Haunted Junkyard 2017

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Marlena Baker

Haunted Junkyard is something new for us this year and I loved it. It’s dark and spooky and the way they have it set up makes the whole experience downright eerie.

The sets, or set, is an actual junkyard. There’s all sorts of things in there, from cars to car parts to sheets of metal and everything in between. There’s a path through it that we followed, and I couldn’t take it all in. All of that worn down junk set a great feeling for the haunt. I really liked the areas where plants have started to grow around and through stuff. It was like being in a different world, walking through the junkyard at night.

Then there were the actors. They were everywhere. A lot of the same ones kept after us again and again. As they scared us over and over it felt like we were being stalked through this maze of junk. It really freaked me out. I am not super into chainsaws, but by the time we reached the end I was a little jumpy. I felt the exhaust from the chainsaw on my back and it did make me want to run.

Haunted Junkyard nailed it, using the setting and having the actors work us up as we went through. The apprehension is so strong in this haunt I could feel it in the air. What’s around the next corner? Who’s coming for us next? Its a chilling experience.


Austin Metzler

Every year in Colorado there are haunts with a wide variety of themes, from cities, to ghost towns, to hotels and so on.  Haunted Junkyard uses a very real and unique theme that is a real working junkyard.  Located within the shadow of a dog food factory, just a short drive from Denver lies a creepy old house, but what is behind the house will be nightmare fuel for years to come.  When it comes to new haunted houses its easy to be wary if it will be great, well I can assure you minions that this is one of the most unique haunts in the Denver metro area.

Sometimes a haunt doesn’t need animatronics or effects to be scary, in the case of Haunted Junkyard its all about the location.  Walking through this real working junkyard is scary enough. Everywhere you look there are destroyed cars and all types of scrap lying around. Even the sound of metal scraping on metal as rusted cars settle into their final resting place is enough to send chills down ones spine. Wandering through the twisted path its easy to get lost and feel like you will find your final resting place here as well. The outstanding part about the scares in this haunt is its simplicity, a already creepy location, with just the right lighting and a little fog and you have a great haunt, throw in some actors with free reign and you have a terrifying haunt.

The sets in the haunt are exceptional, because they are all one hundred percent real. Every car and dismantled piece of machinery are part of an actual working junkyard. The type of junkyard you always see in horror movies. There are so many things to look at, from the trees with destroyed cars among them to a walkway lined with car doors, you never know what you will discover. Going from light to almost complete darkness in one of the sheds here is terrifying. Even a mannequin with a well hidden actor can freak one out.

Haunted junkyard has a great group of energetic actors. It seems like they have free reign of the entire facility. I have never been scared by the same actor so many times. Every nook and cranny of the junkyard is a new hiding place for a actor to pounce. They all have great lines, and the makeup is spot on as well. I found myself creeping through, not knowing where a actor will pounce upon the team next. One of the actors used a self defense tool to startle me every time. I also absolutely loved how the owner of the haunt even gets in on the fun of the scaring. This haunt is also a perfect length. I absolutely recommend this haunt to anyone who wants to see one of the most creative haunts in the Denver area.

Pros: great use of actors, unbelievable setting, great scares

Cons: that this haunt is not better known

Ryan Acker

Haunted Junkyard is located off Brighton Blvd, nestled right next to a busy railway and those big food factories in Commerce City, CO. While it’s not the most appealing place to be at night, it sure is the perfect place for a haunted house. When we approached, the ticketing booth is in a small house primarily decorated for the Halloween season surrounded by old beat up cars and other junkyard materials. When we approached the entrance we were greeted by a gatekeeper, for lack of a better term. He was quite the character, telling us about the junkyard and showing us his cool (loud) gadgets. Once inside we were set free into a wonderland of junk. This place a fully functional junkyard and a quarter of a mile long! Walking through this place during the day would be concerning let alone at night! The path twisted and turned through all types of old cars and buses, at one point the path was lined with car doors for a lengthy period. It was silent for the majority of the haunt, only accompanied by the ominous humming of the factory across the street. We walked through a portion of the junkyard overrun by trees, paired with dark lighting made it feel like we were walking through a jungle.

We met our first actor semi quickly and found he would be following us through the rest of this junkyard experience. The only reason I didn’t give acting a 10, is because the actors were in normal sweaters and no makeup. Just a few guys following us through this junkyard, which could be concerning in itself, but that would’ve really been the cherry on top to a fantastic haunted house unlike any other in Colorado. The way they followed and taunted us throughout the whole haunt was amazing, I had just walked past him and the next thing I knew he was in front of me again! We were casually strolling along the path when I glanced into a bus window and saw two girls, then they smiled! I was shook. Also, no animatronic props were used, rather than actors shaking an entire truck while you walk right beside it. No need to worry about those hydraulic noises!

Haunted Junkyard is truly a haunt unlike any other. Set in a natural environment accompanied by dedicated people who really want to scare you. This would be the perfect attraction if they just had incorporated makeup or masks with their actors. I recommend this to anybody looking for a great scare without the long lines this Halloween season!

Pros: Natural environment, great actors, well designed path for them to change scares each time

Cons: No makeup on actors

6530 Brighton Blvd.

Commerce City, CO. 80022

  • $20 General Admission
  • $30 VIP Season Pass – Good all season long!!!
  • Special Facebook Promotion – Limited Supply Available!! $10 General Admission, $15.00 VIP Season Pass!! Hurry!!
Haunted Junkyard
The Haunted Junkyard is opening for it’s second year this October and will be running all month, around here we say it’s a Real Junkyard, Real Scary and Real Dangerous. We’re just outside Denver, about 10 minutes from downtown. The venue is a 1/4 mile of thrills and scares all inside a real haunted junkyard.

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