2016 Review Team


Kris Kropelnicki

Owner / Consultant / Webmaster

When I go to a haunt, I am looking for a complete suspension of disbelief and authenticity. If I am supposed to be in an old abandoned mansion, I want the experience to be just that. I’m looking at the set design, lighting, props, smells, costumes and make up. If the set looks authentic, yet smells like latex, that ruins the overall effect for me. Consistency of theme is important as well. The things that scare me most are the unknown, especially in the dark. Allowing the suspense to build makes for a much better scare for me.


Marlena Baker

Team Lead / Critic / Webmaster

A haunted house needs atmosphere first and foremost. I look for a haunted house that really draws me in and keeps me nervous between scares. A cohesive theme always helps me stay in the mood and really believe I’m surrounded by horrible things. Good haunted houses don’t overplay one particular scare and keep the pacing steady so the crowds don’t detract from the mood.

Austin Metzler


Hello, my name is Austin. I am 30 years old and have lived in Colorado all my life. I have been going to haunts since I was a teenager. What I look for in a haunt is believability. By that I mean you can forget the outside world for a while and can completely immerse yourself in the story. Actors, sets, animatronics and even smells when combined just right make a haunt I never want to leave, I might even ask a monster for a cot. It’s that complete escape that got me hooked on haunts. One haunt from the 90s that really stood out was Scream Park that was phenomenal. But I digress, gore, a T-Rex munching on someone’s head, it doesn’t matter, it’s all in fun. The thing that scares me is spiders and little children, I don’t know why but in a haunt, they just creep me out. I am extremely pleased to be a part of this team and can’t wait to share my reviews with all of you. The fog will soon fill the air and the screams of the terrified will echo throughout the land, happy haunting.

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