Field of Corpses 2013

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Kris Kropelnicki

I don’t even know where to start, I honestly don’t. It’s not often that I find myself speechless about anything, but here I am, struggling to find the words for this haunt. Field of Corpses has been in the top rankings for this team for years, which is no easy feat in itself. What I can’t figure out is how. How do they continue to rise above and beyond, year after terrifying year? I always find myself thinking, “This is it. They can’t possibly do better than this.” Then they do. Again and again.

The scare factor at Field of Corpses comes in several different ways, each of them fantastic in my opinion. They have plenty of startle scares, so many in fact that it seems you’re not able to catch your breath in between. Then there are the scares that come from some of the smells that accompany the scenes. This haunt spares nothing in the smells department to make sure sets are as authentic as possible, and that can have you scared that you may actually vomit, (Pretty sure no one actually has, but man is it intense!) for an authenticity freak like myself, it’s pure bliss! Then there are the scares that come from all manner of creepy, disgusting things you will encounter on your journey through the haunt. Very frightening, especially the mine shafts! Then there are the scares that come from the incredible actors here. They having scaring down to an art and again, this haunt spares nothing and the actors are incredibly good at getting under your skin.

Speaking of actors, there are plenty here! There are no sparse areas without an actor and they come out of everywhere, literally! At one point, I was surrounded by 6 actors, all of them out for blood. Mine to be exact! Every actor here is costumed very well and makeup is outstanding! All actors are fully engaged in their characters and they play their roles to the hilt!

Sets here just keep getting better and better!! There is so much eye candy here it’s really impossible to take every detail in so I highly recommend going through again and again and again if you really want to see it all!! The detailing is amazing, lighting, sounds and smells are all perfect for the scenes and the total immersion is present in every step you take!! I simply love the ‘old west’ town facade, the white room, the sweet shop and the playground!! These are only a few favorites because if I named them all, this review would quickly grow to the size of War and Peace. There’s just way too much going on here to mention it all plus, I don’t want to give anything away.

The length is wonderful!! There were several times that I thought our group had reached the end, but wait!!! There’s MORE!! And more, and more, and more!! The use of space, layout and length are all extremely well done as is every other detail of this haunt. Field of Corpses is a must see haunt!! Arrive early as lines get long during the busy season or better yet, get a VIP ticket, it’s worth every penny!

Pros: Acting, sets, smells
Cons: It does eventually end. So sad.

Alex Gallegos

I love Field of Corpses, in as literal and creepy of a way as is humanly possible. I suppose it doesn’t really make sense for a person to have these kinds of feelings for a haunt but to paraphrase Luther Ingram, “If loving a haunt with extremely high production values and fantastic ideas is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

Field of Corpses invites us into the realm of a hillbilly nightmare, rife with unhappiness and terror and scores and scores of creepy, inbred people. The haunt is unique, in that it includes a guide who goes through the haunt with you, and it’s difficult to determine just whose side he’s on. Something that seems pretty difficult for the average volunteer actor to portray is insanity. I’m sure psychiatric students cringe watching some of these performances, which would have you believe that being completely nutso involves a lot of wearing clown costumes and strangling baby dolls. This is a child’s idea of mental illness, so it was nice to see the approach the actor at Field of Corpses took instead – a subtle and nuanced performance that meant you could imagine he really did suffer a mental illness of some kind. He did a great job verbally sparring with me as well. I went in with a group of four – three ladies and me – and he didn’t even care about my name when he asked us who we were. Fifteen minutes later he asked me my name and I told him, “You didn’t care before. It’s too late.”

“I’m sorry,” Jeff said.

“Well, I should certainly hope so, Jeff. You have wounded me, deeply. Emotionally.”

“No, I’m sorry I made you think I cared.” And then he was off, rolling around in the mud and laughing maniacally about his dead brother who was going to murder us and eat our livers.

This is the sort of experience where someone might say, “You can’t fake mental illness like that,” except that I really, really hope you can, or it means they just found a crazy guy and sprinkled a little dirt on him and let him hang out with us, which is an idea that’s unsettling because it’s just slightly believable enough to be true.

Although the sets are fantastic and the length is incredible, so much so that I was starting to wonder if I’d be out of there and back in my car before the temperature dipped below freezing, the actors are the best part of the haunt, by far. In addition to our guide who made a great impression on me, the rest of the hillbilly family was amazingly persistent as they followed us all around their town, promising all kinds of awful and terrible things for us, and while I’m a fan of quiet understatement from time to time there’s nothing that intimidates you quite like the feeling that you’re going to have to fight off an entire unruly mob just to get out of a place with all your skin.

One word of caution: this is the most physical haunt I’ve been to all year, requiring a lot of bending, climbing, and crawling over and under a wide variety of obstacles, and tight spaces seem to be such a big thing there that they might get a pushback from everyone who goes to a shrink to seek therapy for sudden onset claustrophobia and it wouldn’t surprise me. If you’re just looking for something to stroll through, you’re going to the wrong place, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your evening if you’ve got back or knee troubles, for example.

PROS: Amazing sets, fantastic actors, incredibly creepy guides

CONS: Pacing drags a little in the last third of the haunt, might be a little daunting to get through based on your level of physical fitness.

Marlena Baker

Where do I even start? There’s so much to see in Field of Corpses. I barely let myself blink the whole way through and I probably missed half of it. There was stuff on every side, high and low, layered up all around us. I couldn’t give all my attention to the sets either. The actors were always after us. It was a wild ride.

The setting is somewhere along the lines of hillbilly hoarding cannibals. They don’t just hoard corpses, either. There’s used needles, mutilated dolls, and so very much more. Every room was full of stuff. I really liked the kitchen, where they had real bones and the smell to go with them. There was a lot of that. They had gross smells all over, turning my stomach and making me all the more uncomfortable. The lake had some really rank smells. All of their outdoor scenes were really good. One of the really cool things was that when we were outside the haunt didn’t seem so linear. There was a huge wild west themed walkway that had tons going on. I could see the roofs of other buildings, giving the complex a realistic feel. There were all sorts of unusual sets too. We walked through a coffin. We crawled through a hearse. My favorite of all was the playground, where they made us walk across one of those platform swings. I was really shaky trying to get across. They did cool things with the ground all over the place. I noticed a lot of changing floor textures as we walked. Some areas we were on solid floors. In others we were on wooden plank flooring. The outdoor areas had us on dirt, and a few of those had foam so that we sunk down into it. That first step made it feel like I was going to fall straight down. In one area we were walking around the edges of a vehicle and I did trip and fall on the wheel well. Watch your step. It adds a bit of extra realism to some places. It helps with the fear, too. I’d have a really tough time running from the crazies we ran into in this place.

Speaking of the crazies, let me tell you about Jeff. Jeff was our guide. He stayed with us the whole way through the haunt. He was amazing. He was so very crazy. He’d be nice to us and then yell at us. He’s tell us to stop and then hurry us along. It was really fun. He’d even interact with the other actors, giving the feeling of a community of crazies. Everywhere we turned, someone was talking about eating us. Sometimes they wanted to play with us first. They were all very joyful, too. That made it so much more disturbing. They weren’t usually the kind of insane that torments them. They were crazy killers and they loved it. We walked through, listening to them gleefully talk about all these creepy things. It made for great atmosphere. No one is trying to stop themselves from killing, and they sure aren’t trying to stop each other.

Everything adds up. By the end of this haunt, you’ll be thrown off by returning to normal life. Field of Corpses has built up a different world. It feels very real between the really detailed scenes, the cool effects, and the amazing characters. It’s an amazingly creepy and disturbing experience.

Pros: sets, acting, atmosphere

Cons: nothing

Jason Peterson

It’s cold and late when we arrive. A cheap zombie film is playing on a walk opposite the queue line. It makes for fun conversation as we await our journey. Once we are in we are instructed to wait for our guide. He arrives shortly after dressed like a gothic priest and all over our personal space. He was entertaining. He of course is along for most of our visit. He interacted with us and actors pretty well.

The details in this haunt go beyond imagination. They used a door that was made from a boxspring mattress at one point. From start to finish we see detailed sets and even the transitions between sets are full of details too.

These actors are relentless and just plain nuts! The Butcher scene is gross and smelly and graphic, if I’m not mistaken he had a real animal leg and it stunk! There was a clown actress that gave me a nice startle scare from a dark corner not far from the coffee can hallway. She enjoyed scaring me so much she clung to our group for at least 3 more areas! We entered some conduit piping that seemed to be descending further underground.  This was a cool area. The laundry area was another scene I loved, so dirty and cluttered.

Each and every area you encounter in this haunt is covered with props details and actors that give everything they got to get under your skin. And the length is perfect. At one point I thought we were done because we were assaulted by a chainsaw. Ha! We still had another 10 minutes of haunt left! The school girls and their diabolical swingset are on my favorites list again this year. These girls are insane and sell this scene 100%. I liked the guy at the end but I would like it if he had a better scare to work with. He is a good actor I think he just needs a better routine to help polish the end of this mind numbing experience.


Cons-Tickets go fast/Ending needs minor work

Peyton Lucero

Waiting to enter the madness, there’s entertainment and the whole experience in the que line and getting your tickets has a complete haunting feel on its own. The whole grave yard set up with the light fog waving through our feet and the old movie screen playing a zombie film. Oh, I can’t forget the awesome facades and architectural structures holding bodies and skeletons.We definitely weren’t bored in this queue line! It’s finally our turn to enter. We start off under a wooden walk way and listen to a speaker give us the rules and regulations. Once that was done, a few seconds later, Jeff, wearing a hillbilly outfit and make up that looked like Otis’s make up from House of 1000 corpses, came out and introduced himself to each one of us in a different way. His name was Jeff and he was hilarious! I knew already I was going to have some fun. He kept us up front for a good five minutes or so and the whole time, he kept us entertained and laughing our butts off! He was very skittish, twitchy, forgetful, and very much In your face when he saw the chance. It was finally time to enter and from there, we began to follow Jeff in the horrendous Field of Corpses.

As we follow the leader Jeff shows us the entire town, filled with haunted woods, bedrooms and living rooms with madness, the old western town run by hillbillies, and much much more! There are even hidden doorways, paths, tunnels, and even props that you have to interact with. This place never stops with surprises. Inside, outside, and below are all set up fantastically with set design, props (bought and hand made), animatronics, actors, and the detail! The outside had everything from mazes of trees with dolls and forest creatures hanging from trees to bridges and walk ways with ponds and waterfalls added to them, leading us to creepy looking cabins. Inside was filled with rooms that belonged to children, dining areas that had supper on the table, waiting for guest to arrive. and butcher shops filled with meats of all kind, real and fake. Man the smell in their was pretty brutal.

A lot of actors we encountered were awesome with their dialogue and right on time for the scare. Each one definitely got in our comfort zone or tried hard really to gross us out. It definitely worked that’s for sure! One actor in particular really grossed me out, other than my guide of course, ha ha. This guy was plainly sick in the head and would seem to do anything to try invade your comfort zone. This guy went far enough to actually put his finger in his mouth,  swished it around a little bit like he was brushing his teeth and then asked me and another group member if we wanted our teeth brushed, as he’s reaching towards our faces with his finger. That full on disgusted me and especially because I like to observe everything to the touch when it to Comes germs, right away my thought process was going” I wonder Where his hands have been” and “God, please don’t touch me or come even close to me with that finger because who knows what kind of sickness I could catch.” I’m a germ freak I’d say about 90% of the time and always think twice about my surroundings and what I touch and let me just say, Field of Corpses makes sure to cover that step in a haunt! Good job at finding different comfort zones to mess with. Definitely gives me the chills!

My overall experience at this haunt was amazing!! I absolutely appreciated all the hard work and effort that was put towards this haunt. There really were no open or empty spaces that were lacking detail. The only thing I’d say that could have used a little work were some of the actors. Most were great in their rooms but there were a couple who seemed out of place or had late timing on scares, so their dialogue wasn’t all that great. To help with that, they could maybe just have a certain line acting they say so that way they won’t get confused or tongue tied. Once they get that down, they could mad lib the rest of the way as they get more comfortable with their character. Also the ending I thought could have used one more actor in the shop. I liked the clown in there but I felt like there was a main character missing. Maybe thrown in an actor who is big, beefy, and covered with all kinds of sweets, as if he had been created by an evil candy shop. I don’t know, just a thought to make it even creepier.

Our haunt guide was humorous, silly, serious, disgusting, and kept us entertained through the entire haunt! He didn’t break character once and the cool thing was, he had each person of the group, including me, have a turn up front with him so none of us would miss the action. Usually haunt guides are boring and a little sketchy at first before they get somewhat comfortable with themselves and the groups. I certainly was not disappointed with ours. He was sad when we were leaving but let me tell you, I’ll definitely be back for round two! Field of Corpses is a fantastic haunt to go to and will definitely do its very best to invade your personal space!

Pros- set work and detail, actors and haunt guide, set interaction

Cons- some acting dialouge, very few sets with low lighting, it ended

Crystal Gallagher

If I could give this haunt scores higher than 10’s, I would. Holy detail! Every aspect of this haunt exhibited a painstaking attention to, well, everything.

The acting here was phenomenal! Every actor had a character, and was willing to dialogue with us. They were comfortable enough in their roles to answer questions and comments without missing a beat, without exception. One of them uses the ‘Wanna play a game?’ line, which I’ve heard several times at different haunts, but unlike all the others, this one actually responded to my answers of different board game suggestions, and made her own. I loved her, and not just because I got to play a game of Monopoly with her that didn’t last hours, although that helps. And I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about our guide, Jeff. That guy was a barrel of crazy in the most delightful way. He had tics, all the right giggles and switches from affectionate to crazy to I don’t even know what, and the random singing while transitioning between rooms was spectacular. Also, he controlled the pacing really well. There was no need for actors to use the dreaded ‘Get out,’ Jeff kept us moving along at just the right speed. He also did something I’ve not seen anywhere else, and switched up our group order. There were four of us and we were all at the front of the group for decent stretches of the haunt. This was great, as we all got the different experiences that come with being in the front and the back of a group. And he created different dynamics between himself and different members of our group. He paid attention to the ways in which we reacted to things, and responded accordingly. I love you Jeff, from Captain ADD.

The set design really wowed me. This haunt is going for a kind of inbred cannibal hillbilly theme of sorts, and they do it amazingly. There’s a hoarder junkyard type feel to many of the rooms, but they’re themed appropriately. I loved the different objects dangling in different rooms, matching the theme of the area you were in. Watch out for the one at the start of a metal tunnel though… I was last in our group at this point, right on the heels of Alex, so I didn’t see the hanging object he had pushed aside. I did, however, feel it when it swung back to smack me in the face as I entered the tunnel. It stung a bit, but wounded my pride more than anything. Loved the use of different ground textures, and unevenness. That’s always something I love to see in a haunt, and this one did it perfectly. The smells were disgustingly realistic. And the props! Lots of haunts hide actors among props for a good scare, and when done well, the uncertainty of what is alive and what’s not is a great thing. This haunt did it the best I have seen, in making some actors look like very much like props. They got me good. Overall, the ambiance and immersion were perfect.

I cannot think of a single thing that could be changed about this haunt to make it better. I do want to know what the movie which was playing for the queue line was though. It had a zombie standing in a grave and a redneck looking guy who was holding a shovel taunting it. It looks terribad and I really want to watch it.

Pros: Actors, Ambiance, Sets, Everything
Cons: Don’t know the name of the queue movie and I forgot to ask!! My bad!!

Eric Guetterman

Field of Corpses showed up like a secret in Arvada as we drove upon it, tucked into a suburb, it seemingly rose up out of the thin fog that was hanging in the air the night we went. This farm looks run down and abandoned by anything living, a graveyard separates the haunt from the parking lot which is where the queue line runs to put you in the perfect frame of mind before entering this mainly outdoor haunted house. Not really in a field, it’s more like stumbling around a long abandoned ranch that has been overgrown with brambles and young trees before everything suddenly died and began to decompose; weathered, shriveled, withered, either dried up or a rotted mass of flesh and stench.

This attraction starts in a unique way – with a guide who was by turns helpful and tormenting, funny and insulting, startling and alluring. He had me worked over pretty good before we started our walk through this hillbilly backwoods feeling haunt that had a very disturbing number of children, dolls and other children’s playthings. One piece of playground equipment turned into an ingeniously frightening version of a moving floor gag that fit the scene perfectly. As we crossed with uncertain footing, we interrupted and infuriated the girls who were playing in the playground which sent them into a fury.

The frequently uneven dirt surface you walk on is often a bit of a challenge and I often found myself grabbing for a rail or some sort of handhold while descending a the several difficult sections. Sometimes the path dips, climbs and dives, sometimes a fallen log crosses the path or a rickety bridge takes you over a foggy terrifying swamp, and once a very steep set of stairs made me reach out for a handhold that I realized was as scary as the stairs! The look of this haunt is great from most every angle everywhere with a detail and consistency that accentuated the fear and made the actors scares hit that much harder. There were some areas with an authenticity that made this experience almost too real, a laundry room where the washing machines were really running.

Scene after scene were amazingly well done – a bloody mess of dead animals, children in cages, climbing into the back of a bus on stumps instead of steps and that jaw dropping swamp scene up and over the steaming, fogging water. Around one corner we came across a Countess Bathroom type scene, the young woman’s dead body hog tied and strung up above the bathtub spewing blood into the tub like a pig being drained to make blood sausage.

While the set design and lighting were consistently great, I personally would have liked more sound effects. There were some occasional good sound tracks or sound effects, and some particularly effective organic sounds – the banging on the empty compressed gas canister that rang like a beautiful church bell from a distance away, the subtle but audible fingernails dragging down the wall. The car horn was a bit too quiet for my taste, but overall I loved everything!

The acting was consistently good, scares timed well and an occasional witty comment or delivery that made me laugh after I first jumped away in fear.

Pros: Length, set design, unsettling disorienting moments

Cons: I would prefer more sound effects, I found some paths tricky, some scenes had so much detail I hard a hard time absorbing everything

13251 W. 64th Ave
Arvada, CO. 80004
  • $17.00 Cash only
  • $27.00 VIP Fast pass
  • See website for discounts
Friday & Saturday Sept. 27th-Nov. 2nd    Dusk-MidnightSundays Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27    Dusk-10pmOct. 28, 29, 30, 31    Dusk-10pm**CLOSED SEPTEMBER 29, 2013**
Field of Corpses
For two hundred years the citizens of Arvada have wondered what happened during the Fall Harvest of 1801. What did the White family find out in their field? Why did members of the family begin disappearing? Why has everyone who has since lived on the property suddenly died? Why do neighbors still report seeing shadows of children walking around at night? Discover the mystery behind the disappearance of the White Family and what lies in the Field of Corpses.Come see it yourself.

  • YellowBanana

    I loved this place! everything was great! I’m confused on why the acting got a couple of 8’s? every actor did a great job and was creepy as all hell.

    • Kris

      I have to agree with you YellowBanana. I’m not sure why some gave actors less than a 10, but reviews are tricky business. Haunts are live shows and can change from minute to minute. Also each persons taste in a haunt varies, so what worked great for one person, may not have worked so great for another.
      Considering our scoring rubric, 5 is a typical haunt, so any score above 5 is a great score. Based on that rubric, a score of 8 is still outstanding.

  • YellowBanana

    when are you going to give your reviews Eric?

    • Kris

      Eric, unfortunately was called out of the country on business. He is writing his reviews in between working and trying to find a decent internet connection that allows him to send his reviews. We’re hoping to have his and all missing reviews in within the next couple of days.

  • YellowBanana

    I understand about the scoring, just confused that’s all! I took your advice from your reviews and went to the Frightmare compound, and I have to say, I was not that impressed. but that’s just one mans opinion. guess I need to get the review job as well. thanks for responding.

    • Kris

      I have to wonder if Frightmare was having an off night when you went? When we were there it was great! If you’d like to discuss more about it, please place comments for Frightmare with their reviews. Thanks!