Seance 2013

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Kris Kropelnicki

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Alex Gallegos

Séance is hard to review the same as most of the other haunts, because it’s a different type of experience to others. It’s almost completely non-interactive because it’s closer to a performance piece mixed with a ride than to a haunt you can wander through, but there’s a lot of interesting things to see and the special effects are completely top notch, much better than the kinds of things you see when timing and perspectives can’t be guaranteed because you’ve let people wander around and do whatever they like.

As you file in and sit down, a kindly old professor tells you he’s going to conduct a seance to discover how an actress died on stage during a performance years ago. He says the odds of experiencing anything out of the ordinary are very low but you, $8.00 ticket stub in your pocket, can sit there and smugly know better. The set is a single room and nothing to write home about, but it does at least feel creepy and oppressive while you sit looking at it.

I don’t want to spoil anything that happens next but suffice it to say, you’ll see – and feel – some of the best special effects in the Denver area. The actors have very few lines but they were believable, and I definitely enjoyed the characterization that went into the professor even in the short time I knew him before he had his…

…well, now, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

Ultimately it’s not the sort of thing that’s liable to be super scary to anyone over the age of 10, but there are some good startling moments and the spectacle of everything you’ll see before you makes this attraction easily worth the added cost.

Marlena Baker

The Séance is somewhere between a performance and a haunt. There’s a stage with a set and some actors. A few members of the audience get to sit on the stage at the table where the séance is being held. The rest of us sat in the bleachers and watched the show. There is some audience participation, but the majority of the action happens on the stage.

The set seems basic enough, but it was crammed full of neat effects and illusions. I don’t want to ruin the experience, but they are used very well. It’s all used to create the atmosphere of a séance that worked and then went horribly wrong. The actors do a great job of selling it, too. The usher that introduces the show was really good. He didn’t overdo it trying to freak us out. He seemed unconcerned, but a little off. The other actors were good too. I had some trouble hearing them over the music, though. The sound needs to be balanced. Still, they managed to be very creepy.

There was one other big issue with the noise. We could hear the noise of the lines in the building, which was very distracting. Some soundproofing would go a long way. I had a lot of fun at the Séance. It was like watching a condensed horror movie, with a bit of interaction with the audience. It’s kind of awesome.

Pros: great effects, good acting, good interaction with audience

Cons: music too loud, could hear crowds, short

Jason Peterson

This is a very cool skit about raising the dead spirit of a woman who was murdered. Of course contact is made and our environment changes! Even the bleachers shook and bounced as contact was made. This was a fun side show style play with top notch sound and lights. Great fun for the whole family that may not like the in your face style haunted houses.

I do wish they would move the queue line away from the event –  the background noise totally takes you out of the scene at times. The black chipboard walls along side of this set could use some attention. This would really polish this magnificent play.

Pros-Original and different style of haunted fun

Cons- Exterior sound bleed and extra costs

Peyton Lucero

Walking into the room my eyes are set on a big set that was basically a small living room/ closet type area with a table in the middle and four girls sitting around it.  We make our way up the bleachers and pop a squat to listen to the instructor inform us of the situation. Out comes the Professor with a book or article in his hand and a small story about the murder of a woman. Little did we know, the set that we were looking at was the actual set in 1928 that the actress Loretta was brutally murdered. They even had the chair that she was murdered in. Not sure if they were serious or not about having the actual set, but let me say, everything was placed and built beautifully to perfection. From the table, closet, and floors of the room to all the props, music, lighting, animatronics and effects.

I’ve never seen a seance go down, and let me say I was pretty impressed. There was so much going on, from the ghost appearing and taking over bodies, to the entire room moving, falling, and blowing mad wind at us from all directions. It definitely felt like I was watching a scene from Evil Dead and the demons were already present in the room. There were great effects to see and physically experience and the background music fit the scene very well. Having that type of music made the Seance that much more believable.

I really enjoyed this act and I thought all the illusions and effects were spot on with timing and startling. Even though there was a lot going on in this one small set, I felt like there was only dialogue in the beginning and once the ghost appeared, it seemed like it was nothing but loud music, distractions and hydraulics, and lights flickering. It also made it hard to concentrate on the scene because of all the background noise that was coming from the queue line behind the curtains. That’s probably why it was so loud inside, not that that bothers me but it more so just made it difficult to focus on one thing. To fix these situations, the easiest thing I’d say to solve the queue line problem is maybe moving the line outside or down at the other end of the shop so that way it doesn’t over power the set. Also, have the guests that are sitting at the table interact with the professor and the crowd more. There were 2 women and 2 little girls sitting at this table and not one of them looked scared, terrified, or screamed when the ghost appeared. Now that certainly can’t be the reactions of someone coming in contact with a ghost and more so if they wanted to kill you. I think a little more energy and added dialogue would help tie the volunteers in even more instead of it just looking like they picked people from the audience. I liked the effects that were thrown in the set because it really went along with the music and emotions the ghost was giving off. Fantastic pepper ghost effect! Best one I’ve seen yet and every movement and emotion it created made it look even more realistic. This was a great set and acting scene. Everything was spot on with detail and the scares were timed perfect with the animatronics and illusions. If your a paranormal activity fan, (the real stuff, not the movies) then you would certainly enjoy yourself here. Lots of surprises coming at ya and awesome ghost stories to make your spine tickle.

Pros- Set design, peppers ghost, crowd interaction

Cons- not a lot of dialogue, background noise from queue line,

Crystal Gallagher

So this wasn’t a haunt, but it was pretty cool. You walk into a small room and sit on bleachers with a bunch of other people and watch the show on the stage. A group of four sits on the stage with the main actor, who summons the spirit of a ghost who was, of course, murdered. The first big thing that I noticed is that bleachers are uncomfortable because the rows are ridiculously close together. I have about average length legs, but couldn’t avoid my knees touching the person in front of me, and had a knee digging into my back the entire time from the person behind me. However, I did largely forget about that during the show. Definitely don’t want to give away the plot, but I did enjoy the use of special effects in the Seance. The innocuous, mundane looking bleachers have a couple effects themselves, which made me happy, because they are such a mundane thing. The use of lighting, and darkness, was really well done. The story was entertaining and the other special effects were pretty darn cool.

There wasn’t really a lot of acting. The main actor just kind of speaks his script in a soothing monotone. He fits the scene. The ghost was only there for a bit, and she was good. The usher seemed to have the biggest acting role. Overall, solid is a good word for the acting in general.

The one thing that really hurt this attraction was its placement in the theme park. It’s right next to a couple of very noisy attractions, and the din of people screaming, talking, laughing, etc. was constantly threatening to drown out the actor. Elitches attempted to compensate for this by cranking up the background music and the actor’s mic super loud, which didn’t keep the crowd from being terribly distracting and ensured that the music was also competing with the actor for prominence. This attraction needs to either be moved to a less noisy part of the park or soundproofed a lot better than it is to keep outside noise out. Either or both of these things would drastically improve the quality and believability of the show. Despite that, I did enjoy the show, and personally, I think it’s the best of Elitches three haunted attractions. I didn’t time this one, but it felt like the right length for what it was.

Pros: Nice special effects, entertaining
Cons: Immersion difficult with crowd noises intruding, hard to understand actor at points, uncomfortable seating

Eric Guetterman

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2000 Elitch Circle
Denver, CO. 80204
  • $8.00 + Park Admission or season pass
October 5th-27thFriday & Saturday Dusk-10pm   Sunday Dusk-9pm
New frights wait around every dark corner.  Civilians deemed worthy are summoned to an initiation rite of passion for the most sinister and dangerous secret society.  Inductees are given a flashlight as they are challenged to survive this dark and consuming haunted experience.  Located in the Water Park.  Please note this is an extra-charge attraction.  Open from 6:00 P.M. until closing.