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Marlena Baker

Aftermath haunted house is a little different. There’s something extra demented about what they’re doing, and they do it in a lot of unusual ways. I was in a bouncy castle, and that is a haunt first for sure.

The haunt starts with a walk into the woods, which sets the mood pretty well. We got some good scares along the way, but it was the atmosphere that really got to me. It was super dark, out in the middle of nowhere. Being followed by some kind of web monster is that much worse when you’re that isolated. The house didn’t offer any sense of safety, however. It is  was pure lunacy in there. The clowns at Aftermath are easily the craziest clowns out there, and that’s just the first area. It was one bizarre scene to the next. The maze is both frustrating and unnerving. I have no idea how they fit it into that house.

A big part of the haunt was the actors messing with us. There were tons of them, especially in the house. In many areas they would come at us from multiple directions, boxing us in. They were super intense and had great lines. I really liked the victims, too. The one at the entrance to the house was a great touch and gave us just enough to wonder what was going on.

Aftermath is a wild ride of a haunt. They have this great space out in the woods with this old worn down house that they build in. That brings so much to the haunt, but they have done awesomely creepy things with it. I can’t recommend this one enough.


Austin Metzler

Deep in the depths of a circular forest in Canon City lies a living horror movie.  If you have ever seen the movie The Houses October Built, you will absolutely love this haunt.  Located on a dark, quiet street, you will find Aftermath, one of the most disturbing haunts in Colorado. When walking up to this haunt, all seems normal, but little does one know the terrifying experience they are In for.

Throughout my time being a critic for Spooky Colorado for the past three years there have been few haunted attractions to really terrify me.  Aftermath is one of only 2 haunts currently in the state to turn me into a trembling mess after I went through.  There is just something so raw about this haunt.  From the second you enter the forest your hairs stand up on end, I love how perfectly this house executes the building of suspense. The whole time you will not see another group, but you think the other guests make it out alive.  The creativity of the scares in Aftermath are through the roof, there are so many unique scares that I have never seen before.  All of the actors are on point for the perfect scare.

Haunted houses do not need elaborate sets to be scary, sometimes you just need a creepy location.  Just walking through the darkness armed with only a glow stick is all you need. Aftermath on the other hand goes way beyond normal haunts.  Walking through the woods are very detailed props and sets, while a stream flows down a rolling hill.  While on your journey an old musty house appears, looking like it came from your favorite horror movie. Once you enter this house the insanity is cranked up to 11.  I will not spoil all the fun, but some of the sets that blew me away were the ball pit, yes a real sadistic ball pit, one of the best mazes I have been through. There are too many incredibly detailed and jaw dropping rooms to list.  Even the animatronics are so unique that I could not figure out how they were made. Just when you think it couldn’t get any more insane you come across a demented staple of any child’s birthday party with an Aftermath twist.  The whole tome I felt like I was walking through one of the haunts I dreamed of.

Acting in Aftermath is absolutely phenomenal, I even got a monster hug, remember actors don’t touch you.  From the moment you enter creatures from your worst nightmares appear everywhere, some so perfectly hidden that you don’t even see them coming.  If you are afraid of clowns then you might need therapy after this haunt, because these clowns even terrified the critics.  I absolutely loved the misdirection and how in character the actors were, and great use of props.  I was so terrified and scared by a creature, that even today I don’t know what it was, that I almost burst through the team running to escape it.  The costumes and makeup are also exceptional. The length is also very long for the price.  I cannot recommend Aftermath enough, it seems that there must be something in the water that brings great haunts to Canon City.

Pros: great sets that are so creative, outstanding acting, unique props and setting

Cons: that this is not open year round, I have camping equipment, can I vacation here?


Ryan Acker

Aftermath, located in Canon City, CO, is a twisted journey through a forest with its demented patrons. The sheer intensity provided by its actors is something that you won’t find in the Denver metro area.  As we begin our journey, I was given a glow stick and was told to hold onto it tight.  We encountered the pleasant sound of a trickling stream on a stroll through the forestry before we were so rudely interrupted by a crying victim.

Discreetly disguised actors along the trail also made their presence known along the way, having us ask the question “Where did he come from?” and following us for a long distance. The actors and simple yet effective set designs really make this haunt outshine even the top players. The psychotic nature of each actor really led us to believe we might die in this forest. We encountered a victim who shouted “Their changing me!” as he wore a clown mask surrounded by the Insane Clown Posse. They then followed us into a literal ball pit with a clown attempting to snatch us with his large claw overhead, then being attacked by a huge angry teddy bear unexpectedly. They even made us walk through a bouncy castle (A real bouncy castle!) home to a clown who loved to hop! There was only one time during the haunt I was taken back to the real world, a group in front of was lost in a maze and the actors went out of character to lead them to the correct path. Other than this, each one was amazing.

As we were walking along the trail we walked by some old, dilapidated houses. One house we were not allowed to enter, but we saw the destruction inside, followed by a granny rocker who packs a punch. Walking inside the actual houses was disturbing and amazing. We were made to crawl above an oven with burning coals and a actor beneath us screaming for help? I’m not too sure cause I crawled as fast as I could. We were told to enter a pitch black maze which is where my glow stick mentioned earlier was put to good use. I was jolted by an actress simply hiding behind a refrigerator but greeted us with such enthusiasm. Little things like this were the hallmark of Aftermath haunted house. I don’t believe you will find haunt with such ferociousness in Denver, which makes this definitely worth the drive if you can spare the time.

Pros: Acting, crazy and unique interactive set pieces

Cons: Trail through the woods in between houses had some dead space and was minimally decorated.

575 Ash St.

Canon City, CO. 81212

  • $15
October 14, 20, 21, 28

7pm – 10:30pm

Aftermath Haunted House
Prepare yourself for a journey unlike any you’ve taken before. Dark woods and an even darker night sky hold the secrets, mysteries and sheer terror of Aftermath Haunted House. Take a walk through the night woods if you dare and we invite you to knock on the door of the only house around….once inside, no one can hear your screams….