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Marlena Baker

City of the Dead has always been a great one for sticking to a theme, but this year they killed it by balancing the elements in such a way that made the atmosphere all that much more immersive and helped their amazingly detailed sets and actors shine.

There were zombies, victims, and crazies everywhere, giving it a really populated feel. We would walk into an area, only to accosted by a zombie, and while we were distracted by that threat, one or more would sneak up on us and give us some great scares. There’s one area with drop walls, well, you’ll just have to see it. It was fantastic! Most of the people we encountered in the buildings as we wandered the city who weren’t zombies were crazy, and did they ever do a great job of that. The actors fit with their space and the acting was all top notch. I especially want to mention the crazy old grandma. I know that should really be one of the least threatening people to run into but she was so unnerving.

The sets were as detailed as ever, and the lighting was dim enough to be eerie, but bright enough that I could see all the cool details. There was one spot where the light would flash on, suddenly bright, and for longer than a strobe. I really loved that as it both startled me and threw into sharp relief just how bloody and horrible things were in the room. Seriously, they don’t skimp on the gory details at this haunt, and they are everywhere. I also really love the street sections, where they have actual cars in various states of disrepair or destruction. The fact that I could look down the street and see scenes I had been through as well as what was coming up made it that much more lifelike. It gave it a great expansive feel, like a real city and made it immersive. City of the Dead also has great effects, such as vibrating floors, smells, and sounds. The smells were amazing and so very nauseating. They suited the rooms they were used in and really helped them achieve the right atmosphere. The sounds were well done this year. They were toned down, but still chaotic and stressful. I really loved that when I stepped into a structure it dulled the noise, giving the feeling of finding refuge from the insanity going on outside, only to be filled with even more insanity.

After City of the Dead we entered Curse of Darkness. In contrast to the insanity of the City, Curse was fairly calm. One of the actors was practically whispering, making me lean towards him, what a great tactic! There was an actor in a demon mask that kept showing up, stalking us. It was a fantastic rush each time I saw him. This haunt has been expanded and it worked really well. The sets were interesting and completely different from the City. Instead of gore and shock, Curse is full of uneasy atmosphere. It’s a great experience.

As far as improvements, there were still a few scenes where I had trouble hearing the actors in City, especially out in the street scenes where the sound effects were the loudest. Also, there was still a part with two or three chainsaws. I wasn’t fully certain, as one in the space was fairly overwhelming on its own. The thing is, if someone is scared of the chainsaw, then one will do it. Nothing is gained by adding more but annoyance and pain. People who aren’t scared by one chainsaw aren’t going to suddenly become afraid if there’s another one.

Overall, City of the Dead and Curse of Darkness work really well at giving visitors two very different but immersive experiences. I also have the mention the facades, both while waiting to go in the City and during the transition between the haunts. They are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone.

Austin Metzler

Oh City of the Dead it’s never Halloween without you. Everything within your confines feels like my creepy home, in a good way. As soon as we arrive in the parking lot my nerves start firing, getting out of the car we immediately met one of your creepy citizens. City of the Dead is one of my favorite Denver haunted houses and this year did not disappoint. Even before you enter you can feel the electricity oozing out of this city. City of the Dead has 3 spectacular attractions: City of the Dead, Curse of Darkness and Carnival of Carnage.

City if the Dead is insanely intense, from the moment you step in line the scares start. There are many unique ways in which the City can make your heart stop. Above you, below you, no area within this domain is safe. There are disturbing sights and sounds around every corner. Several times throughout the City I was frightened to move forward.  Just when you think the scares are over you enter the second haunted house, which is filled with spooky graveyards and pitch black hallways. Even the carnival has a spooky atmosphere and some familiar yet disturbing games to play.

The creatures that inhabit the City of the Dead complex are some of the creepiest characters I’ve encountered this season. From the moment you park your car the disturbing characters are out to get you. I have to say thank you to the drifter character that greeted us when we parked our car, you were funny yet incredibly creepy and I was afraid to turn my back on you. Even while waiting in line the characters are interacting with you. Entering the haunt itself the intensity level increases to 11, the sounds and immense amount of creatures in both haunts is staggering. There were so many amazing characters it’s hard to name them all. Some actors that really stood out were the Grandma, Baitman, who is always a pleasure to see, as well as the very acrobatic monsters throughout. Within the second haunt, the bathroom vampire, and the demon, if you are reading this demon, I will gladly take your offer on that coffin, it looks extra comfy.

The props and sets of City of the Dead and Curse of Darkness were phenomenal; I could not believe what was in front of my eyes. The facade of City of the Dead this year was astounding, I could not believe the detail, it is a true work of art. Progressing through City of the Dead one comes across some of the most disgusting and unique sets and props in Colorado. The level of detail in both haunts is extraordinary. While trekking through the city the sets and props are like any small town city in America, if a virus swept through. I also loved the fact that there were not too many animatronics in this haunt. The smells, oh the smells! This haunt, as well as the second haunt, have some of the most demented scents you can find, and I absolutely love them! They are revolting and familiar at the same time. The sets in the second haunted house are also incredibly detailed, and there is also a perfect flow of scenes in both haunts that add immensely to the story. I could go through these haunts 20 times and find something new every time. The length of both these haunts is also perfect; you definitely get your money’s worth here. So this Halloween season stop by City of the Dead, they can’t wait to have more victims, I mean citizens.

Pros: intense actors that never break character and line entertainment, love how much was added to the second haunt, love the intensity and dialogue

Cons: that City of the Dead is not open year round, that it ends

7007 E. 88th Ave. (Mile High Flea Market)

Henderson, CO. 80640

  • Fridays General Admission: $27.99, VIP Fast Pass $37.99
  • Saturdays – General Admission: $29.99, VIP Fast Pass $39.99
  • All Other Nights: General Admission: $24.99, VIP Fast Pass $34.99
  • Immediate Access: $49.99 No wait, no line. Specific date/time ticket; limited availability check website for dates/times available.
September 23rd – October 31st

Fridays & Saturdays 7pm – Midnight

Thursdays & Sundays and October 24-26th  7pm – 10pm

Halloween Night: 7pm – 11pm

City of the Dead Haunted House
Massive in size, the City of the Dead boasts an intense 20+ minute journey through a wretched City born of the UNDEAD where relentless Zombies feast upon the living souls that dare enter. Completely updated for 2016, come see the all new City of the Dead as you’ve never seen it before!
 A terrifying journey through an abandoned funeral parlor run by blood sucking Vampires looking for their next meal! Come face to face with the creatures of the night that dwell within its walls torturing the lost souls unlucky enough to get caught in its immortal curse!
Enter the Carnival of Carnage, a midway of twisted carnival-style games, Zombie photo ops (beware, they bite!!), Big Death stilt walkers, a Zombie Bar serving up cold Coors Beer, arcade games on FREE open play, scare zones, side shows, and more!  A unique interactive attraction where you get into the action!