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Marlena Baker

Dead Zone is a set of three attractions, a haunted walk, a haunted hay ride, and a haunted corn maze. The three attractions flow from one into the other, eventually ending into the normal corn maze.

The first part, Reaper’s Ranch, was a walk past some farm buildings and some very strange individuals. There were some set details, in some fog and lights, but it was mostly the buildings in the darkness. It felt sparse, and I would have loved to see some more details to really make the ranch more interesting, such as lights in the building with ghostly figures or some such. I also would have liked more. It was only a five to ten minute walk. The actors were the best part of the walk. I liked the two girls who were acting crazy and the guy that was doing the sliding, but once again, I wished there were more.

 The second section was the Haunted Hayride. At the end of our walk we were led onto a tractor pulled trailer lined with hay where we waited for a while to see if anyone else would join us. While we did so actors wandered in the darkness around the trailer. There was one guy with a very interesting mask and I wish he had spent some more time making us unnerved. Overall the attempt wasn’t all that successful. Then the ride started and we went out onto a road and not much happened. It was dark, but we weren’t really in the woods or anything. The ride stopped as a couple of actors came out and we watched a bit of a show. Then we rode back. It was fairly uneventful and I would have really liked some more of everything. One of the actors was really good, but more actors would have helped, as well as more to look at along the way.

The last part was Corn Stalkers. The first section, a walk through a trailer was really neat. The sets in there were detailed and creepy. I was really hoping that it would set the tone for the haunt, however it didn’t really. The few actors we encountered were interesting for the most part, but they were mostly clumped at the beginning, with encounters sparse as we walked further. The few bits of decor we saw were also somewhat interesting, but there weren’t enough of them and they repeated too often. In the end it wasn’t all that different from a standard corn maze.

There are some good elements in these attractions, but there needs to be more of everything. The whole experience ended up feeling very sparse and incomplete.

Austin Metzler

Over by Chatfield reservoir in Littleton, Colorado is a unique haunted experience. The drive up to this haunt can be a little unsettling, and the cool air of the night steals your breath away. Hidden throughout the Chatfield Botanical Gardens are sets that are a new way to experience a haunt. These sections are; Reapers Hollow, The Hayride of Horror, and Corn Stalkers. The walk to the attraction has spooky sounds as you walk to the scream park.

Dead Zone has some very unique scares that are offered to spook you. Though nothing that will haunt your dreams, the actors do a good job of scaring. Entering in the first section of this haunt actors come out of the fog to get you, and the hayride had a very unique scene. The main attraction Corn Stalkers is a haunted corn maze that has creepy creatures that will follow you.

Acting within the Dead Zone offered several methods to frighten. While entering this haunt there was a creepy woman rocking back and forth and a slider that gets a little too close for comfort. Even while waiting for the wagon you are never safe. The haunted hayride goes down a dark road, where your mind and the eerie silence add to the tension, and some creepy characters come out to play. Within the corn maze the actors do a great job of confusing you on which way to go.

The sets in the Dead zone had some unique qualities to them. Walking through the beginning of the haunt eerie lighting and fog add to the ambiance and the barn and farm equipment add to the realism. The haunted hayride had a unique appearance of some familiar spectral hunters and accompanied music. When you first enter the Corn Stalkers maze there are some tight and interesting sets, I particularly liked the bathroom scene with the cockroaches and the bag room. After these scenes there are a few props among the corn and some creepy blue and orange lighting, but the actors are engaging and it is easy to get lost in the corn and lose your footing. The fog effects and the natural movement in the corn add to the atmosphere. This haunt is also long, and depending on how lost you get in the corn you can spend quite some time in this attraction, especially if you add the corn maze. If you have a family with children or want some creepy scares this is a good haunt to visit.

Pros: good misdirection in the corn, eerie beginning

Cons: there was not a lot going on with the haunted hayride, sets are sparse, there was no sign at the end to guide you out of the corn maze for those that do not want to get lost, no solid ending

8500 W. Deer Creek Canyon Road  (Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms)

Littleton, CO. 80128

  • $27 General Admission (Admission allows access to all areas of the Scream Park as well as vendors, photo ops and more!)
  • $37 VIP (Admission allows access to all areas of the Scream Park as well as vendors, photo ops and more!)
September 30th – October 30th

Fridays & Saturdays 7pm – Midnight

Sunday – Thursday 7pm – 11pm

Dead Zone: Scream Park

Where our world crosses over into the spirit world, there is an in between realm known as “The Dead Zone”

Introducing Colorado’s one and only Scream Park. Dead Zone is Denver’s number one valued and largest haunted attraction which gives you all access to the entire property for one low price. Explore hundreds of acres of farm property with unique attractions and zones. New for 2016 board the Haunted Hayride of Horror to be transported to experience our attractions across the property.  Our 2016 season will also feature new additions and renovations to all of your favorite attractions.

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