Haunted Field Of Screams 2016

3 Haunted Attractions At One Location!!

Haunted Field Of Screams, Dead Man’s Night Maze & Zombie Paintball Massacre!!

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Marlena | Austin

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Marlena Baker

Haunted Field of Screams had a very unique format. The structure is a series of scenes connected by walks through the corn in the dark. This format allows for some very interesting scares.

The actors had a lot of fun with the corn field. We spent a lot of our time walking through the corn in the dark, which was very unsettling. The stretches where nothing happened were great for putting us on edge. We were certain that something had to be coming up, but when it didn’t we just got more anxious. Then someone would pop out at us from the darkness surrounding us for some great scares. Though I also did like the actors that would just silently watch us pass or stalk us, like they were just waiting to get us somewhere more secluded. One stood in the path singing softly, which was unnerving in the best possible way.

In the scenes, the actors did a really good job as well. They were fantastic at interacting with me, and I had a lot of fun getting drawn into their sick plans. One set of little girls wanted my eyeballs for their teddy bear. That’s some nightmare fuel right there. For that matter, there were a lot of creepy children in this haunt and they did a great job. Some of the other actors that stood out to me were: a schoolmistress that was just terrifying and kept blocking our way, a girl that was descending into madness as we watched and doing a fantastic job of it, and one that was hiding in plain sight by being incredibly still.

The sets were diverse, with varying levels of detail. I enjoyed one part where we had to climb through a school bus full of crazy children. It was claustrophobic and downright terrifying. There were a number of scenes that were school themed, and one of them had the most amazing jump scare. I can’t say what, because that would ruin it, but it was completely unexpected. There were a lot of really good scares.

I would have loved to see more detail in some of the scenes. Some of them were really well fleshed out, but in comparison some felt lacking. There were few props, leaving the room empty when it really felt like it shouldn’t have been. For example, the fun house. There were some amazing scares in there, but the atmosphere was somewhat lacking. I would have really enjoyed it if there were some props to really give it the feel of a run down circus where the clowns have gone crazy. That would have creeped me out bad.

Overall, I really enjoyed Haunted Field of Screams. The format is unique and well used. I really do love the sense of isolation that comes from walking through the cornfield at night. The sets and actors worked well together and I had a lot of really fun engagement. While I can see a few areas that need a little polish, it’s a really solid haunt to start with.

Austin Metzler

Hidden in a quiet suburban neighborhood a corn field has risen. Little do the unsuspecting neighbors know about the terrors that lie within. Located off Riverdale road, (a creepy road steeped in urban legends and ghost stories), this massive haunted attraction is no walk in the park.  Haunted field of Screams has been bringing terror to Colorado for many years, and this year is even more intense.

When it comes to frights Haunted Field of Screams packs them in. On a cold fall evening it is hard to tell where the scares are coming from. Many times walking through the corn you will hear the corn stalks move with the wind, making it hard to tell if it’s a monster coming to get you or a figment of your imagination. This haunt also uses some extremely unique ways to scare you. Every dark corner and area within the corn contains scares. Some of the scares had me so shook up I was afraid to continue forward.

Haunted Field of Screams has some fantastic actors; no matter what you try they do not break character. I loved that some of the creepiest characters didn’t come after you, instead, they said or sang something creepy; I will never think of the song “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” the same again. The makeup and masks are also phenomenal and have great detail. Some of the most impressive actors were the doll, the bunnies and the singer, these might sound cute but believe me they are still haunting my nightmares. It’s amazing how much great talent this haunt has and I want to thank you for intensifying my evening.

This haunt has some beautifully creepy sets and effects. The makeup and masks for each actor are unique and have great detail. Hidden among the corn are beautiful facades that are almost mini haunts that are spread throughout the corn, each catching you by surprise and filled with incredible detail. The beginning of this haunt has some great lighting effects that are just creepy. The strobes are also timed just right. Haunted Field of Screams also has some unique effects that you will not see anywhere else, beware of the eyes, I’m not going to ruin the surprise but you will know it when you see it. Fog is also great and adds to the creepiness. Haunted Field of Screams is also one of the longest haunted houses in Denver, so you definitely get your money’s worth. There is also a zombie paintball and haunted corn maze to enjoy to fill a whole night of frights. I highly recommend visiting Haunted Field of Screams this Halloween season; it is a unique haunt that packs the frights. Stay spooky my friends.

Pros: great acting, unique scare tactics, great set design

Cons: some sections of walking through the corn were lacking scares, adding spooky sounds from deep in the corn could add to the tension


10270 Riverdale Rd

Thornton, Colorado 80229

  • 1 Attraction – $24 General Admission, $35 VIP, $60 Immediate Access
  • 2 Attractions – $40 General Admission, $65 VIP, $95 Immediate Access
  • 3 Attractions – $45 General Admission, $85 VIP, $120 Immediate Access
Friday & Saturday September 23rd & 24th  7pm – Midnight

Friday – Sunday September 30th – October 2nd

Friday & Saturday 7pm – Midnight

Sunday 7pm – 10pm

Thursday – Sunday October 6th – October 31st

Friday & Saturday 7pm – Midnight

Thursday & Sunday 7pm – 10pm

Halloween 7pm – 10pm

Haunted Field Of Screams
The Haunted Field of Screams, now in its 15th year, is our main attraction. The moonlight is your only guide as the daunting 16 foot tall cornstalks surround you on the trail that has pure terror around every corner. So what is your worst nightmare…? Zombies…? Clowns…? Chainsaw Wielding Madmen…? The Walking Dead…? Escaped Insane Asylum Patients? All of your worst fears will be realized as you journey through this cornfield, encountering differently themed scenes and rooms that will test you in every way, and is sure to make you scream!

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