Extinction Live Action Haunted House 2017

This attraction is a live action horror game using Airsoft rifles and BB’s and does not fall under our guidelines for the types of haunts we currently review, so we have no rating for them. However, their information is presented here for your reference. Also, feel free to discuss the haunt and post your reviews in the comments section below.

4100 Grape St. Unit A
Denver, CO. 80216
  • $25 General Admission (Includes M-16 style Airsoft gun & magazine with 140 BB’s) Additional magazines $5!
  • $35 VIP (Includes M-16 style Airsoft gun & 2 magazines of 140 BB’s) Additional magazines $5!
  • Additional Magazines $5!
September 30th  8pm-Midnight

October 1, 6-8, 14-15, 20-22, 27-31  8pm-Midnight

Extinction Haunted House
The humans are all gone and you are out of supplies. It is up to your group now to make it out alive and head towards salvation, that is, if it still exists. The fallout has turned those that were not instantly killed into something…different. It is time to grab your guns and when the door slams behind you, you are in for the fight of your life! Welcome to the Extinction.

You have never experienced a rush, the excitement, and the sheer terror that only Extinction haunted house can provide. Sip on hot chocolate while you mingle and wait in our indoor queue for your turn to pull the trigger.

Ditch the laser tag and shoot actual BB’s at all the monsters and miscreants that lurk through the fallout zone. Bring all of your family and friends for a night of fun that will keep everyone talking for weeks!