Asylum Haunted House 2016

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6100 E. 39th Ave.
Denver, CO. 80207
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September 23rd – October 31st

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The Asylum Haunted House
All new themes for 2016 include:

Post Mortem – The Escape

Working with friends and strangers you must find your way out before it’s too late! The clock is ticking, if you run out of time, you may be the next one on the slab!

Primitive Fear – Anarchy

Mr. & Mrs. Nice Guy have found the secret passage out of Ridgegate and back onto the city streets. Don’t let their smiles fool you, they’ve brought chaos and destruction to town and they’re looking for their next victim. Get out of town while you still can!

Ridgegate – The Deranged

Every horror story you’ve heard about long forgotten asylums is true. “Treatments” were inhumane, cruel and despicable. The things your worst nightmares are made of lurk within these walls. You’ll need your wits and sanity to escape but it may be too late; the horrors you’ve witnessed have wound themselves deep in your psyche…your nightmares have only begun…