Creepy Walk in the Woods 2013

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Unfortunately, due to the flooding in late Summer across Colorado, Creepy Walk in the Woods will be unable to open this year. Our hearts go out to everyone involved in this production.


1750 Savage Rd.
Loveland, CO. 80538
  • $12.00
  • $5.00 Kids Walk
October 18, 19, 25, 26   7-11pmKids Walk October 26th  12-4pm
Creepy Walk in the Woods

The Savage Woods and Cub Scout Pack 180 are proud to present the 4th annual Creepy Walk in the Woods. This one of a kind experience takes haunted house enthusiasts on a meandering path through the woods near the Devil’s Backbone area – just west of Loveland, Colorado. Our evening hours are planned for scares and horror, blood and guts.

We recommend participants be at least 13 years of age.

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    Thank you Spooky Colorado for the support after our run
    in with Mother Nature this summer. Here is a copy of the press release. See you
    in 2014!

    For Immediate

    October 2, 2013

    It is with great regret that the creatures of the Creepy
    Walk in the Woods must announce the closure of the 5th annual Halloween

    Although most mortals believe that the events of the
    September flood were caused by Mother Nature, our independent investigation
    points to a much more likely cause: THE WITCHES.

    Evidence shows that the Witches of Savage Woods accidentally untied the Giant’s Shoe. The
    Giant tripped and fell into the Fairies where the Frog Prince may or may not
    have kissed one of the Little Pigs. Little Pig ran away with the Spoon, the
    Dish fell in love with the Big Bad Wolf knocking him off his feet and under the
    Three Bear’s House.

    Goldie, after being caught red-handed in the
    porridge, took off with the Dead Bride. Both are reportedly on the lam in Estes
    Park with their fugitive families.

    The final evidence that this is entirely the fault
    of the witches is that it appears the witches tried to correct their mistake by
    casting a spell. Because Witches are off-balance they mixed up more than one
    spell and put all the Zombies to sleep for one year.

    And because everyone knows you cannot have a Creepy
    Walk in the Woods without Zombies, we decided to close for the season.

    The Sergeant at Arms for the Woods has confiscated
    all spell books from the witches until they get their balance back and promise
    to stop untying shoes.

    In flood free years the woods opens to children one
    afternoon in October for trick-or-treating from classic fairy tale characters.
    At night the woods morph into the more sinister side of fairy tales, the way
    they were meant to be: scary, bloody and gut-filled (only for those brave
    enough to enter.)

    Our creatures have pledged to be back in 2014 for
    Part 2 of the 5th Annual Creepy Walk in the Woods.

    The woods is located at 1750 Savage Road, just 2
    miles west of Loveland on Highway 34 or the 2nd right hand turn off of Glade