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Marlena Baker

Aftermath haunted house has some very amazing surprises. They have a space that allows them to do some very cool things and the overall feel of the experience is probably the creepiest of all the haunts.

We were given a glow stick, making us a beacon in the darkness, and sent off into the woods. There were some scarecrows, which I fully expected to move, but they didn’t. That had me all kinds of anxious as we walked further into the darkness and the first actor, who came out of nowhere, got me really good. They used the woods really well to hide, and we were a bundle of nerves by the time we even got to the house. It didn’t help that they had a really disturbing prop scare right before we went in. The house itself would be creepy if it was completely empty, but it wasn’t, of course. For all that the building didn’t look that big it seemed a lot larger once we were inside. We climbed up into a tunnel and crawled over some hot coals and I loved that it actually felt warmer in there. It really helped the effect. While mazes are not normally my thing, they have a maze built into that house. It was dark and claustrophobic, and full of interesting elements. There were two different sections and actors screwing with the path we took. However, they also made sure that we made it out at the end, which I appreciated. There’s a point where mazes loose the creepiness and just become annoying, but not this one. The basement was another area where we were looped around and misdirected, and the sets down there were just great.

The actors were super intense. They didn’t have ton of lines, except perhaps the clowns, but even then no so much. There were, however, a lot of them. Most of the parts with actors I felt really overwhelmed which was incredibly uncomfortable. They were all saying really crazy things and their acting was fantastic, and we were surrounded. The clowns did an especially great job of messing with us, though I also really liked the victims down there. I also have to mention the headless horseman, who not only had a really good costume but scared us half to death.

Overall Aftermath is so different from other haunts. It had a really good atmosphere and they use the location they have incredibly well. They’ve played off it’s strengths and the backwoods dilapidated feel makes it so that we just weren’t certain of anything. It just felt so very possible that we had walked into a killer’s house. I cannot recommend the experience enough.

Austin Metzler

Every Halloween season I look forward to a haunt that completely terrifies me, a haunt that makes me forget that this is a haunted attraction and instead feels like a horror movie. Ever since I saw the movie The Houses that October Built about a group of people trying to find the ultimate haunted house I have been searching. Hidden within a park in Canon City I found it, Aftermath haunted house. Don’t let the basic entrance fool you, this haunt is intense and is amazing in its technique. This is one haunted house that I am afraid to return to.

Hidden behind a forest is Aftermath, a haunted house unlike any other. The scares are nonstop and intense. I have never been so freaked out that I did not want to continue. This haunt has some incredibly simple yet effective scares that I am still writhing about even today. There is no room to catch your breath; it’s not over until you are in the safety of your own car. Walking through the woods up to the house is still one of the creepiest sights I have seen this season, even the smells are terrifying.

The acting of this entirely volunteer haunt is absolutely incredible, there is no conversation with these creatures, they don’t need to talk, but the unnatural sounds that these actors make are absolutely spine chilling. From every nook and cranny these creatures come to get you, and sometimes they all just come at once. I loved how the actors would guide you around in circles just to reveal another passage way to go through. I also love the fact that this haunt uses an old character that is almost extinct, and he has an equine friend. These actors also use scare tactics that will scare even the sturdiest of people. This is also the only time that I was actually scared of clowns, and what they lead you too is just creepy and fun.

The sets in Aftermath are real, the creepy building and surrounding shacks are all real buildings on the property, left to rot and wear away with the forces of nature. Walking through the forest in itself is incredibly creepy but it’s what lies inside the white house that is beyond your nightmares. The beauty of this haunt is its simplicity; there are no expensive animatronics or massive sets, just intimate scenes. From the second you enter this house and crawl through you are in a nightmarish world. You cannot tell what is real and what a prop is. Each actor interacts with you and their environment. I normally don’t like mazes, but the maze you encounter here is so unsettling that a minute seems like a lifetime. Once you enter the basement though, you are in an even more hellish world. There are sights here that can’t be unseen, even something that you loved as a child will become your nightmare. I also loved the lighting; nothing in this haunt was too bright. There is also a completely unexpected scare towards the end that will make you run away in terror, you will have to see it for yourselves. The length is also perfect, although time is an illusion in Aftermath. I highly recommend you visit Canon City this year to experience Aftermath to live out a horror movie.

Pros: unique scare tactics, phenomenal and intense actors, love the glow stick idea simple and highly effective

Cons: that this is not year round

575 Ash St.

Canon City, CO. 81212

  • $12
October 15, 22, 28 & 29

8pm – Midnight

Aftermath Haunted House
Prepare yourself for a journey unlike any you’ve taken before. Dark woods and an even darker night sky hold the secrets, mysteries and sheer terror of Aftermath Haunted House. Take a walk through the night woods if you dare and we invite you to knock on the door of the only house around….once inside, no one can hear your screams….