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Marlena Baker

Creepy Walk in the Woods is a charity haunt put on by volunteers in Loveland. It’s an outdoor haunt, through some woods, which always adds it’s own atmosphere. There’s something about walking through the woods in the dark that’s inherently creepy, with the wind rustling the trees, that is unnerving to start with.

Then you see the sets. They’ve built out some great scenes that play well with the setting. I loved the graveyard. It’s open and expansive, with lots and lots of details. They made us walk all the way around it, too, which built up the anticipation really well. Another nice feature of the woods is a lot of really nice hiding spots when we were surrounded by trees. The walks through the trees were incredibly nerve wracking, which made the more built up scenes that much more intense. The transition back and forth kept us on our toes, and there was no telling what was coming up next. The fairy tale area, the spider room, and the trailer park were some of my favorites. I also really enjoyed the drive in and that was completely unexpected. The sets were very detailed and there were some interesting elements, like one section where we had to pick our own path.

The actors gave us a ton of incredibly varied characters as we walked through the haunt. I had the best interaction of the season with one of the witches. It was a lot of fun to talk about which parts of us were the most nutritious for the baby. A lot of the actors interacted with us, and really invited that interaction. The things they said were entertaining and creepy at the same time. They had some really great victims, as well. They even had some in the room with one of the chainsaws, which was interesting. Instead of chasing us we heard them screaming as we walked away. The other chainsaws were used for jump scares, which was much more preferable, and we didn’t smell them coming. Still not a fan, but they got a great jump scare out of me. A number of times they really swarmed us, especially the zombies. We were also swarmed, however, by creepy little girls. That freaked me out.

I had a lot of fun with this haunt. They’ve done a great job using the neat space that they have and building up scenes that use the space well. Be sure to take in some of the details, as there’s a lot of really fun ones. It’s well worth the drive.

Austin Metzler

Loveland… not a town you would think of when you think Halloween and haunted houses. Hidden off the road lies a haunted house that has been terrifying locals for years, Creepy Walk in the Woods. Walking to this haunt from the parking lot you can hear the shrieks and screams emanating from the woods. Once you get your ticket you can enjoy concessions, take pictures, enjoy a campfire and even get your fortune read. Once your number has been called the real terror begins.

Being situated within some already creepy woods surrounded by fog you know you are in for a frightful experience. The frights within Creepy Walk in the Woods range from creepy to absolutely terrifying. There were even some incredibly unexpected scares from areas that you would least expect it. Walking outside in the cool Fall air, feeling the ground of the forest beneath your feet only adds to the creepy ambiance. Whatever you do don’t forget to not let your guard down, you never know what mysteries the forest holds.

Acting within Creepy Walk in the Woods is very well done. It is hard to believe that this is all volunteer, kids and their parents. Don’t let that fool you; this is no walk in the park. Some actors in haunted houses might reply to a comment you make with a short sentence, but the actors in this haunt have no problem having a lengthy conversation with you, never breaking character. From the moment you start walking down the trail the creatures of the forest are out to get you. Ranging from creepy to just plane insane, every creature you come across is out to get you.  While walking through make sure you strike up a conversation with the local witches, they are always willing to have a chilling conversation. Some of the other memorable characters include a spectral clown, some familiar faces from horror past, and some very intense zombies.

The sets within Creepy Walk in the Woods are incredibly well done and filled with details. Everywhere you look there is something creepy and stunning to look at. The woods themselves even take on a sinister look and it is so easy to get lost, never to be found again. The cobweb caves are one of my favorite scenes; there are so many fantastic details to take in. Some of your favorite fairy tales take on a creepy look with some trippy scenes. The lighting is also creepy, and it just adds layers to the experience. The length is also spot on; this is no short trip through the woods. I highly recommend visiting this haunt this season to see what nightmares await in the woods.

Pros: great sets and details, intense and creative acting, absolutely love the forest and graveyard

Cons: nothing I can think of

1750 Savage Road

Loveland, CO. 80538

  • $20 (age 11+ not recommended for children under 11)
  • “Like” us on Facebook for $2 off admission!
  • Kids Day – $5 per person (2 and under free)
October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29    Gates open at 6pm, haunt opens at 7pm

Kids Day – October 29th & 30th  Noon – 4pm

Creepy Walk In The Woods
Welcome to Creepy Walk in the Woods:

This is not your average haunted house and it’s not another corn maze. In fact it’s not in a house or corn field at all. Just west of Loveland, at the base of Devil’s Backbone, you will find Savage Woods, home of the most vile, hideous creatures our world has ever seen. This once sacred land, now cursed with creatures so haunting they could never be contained indoors. These Woods are so horrid that our own minions (staff) won’t enter.  It’s a terrifying, unguided exploration deep in to the Woods to experience the immoral degenerates, native only to the Savage Woods.  Some will live to tell the tale, some will never be seen again, some will be forever changed…

It’s really important to note just how scary the Creepy Walk in the Woods is… we do not recommend this for Children under 11- we strongly suggest you get a sitter. We reserve the right to refuse entrance at anyone. NO REFUNDS if you cannot complete the walk.

Please note, there are NO PETS allowed.

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