience members. The actors who were in the show were very good and played their roles. My favorite part was in one section of the show where special effects are used to make one actor vanish as the séance becomes real.

The set isn’t extremely elaborate, but has enough detail to make the scene look realistic. The special effects are pretty impressive. I would really like to see that even the audience in the top row can feel the special effects. There is strobes, movement of props, effects on audience and a surprising twist. I loved the size of the show because it was a smaller room allowing it to be more personal and real.

I thought the length was excellent but definitely wouldn’t hurt to add more. The show was very interesting so the length as is or a little more truly would give a perfect show. My favorite thing about this is that it is more of a show than a haunt but also includes the theme of Halloween.

Outside of Séance and the 2 haunted houses at Elitch gardens is Fright fest. Fright Fest is a mirage of decorations, actors, subtle sign changes and mood to the park. I loved walking around seeing the spiders in trees, walking zombies, and shops in Elitches renamed Aberzombie and Fitch, etc. I would love to see a few more actors walking around, but definitely something fun and different.

Pros- actors, detail, show

Cons- scare factor, feel special effects in top row

2000 Elitch Circle
Denver, CO.
  • $10 Plus park admission
  • $75 Plus park admission – VIP combo to Flesh Factory: Outbreak, Terror Chamber 2 and Seance
Fridays & Saturdays   October 3rd – November 2nd6pm – 10pmSundays October 3rd – November 2nd6pm – 9pm
This fully immersive haunted experience blends chilling live performance, intense physical effects and unexpected audience participation.  In this multi-sensory experience, guests are thrust into the action as a simple ghost story comes to life! Can you keep a secret?

  • Drakmor

    This was something I have never seen before. As the critics said it was more of a haunted show than a haunted house. The set was very detailed. The acting was great as well. What really stood out for me though we’re the effects. I had seen some before, but their were some that I could not figure out. The seat effect got me every time. This is a fun attraction that I recommend.
    Rating: 7 out of 10