The Frightmare Compound 2013

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Kris Kropelnicki

Before I dive into my review, I have to say this: You did it. You REALLY DID IT!! “What did you do?” you ask? You guys got me and you got me GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD (Anyone that knows me, or has followed my reviews knows that I can be very difficult to scare)!! This wasn’t a startle scare, this was a full blown, heart stopping, gasping, jumping back, then finally screaming, SCARE!!! You really, really got me!! As promised in any and all previous wagers with actors and haunts about scaring me, I am here to announce that the Frightmare Compound and its actors are officially the biggest, baddest cats in the jungle!! You are the Scare Masters!!! Thanks for the free ticker check! I’m still trying to compose myself!

The name Frightmare, for me, has always been synonymous with frightful nightmares, meaning in my mind, this is where I go when I need to generate some extremely frightful nightmares to disrupt my sleep. Yes, some deranged individuals, like me, enjoy nightmares a great deal. They can be an intriguing roller coaster ride into the depths of one’s psyche if you allow them to be. As in previous years, The Frightmare Compound delivered again! They never cease to amaze me at their ability to dig deep into my soul and pull fear from places within me that I never knew existed.

The Frightmare Compound has come a long way in its 30 years and the creativity that goes into this haunt is what has given them the longevity they have had. Barring some unforeseen circumstance, this haunt is on track to run strong for the next 30 years and beyond!

The haunt’s exterior offers eye candy with a can’t miss creature perched high atop the haunt, bathed in eerie lighting. There’s good queue line entertainment with a movie screen to keep guests entertained while waiting to meet their doom inside. It may be the last movie they ever see.

Entering the haunt has always been a fun adrenaline rush as guests are instructed to stand right in front of the set of heavy wooden doors and wait for the signal to enter. I’ve asked, as I’m sure many before and after me have asked, “What’s the signal? How will I know?” You will know. Trust me; you can’t miss it when it comes.

Once inside I was face to face, literally, with a sinister fellow with a penchant for death, particularly mine. After giving me the twice over, sniffing me out to see if I might make a good meal, the creeper bid me farewell, wished me luck and sent me on my way. He wasn’t one bit sincere based on his creepy, bone chilling chuckle that echoed and followed me long after I left him.

As I navigated my way through scene after incredible scene I found that I am not nearly as brave as I had once thought myself to me. I had a constant, ongoing case of anxiety and the heebie-jeebies that made me more and more uncomfortable as the minutes ticked by. My senses were on high alert and I swear I could hear the ticking of the minutes as surely as the heartbeat in the Tell Tale Heart was heard beating from beneath the floor boards. My nerves we so jangled, just from the spectacular sets and perfect lighting that I found it difficult to proceed.

I forced myself to move forward and nearly immediately regretted my decision. It was at the entrance to the cave that the actor, now known as the ‘Scare Master’ took me into his world, chewed me up and spit me out, trembling with fear. His timing and execution were impeccable! His costume allowed him to fully blend into the set and he was motionless, stock still. As I approached the cave entrance, the darkness ahead made me instinctively reach my left hand out toward the wall to help navigate through. When I reached out, I had no clue I had laid my hand on this actor’s chest! That is how still he was. Now, he could have jumped at me as I touched him and gotten a good startle out of me, but oh no….he wanted all or nothing. He got it! He allowed my unsuspecting hand to linger on his chest, even as I began to slide my hand across it as I moved into the scene. Then, just as I was starting to relax, telling myself that all was well and there were no actors in there, BAM!!!!! He hit me with the scare and he hits with the force of a Mack Truck at 100 miles per hour! In one swift move, he lunged at me, made this horrendous noise straight from hell and reached for my hand as though to latch on and keep me in that dark, dismal cave with him forever. In an instant I was paralyzed, yet filled with the full sprint of a track star. I jumped back, hitched in my breath and from the core of my being it came: A full blown, I’m having a coronary, SCREAM!!! It was terrifying and glorious all at once. My heart was pounding in my throat the rest of the way through. Well done my creepy friend…VERY well done!!

The remainder of the haunt provided jump after jump from well costumed actors that interacted well with our group and didn’t stutter and stammer as so many do when guests strike up conversations. None of that here. The actors were not only well costumed, they were well placed, with costumes and makeup that are scene appropriate, creating full immersion. The crow, hillbilly in the shack, miners and the dead silent bride were among the actors that were all fully believable and some had me wondering if they had come straight from the psych ward because their behavior was so erratic (Watch that wild one in the kitchen!! Skillets in her hands become terrifying instruments of death!). Excellent job everyone!!

Scenes and the overall layout were amazing with some of the best lighting I’ve seen in a long time. The lighting was placed in a way that allowed it to bleed through parts of the sets and the end result was an eerie glow that was cast over surrounding sets, throwing spooky shadows everywhere and making me wonder what was a shadow and what was a well hidden actor. Those shadows kept me on my toes and rattled.

Start to finish, this haunt was everything a true haunt enthusiast looks for and even your novice visitor won’t be able to help but be captivated by their surroundings. A must see for everyone except maybe those who scare easily and younger kids, seriously, they may have an actual heart attack.

Pros: Acting, sets, lighting
Cons: It ended…sadly, it ended. Or did it…..?????

Right after exiting Frightmare, I was allowed about one minute to regroup before being directed into the smaller, post haunt attraction, House of Darkness. This attraction has been around for several years now and in its first year, while good, it was in its infancy and had tweaks and adjustments that needed to be made. The tweaks and adjustments happened exactly where they were needed and now House of Darkness can not only hold its own, it’s becoming quite the fierce competitor to contend with, even for its older sibling.

One of the things I had missed in Frightmare when it began going through drastic changes years ago was the entire upper level of the barn when it was filled with clowns. A LOT of clowns, not one of the happy, friendly type. Normally, I am not afraid of clowns but there’s something about being surrounded, in thick fog, by a mob of crazed clowns that can get under even the toughest soul’s skin in a hurry.

House of Darkness is the solution to my longing for the clown room of old and then some! Before I even made it halfway to the clown lair, I was accosted, ambushed and terrorized by two extremely frightening clowns. These guys not only showed up at the game, they came ready to win. Good Lord, what a performance from them both!! I began casually chatting with them while I waited to go in and they casually chatted back. In FULL CHARACTER. Every tic, every strange noise, utterance and gesture was spot on. Never did either of them even think of breaking character. They had become their characters, fully immersed, and skillfully, they began dragging me under into full immersion with them, into their world. To have a rare commodity like that, executed as flawlessly as they did, is enough to move a seasoned fanatic to tears of joy. That was authenticity and believability at its finest! Incredible!

I gleefully delved in the fog laden madness with them and it was a few steps into my journey that I realized the grave mistake I had made in following them. It was too late. I was completely submerged, with the surface nowhere in sight and sinking fast.

I moved through striped hallways, lined with faces of evil clowns protruding. Something about their positioning, the lighting and the fog that made me afraid they might come to life, springing at me with bloody, razor sharp teeth the likes of Pennywise the Clown, fully intending to glean flesh from bone, one bite at a time. I was deeply disturbed in here and seriously wanted out quickly (Remember, I’m not afraid of clowns).

Scene by scene the insanity level climbed to treacherous heights and all of my inner gauges were maxed out in the red zone; to say the sensory overload was intense is the understatement of the decade. I made my way down narrow halls through pitch black rooms filled with obstacles, desperately trying to find my way out. From somewhere deep within the dark fog came the nerve jangling giggles of these insidious clowns, laughing at my inability to escape, brushing against me in the dark, whispering in my ear that I was never leaving….I normally would not think to use profanity in a review and I never have. Until now. H O L Y SHIT!!!!

And, like clowns coming from a Volkswagon at the circus, an endless stream in all shapes and sizes, emerging from the tiny car for far longer than one would think possible, so too were the clowns here. They just kept coming . Faces appearing from nowhere, their evil sneering grins sending ice water through my veins, twisting my mind in ways it should never, ever be twisted. Sometimes, you can’t come back from that. I’m one of the lucky ones. At least I think I am.

Although considerably shorter than Frightmare, I didn’t feel like I had been short changed in any way. The length, for this particular production, is actually pretty darn perfect in my book. I honestly don’t think it would be safe, from a mental health standpoint, for guests to be in there any longer than they currently are. The level of insanity and sensory overload in House of Darkness is enough to make your brain fall out onto the floor. This is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives.

Pros: ACTING, number of actors, disorienting sets

Cons: Ok….now it’s all really over. It really did end.

Alex Gallegos

Frightmare returns for another knockout performance this year, and as a critic who’s now done this for three seasons running I’m starting to realize that some haunts being truly exceptional are immutable laws of the universe that will only change if something is truly wrong with the laws of physics themselves. This is one of those haunts. Frightmare delivering a poor showing would be like Old Faithful failing to erupt in sulfurous joy or Michael Bay making a movie where the characters get more screentime than the explosions.

Once again the haunt drops us off into the remains of a deranged hillbilly nightmare of sorts, with miners and prospectors in dirty overalls ready and willing to remove our faces with blunt farming instruments, something I wasn’t exactly in love with the idea of having happen to my own face or any of the faces I care about in life, most of whom were with me at the time, and you can draw your own conclusions about what that means for my social life.

Other haunts are just right down to business, though, dropping you right into the middle of the action. “You want a prison where the warden went nuts and tortured the prisoners until they went insane?” some haunts say. “Well here’s Cellblock A. Get going!” Frightmare doesn’t do that for you, oh no. If you want an encounter with insane mountain folk then, by golly, you’re going to have to work for it! I know this sounds like a criticism but really it lends a sense of realism to the experience, something the setting is uniquely suited to.

In sticking with the example above, nobody going to a prison-themed haunt want to see how long it took to park the car outside or get frisked by security or put all our metal items in the little bowl and walk back and forth through the metal detector, but part of the fun of watching a bunch of hot teenagers go up to the woods to get slaughtered by maniacs (and it is always teenagers, mind you, never semi-attractive forty-something dental hygienists on a corporate retreat) is watching them drive up to the scene of their own grisly murders as they cheerfully discuss their plans for underage drinking and investigating strange noises alone in their underwear. That’s the feeling I get from Frightmare’s beginning, as we meander our way through the natural paths of a moss-grown cave, well-trodden paths through the trees, and along the banks of flowing rivers. Being allowed to stumble upon this horrifying community out in the middle of nowhere is a lot more immersive than just opening a door and immediately finding one across from a Starbucks.

Frightmare is genuinely scary, something haunt veterans have a hard time finding, but four of us who’ve been doing this roughly as long as we’ve been breathing said the same thing – that at least once we about jumped out of our skin. And as an even bigger plus, even those who’ve been to the haunt before will find something new to enjoy because several things have changed. A lot of haunts never change the order of their scares, to the point that you might come to a room and remember that a demon from the depths of hell is going to come out of that cabinet right over there, and human nature compels you to watch it before the startle comes, so the fact that they repurpose some of the old areas is very much appreciated.

After you finish with the hillbillies you’re invited to the center ring for the creepy circus that is House of Darkness, and it’s rapidly changing from being a short sideshow attraction to a haunt in its own right. The biggest issue we had with House of Darkness before was that it was just three straight corridors with nowhere to hide and so nothing was particularly frightening, and the haunt has taken that on board by making the architecture a lot more disorienting. The strobe lights and fog have been retained, and they also have added shifting floors, more hanging obstacles, and new paint on the walls that makes it a lot harder to find your way. Several times I was fighting (unintentionally) with my companions to try to get out and we had bumped into each other instead, crashing into dead end corners or shoving each other with the sandbags. I’d say this is one of the biggest improvements year-to-year that I’ve seen.

PROS: Natural and realistic outdoor materials, House of Darkness leaves you completely disoriented, Cave Guy (we’re done here).

CONS: Nothing to mention.

Marlena Baker

This haunt has just about everything. It’s all contained within a theme, too. Wicked. Frightmare is a wandering journey through a number of diverse and detailed scenes that all fit very well together. The flow is amazing, with a path that wanders through mines and up into a farmhouse, all without feeling disjointed.

The set, oh wow, the set. It didn’t feel like it was built for a hunt. The caves felt real, but we weren’t even underground. The mine shafts seemed like they’d been built decades ago. There was even running water in places that seemed natural. There is a lot of detail in their sets. It really helped keep the atmosphere together. One really great detail is a section where the ground became squishy and bouncy. It’s one thing to build out a falling floor in a structure, but this was outside, covered to look like the rock solid earth we’d been walking on. It’s an amazing touch and very disorienting.

The acting was amazing. It supported the setting really well. The actors had costumes and characters that fit this creepy world. We had some of the best startle scares of the year in Frightmare. The elaborate set I was gushing about above included some fantastic nooks and crannies for the actors to hide in. They didn’t need to rely on just startle scares, though. The dialogue, the costumes, and even the posture of the actors was top of the line. There was a creepy dead bride that twisted herself around and stared at us in a wonderfully eerie way.

After leaving Frightmare, we went into House of Darkness. I’ve never been big on the clowns. I don’t really think they’re scary. House of Darkness might change that. The clowns really knew how to do crazy right. They were completely unhinged, and we were stuck with them. All throughout the mini-haunt we were completely disoriented, keeping us from getting away from the deranged clowns.

Frightmare and House of Darkness are both amazingly well done. They have created a mind blowing horror experience. It’s a look at the darker side of what could be a normal scene. Adding the creep factor to places not too far from reality has a great effect. It’s the kind of haunt that has you jumping at shadows all night long.

Pros: amazing sets, good scares, great acting
Cons: I got nothin’

Jason Peterson

Entrance to this haunt is so cool! Giant Skull reaching for the guests! Awesome front door and the terror beyond its rustic gates begins fast and hard. This haunt has so many different elements to thrill any horror lovers haunted house needs. The set work alone is jawdropping. The attention to detail and lighting in this haunt are spot on. If that’s not enough the actors and costuming on these Hollywood movie sets are fantastic.

The Zombie actress in the graveyard scene was creepy as hell! She had her walk down and the sounds she was making even  looked painful. The graveyard set this ghoulish young woman was lurching about in, looked like an authentic graveyard. The mine shafts are always one of my favorite  areas of this haunt to explore. There is always a variety of different monsters and miners creeping about in these areas. The moss monsters had great timing this season. I liked how a majority of the actors didn’t break character when you left their scene, but rather keep after you and continue to get into your head.

A few areas I found to be a little short staffed. We did hit this haunt early in the season. With that said I am even more impressed with the acting. Towards the end of the Frightmare haunt I felt it ended kind of abruptly with an actor that seemed as though she was just getting into her role. So I’m hoping she is packing a creepy Frightmare scare for the end of an amazing haunt.

But just when you think it’s over, wait! It’s time for the House of Darkness. A clown themed additional attraction. A degrading clown caller messes with our group before we enter this house of insanity! Actors and sets are disorienting and obnoxious as hell! Lots of obstacles swinging and accompanied with healthy doses of fog, constantly keep you guessing as to what or who was going to present itself. One clown in particular gets my maniac of the year award. He was one of three other deranged maniacs this year. This guy is all over the place and his dialogue is genuinely nuts! If you like disorienting haunts and clowns get your blood pumping you won’t find a better group of dysfunctional playmates than the Circus of Darkness.

Pros- Indoor/Outdoor haunt Amazing sets and costumes

Cons-Ending was a little flat

Peyton Lucero

In the queue line I look up and see a huge gargoyle like creature above my head shouting out the rules for the haunt. Behind the beautiful, gothic like armor door, sounds from creatures of the night and screams from little girls and boys bleed over the walls. It was like the haunt was alive and was waiting to swallow us whole! Not too much longer we wait until the big doors open and a grave digger greets us with a sinful smile. In we go and there he pushes us out into what is now known as our own Frightmare!

 Making our way through the debris of rocks, mines, run down hillbilly shacks and more, there were sets, props, and detail galore! It was absolutely amazing to observe everything in this world of destruction yet it was so architectural. It seemed to put me in a place where I felt like I was in part of the hills have eyes with a little bit of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There was everything from wind mills, water pumps and/or fountains and falls, to mine tunnels, a hunting kill rooms, and cattle runs. There wasn’t one spot in this haunt that wouldn’t catch my attention and put me in awe of the sights, sounds, and some smells lingering around the haunt. So much to observe that it’s definitely worth the second round.

Actors, costuming and make up were all spot on and flowed with the theme of the haunt. The dialogue was used well to their advantage, as were the props. There were a few that were even camouflaged with the sets. Very nice touch. I love it when you think the room is empty but it’s really not… That definitely plays with your head, especially when there so much to look at! Lots of distractions everywhere, which makes the perfect time for a scare. Not only are the actors camouflaged,  but some of our exits were hidden as well, which makes us then have to interact with the set and the actor. This was the fun part because, in a haunt I’m always looking for that one twist to throw me off and start making my mind think, and Frightmare haunted house does just that! Yet with this one, there are more than just hidden doors. Try tunnels and live cockroaches to add in the mix.

This haunt is pretty spot on when it comes to certain fears and turning them into reality. I really get into the theme and world they have created. From beginning to end you’re truly pulled into their world and have forgotten about the world you left behind. So much scenery and secrets that it keeps you looking and wanting for more. Well we certainly got more when we entered the House of Darkness, where this world was filled with nothing but psychotic, loony, and happy pilled clowns. This place had many turns that threw me off guard, balance, and track. With the many fogged rooms, and rooms filled with objects hanging in front of my face, it was definitely difficult to detect where my group and I were. Love the clutteredness because to me the more add-ons and confusion it creates, the more the haunt plays with your mind.

There was one clown in particular that was just fantastic at his role! Walking down the hallway I saw a bright yellow suit bouncing our direction and then at a sudden halt, a bald, wide smile, clown starts laughing and talking to us in a very fast and energized pace. Asked if we wanted to play a game and before we could keep up, he bounced off into the fog with this crazed evil smile fading from the fog. I thought that was beautiful scenery and the way it happened worked out perfectly. Before exiting his area, he pops up again and makes us limbo under his weapon. That was fun and well played.  Definitely made my night, especially because I’m a big clown fan and I find it hard to find a set and actor that work. Usually it’s one or the other.

I enjoyed this haunt very much and was very impressed with all the detail that was put into the sets, props, animatronics and more! There were quite a few changes of the haunt and they were definitely noticeable in a good way! Keep up the great work! Frightmare is a haunted house that definitely takes you out of reality and puts you into this dark world filled with chaos, madness, destruction,  and mind boggling creations! You will definitely be in a bolt load of shock and aw if you have Frightmare on your list of haunted attractions this year!

Pros- set work and detail, costumes, hidden pathways and doorways

Cons- some acting dialogue, low light in few areas, could use more actors

Crystal Gallagher

My favorite part of this haunt, the one thing they did really well if I had to pick, would be the set design. That’s not to say that other aspects weren’t great – they most certainly were – but the set design was phenomenal. The transitions from one room to the next, from organic to man-made to outdoors and in between, were seamless. Every bit of the visible surface was appropriately decorated, including the exits from different rooms, the parts you’d only see if you stopped and turned around to look behind you. The mines were complete with dripping water, the caves had mossy walls with growths trailing down. The attention to detail created a believable whole that was easy to become immersed in. Many of the sets were narrow with low ceilings, opening up onto very large open areas between, making for a nice contrast. There were some areas where I had to duck and others where the ceiling was just above my head. (This was fine for me, but I do wonder if the abundance of low ceilings would make for an unpleasant experience for my very tall boyfriend. I’ll just have to make another trip, this time with him, to find out.) Another really cool thing about the set design was the creative placement of room exits and entrances, at some points going through holes in the wall and various objects.

There was only one issue I had with the set design, and it was minor enough to not affect my rating in this category, but still worth a mention. I felt like there were a couple of spots with really cool things, but not enough lighting to really appreciate them. There was one spot where if you looked off to the side there was a bit of an outdoor alcove with… something. I couldn’t tell what exactly, but I would have really liked to. In another outdoor forested spot, there’s a building off to the side, inaccessible but just visible. It was somewhat open and dimly lit from within, looking rather interesting, but not lit enough to make out what it was, exactly. Perhaps these spots needed a bit more lighting; perhaps this is intentional for an air of mystery. Either way, I personally would have liked to have been able to see these things better.

The actors did a great job of playing their roles and talking with us. The chainsaw guy and blacksmith made memorable impressions with their dialogue and acting. However, my favorite actor here was actually one that didn’t talk at all. There was a rather convincing female zombie in a gorgeous costume complete with a ragged gown and awesome makeup. Her demeanor and movement were outstanding – I could reasonably believe that she really thought we were rather tasty morsels of live meat. We must not have been the right blood type though, since we escaped intact.

As much as I enjoyed the main haunt, I actually found smaller House of Darkness to be even better, if that’s possible. The heavy fog made it very difficult to tell which way we should go, making it easy to get lost, and for things to approach unseen. This feeling of uncertainty, of instinctively needing to reach out and feel my way… It was genuinely unnerving, and the clowns in the House of Darkness used this to fullest advantage, appearing and disappearing, offering chilling and amusing comments as they did. As much as I admire the work and attention that’s gone into the main haunt of Frightmare, House of Darkness managed to get into my head and set me off balance, and become my favorite haunt thus far.

Eric Guetterman

This haunt was beautiful – a richly lit, almost movie like environment that places you inside a terrifying reality where it seems that everything, even each and every dead tree and withered branch, grew from an evil seed intent to destroy you and everything that it encounters. With a crew of consistently talented performers and some unique effects this was practically a perfect example of what I hope to find in a great haunt.

Even though the early season night we attended had a very short queue line, this haunt added an entertaining magician that dumbfounded me with a couple quick card tricks as I waited, a very welcome addition to the entertainment offered by just the haunt itself.  This experience takes you along a walk through an undulating outdoor path, through tight caves and weathered shacks and finally going inside and climbing upstairs into the second floor of a real ramshackle old house.  And there is still more – after exiting the house you queue back up into the second portion which is a disorienting walk through an off the rails fun house filled with demented brutal freaks with a clown fetish and a fevered and slobbering zeal to kill.

The art direction never disappointed with the consistently bleak atmosphere of always being inside of the evil, not just observing it.  Where ever I looked or touched I was inside of evil, even the back sides of scenes were accurate when I turned around to look.  I hate to call anything here decorated because it all seems so real.

The live creatures scares here were a great mixture: sometimes creepy, sometimes stomach churning, sometimes just a subtle grunt or noise coming from the shadows followed by an amazing creature in a form fitted and moving silicone mask, and sometimes the out of nowhere attack that can stop a healthy man’s heart.  One seemingly 14′ tall creature had me running to escape.  Be careful though because at one point the ground may give away from under you, turning the hard path into a foot trapping mush that seems as if it could possibly actually hurt someone with a bad leg or other health concern.  Please heed the ever present safety warnings this time and if you feel as if you have a preexisting condition that may make you susceptible to a twisted ankle or a an injury from a mild tumble, even if onto a soft surface, please let a staff member know and discuss with them before you enter.  The path then leads into an old house/barn that offers more wonders and horrors.  Before leaving this section I was scared by an encounter with a woman whose inhuman movements and uninhibited outpouring of pain and suffering could only have been caused by the Devil himself.

The journey has a brief breather as you enter an outdoor queue that allows for some traffic control to regroup bunched up guests into smaller groups again.  Another purpose is to cleanse your haunt palate and allow a little time for your brain to shift from one environment to a completely new environment.  I like this so much better than the break in continuity usually suffered when haunt designers decide to stick in a great character, scene or gag that doesn’t fit the main theme of the haunt.  In this case, the fear of clowns is explored in disorienting detail.  One of the most beautiful moments of fear I have experienced yet this season occurred here as we were tormented by the first clown freak.  He was less a deranged madman or imposingly sized brute and more a cleverly harsh killer who’s threats, taunts and perversions had a frigid, honest certainty.  He then coyly lured us into following him into a thick fog and was swallowed into its unknown, rushing ahead of us to enjoy participating in our horrific fate.

I am a huge fan of exploring disorienting spaces that are designed and built to put you into a space completely foreign or seemingly difficult to escape.  This is one of the few haunts I’ve been to this season that has had such well executed disorienting rooms that I felt as if I was rapidly losing control and almost helpless, separated even from my friends.  The actors, startles and art direction all worked seamlessly to destroy any hopes of escaping lasting nightmares of death by clown.

Pros: art direction and beautiful, thorough, natural and detailed yet uncluttered scenic execution, live creatures, the acting, timing, variety, masks/makeup, costuming, length – some haunts may be longer in length but this one has such a variety of environments that nothing felt like filler

Cons: not much other than the haunt (queue line magic was welcome exception), it ended and we all got out alive

10798 Yukon St.
Broomfield, CO. 80021
  •  $22.00
  • $32.00 VIP
  • $45.00 VIP Fast pass reservation
Sept. 27th-Nov. 2nd.Friday & Saturday 7pm-MidnightSunday-Thursday 7pm-1opm
The Frightmare Compound
Have you ever felt that unexplained cold chill run down your spine? You think someone is watching you, but you turn around and no one is there. Or is there?Since the death of Frightmare’s original creator, the Halloween attraction has been plagued by unexplained, supernatural occurrences. Paranormal teams have declared the grounds of Frightmare haunted — literally. But even in its condemned state, we welcome you back to experience the terror. The dead are on the move, lurking around every corner. Encounter flesh-starved zombies and blood-sucking creatures in the cornfields and swamplands. Travel through the authentic, haunted barn to experience both the supernatural and the unnatural.