Castle Rock Maze Of Terror 2016

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1100 S. Wilcox St. (Next to MedVed)
Castle Rock, CO. 80104
  • TBA
Thursday – Sunday

October 1-2, 6-9, 13-16, 20-23, 27-31

November 1st

Dusk to Midnight

Castle Rock Maze Of Terror
The Maze of Terror, located in Castle Rock, is a haunted maze, a must-see journey for anyone who loves an authentic thrilling scare – from hard-core thrill seekers to families and adults of all ages!
Coming to The Maze of Terror is like stepping on the set of a horror movie. You’ll come face to face with a host of freaky and unruly characters who are waiting to take you away to another world – one populated with misfits and eccentrics.
As you descend into The Maze of Terror… mysteries will begin to unfold around you, and as you and your friends experience the bizarre abandoned maze filled with…
•mind-blowing high-tech effects
•legendary real-life clowns, zombies, and other creatures of the night
•cutting-edge animatronics … or are they!
•innovative lighting
•wicked sounds
•ridiculous misfits & monsters
The Maze of Terror is a unique and professional production totally unlike any other Colorado haunted attraction.
You’ll find yourselves terrified in ways that are exciting, unexpected and fun.
Expect nothing less than the thrill of lifetime when you descend into The Maze of Terror.   Strange characters will be lurking in the dark and around every turn waiting to scare you every step of the way.   Come visit the scariest Haunted Attraction in Colorado and we will change your definition of fear with horror for thrill seekers and families alike.