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Marlena Baker

Creepy Walk in the Woods is an outdoor haunt, but instead of corn, we were walking through yes, the woods. It was dark and cold and, well, creepy.

They use the setting they’re in so well. They’ve built up while leaving plenty of trees and foliage to remind us where we are. The graveyard is one of my favorite scenes and it uses a lot of that. Then there are other scenes like the witches that just belong in the woods. One section even made us walk through a stand of trees while glowing eyes watched us. Then when we got to sections like the clowns and the butcher there were structures to build up that space. I love the atmosphere and the constant question of what will come next.

The actors were using the space well. I especially liked the scares from the clowns. They were popping up all over the place. Other characters, like the witches, didn’t go for jump scares as much as just horrifying us. It was a good blend. My favorite was a talking head in the wall. What a clever idea, and while I was distracted by that an actor snuck into our group and got me good.

There’s no real theme to this haunt, but it has a consistency of tone in how everything is presented. Nothing ever felt out of place because the atmosphere of the woods ran throughout it. I enjoyed it immensely.

Austin Metzler

Hidden deep within the city of Loveland lies a place known as the Savage Woods.The area is like a wooded park, but come October the woods get a more terrifying touch, transforming into Creepy Walk in the Woods.  Parking in the lot you can already hear the screams, and once you purchase your ticket you receive a number to be called for your time to enter, which is a great idea. While waiting you can sit around a campfire, have your fortune told, and indulge in some tasty treats. When your number comes up the real journey begins.

Don’t let the name fool you, Creepy Walk in the Woods is more than creepy, its terrifying.  From the moment you enter you are thrust into another world, where monsters lurk and forests are terrifying.  This haunt has some fantastic ways to chill you to the bone.  The scares are plentiful, coming from actors and props alike, with some incredibly unique ways to scare you.  There is barely time to catch your breath, even the forest is disorienting and creepy.

Walking throughout your journey you come across varied and beautiful sets.  Some turn childhood memories into nightmares while others have you revisit some familiar faces from horror icons of the past.  All of the props, most created by the people that created this place of nightmares, are realistic and detailed.  The use of sounds to get a scare was very well done.  The ground fog is fantastic and seems to have a life of its own as it creeps along the ground.  This haunt also uses lighting that is more popular for another holiday in a way that completely disorients you and makes the forests come to life.  Also the props and figures are a fantastic touch, some of them will be very familiar.

Talent inside Creepy Walk in the Woods are fantastic. These kids and adults really put their hearts and souls into this haunt.  Some of the great actors included the witches in the coven, the hoard and some familiar icons.  The kids did a great job of scaring as well, some of them were downright creepy.  I loved how the actors kept popping up and going for unique scares, using their environments to great effect. I also loved the actor that was just hanging on the wall with some of his friends, he completely caught me off guard.  The masks, makeup and costumes are also authentic and have great attention to details. The length of this haunt is also very long, you definitely get your moneys worth. I recommend this haunt to anyone that wants a great scare that goes to a good cause.

Pros: great use of space, beautiful sets, great set of actors

Cons: some of the cutout characters were a little out of place


Ryan Acker

Review Coming Soon!

1750 Savage Road

Loveland, CO. 80538

  • $20 (age 11+ not recommended for children under 11)
October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28    Gates open at 6pm, haunt opens at 7pm
Creepy Walk In The Woods
Welcome to Creepy Walk in the Woods:

This is not your average haunted house and it’s not another corn maze. In fact it’s not in a house or corn field at all. Just west of Loveland, at the base of Devil’s Backbone, you will find Savage Woods, home of the most vile, hideous creatures our world has ever seen. This once sacred land, now cursed with creatures so haunting they could never be contained indoors. These Woods are so horrid that our own minions (staff) won’t enter.  It’s a terrifying, unguided exploration deep in to the Woods to experience the immoral degenerates, native only to the Savage Woods.  Some will live to tell the tale, some will never be seen again, some will be forever changed…

Join us…if you dare!

Can you make it out of the Savage Woods…alive?

It’s really important to note just how scary the Creepy Walk in the Woods is… we do not recommend this for Children under 11- we strongly suggest you get a sitter. We reserve the right to refuse entrance at anyone. NO REFUNDS if you cannot complete the walk.

Please note, there are NO PETS allowed.

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