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Marlena Baker

Haunted Field of Screams is a haunt that consists of scenes separated by walks through corn. Every year they’re a little different. I liked a lot of the scenes this year.

The majority of our time was spent out in the corn. It’s a neat way to build suspense and atmosphere. The actors scared us just enough to keep the anxiety up, while letting the cold dark night do the rest. The scenes were pretty good. I liked the opening a lot. It was Saw themed and you really should see it for yourself. There was a great bus scene, and I loved the asylum and the Freak Factory. The less cohesive scenes were less jarring with the corn transitions between them. I do feel like some of the scenes felt empty. It just seemed like there should have been actors in them.

The actors were pretty good. There were some really stand out ones, like the little girl in the bedroom. She did the best she could with groups stalling and running, throwing the groups into a big conga line. Somehow she managed it with a hairbrush and a terrifying attitude. The creatures in the corn did really well with the scares. I liked when they followed us and threw in some extra scares. The chainsaws, while not my favorite, at least had a lot of energy behind them.

Haunted Field of Screams has a unique format and some great scares. I do wish I hadn’t heard the DJ from inside the haunt, but it wasn’t constant. The quiet moments in the corn wondering when the next scare was coming were my favorite.


Austin Metzler

Located right by the infamous Riverdale road lies a haunted attraction that has been scaring Coloradans for years, its known as Haunted Field of Screams. Walking through the corn on a cool October night is creepy in itself, but add a unique haunt in a cornfield and you’re in for one terrifying night. Haunted Field of Screams offers 3 spine chilling attractions, Dead Mans Maze, Zombie Paintball and their main attraction, Haunted Field of Screams.

Haunted Field of Screams does a great job of allowing tension and anticipation to build up before their scares.  From the moment you enter one of the most clever first rooms I have seen this season the intensity is set at max.  This haunt has some unique ways to scare you.The scare tactics throughout this haunt are varied, and the actors do a great job of using unique ways of scaring their victims.

One of the best parts of this haunt is the use of walking down a dark path through the corn to discover one of several mini haunts. With the corn rustling with the wind you come upon many unique buildings, each with a unique theme. Each building uses a great mix of props and effects to bring each of these mini worlds to life. From a mausoleum filled with tombs and bones, to a school, to a circus to name a few are scattered among the corn. I love how this haunt uses real disturbing equipment to add to the realism.  Props are also used to great effect, even some common household items are used in creative ways. Even the soundtrack is creatively used.

Letting an actor create their own character is one of the things I like about this haunt. Each disturbing character is allowed to roam instead of being stuck in one room. Some of them even followed us for quite a while staying complete in character striking up a chat. There were some very creative lines from the actors, one of the best was ‘ I don’t work here’ while other actors got great scares by sitting and catching you by surprise, especially in the carnival. I liked the creativity of the actors to scare in new and unique ways. This is also one of the longest haunts in the state so make sure to wear your hiking shoes.  I recommend this haunt if you want a unique journey in the corn.

Pros: unique sets, great beginning, great actors

Cons: not a lot of spacing in between groups


Ryan Acker

Haunted Field of Screams is classic corn maze haunt in Thornton, CO. This year, they’ve moved to the opposite side of the street to avoid the harsh stadium lighting and neighbors they once had. While the bright lights still bled through quite a bit, it created great and unintentional silhouette effects for the actors on the portion of the haunt.

We began by entering a large shipping container and greeted by a pig man who didn’t speak a word. Once inside, we followed instructions administered by Jigsaw, which I don’t care if you hate the Saw movies, it’s still frightening to proceed when all you know the next room was designed by a brutal death expert. This first room is the most well done in the haunt and got me excited for what’s next.

The scenes throughout the rest of the haunt seem to all be constructed the same way, plywood walls and keeping the dirt ground. While this is sufficient for creating multiple rooms in a corn field, it doesn’t add the same detail and realization you find at many other haunts. Rooms throughout included a morgue, asylum, circus acts, a real school bus, and much more. Not really settling on one specific theme, but these people are living amuck in the corn. One thing Haunted Field of Screams got creative with was their lighting effects, many good uses to create an eerie atmosphere through the sets and corn.

Actors seemed to carry the same energy level throughout but lacked creativity in their lines, besides the man who was chained up by Jigsaw and later escaped for us to take his place. Screams, snarls, and gets outs seemed to be the common place in this field of screams. Overall, Haunted Field of Screams manages to create an atmosphere of insanity and disarray in their haunt, leaving out the detailed sets and siding with simplicity and intense screaming actors throughout. I would love to see Haunted Field of Screams build off their initial room more, incorporating Jigsaw and the Saw franchise more into the theme if that’s going to be their opener. Other than that, great haunt to see with friends and family.

Pros: Lighting very well done throughout, first room starts with a bang

Cons: Actors could use more creative lines, more props and effects could be used inside buildings, no consistent theme


10270 Riverdale Rd

Thornton, Colorado 80229

  • 1 Attraction – $24 General Admission, (Dead Man’s Night Maze OR Zombie Paintball Massacre ONLY) $38 VIP, $65 Immediate Access
  • 1 Attraction – $26 General Admission, (Haunted Field of Screams ONLY) $38 VIP, $65 Immediate Access
  • 2 Attractions – $44 General Admission, $69 VIP, $99 Immediate Access
  • 3 Attractions – $49 General Admission, $89 VIP, $125 Immediate Access
Fridays & Saturdays

September 29th – October 28th  7pm – Midnight

Thursdays & Sundays

October 1st – 29th  7pm – 10pm

Halloween 7pm – 10pm

Haunted Field Of Screams
3 Haunted Attractions At One Location!! Haunted Field Of Screams, Dead Man’s Night Maze & Zombie Paintball Massacre!!

The Haunted Field of Screams, now in its 16th year, is our main attraction. The moonlight is your only guide as the daunting 16 foot tall cornstalks surround you on the trail that has pure terror around every corner. So what is your worst nightmare…? Zombies…? Clowns…? Chainsaw Wielding Madmen…? The Walking Dead…? Escaped Insane Asylum Patients? All of your worst fears will be realized as you journey through this cornfield, encountering differently themed scenes and rooms that will test you in every way, and is sure to make you scream!

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