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Marlena Baker

City of the Dead takes its theme to a whole different level. They actually do have a city full of zombies, victims, and the dead. The second haunt Curse of Darkness is vampire theme, and while I see the theme, it’s not as intense as the main haunt. There’s a lot I like at City, but it had some weak points as well.

The sets, as always, were detailed and obscene. Bodies, guts, scenes or horrific and demented death, all with a thorough coating of blood.  It was a gore fest done to eleven. No matter where I looked there was something to stare at. I would need a few more passes, at least to see it all. The scenes are all houses and shops, as if we are really in a city. There’s even some street scenes. It’s pretty effective. They also had great smells, ramping up the immersion. The other way they built on that was the sounds. They had all sorts of sounds of distraction playing, interspersed with sirens. It definitely adds more realism, but I couldn’t hear the actors. It’s better than last year, but any lines were lost in the cacophony.

The actors had less impact because of it. Unless they could get a visual scare they weren’t getting any scare. Maybe that’s why it felt empty to me in some areas, because I missed the actors. What I did see was good, but I wanted more of it. They had acting crazy down, and as always the masks were stellar. I just wish I could have heard them.

Curse of Darkness has its own little line between the haunts. There was definitely a different feel, and while there was still gore it was reduced. The scenes felt less connected than the main haunt, but were all on theme. Unfortunately I could hear all the noises of City in this one. It felt like it should have been much more hushed.

My last concern is that they had two, or more, I couldn’t tell, chainsaws in the maze. It was just annoying by the time we found the exit. City is a good haunt. I think there’s room to fine tune their formula, but they are doing a lot of really good horrifying things.


Austin Metzler

Oh City of the Dead, it never is the Halloween season without you.  Something about pulling up in the car and hearing the chaos of the City brings a smile to my face.  Just seeing the massive tent sends chills down my spine.  Located in the Mile High Flea market lies one of the best haunted houses in the Denver area.  Consisting of 2 haunted houses, Dead Rising and Dark Souls, this attraction is packed full of terror.

Dead Rising is intense, with all 5 of your senses being pushed to the limit.  The sounds alone have such a chaotic harmony that it will haunt you for days.  There are smells that will make you retch, my hoodie still reeks of the haunt, in a good way.  Not to mention the unrelenting scares from both actors and animatronics.

One of the things that separates City of the Dead from the rest of the pack are the phenomenal sets.  From the second you enter you are in a real city, filled with everything you would expect with a diabolical twist.  From cars to two story building, there are so many sights to take in.  I loved the massive house within, the details were unbelievable.  The props are also top notch, there are so many animatronics that it is hard to tell what’s a prop and what’s an actor.

The second haunt also uses complete darkness and beautiful sets, I loved the outside of the church.  Make sure to look and soak in all the details.  There were some authentic props in here as well.  The lighting and guest activated triggers were very well done, especially the strobe and fog effects. While not as intense and in your face, Dark Souls has a great Gothic feel.  Scares are aplenty though with sights and smells of the undead.

Acting at City of the Dead is paramount, each character, costume and makeup are outstanding.  From the second you enter the line, gliding undead float up to you for a scare, even a dancing zombie followed us into the haunt. Before the haunt even begins there are effective scares, even the metal detector is not safe.  Every room has at least one creature to torment you, with unique dialogue and always in character.  The chainsaw actors are incredibly energetic as well, it was hard to tell how many there were.

The second haunt was filled with vampires, and not the sparkly kind, they are bloodthirsty and ready to attack.  There was some fantastic dialogue and great use of props, I especially loved the massive demon outside the church.  The length of both attractions is perfect and there’s plenty to do while waiting in line and even great free games at the end. I highly recommend City of the Dead to anyone who wants to visit a Hollywood quality haunt.

Pros: unbelievable sets, some of the best actors in line, great props

Cons:  the groups were a little close together

Ryan Acker

City of the Dead is located inside the tent at the Mile High Flea Market in Commerce City, CO. This year, they moved the line outside and used the entire tent for their haunted house. Amazing. They made some big changes throughout while extending the haunt and still perfecting that City of the Dead feel. They now feature two attractions, the second known as Curse of Darkness, where vampires have taken control. They are the kings of blood and gore, each scene just as gruesome as the next featuring the most creative ways to die. Props were set throughout the haunt, mainly triggered by step mats on the floor beneath you. We noticed throughout that some mats didn’t trigger a prop for us, but further ahead for the group in front of us. They sent us through pretty quickly and we were trying to keep our distance from the group ahead of us. Because of this, we missed out on many of the prime acting moments, but they still kept the energy as we passed through each room.

One thing the City is known for is how loud it can get inside. A siren roars every time a new victim steps inside, coupled by chainsaws and banging echoing inside the tent. Actors throughout really killed it with their devotion to their roles. The best actors were thankfully placed in rooms that muffled the noise, while others just run amuck. We were forced to kneel and crouch through a crawl space, entering a living room with a tall and gorgeous facade, stairs, and maybe a trick exit? Or I just got lost with an actor who told me it was rude to leave without saying goodbye. We were led to a hallway that incorporated a huge zombie attack through the walls, loved it! There are just so many rooms and props I wish I could write about and even remember, but there were just too many. The makeup on each and every actor is done better than most haunts in Colorado, not one was overlooked throughout both attractions. My favorite character I’ve seen in any haunt in Colorado was a gargoyle/demon outside of a chapel in House of Darkness. I just wanted to stop and stare!

City of the Dead is a huge name in the Colorado scene, always going above and beyond constructing their horrfic city. Better crowd management would most likely have led to perfect 10’s, but I write on what I see. Curse of Darkness, in my opinion, does not really stand out as a separate haunt. I noticed sets used in previous years in the city and there was really no distinction besides vampires instead of zombies. I would love to see City construct a fully immersive room after that short waiting area, such as the good ole days of being condemned to the city, instead of the short vampire introduction. Nonetheless, it’s a great experience! If you’re looking for a intense experience and are not queasy around blood and gore, City of the Dead is the place to go!

Pros: Immaculate set design and detail throughout entire haunt

Cons: Curse of Darkness doesn’t feel like a separate haunt, groups sent through quickly, loud.

7007 E. 88th Ave. (Mile High Flea Market)

Henderson, CO. 80640

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September 22nd – October 31st

Fridays & Saturdays 7pm – Midnight

Thursdays & Sundays and October 24-26, 30th   7pm – 10pm

Halloween Night: 7pm – 11pm

November 3, 4, 10, 11  7pm – 11pm

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