Haunted Field of Screams 2013

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Kris Kropelnicki

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Alex Gallegos

Pack up your boots and bundle up, because the onset of cold weather is no excuse not to miss the Haunted Field of Screams, who’re definitely taking the idea of a corn maze haunt to new levels. My favorite thing about this haunt is the way the structures loom out at you from the corn, giving you a glimpse of what’s coming up before you actually get there and thus helping to build up the suspense, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Haunted Field of Screams is more than a haunted corn maze – it’s a haunt built into the corn, an approach that funnily enough I don’t see as often as I thought I might. The problem with a haunted corn maze is that the only thing you can really do is have actors hiding in the corn waiting for the odd “Ooga-Booga!”, with maybe some sound effects somewhere to break up the monotony, so interspersing scenes along into the corn someplace is a nice way to break up the trudge through the cold night air.

Of course a cornfield by its very nature is outdoors, unless you know something I don’t, and just in case you somehow managed not to realize it, because you’re a hermit or an aquaphobic or just obtuse, a good portion of our fair state has been submerged under three feet of water for the past several weeks, and the place that shows most of all is in an agricultural environment. Plan a little more time to get through the haunt this year and bring your hiking boots. It is definitely not stiletto weather out there, unless you happen to like getting buried in mud up to your eyeballs.

The biggest criticism I can level at the haunt is that it just seems to be too sparsely populated in places, and at times I almost felt like I was going through alone, except for the couple of times when we caught up to the group in front of us. The scenes in the structures throughout the haunt are pretty well done and tend to make sense and flow well, but the in-between bits are the ones that tend to feel a bit flat. Outside, as I wound my way through the corn, I was jumped out at by a lot of startle scares or at least attempts at startle scares, but that was it. I started to wish for something a little more exciting to happen out there. Wolves, clowns and psychos all jumped out at me, some growling, others staring silently; some were rooted directly to the spot where they stood (though that may also have been the mud) whilst others chased me all along the winding path for a few minutes. Basically that was it, and despite everyone being dressed differently, essentially it was like the same two or three guys kept bugging me in this cornfield, like Facebook stalkers only more annoying somehow. I’m not saying these actors did a bad job – they did well, especially for people stuck out in the cold and the mud. It’s just not engaging the way I would want it to be. All the creepy ghoulies warned me about going on ahead, for example. An equal number warned me against staying, but nobody seems to have any reasons why. If I were to turn a blind corner and suddenly fifteen people ran past me, screaming and looking over their shoulders before disappearing into the corn to the sounds of wailing, crunching bones, and the rending of flesh, for example, that would at least make me think that there might be some danger here in the corn, other than contracting Pellagra from niacin deficiency.

Overall there are a few interesting things to see here but if you’ve got your heart set on a hair-raising, death-defying experience, this probably isn’t the place to get it.

PROS: Good acting in the interspersed scenes, good set design, innovative ideas

CONS: Too quiet at times, sections between scenes aren’t worth more than a few startles.

Marlena Baker

Haunted Field of Screams has a unique layout for a haunted house. Instead of rooms separated by hallways, it’s a group of disconnected scenes with long dark walks through the corn in between them. It’s not a bad structure by any means. As each scene is given a good buffer of corn on each side, I don’t worry so much about them sharing a theme. It’s like a walking tour of several horror themes. With the corn between them setting a common mood for the transitions, it all works out pretty well.

The acting was really strong most of the time. There were some weak performances, but they were a minority by far. All along the walks in the corn, there were actors all over the place. They mixed it up, too. Some jumped out at us, some wandered along the path mumbling crazy, and some stayed in the corn making strange noises. In the scenes there were some more defined characters. The asylum was really fun and I got some great interaction from the actors. They did a great job staying character. The makeup was a bit hit or miss. Some people had great costumes, but some just had basic makeup and black clothes on. I’d like to see more of the characters fleshed out. My only really big complaint about the acting was the really generic haunted house lines. I’d like to hear some more interesting lines.

The sets were alright. I did like climbing through a cellar and walking through a school bus. I feel like for a haunt where more time is spent walking through a path in a corn field than actually in built scenes, the scenes should be really well done. Some more detail around the entrances would help as we transitioned from the field to the scene. The walls also need some work to look a bit less like plywood. I liked the flow of the scenes, especially where the walls started to close in on us, and it wasn’t an optical illusion. There’s something creepy about being stuck with the lunatics and watching your escape route shrink. All the sets need is some detail work.

All in all, Haunted Field of Screams is a spooky experience. It doesn’t tell a story, and it doesn’t fit a theme. Instead it’s a sampler of a bunch of horror themes. The actors really brought out the best of the format, some of the best interactions we had were in the corn sections. I enjoyed myself a lot walking through the haunt, but I do have to make one note. Through no fault of theirs, it was very muddy. I have to give the actors out in the corn props for giving us a great experience while they struggled with the mud on the path as well. It’s certainly no reason to skip this haunt, just wear some sturdy boots.

Pros: Good acting, good atmosphere, some awesome costumes

Cons: sets need work, more actors need strong costumes, few “Get out!” lines

Jason Peterson

This haunt is in such a great location and the parking lot is constantly filling with new customers. We took a small journey through the corn before reaching the large Facade entry guarded with security personal.

This is another haunt that was hit very hard with the recent Colorado downpours. Our walk through this eerie corn maze style haunt was a bit sticky at times, but I think they did an amazing job keeping this haunt up and running without ruining customers’ footwear. Even better I felt that it being a bit sloppier in areas added an extra uncomfortable feeling, knowing that you can’t run as fast as you might need to.

So there were various trails and small sets that we encountered during our walk through of this dark corn maze. Some of these sets had great detail and pretty intense acting. One actor that really entertained me was locked up in a cage ranting and raving and interacting with our group. He was a convincing loony! Another memorable actor was the clown that we had had encountered. Not sure if he was wearing a voice changer or a module of some kind , but the growling and speech coming from this dude was evil!

We did not get an opportunity to go see the Paintball events or stay for snacks and enjoy the atmosphere. This haunt keeps looking more like a haunt and less like a corn maze with some haunted elements. I also felt that the walks in the corn between haunt sets was kept interesting enough, but could use some excitement. I was thinking a few horsemen would really finish this dark walk in the corn nicely! The acting overall in the corn and in the sets was pretty intense and interactive with little bits of humor. The makeup was pretty convincing throughout, and costuming worked well for both inside and outside scenes. I think this haunt improves every year. Can’t wait to see what they do next season.

Pros-Length! Great family atmosphere

Cons- Corn walk through could use better scares or excitement.

Peyton Lucero

Walking up to this corn maze filled with screams, laughter, and terror, we get our tickets and make our way to the queue line. With people running and actors walking about, it was getting me excited to enter. As I was waiting in line there was this huge wooden framed door that looked like an entrance to a chainsaw massacre movie. There we enter and begin the dreadful hike through the Haunted Field of Screams.

Making our way through, we are greeted by a couple actors who were using great dialogue and staying into character. As the group was exiting, I was following behind when all the sudden the door closes in front of me and I am left behind, and stuck with the two actors who sound like they’re ready for destruction. I thought that was great! I love getting held back and split up from the group. I always want to see what hidden secrets the character(s) are going to reveal for me. Actors used their role and props to their advantage and made me leave the room with a smile on my face.

Through our travels I experienced lots of quietness, surprises, and different creatures of the night, from what seemed to be a 9 ft tall hairy creature to creepy girls crawling towards your feet. The field was definitely filled with terror and screams. The sets that I saw were pretty cool but seemed to be a little more spread throughout the corn maze then last year. It was either that or the field grew even wider.

I saw a mixture of masks and make up. Masks were decent but make up I thought could have been a touch better. I saw quite a few black face paints. I do understand, however, with it being a corn maze and the amount of actors that attend this show, it’s very time consuming and stressful to try to get everyone in make up, costumes, and in their sets on time. So they did do a decent job at balancing out the appearances of the actors. Sets and actors were used well to their advantage; however I do think there should have been just a touch more actors in the corn. I seemed to find myself walking through a few quiet areas. One area in particular was very quiet. My group and I were waiting, we started talking about the silence of the field and how it would have been a great spot for a scare. Well seconds after we said that, sure enough this little girl pops out from who knows where (totally did not hear her step out either), and stood there in a creepy way and spoke to us with this innocent yet possessed type of voice. I thought that was awesome and what perfect timing for a startle! Great job and might I say, it’s always the little ones that get me!

This is my second year going through The Haunted Field of Screams and I enjoyed it very much! It’s fun. You get to interact with a few sets here and there, and the actors were great. It did seem to be more amped and energized at the beginning with actors but either way, all beginning, middle, and end did great. There were many twists, turns, tight spaces, places you had to crawl under and more hidden secrets within these fields. A lot of dialogue was great! I always heard something different and it went with the scene very well. Let just say you’re in for a crazy ride when you come down to the Field of Screams. Where there’s too much to see that you just have to experience it for yourself!

Pros- acting, length, set work interaction

Cons- some repetitive or old phrase dialogue, low lighting in certain areas, make up

Crystal Gallagher

In the very first room of this haunt, after the actors approach you and begin their bit, the lights go out. The temporary use of complete darkness added a lot to the experience for me. Being herded into a dark tunnel like area where you must crawl and find your way to the faint light of the night outside made for a great start. I felt like this momentum was mostly kept throughout the rather long walk through the hybrid corn maze haunt.

My favorite thing about this haunt was that there was something for everyone with the actors. Some would jump out of the corn, their rustling approach giving slight warning before they burst onto the scene. Others lurked silently, only becoming noticeable when you were right on top of them. Still others weren’t visible at all, but only heard whispering in the corn, and those were just the ones in the corn maze. The actors in the scenes interspersed throughout all had fairly decent characters. My one complaint regarding actors is that it felt like a lot of the actors in the corn field bits did just pop out with wordless screams at us, or follow us with continual commands to run, which was particularly eye roll inducing given that we were already following closely on the heels of the group in front of us, and in fact had to stop several times to avoid running into them. I didn’t find the ones who came up upon us noticeably and screamed to be frightening, startling, or enjoyable. Still, for every one of these sorts of actor, there was another who was phenomenal. Also, costumes were great. A slow group ahead of us did give time to take a closer look at some of the actors and actresses and I did like what I saw. I particularly remember some rather convincing bloody head and face wounds.

The set was pretty good overall. I feel like the corn was really well utilized in a variety of ways as already mentioned, but I did feel like there was a rather lot of it. I was done with the corn a bit before the haunt was over. Where there were sets, they were varied and well staffed. They also stuck to a common theme that seemed to be everyday sort of scenes turned frightful, and they did it pretty well. There was a part with very narrow bendy halls. I can get a bit claustrophobic, so that was enough to make my heart race a bit, but not to a level that made the experience unenjoyable. I did feel that some of the scenes, particularly the school bus, could have been used to a greater extent. On the bus, there was a startle scare and an actor who invited us to take a seat, but neither of these really did it for me. Overall though, this was a fun experience.

Pros: Variety of scares and techniques; good length; creative use of darkness

Cons: Some screamy actors, lots of corn stretches

Eric Guetterman

Haunted Field Of Screams was an enjoyable mix of a rough path through a corn field and built up scenes and buildings to walk through, although at times the distance between scenes seemed too long. There were many effective startles coming from the field itself with some great noises, growls, whispers and gasps, but for the most part I found many of these actors that were hidden only by the corn itself struggling to figure out how to scare harder from these positions on our opening night visit. The performers inside the built scenes and structures had an easier time scaring and coming up with more interesting dialogue. A couple strong characters included a guttural “I can smell your blood.” fiend choking back his need to drain and drink ours and a deranged man shortly after him, who sniffed us more obsessively than a dog at a fire hydrant.

A couple scenes stood out, including the opening transition into the haunt and the walk through a disorienting fogged room intersected by a laser and populated with deranged killers that followed it. Most of their sets did a good job with the materials used but lacked the beauty of great props and good lighting or an overall density of scenery. The sets were simple yet effective and got their disturbed point across with the mood only letting down when the distance between sets seemed too far. Otherwise the corn and the performers in the field kept the fear in your face.

I got a good scare from a stilt walking creature, came across a character in a metal muzzle hitting himself in the face with a metal rod, and a memorable pair of school girls caused me unnatural torments. Most everything worked perfectly for me in this part of the school scene – the apprehension of entering the unusual space, the disturbing set design, the dark lighting, camouflaged startle points, and that painful, forced, tortured, unforgettable laugh that made me want to run and save myself because I realized it was way too late to help their hollowed souls. All it lacked was a startle strong enough to shut down a pacemaker and it would have been near perfect.

Overall the haunt was light on amazing scenes, lighting, and visuals and although this lack of production value didn’t detract from their scares it did leave some room for improvement. Their sets were effectively done and occasionally brilliant, and the corn itself left me feeling lost and almost hopeless. While I understand it’s nearly impossible to have the acting of the entire cast where it needs to be on opening night I only had a handful of performers leave a lasting impression on me. The best performers were certainly very good, but their main skills seemed to be subtler scares and disturbing creepy characters. Personally, I prefer the more intense scares that double you over when the fear hits you harder than a heavyweight. This location also has other Halloween activities including a haunted corn maze and a Zombie Paintball Massacre at an additional charge or a discounted package price. Unfortunately we did not have time to experience these other attractions on the night we visited.

Pros: Length
Occasionally disorienting
Quantity of subtle scares and deranged characters

Cons: Design detail and density
Lack of heart stopping scares
Inconsistent acting


E. 104th Ave. & Riverdale Rd
Thornton, CO. 80233
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  • $35.00 Two haunts  $55.00 VIP
  • $40.00 Three haunts  $70.00 VIP
Friday & Saturday Sept. 27th-28th, Oct. 5th-6th  Dusk-MidnightSunday Oct. 6th Dusk-10pmOct. 10th-Nov. 2nd  Thursday & Sunday Dusk-10pm; Friday & Saturday Dusk-Midnight
Haunted Field of Screams

THE LARGEST HAUNTED ATTRACTION IN COLORADO, WITH MORE THAN 35 ACRES OF HAUNTED CORNFIELD, AND 3 FRIGHTFUL HAUNTS! You will scream as you walk through 16 foot tall cornstalks, guided only by moonlight, with a new nightmare waiting for you around every corner. Haunted Field of Screams is the Denver Haunted House that will make you fear the corn! Are you ready to scream?