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Marlena Baker

Dead Zone is made up of several haunted attractions. We saw two of them, Corn Stalkers and the Haunted Hayride. They were very different from last year, and I liked them a lot.

Corn Stalkers is a corn walk haunt, though there wasn’t much in the way of complete sets. They had props and effects sprinkled through the walk, which works pretty well. The exception was the start of the haunt. There was a trailer that we had to walk through to get to the corn field. It was cramped and creepy, with all sorts of disturbing evidence that something has gone off the rails.

 The haunted hayride had a really well fleshed out story. There was even someone narrating to us as we went. They stopped periodically for actors to play out scenes related to the story. It was pretty cool, and a great format to build anticipation between each scene. The actors had a lot of energy and would circle the trailer and even jump up on the end.

Dead Zone has fleshed out very nicely. There was an issue with the fog making it hard for the tractor driver to see, but it was dealt with calmly and quite well by the staff. I enjoyed the less common formats of these two attractions, and the cool things they are doing with them. Definitely something different for the seasoned haunt goer.


Austin Metzler

Right across the street from Chatfield reservoir lies the Botanical Gardens at Chatfield. During the day in the Halloween season there are many family friendly activities, such as a pumpkin patch and corn maze. When darkness falls this area takes a more sinister turn, transforming into Dead Zone Scream Park.  Consisting of 2 attractions, Corn Stalkers and Cursed Hayride, this haunt has quite the journey into darkness.  Walking up to the haunt, seeing the fog moving and corn rustling sets the mood.

Throughout both attractions there are scares aplenty. Entering Corn Stalkers, the tone is immediately set by walking through a trailer filled with nightmares.  Eerie music flows throughout the haunt adding to the intensity.  Every corner you turn there is a creature ready to pounce, trying to convince you to “praise The Krow”.  There is a steady stream of startles and scares throughout your journey in the corn.

The Cursed Hayride is oozing with atmosphere on a more theatrical journey.  The actors also do a great job of getting the whole wagon screaming.

The sets in Corn Stalkers are great, they all fit with the singular theme of this haunt.  The sets are very detailed and make you wonder if they have been there for all these years. There are some sparse areas, but overall the sets are very good. It is unbelievable how much fog there is, at times I completely lost my group.  The combination of fog and lighting makes one completely disoriented.

The Cursed Hayride has a unique story line that uses local history to add to the experience.  The effects are successfully used as a great distraction for the talent to scare.  I absolutely loved how this attraction used fog, both natural and man made, to intensify the experience, it is so thick at times it completely engulfed the wagon.  The lighting is also theatrical and incredibly eerie.

Minions were everywhere in Corn Stalkers, trying to get us to follow The Krow. They had great lines and stayed in character. I loved how they yelled something and then heard a response from the other actors in the haunt.  They interacted with us and even made us do tasks before we could continue.  They also used the darkness and fog to achieve very effective scares.  The makeup and costumes were also highly detailed and all fit within the same theme.

The hayride is also unique in that you have a guide, who was fantastic and did a great job of controlling the group, to set up and narrate the story. I also loved how the actors appeared out of nowhere and tried to board the wagon.  The costumes were also quite impressive and fit the theme eloquently.

The length of both the attractions were great, you definitely get your moneys worth. I highly recommend this haunt to anyone that wants a adventurous and scary night.

Pros: great unified theme for both attractions, great fog and lighting, intense acting

Cons:  sets were a little sparse


Ryan Acker

Dead Zone Scream Park is located inside Chatfield Farms and features a Cursed Hayride, Corn Stalkers Haunted Attraction, and After Dark Maze. We began at Corn Stalkers, where upon entry we heard a radio broadcasting of a mysterious cult that has made the corn their home, worshiping the crow as their salvation. As we proceeded, we encountered such folk and so much more. Corn Stalkers took the traditional corn maze concept and managed to make it add some unique factors rather than your traditional path with a set here and there.

The theme was really the most symbolic factor about this haunt, and I loved it. No large sets or over the top production were needed, and the few there were very well done. Props were spaced evenly throughout the trail and the incorporation of lighting and fog throughout really enhanced the atmosphere, such a simple idea that not many mazes have incorporated into the outdoors. Navigating through the corn unable to see with no solid walls around you creates an uneasy atmosphere, using quicksand like material in the ground beneath you, and even modifying the corn to have us walk through the stalks is a good way to spice up the trail and keep us all on our toes.

Throughout our trek we encountered many members of the cult, who would not let us pass until we paid our respects to the crow. Once one group did, all of the actors joined in, hearing “HAIL THE CROW” from nearly every direction. While the actors did well, they were spaced apart and the masks and makeup just weren’t on par with the rest of the haunt. Looking closely at each mask only revealed the actor beneath and makeup was nothing too extravagant. Overall, Corn Stalkers main advantage was the atmosphere they managed to create, allowing yourself to believe you were actually with the members of this cult.
Cursed Hayride was our second venture at Dead Zone Scream Park and again features the same ominous environment Corn Stalkers created. We embarked on a journey through swamps and forestry looking for a little girl who has vanished on the property, encountering a variety of scenes along the way. Our Tour Guide did well explaining the story and setting the mood, doing his best with the group we were paired with. Some interesting effects were used along this ride and we were joined by characters along the way. The most unnerving part about this ride was the sheer fog density and inability to see what was ahead. Props to our driver for navigating as well as he did!
Dead Zone Scream Park has a lot going for them and much room to expand and improve on their ideas. They were able to create a unique environment throughout that you don’t see in other corn mazes. I’d like to see them improve on their mask/makeup category and possibly recruit more members for their cult.

Pros: Creating a real haunt environment, using props and sets effectively throughout the trail.

Cons: Masks looked like masks, acting was good but sparse.

8500 W. Deer Creek Canyon Road  (Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms)

Littleton, CO. 80128

  • $27 General Admission  (Admission allows access to all attractions within the Dead Zone: Scream Park)
  • $37 VIP Admission (Admission allows access to all attractions within the Dead Zone: Scream Park)
October 6th – October 29th

Fridays & Saturdays – October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28   7pm – Midnight

Sundays – October 15, 22, 29   7pm – 11pm

Thursdays – October 19, 26  7pm-11pm

Dead Zone: Scream Park

Where our world crosses over into the spirit world, there is an in between realm known as “The Dead Zone”

Introducing Colorado’s one and only Scream Park. Dead Zone is Denver’s number one valued and largest haunted attraction which gives you all access to the entire property for one low price. Explore hundreds of acres of farm property with unique attractions and zones.  Our 2017 season will also feature new additions and renovations to all of your favorite attractions.

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