Mind Seizure 2013

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Kris Kropelnicki

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Alex Gallegos

As a haunt, Mind Seizure isn’t without its flaws, certainly, but it’s a very good haunt that’s doing really well with what they have available to work with. We’re being dropped off on a farm this time and if I didn’t have a sense of why the phrase “bought the farm” was so intimidating in all the mobster movies before, I certainly do now. If the farm in question is as creepy as this one then no wonder nobody wants to go there.

The props and sets that are really built out are fantastically done, and while that was great to see, there were also sections that didn’t get as much love because there wasn’t the budget for it, and unfortunately those were pretty easy to spot as well. Given the choice I’d rather see the whole place get a slice of the pie even if it means the few really amazing standout rooms are slightly less amazing, but that’s just a personal preference.

There are some unique pieces in here, too, like a section where we had to squeeze sideways through some amazingly tight corridors – a lot of haunts do it for a few seconds but here the section went on and on and it changes from a minor inconvenience to something that becomes more genuinely disconcerting when you start to wonder if it’s ever going to end, and I thought that was brilliant. Tapping into someone’s fears can be about more than pumping so much disgusting decor into a room that it feels like your eyes are going to vomit. There’s a psychological component to real fear that can often go untouched in a haunt.

Another thing I hadn’t seen before – a lot of haunts separate rooms with a curtain made of sheets of dark cloth rather than a proper door both because they’re easier to make and because they’re easy to move through silently if you’re an actor waiting for a scare, but the problem with these is that they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Mind Seizure camouflaged them by painting the walls and the curtains in the same pattern in places, and I really liked that effect, making the actors seem to melt right into the walls as they slipped out of our view.

The actors really carried a lot of the performance value in the haunt and they did a good job, though I would have preferred some better interactions from some of the creepy denizens of the farm. A lot of people threatened to eat us but I didn’t quite believe they’d do it, and my sense was more that cooking and eating a bunch of random passers-by was just an idea for something to do to pass the time on a lazy Saturday evening rather than due to any deep-seated madness or unspeakable evil.

If you live in Colorado Springs then this haunt is definitely worth your attention, and by taking just a few of these suggestions on board and continuing to improve every year, Mind Seizure definitely has the potential to be a perfect 10 attraction in the future.

PROS: Unique ideas, commitment to continuing a creepy setting long enough that it really becomes unnerving

CONS: A little sparse on props and setwork in places, some of the actors need a few more lines or a little more improv ability.

Marlena Baker

Mind Seizure is a haunt without much cohesion. There’s some really good stuff going on in this haunt, but the atmosphere is all over the place. One of the biggest problems with the haunt was going from areas with detailed scenes to long stretches of hallways with very little going on.

The sets in Mind Seizure were a range. I liked the detailed sets like the barn, with horseshoes on the anvil and everything. The graveyard and the church followed this same attention to detail. Then we moved into a hallway that was just black walls with white paint. They had a really cool effect with the black lights flickering, making the demonic symbols appear and disappear at random. I liked that effect, but after a while the light just stays on as we hit several more corners leading to the same thing. It was cool, but maybe a bit too long. Same thing with the hallway of dots. They did something cool, but it was a very long section without much going on. There was only one area where that really worked. The section of hallway had black and white striped walls, with odd corners and narrowing space, it was already throwing us off. Add in the strobe light and I was stumbling. It was very disorienting and disturbing. I kept thinking, “It’s gotta end around this corner.” It didn’t, at least not for a while. That was a cool use of a long hallway, to throw us off so badly. The others just didn’t work near as well. Due to the long hallways, the sets seemed few and far between. The only other one that really stood out was the human rotisserie. Not only is that creepy as hell, it smelled. It smelled like burning wood and cooking meat. Given the context, that was disturbing.

The acting wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t stand out much either. I felt like the actors were a little sparse, especially through the long hallways. They were scattered here and there with lots of momentary startle scares. There wasn’t as much full on dialogue. As such, none of the actors stood out that much to me past the guy in the opening rooms. He was loud and in our faces, yelling at us from the moment we stepped it. More of that would great. Maybe they could include a character in the striped hallway that’s even more disoriented than us. The character could be unable to get out of the hallway, which was slowly driving her mad. Again, back to the rotisserie scene, it gave some great context for the actress there. She kept offering us some meat and telling us that it tastes like chicken. She was really spooky.

Mindsiezure needs some direction. It all feels very scattered and none of it seems to fit all that well together. The long hallways have a place, but they’re overused in this haunt, sometimes to poor effect. There are some cool things to see, it’s just a shame those ideas weren’t expanded on more.

Pros: disorienting section, smells, acting

Cons: long hallways overused, too few actors, more built up sets

Jason Peterson

This haunt is located adjacent to another popular Colorado Springs haunt. The new owner takes time to come out and greet us. She is a super enthusiastic haunt owner that was very passionate about haunting and it showed in this year’s production. The first area we are instructed to walk up a small flight of stairs and wait our turn. The security guy gives us the rules and shortly after we begin. Our descent downward into a really cool barnyard scene complete with a crazy farmer and awesome facade. This haunt stepped up the gore a bit this year! I loved the girl in the kitchen scene with the white out contact lenses and very good makeup and costume. Her acting was creepy and funny as were many of the characters you will encounter.

My favorite scene was a giant mirror panel mounted on the wall and as we pass our images fade into a bloody maniac! This was done very nicely, an image I won’t forget. Just like the corpse on a slow cooking rotisserie flame! And the smell coming from this scene was almost enough to gag me.

Horrible realism in a few sets in this haunt. That’s something I enjoyed very much. Actors hit us in all directions, clowns and circus area with polka dots to striped rooms that disorient and confuse! One hallway with the stripes got smaller as you went further. They accompanied that with flashing lights and then, bang, let’s throw in a loud scare!

The room with the fresh dead heads was very cool. I like the props used here and the actors are loud and hungry. Oh and the animatronic critter that spits little busts of wet air nailed me between the eyes. Best placement possible for that prop! Good job on that one.

Overall I’m excited to see good changes to this show and I felt it had more than enough actors this year and they gave good lines without tons of shouting and “get out of my room” garbage. Some of the set work could use some polish and I would like to see less black walls and more set dressing to help sell those scenes your actors are working so hard in.

Pros-Intense acting-Nasty scene smells -Lots of gore

Cons- Ending was abrupt -Needs a few layers of detail

Peyton Lucero

Waiting to go in the queue line I was distracted by tons of entertainment set up, from creepy crawlies like snakes and scorpions, to actual clippings of the paranormal activity that was caught on tape and that actually roams around in the building.

Walking up the stairs, we listen to one of the instructors give us the rules of the haunt. While listening to him, I can’t help but listen to all the background noises that were seeping over the walls. Listening to that made me excited and even more ready to enter the haunt. Soon enough it was our turn, and in we went and began the trek through the Mind Seizure.

Starting us off we were thrown into a barn, that had the look and feel and everything, and from there the journey just got weirder. There was a funeral home that was filled with corpses real and fake, and the coffin bed was holding a dead baby corpse. There was also a hallway filled with satanic markings as they were black light reactive as well. As we were walking through, the devil himself was following us. I thought that was cool. There was a butcher room and a striped hallway that had small corridors and messed with your eyes. There was a clown who had a creepy high pitched voice and great dialogue! He told me I shouldn’t be laughing because he’s going to be at my house later. That made me crack up! He was very humorous. All the actors were great in this haunt. A lot of them seemed to stutter a little bit with the dialogue at first or maybe it just seemed kind of the dry or flat, but with it being the Mind Seizure, I’d have to say it worked out pretty well. It sounded creepy, and there were also different tones and dialogue that I was hearing. They definitely sounded like psychotic loonys. They were fun and so were the sets.

This haunt is filled with sets, detail, props, and amped up actors. There was a lot of sets I liked and thought most of it was lit up well, had an actor present, and had some great detail going on. One part of a room that I thought was a little odd was walking half way through the polka dot area, I see an awesome mural. The weird thing, I thought, was that it just seemed kind of randomly placed there. Maybe keep it the same theme throughout the room or add more murals in more areas o£ the dot room so that way the two are balanced out. There were a few actors with dialogue that seemed to lack that tone or energy. Just a little more spunk and confidence and they will have no problem getting in peoples’ comfort zones.  This is a great place to come and get your mind tweaked with and to just have fun. Come hold a snake, see UV reactive scorpions, find out about paranormal activity throughout the haunt, and/or experience the haunted house for yourself! Lots to choose from and only one month to do it. Think about it.

Pros- sets, actors / acting, detail

Cons- some dialouge, few dry areas, some make up

Crystal Gallagher

Mind Seizure has potential. The props are decent and the actors are decent, but overall, the haunt feels unfinished. There are a lot of particle board walls with little on them. The props are good. The bodies were convincing, and the hanging ones had weight. There were some pretty gross smells where there should be. However, the props felt sparse against their backdrop, because they were the only focus of attention. Some sort of cover on the walls would go a long way towards creating immersion, but as is, it’s not there in several parts. I did love the narrow black and white halls, and the strobe lights in this area were very disorienting. I liked the length of this area, since these sorts of things usually don’t seem to last long, so the length added to the uncertaintly. The way in which scares were hidden in this area was great. They blended really nicely. However, as the fourth and last person in our group, these and many other scares had already happened by the time I rounded the corner, so while I could usually see what had happened, I missed the effect of it. Did have a couple of actors sneak up on our group, but definitely felt like this was a front loaded haunt, best for groups of 2, maybe 3 if they stayed close to one another.

One thing that was done well here was the use of lighting. The flickering strobes in the claustrophobia hall was great. In another area blacklights are flickering as you approach, illuminating writing on the wall. This flickers as you go down the hall, then goes off when you’re pretty close to the end. The timing on it was perfect.

The actors here were solid, and intense. I loved the little clown girl who stalked us through her area. However, one thing that bothered me, the thing that kept me from giving the actors a 10 here, is that I was told “You’re going to die” by five separate actors. This is kind of a tired line in general – you hear it at most every haunt. Okay, yeah, once or twice is fine, especially if it’s used to set up a specific scare right after, such as ‘Don’t go in that room, you’re going to die!’ and then something happens when you go into that room. But just a straight ‘You’re going to die’ for the sake of saying it, well, I was really tired of it before the haunt was over.

Pros: Good props, intense acting, good use of lighting
Cons: Repetitive lines, minimal wall camouflage

Eric Guetterman

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